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Welcome aboard U.S.S. Georgia.

This American battleship represents how far the U.S. Navy was willing to go to remain competitive against the ever-larger and more deadly Japanese warships in the prelude to the Second World War. Now you can experience the unmistakable power of a Yamato-sized 457 mm main battery, situated on a hull that can match Iowa’s lofty speeds.
In 1937, the upper echelons of the United States Navy began receiving unsettling reports of Japan’s plans to construct the Yamato-class super-battleship. American, British, and French intelligence gathered that the new Japanese capital ships were set to displace more than the limit of 35,000 tons, and wield a caliber larger than the 356 mm imposed by the 1936 Second London Naval Treaty, of which Japan was not a signatory. In response, the three future Allied nations invoked the so-called Escalator Clause of the treaty: a contingency measure for just such an occasion which pushed the self-imposed limits up to 45,000 tons and 406 mm, respectively.

However, after discovering the Japanese plans, but before officially invoking the Escalator Clause, the top American ship designers had already been put to the task of creating what would eventually become the very successful Iowa-class fast battleships. First and foremost, the Navy wanted a battleship capable of a top speed that surpassed 30 knots—a clear deviation from the U.S. Navy’s standard policy up until that point that favored armor and firepower over speed. Setting 45,000 tons as the weight cap, some of the proposed designs called for the use of an 18-inch (457 mm) main battery loadout, and an armor scheme capable of defending against shells of the same caliber. Naturally, with the aforementioned weight limits, the additional machinery required to achieve such speeds, and the proposed massive guns, some corners would have to be cut. Preliminary studies concluded that such a ship should carry only six of these guns to retain a healthy weight distribution.

After the Escalator Clause was officially put into effect, the final design that was accepted for the modern American fast battleship was the Iowa class with nine 406 mm guns that we know today. When the war started, the limits of the treaty were promptly thrown aside, but plans to develop the 457 mm naval guns were eventually scrapped anyway in the wake of the tactical revolution that aircraft carriers brought to naval warfare.

Modeling the Ship
U.S.S. Georgia as represented in World of Warships, is an interpretation of how the Iowa-class battleship could have ended up looking if the Second World War had broken out in 1938. With the sudden absence of naval treaty restrictions during the design phase, the U.S. Navy may well have favored the design with 457 mm guns.

Main battery: six 457 mm/47 Mk 1 guns distributed between three twin turrets: two forward and one aft.

Even though guns of this caliber were never adopted on American warships in reality, 457 mm gun models were still developed and used in the testing of new munitions in parallel to the construction of the final Iowa-class battleships. Only one of these guns survives today, and is preserved at the Dahlgren naval base in Virginia.

Secondary battery: twenty 127 mm/38 Mk38 mod. 20 guns in ten twin turrets placed on either side of the superstructure, in a typical fashion for the more modern U.S. battleships.

Anti-aircraft armament: forty single-mount 20 mm Oerlikon machine guns and sixteen quad 40 mm Bofors auto-cannons.

Commanding Georgia
Versatile Build
Commander with 10 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Superintendent
  • Fire Prevention
Commander with 19 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Expert Marksman
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Superintendent
  • Basics of Survivability
  • Concealment Expert
  • Fire Prevention
The ship has six slots for upgrades. We consider the following combination to be most effective:

  • Main Armaments Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 1
  • AA Guns Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 2
  • Concealment System Modification 1
  • Main Battery Modification 3
Secondary-Battery Build
Commander with 10 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Basics of Survivability
  • Advanced Firing Training
Commander with 19 skill points

  • Priority Target
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Basics of Survivability
  • Advanced Firing Training
  • Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament
  • Fire Prevention
  • Expert Loader
The ship has six slots for upgrades. We consider the following combination to be most effective:

  • Damage Control Party Modification 1 or Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 1
  • Secondary Battery Modification 1
  • Damage Control System Modification 2
  • Concealment System Modification 1
  • Main Battery Modification 3
U.S.S. Georgia is equipped with an impressive set of consumables. Besides the standard Damage Control Party, you can choose between superior AA defenses provided by the Fighter consumable, or use Spotting Aircraft to improve your firing range. But the real power of this ship lies in the Engine Boost consumable, which adds +15% to her maximum speed, as well as the enhanced Repair Party with its fast reload time. These features, combined with a good secondary battery and the high accuracy of her main battery, allow Georgia to excel at medium distances. Expect her to fight in the aggressive and effective manner that should be expected of any true American battleship.

