Husk - UndeadScout
Dear Community,

in the recent days, we’ve been a little bit quiet, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have quite a few surprises for you, the horror fans!

For the last weeks, we have been fixing the game in a team of just three people, working around the clock, during our spare time. We wanted to do everything we could to polish the game further. You provided us with unparalleled support from the beginning, and we would like to thank you deeply from our hearts.

We’ve managed to deliver a number of fixes. Hopefully, they are going to make a difference for you - check them out!
  • Area after the boss fight, where player has to cross the river, should now always load properly
  • Falling rocks will no longer push player off a cliff
  • In the diner, player will no longer be pushed into a corner by an opening door
  • Various textures improvements
  • Various sound improvements
  • Added FoV slider to game options (range 90 - 120)
We’ve also launched a special sale this week. From 10th to 17th of April, you can grab Husk with a huge 40% discount! It’s the first promo ever, so if you had Husk on your Steam wishlist, it’s a perfect time to challenge yourself in Shivercliff - a city full of dark mysteries.

We wish you happy Easter and keep in mind that we will never forget about all the support you gave us! You are amazing, community members!

All the best,
The Undead Scout Team
Husk - UndeadScout
Dear Horror Lovers,

It is time for our fourth update which brings some goodies - you will like this one! So, without further ado, here are the improvements:
  • Achievements are here - see what's unlocked and what you need to complete!
  • Melee combat changes - blows now stun monsters and every new stun lasts shorter, monsters have cooldown between attacks,
  • Added new attack animations, player's death and damage animations,
  • Various sound fixes,
  • Level streaming fixes.
Of course, this is not the end. We continue working on Husk as hard as ever. We're currently waiting for Steam's approval for the game's trading cards - they should be here soon. As an addition, we want you to have these beautiful, hi-res Husk wallpapers, which can be downloaded here.

Thanks for staying with us,
The UndeadScout Team
Husk - UndeadScout
Good Evening Community!

Today, we bring a special gift to all the fans of stirring music straight from the horror genre.

The start wasn't all peaches and cream for Husk but you supported us with your comments and feedback. As a way of expressing our gratitude, the UndeadScout and IMGN.PRO teams want to share the soundtrack from our game composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski with all of you and... completely for free. We heard many of you loved music from Husk so we want you to be able to listen to it anytime you want. Every owner of the game on Steam can get the original soundtrack for free in a form of a DLC download. The song "Road With No Return" by Peter Klett is included in the set as well.

Thanks for being with us, you are wonderful!

Enjoy the music,
UndeadScout & IMGN.PRO

PS The fourth game update is coming soon!
Husk - UndeadScout
Dear Community,

As promised, we are working as hard as we can to give you the best possible experience with our game Husk. This time another batch of improvements has been implemented. If you are interested to see what these are - please take a look below:
  • new types of scripts in Act VI;
  • the third type of enemy (call him Mr. Slow) has been reworked and now has an additional range attack;
  • fixes for waking up script – it should work properly with rebound keys;
  • fixes for keys rebinding – if a certain key is already taken, it gets deactivated from the previous bind;
  • additional optimisation tweaks;
  • new fixes for level loadings.
So what do you think, guys and gals? We promise this is not all, not by any chance. Please stay tuned for more!

Thanks for being with us, we adore you!
The UndeadScout Team
Husk - UndeadScout
Dear Players,

We continue our hard work on improving Husk. Now it's time for another update that will make our game a better experience. Expect a few more updates in the near future as we continue polishing the game. In the meantime check the list for the full details about this one:

  • added new types of scripts in Act V,
  • added an invert option to the game menu.
  • direction-light shadows are now disabled when using medium graphic settings,
  • dynamic Depth of Field is now disabled when using medium graphic settings (or lower).
  • fixed problems with collisions in Act VII,
  • fixed main data streaming issues,
  • the elevator in Act II should work properly now,
  • various small fixes, including no sound while equipping an item, sound issues, scripts repetition, etc.
Please let us know about your opinion about these fixes and enhancements, as well as about things we need to polish further. A short break is now over and it’s time for us to work on the next update.

Thanks for all support you show to us!
The UndeadScout Team
Husk - UndeadScout
Dear players,

As promised, we are starting a series of updates that are going to make Husk a better and fuller experience for you. After having spent over 13 hours straight in our 3-men team today, we managed to roll out the first set of fixes for you. That's the list:
  • using melee weapon now damages enemies instead of stunning them,
  • you can't leave the police station without acquiring the gun anymore,
  • workaround: added the gun pickup before the gate in the forest for those of you who missed the gun at the police station - that means you don't need to go back anymore, simply move forward and you should find the gun inon a stone in the forest in front of the gate,
  • removed firing spread/offset when stamina level is low,
  • the first enemy type has now less health points,
  • various sound fixes,
  • various model improvements,
  • various texture fixes,
  • fixes for some moments when levels were not being loaded correctly.
Please let us know how you are finding this update - for us, it's time to drink some coffee/energy drinks and start working on the next one!

Thanks again for your support,
Łukasz, Paweł and Miłosz from UndeadScout
Husk - UndeadScout
Dear community,

It has not been easy 2 days for us with so much publicity around Husk and so much feedback that we already got from the community to process and make use of. We are also perfectly aware of issues related to the game (both technical and gameplaywise) - the good news is that thanks to our partners at IMGN.PRO we are able to focus solely on improving Husk and making it a better experience for every single one of you.

We created two subforums on Steam where you can leave your bug reports as well as ideas/suggestions for future updates. You can also write to us at if you spotted a bug or have an idea on what to change in Husk. We are monitoring these and other channels very closely and hopefully you are going to see the results of these efforts in the upcoming weeks.

What can you expect in the near future specifically?
  • adding new layers of audio,
  • fixing wrong or improper sounds,
  • fixing gamepad interactions,
  • fixing how tutorials are displayed,
  • adding new tutorials,
  • adding first modifications to the combat system,
  • improved optimization so that the game runs better on your PCs.

We would love to release the first update in the first half of the next week, followed by a second update within the time of 2 weeks. If we encounter any unexpected difficulties, change our priorities based on your feedback or if it turns out we can’t implement a particular fix within a reasonable timespan, we are going to immediately let you know. Please stay with us - this is definitely not the end of our work on Husk.

Thanks for your support,
The UndeadScout Team
Husk - (Brendan Caldwell)

As survival-horror town names go, Shivercliff is really skirting the edges of self-parody. But that s what the creators of Husk [official website] have gone with. It s a first-person psychological horror game that they re describing as a tribute to classics like Silent Hill. Set in the dreadyear of 1995, you ve been in a train crash outside the mysterious town but there s no sign of your daughter and wife. You ll be navigating the abandoned settlement, shining a torch at things and looking for your loved ones. Is that them, up ahead? No. That is a twisted and monstrous manifestation of all your emotionally repressed fears. Pull yourself together, mate. … [visit site to read more]


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