Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - Spotted Shark Studio
Happy Holidays, Grave Danger is 20% off During Steam Winter Sale! Come together for some fun good ole COOP action, and have a really good time!

Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - Spotted Shark Studio
Just a small announcement here, Grave Danger is %50 off right now for 4.99$. Get em' while they are hot!

This promotion will run until March 23rd, 2018.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Don't forget to check us out on Brightlocker to find some really cool Grave Danger rewards, there are a ton of cool games on that platform as well.

Hey you, yes you, have a great day!
Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - Spotted Shark Studio
Register and do a couple simple steps on the site and get a copy of Grave Danger for FREE! This deal is only valid up until January 25th 2018.

We have some big news today regarding a new release and information on brightlocker, a cool new platform for indie games. Without further ado let us begin!

Brightlocker News
First fo all we want to share with you the quick, easy steps to earn enough gold on Brightlocker, and obtain your own copy of the game.
• Register on Brightlocker at: Create an account to use on Brightlocker to obtain your first 5 gold!
• Follow a game - Follow our page on Brightlocker after creating your account:
• Share! - Go to your profile and share on Facebook or Twitter, encouraging others to join Brightlocker and that will earn you another 40 gold.

You can then get Grave Danger for 30 gold and explore the platform to find awesome perks from tons of indie devs.

Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition release information
Second we are officialy releasing Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition on the 25th of this month. That is coming up pretty soon! The new version will include 10 new levels, a bunch of bug fixes, new features, an expanded story, and more!

When the day comes we will put up another posts with even more information.

Don't forget to check us out on social media and say hey in our discord channel.

Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - JB Gaming
Hey there fellow Grave Danger fanatics!

First and foremost thank you for taking an interest in Grave Danger updates, we are currently working on some cool features including releasing to consoles, but in the meantime here are some minor fixes and updates we are pushing out today.

Presenting Grave Danger!

New co-op Camera Feature:

When playing co-op you can now press "G" on keyboard or the select button on your favorite control to focus the camera on a specific player. Thanks to a users input we implemented this feature and it really makes Grave Danger's co-op more manageable and adds another layer of fun to it.

Feel free to let us know what features you would like to see in Grave Danger.

Here is a list of other issues addressed in this update:
* Added a new tutorial point in lvl 1-2 explaining the new co-op camera feature.
* Fixed a collider issue in lvl 3-3.
* Slightly increased the camera size giving the player a bigger view of their surroundings.
* Fixed an issue where the mouse could select as menu item when disabled.

Thanks for being part of Grave Danger!

Don't forget to let us know how you feel about the changes in the comment section below.
Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - JB Gaming
Happy New Years all you Grave Danger endeavorers!

I hope you’ve had a chance to check out Grave Danger on Steam, through videos, or at least our demo! We’ve had a great time seeing the positive reactions to the quirkiness and challenge of the game. It’s also been great seeing everyone play the game in order to learn how to make it even better!

One thing I can always tell somebody for certain about Grave Danger: it’s hard. Grave Danger must be mastered, and replayed to truly become the best. Speed running is totally a thing, as the game challenges you to get the fastest, most death-free run possible for each level! I thought it would be a good idea to continue to build on these ideas. So today, I reveal...

Grave Danger 1.0.2!

NEW FEATURE: Wanted: Dead AND Alive Posters. Collect all of the posters in each level for completion bonus!

NEW ACHIEVEMENT “100% Innocent” : Collect all of the Wanted: Dead AND Alive posters.

We’ve strewn wanted posters throughout the world of Grave Danger. Now, you mustn’t just speed run a level to get the S+ ranking, now you can challenge yourself to make sure that Dante, Elliot, and Malice are 100% innocent!

Here are a few other changes that have been made as well:

Renamed Boss “Grimm”’s name to Boss “Francis”, clearing up the story and distinction between Malice the grim reaper and the antagonist.
Malice's text box portrait now features his scythe!
Add better user feedback to ropes and chains that trigger events in levels.
Fix locations in multiple levels where characters or ghosts can get stuck.
Many UI and font size changes.

Thanks for being part of this awesome game!
Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - JB Gaming
Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you about the small update that just went out for Grave Danger - version 1.0.1!

After watching some gameplay videos and getting some feedback, here's the changes that have been made for this version:
  • Added a checkpoint graveyard behind Malice that appears after you rescue him.
  • Dante can now dash-jump off of ropes, ladders, and other climbable terrain.
  • New achievements “Participation Badge” and “Wall Meat”.
  • Reduce the difficulty of a jump in level 6, Deathpeak Peril
  • Enemies now spawn much less frequently, taking 30 seconds longer to respawn than before.
  • A robot now spawns facing a different way in level 7, making puzzle easier.
  • Fix multiple visual and collision issues.
  • Fix a bug where some sound effects could play more than once at the same time.
  • Fix a bug where a character will display the wrong key graphic before using it.
  • Fix a bug where you can drop dynamite at start of level on level 4.

As you can see, I'm keeping a close eye on all the things Grave Danger!

Here are some other things that happened outside of development:

Once again, thanks for tuning in, and more great stuff to come!
Grave Danger: Ultimate Edition - JB Gaming
Hey there everyone! Wow! Can you believe it? Grave Danger is now LIVE on the Steam storefront! It's been such a journey and pleasure from us at JB Gaming to create this game from start to finish! To help share the love of this game and cheer of the holiday, Grave Danger will be on sale from today until the 26th at 15% off!

This is just the first step in our journey as a PC and console game developer and publisher. Every ounce of effort and love Grave Danger receives from it's community, we promise to give back. There are some exciting plans in store for Grave Danger!

So what's next?

Here's a short list of what we expect to happen next for Grave Danger:

- Linux Support (soon!)
- Localization, support for major non-English languages (Q1 2017)
- DLC: Grave Danger: New Characters & Worlds (Q1 2017)
- Console Release: PS4, Xbox One (2017 Q1/Q2)
- Console Release: NINTENDO SWITCH?

Wow that's a big list already! I'm really excited for all these Grave Danger-y things!

Thanks again for supporting small game developers!

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