Georgia in Combat
IX Georgia is a U.S. "fast-steaming" battleship created on the basis of her 1938 design, and an extremely aggressive fighter representing Tier IX. This ship is equipped with an unusual set of consumables that includes Engine Boost, and Repair Party with a cooldown period of 40 seconds. The battleship's artillery can pose a very serious threat to any enemy in medium- and close-range shootouts. The key to that is not only the 457 mm caliber of her main guns, but also the high accuracy of both her main and secondary batteries.
Key Features
  • Six 457 mm main guns. Reload time—26 seconds, firing range—20 km. The guns are notable for their high accuracy compared to other battleships.
  • Highly accurate secondary battery guns that are capable of delivering fire over long ranges. This can be further extended to 11.3 km through installing appropriate upgrades and signals, as well as mastering the respective Commander skills.
  • Repair Party consumable with a reduced cooldown period of only 40 seconds.
  • Engine Boost consumable that temporarily increases the ship's maximum speed by 15%.
  • Extra credits per battle and 100% more XP provided by the camouflage.

Premium Shop in June: Georgia
Bundles are available for purchase until Mon. 01 Jul. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Please note: until August 31, owners of this bundle will have access to a special combat mission. The first 25 battles played with this ship in any battle type will bring you three times more XP than usual. You can receive this combat mission only once per account.
You can also purchase the battleship with a Commander with 3 skill points in the Armory for 228,000

For a detailed look at the ship's technical specifications, follow this link.

Georgia. Admiral Pack
  • IX Georgia
  • Commander with 10 skill points
  • Port Slot
  • Combat mission: x3 XP for 25 battles
  • 120×Damage Control Party II
  • 120×Repair Party II
  • 120×Spotting Aircraft II
  • 120×Fighter II
  • 120×Engine Boost II
  • 150×Equal Speed Charlie London
  • 150×India Bravo Terrathree
  • 150×Zulu Hotel
  • 150×Zulu
  • 150×Papa Papa
  • 5,500
  • 6,000,000
  • Unique flag
World of Warships - WoWs Admiral


World of Warships is set to dive deep into the irradiated atmosphere of the post-apocalypse in Update 0.8.5. With the new and intense Rogue Wave in-game event, the Savage Battle mode that features four teams, and new post-apocalyptic ships—it’s time to set the world alight and watch it burn!

But what are the game mechanics at the atomic core of the new battle mode? How was the searing atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic future created? And how were the existing ships modified to make their brutal presence felt in the rugged new world?

Watch the new episode of Developer Diaries to learn the answers to these questions and more!
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World of Warships - Ryuu

In the previous episodes, we've discussed how to earn XP and credits and also covered the ways in which you can spend these resources. In the new episode of How it Works, we'll tell you all about the modifiers that can increase your in-game income.

What kinds of modifiers exist? How does the resulting XP that your ship earns in battle get calculated? To learn the answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!
World of Warships - Ryuu

We're continuing our "How it Works" series with another episode dedicated to the in-game economics. In the previous episode we discussed the various ways to earn credits and XP. The new episode will inform you about the best ways to spend the resources you earn, and how to service your ship after a battle.

What kinds of game expenses exist? How can you reduce the cost of a ship’s post-battle service? To learn the answers to these and other questions, watch the new episode of the most useful series on our channel!
World of Warships - Ryuu

Greetings, veteran Captains and new players, renowned and yet-to-be-famed warriors, Clan leaders and die-hard solo sea wolves! Every single one of you has a place at the Recruiting Station, so let's make it stronger than ever before!

The Recruiting Station is a new special in-game system of rewards, where Recruiters invite their friends to the game and receive unique containers in return, as well as cashback in doubloons from purchases made by those they recruit.
Step 1: Invite your friends via the brand-new Recruiting Station.
Step 2: Collect Recruitment Points. Play with friends in a Division to get more!
Step 3: Exchange Recruitment Points for unique Recruiting Station containers.

