99Vidas - FabioAttard
If you would like to try some of 99VIDAS Beat'em Up action before you buy it, that's your chance - The Demo for 99VIDAS is out!!!

We have made one full stage of the game available, with 6 characters available, for you to play Solo or in Local Co-Op with up to 4 friends, and experience a little bit of what 99VIDAS really is.

Give it a try and, if you like it, purchase the game for the full experience with a total of 11 playable characters in Campaign, Versus and Survival Modes for up to 4 players, both Local and Online.
99Vidas - FabioAttard
This update includes fixes to the most common issues that were reported in the Forums.

One of the most important fixes is how the full screen works (Windows only).
We made the "Borderless Window" mode as the default full screen mode, which fixes most of graphical issues that were occurring on certain video cards and resolutions.

Its not necessary anymore to use the 'launch option' "-window-mode borderless", as this is the default behaviour from this version on.

List of fixes:
  • Fixed a rare issue that could freeze the inputs when activating the Steam Overlay during the Loadings;
  • Fixed the frame buffer garbage that happened during Steam Overlay notifications in full screen mode;
  • Fixed a crash that could occurs when selecting Quit from the Main Menu;
  • Online - Performance boost with data transmission (less data traffic);
  • Online - Added an Input timeout (about 2 min);
  • Online - It is now possible to exit the game during cutscenes;
  • Online - Online match is finished during Shop if all active players exit/drops and only spectators players remains, which could lock the online game progress;
  • Online - The player names are now visible in the in-game HUD;
  • Online - Recent players history is now updated correctly;
  • Online - Fixed a rare issue that could lock enemies out of the screen;
  • Online - Great improvements with syncing of loadings;
  • Online - The "Waiting for Players" message is now displayed to let users know when the sync is occurring and the stage loading was already done;
  • Online - Improvements when switching Master player during bosses fights, in the case of the current Master player disconnects;
  • Online - Fixes when entering/exiting many times from several rooms in online Lobby;
  • Online - Fixed the timer in Versus mode, when it could start at the wrong value.
99Vidas - FabioAttard
  • Updated Online lobby interface layout! It's easier to navigate, searching rooms, switching server region, all in one screen!
  • New game mode: "Survive" - challenge yourself or gather some friends to see how many waves you can beat with just 5 lives!
  • The "Survive" mode saves the highest scores to a global Hall of Fame (Leaderboard). Try to reach the top 10 players!
  • Now it's possible to see each character's upgrade stats in the Character Select screen, by pressing the 'Kick' button.
  • New optional Tutorial screen available when starting a New Game (can be accessed in the Menu Extras too);
  • In Versus mode, random items might drop during the fight, and the Bonus Stage maps are now available!
  • In a multiplayer game, the players that loses all his lives are able to return into play in the Upgrade Shop screen. They will have 10 seconds to return and, if chose to continue, returns to game with 1 life and the score they had when lost the last life, so they can buy more lives;
  • In an Online game, keep watching the game in case you lose all your lives and wait for a change to return to the game in the Upgrade Shop!
  • Rebalancing for Izzy and Normal difficulties.

Bug Fixes:
  • Performance improvements for low-end PCs;
  • Fixed Steam Big Picture virtual keyboard that would not work when typing a room name in Online Mode;
  • Fixed game pausing while in a cutscene when Steam Overlay is accessed.
99Vidas - FabioAttard
You requested, we delivered!

Get it now!

Composed by Rafael Langoni Smith, the Soundtrack for 99Vidas takes us on a journey through a vast diversity of music styles blended with the mood of the great classics of the 8 and 16 bits.
Jan 5, 2017
99Vidas - FabioAttard
  • Fixed activation timing for Special attack when using Punch + Jump, that was being activated at wrong times;
  • Fixed a wrong animation for boss Espirro during online games;
  • Fixed a rare issue where boss Harddy would keep spinning without moving anywhere;
  • Fixed an issue in boss Harddy where the screen could stay in black & white until the end of the fight;
  • Fixed an issue that would change the Continue data when playing Versus Mode;
  • Minor fix in the dialogues tree;
  • Now the game will keep your last used configuration between Full Screen / Window Mode;
  • OSX - Fixed an issue in Full Screen that was affecting some MacBooks that have Retina Display
99Vidas - FabioAttard
  • Online Modes available, fixed following Steam outage;
  • Enemy damage and AI adjusted;
  • Fixed Achievements unlock during online games;
  • Minor Bug and Game Text Fixes.

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