Awaken - Sulli (BPR)
Awaken 0.7.2 Release Notes

• Added support for Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese languages
• MixCast SDK upgraded to v1.4
Apr 17, 2017
Awaken - Sulli (BPR)
Patch 0.7.1 is live with some MixCast VR improvements!

MixCast VR

  • Updated to latest SDK version
  • Support for custom resolutions as set in MixCast VR Studio
Awaken - Sulli (Blueprint Reality)
Our full announcement, details and patch notes for the Fountain of Light Update can be found here. New features include:

  • 30 new levels in a brand new world
  • A new Guardian to heal and help ascend
  • Bulleted list
  • The ability to share your levels with the world at the Create Altar
  • Find new levels, your friends’ levels, and levels highlighted by Blueprint Reality weekly at the Community Altar
  • MixCast VR mixed-reality video support – create your own mixed-reality videos easily with Blueprint Reality’s new tool!
  • Many fixes and improvements throughout the experience

Learn more about creating and sharing your own levels with our Create & Community Guide video.
Awaken - Sulli (Blueprint Reality)
Version 0.7.0 brings 30 new levels, a whole new world, and an entirely new in-VR way to share your levels with other players around the world and explore the creations of other Architects of Light. The Fountain of Light update will be available for you to experience before the end of the month!

The Community Altar

After completing at least level 15 of World 1 you’ll find a new lumen waiting for you, ready to raise the new Community Altar from the sea. At this new altar you can search for levels created by your friends and other Architects of Light, levels curated by Blueprint Reality, or put your trust in the stars and receive a brand new level for a chosen world.

The Community Altar

You can share your own levels at the Create Altar by solving them once you’re done editing and then placing them in the share column on the right of the altar.

The Create & Community Altars

World 2 and the Great Lynx

A new world and its Guardian are in peril! The darkness has inflicted a grievous wound on the Great Lynx that defends the light of this world overseen by a gas giant and floating islands of rock. Warmth and chill play pivotal roles in this world, each with their own unique parts, behaviours, and modifiers for existing puzzle elements.

Fire and Ice Elements

Mastering these elements will require an eager mind and no small amount of thoughtful experimentation!

Next Steps

Our new Community Altar will expand with new features to come in future updates, including more tools for finding the perfect level for you based on a variety of criteria. We also want to provide more feedback on how your shared levels are being received by other players, including a system for ‘favouriting’ a level to save it for later and tell others they should give it a try.

Don’t forget to Like/Follow/Subscribe to any of our social channels or check out for all the latest updates!

We want to hear from you!

You are an important part of making Awaken an incredible experience for its full launch and beyond! Awaken is still very young and we’re here to listen to what you love about it now and how you wish it would improve in the future.

You can submit your feedback in-game or at, or join the community discussion at!

Thank you for participating in our Early Access journey and we hope you enjoy the Fountain of Light Update!
Awaken - Sulli (Blueprint Reality)
Patch 0.6.3 is live and brings with it two key improvements!

New Features

Blueprint Challenge Pack
  • The first Blueprint Challenge Pack with 10 unique new puzzles is now available to players who have completed all 30 of the levels currently available at the Story Tree. These levels can be found on the other side of the tree.

Gif Recorder
  • The Gif Recorder can be enabled in the desktop menu. This creates a movable camera component in VR that can be used to record 5-second gifs and screenshots. Simply point the controller at the screenshot or gif button of the camera in VR and press the trigger to activate. You'll find the output screenshots in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Blueprint Reality\Awaken\
Awaken - Sulli (Blueprint Reality)
Hungry for some new Awaken puzzles?

We're excited to announce a new set of free, unique levels will be released tomorrow in the first Blueprint Challenge Pack! The Blueprint Reality team has crafted a selection of new puzzles ranging from deviously simple to cosmically complex.

Once update 0.6.3 is released tomorrow, February 9th, look for the new crystals at the Story Tree after completing the first 30 levels!

Also, stay tuned for a big reveal next Tuesday, February 14th, of our upcoming content update in 0.7.0! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, or check out to stay ahead of all the Awaken news!

In the meantime, we want to hear your feedback! Our question to you for the week is: Do you have any solutions you’re particularly proud of? Share them with the Steam community!
Awaken - Sulli (Blueprint Reality)
Win one of three VR-ready NVIDIA graphics cards!
Blueprint Reality is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural game, Awaken.

We are pretty excited and we want you to get in on the action so we are having an Awaken Launch Level Creating Contest.

To participate you simply need create your very own level in Awaken using the level editor mode and submit it to Blueprint Reality at

Find out how to share your Awaken levels here!

Entries will reviewed based on beauty, creativity, fun and sense of awe!

Did we mention the prizes?!
• First place:      GTX 1080 – appr. value – $599 USD
• Second place: GTX 1070 – appr. value – $379 USD
• Third place:     GTX 1060 – appr. value – $249 USD

Submit your entry no later than March 16, 2017*.

Chances of winning will depend on the number and quality of the entries.

Good Luck and Enjoy Creating!

*see full contest rules here

Prizes may not be exactly as shown, please see full contest rules for details. Image credit NVIDIA.
Awaken - Sulli (BPR)
Blueprint Reality Inc. is proud to announce that Awaken has entered Early Access! We’re excited to have our first players enter our virtual reality world and experience what we’ve worked so hard to bring to life.

You can join other players in discussing the game on our social media channels or in the Steam Community Hub! The Community Hub includes threads detailing FAQs, Known Issues, a Level Sharing Guide, and details on how to give feedback and report bugs - just go to or click 'Discussions' on the Steam store page.

We want to hear from you! The Awaken team is active on social media and our discussion forums and we’d love to get your feedback and bug reports at!

Jan 26, 2017
Awaken - Sulli (BPR)
Patch 0.6.1 is live and brings a few final fixes as the game becomes available to the world! For more information and discussion about Awaken, past and upcoming updates, join the discussion at!

And as always, we love to hear your thoughts, feedback and bug reports at

Elements & Puzzles
  • Fixed an issue where the rail element could become immovable
  • Fixed an issue where an element could become ‘stuck’ to the player after teleporting

  • Fixed an issue resulting in the red moon briefly disappearing in World 1

Sanctuary & Altars
  • Newly-created puzzle crystals now have the correct orientation

Still experiencing a problem? Check out our Known Issues post on the forums.
Jan 17, 2017
Awaken - Sulli (BPR)
Check out the new trailer announcing our Early Access release date of January 26th!

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