Start recruiting
The Recruiting Station tab is already available in the game and on the main page of the portal, replacing the "Play with Friends" tab. If you are already a participant of the "Play with Friends" program, all your referral links will be saved. Your referees will turn into your Shipmates automatically, so that you can receive cashback and Recruitment Points from them, too.

Rules in Detail
Recruiters and Shipmates

A Recruiter is a player inviting other people to join and play World of Warships. You can become a Recruiter irrespective of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice player. The "Recruiter" status is available to those who:
  • Have played at least 15 battles
  • Played their last battle within the last 90 days

A Shipmate is a person who joins World of Warships on invitation of a Recruiter through the Recruiting Station. The "Shipmate" status is available to those who:
  • Have not played the game yet
  • or played their last World of Warships battle more than 90 days ago
  • or played less than 15 World of Warships battles in total
It’s impossible to accept an invitation from more than one Recruiter.
Recruitment Points and Recruiting Station rewards

Recruitment Points are a special currency that can be accumulated and exchanged for unique containers in the Rewards tab of the Recruiting Station section, accessed from your Port.

  • A Recruiter receives 400 Recruitment Points for their first Shipmate straight away.
  • A Recruiter receives 1 “Junior Recruiting Station” container for the first three invitations sent.
  • A Recruiter receives 10 Recruitment Points for each battle played by a Shipmate. At the beginning of each week, all Recruitment Points can be collected and transferred to the Recruiter's account. Up to 1,500 Recruitment Points can be earned per week in total (not per shipmate).
  • A Recruiter receives 18 Recruitment Points for every battle played in a Division with a Shipmate. Victory bonus: An extra 8 Recruitment Points.
  • A Shipmate receives 5 Recruitment Points for every battle played in a Division with their Recruiter. Victory bonus: An extra 5 Recruitment Points.
For Recruitment Points to be credited for battles, you need to:
  • Earn at least 150 XP points if you enter a battle with a Tier I-V ship.
  • Earn at least 300 XP points if you enter a battle with a Tier VI-X ship.
When playing in a Division, this rule applies to each participant of the Division.

Junior Recruiting Station Container
Seasoned Recruiting Station Container
Veteran Recruiting Station Container

Shipmate's rewards

Reward for the first battle in World of Warships:

  • Soviet Tier II cruiser Diana Lima
    , a Port slot, and a Commander with 9 skill points
  • 7
    days of Warships Premium Account

Reward for the first battle played with a Tier VI ship:

  • British Tier VI battleship Warspite
    , a Port slot, and a Commander with 10 skill points;

  • days of Warships Premium Account
  • 5,000,000 credits
  • 25 signal flags of each type
  • 5 “More Resources” containers
All battles will count towards progress, except training battles.

Cashback: how it works

A Recruiter gets cashback from purchases made by their Shipmates. Once each month, a Recruiter will receive a cashback in doubloons equal to 10% of the total cost of purchases made by the Recruiter's Shipmates in the Premium Shop.
  • Only a Recruiter who has 2 or more Shipmates is eligible to get cashback.
  • Cashback is credited in doubloons only. The cashback is equal to a percentage of the cost of purchases made by a Recruiter's Shipmates in the Premium Shop.
  • Cashback is credited on the first day of every month.
  • Each Cashback crediting includes Shipmates’ purchases which were made more than 1 month from the moment said cashback is credited.
Disclaimer: cashback benefits only apply to purchases made after the start of the Recruiting Station referral program, not retroactively.

Full steam ahead, it’s time to earn your rewards!

Feel free to share your link in the dedicated thread, on your Steam profile, social media & instant messengers, also for more visibility for newcomers and your friends you may add it to your review!

Start recruiting

Note: for the Steam version you shouldn't create an account through an invitation link. Follow these steps instead:
  1. Log in to World of Warships on Steam at least once.
  2. Click an invitation link. It should be from a player of the same region you've selected.
  3. Select "Log in".
  4. On the right-hand side select "Log in with your social profile: Steam."
  5. Sign in to the Steam website.
    • If you accessed the invitation link via Steam's overlay browser, you will already be signed in.
Cruiser Diana Lima should appear in your Port after playing one battle. If she doesn't, please restart the game and repeat the aforementioned steps, being sure to check that you haven't mixed up your accounts. Be wary that after playing 15 battles you can no longer use an invitation link.

The system remains unchanged for Recruiters.
World of Warships - WoWS


We know that some of you are keen ship collectors, and in case you haven't bought any of our DLC yet, we have a special treat for you. For a limited time only, the Smith Steam Edition has a super discount!

Don't hesitate! Grab one of the most unusual ships in the game, as well as a memorable Steam flag that comes as part of the bundle.
This DLC is not compatible with accounts created outside of Steam. If you already have this ship in your Port, you will not receive any compensation for the duplicate.
World of Warships - Ryuu

Hey everyone! I'm Sub_Octavian, name Phil.

I'm Live Producer for WoWS, which, in normal human language means I work on community strategy and make sure players and developers have mutual understanding on many levels.

I will try to answer as much and as many as I can. Thanks for coming, and let me start now
  1. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Will T10 USS Des Moines get her 203s as AAA, similar to other CLs who have main guns as dual purpose ones?
    So, while AA values are subject to balance changes, we normally stick to the facts when it comes to dual purpose guns. I am not big history expert myself, but I'm pretty sure DM is a heavy cruiser and her 8-inch guns were not dual purpose.
  2. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    What is legendary unique upgrade of Soviet tier X Kreml?
    There is none. The concept was that we do not introduce it to the fresh ships so we can actually check how the ship settles in meta and how its typically played before designing the upgrade. Hence no upgrade for, say, Harugumo or Stalingrad.

    However now we are considering complete overhaul of this system, and until we decide how we move on (like keep, modify, replace), it does not make sense to pour new content there. I hope there will be news soon.
  3. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Is there any chance that old CVs would return?
    Uh, never say never, right? But I would say no. I don't know what should happen for them to return. CV rework certainly has some problems to fix, but overall, it's a success.
  4. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Why Matchmaking doesn't limit to a diff of +/- 1 level?being overleveled by 2 level is everything but funnyespecially if you don't have highly skilled captains
    The game progression is built to offer meaningful impact for the player when they move up a tier. Honestly, there are some issues to address here, especially on tier 8 relatively to 10, but overall, for now +2 is where the game will stay. It is not set in stone though.
  5. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Another question to solve the CV/Planes debates

    Why not having a checkbox 'I don't want to play with CV/Planes?
    Well, for the same reason that DD don't have the button "play without cruisers" or BB "play without DD". I mean there is a lot of class interaction at the core of the game, and figuring out advantages and disadvantages is a part of it. Class-free MM button is not planned for anyone.
  6. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    "When tier 8 ships would stop being balanced with T10 ones? It makes purchase of T8 ships not worth it.
    Even T9 meet T10 less often. It's absurd."
    I kinda replied above, but just to clarify: unless we do +1 matchmaking, they won't, and we do not plan to. But as for frequency of being in t10 matches there will be improvements. This is one of the things we work on: to break this up tiering streaks.

    Also, I cannot agree that playing t8 is pointless, but hey, to each their own.
  7. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    So why a tier 9 DD Friesland has a 1.8 reload second while Daring can only get 2.0 (Daring should be the fastest firing ship because of the auto loader)?
    Smart ass reply would be "thanks for noticing, we will nerf tier 9 then", but jokes aside, DPM(damage per minute) is being tuned as a balance parameter, even if historically this gun had higher ROF(rate of fire).
  8. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Seaplane tenders. Will there be any added? I noticed that in one WoWs versions, there was a hybrid BB/seaplane tender ship added.
    Probably you are taking about Ise from Blitz? Or Wright from early alpha? Or Tone which was modelled some time ago? Anyways, not at the moment. But as for hybrids, we will definitely consider them later.
  9. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Any chance of a future collaboration with the "Destroyermen" book series? Book 14 will be released in about a month, and the series contains a large number of naval vessels, many of which never existed in reality, but all of which could function well if actually built.
    Thanks! I will pass your suggestion/question to the people who develop business relations and do out collabs.
  10. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Are you (WG) considering to use the fighter consumables more for balancing CVs? E.g. Enterprise has much more dangerous fighters than any other t8 CV (greater radius, much more fighters which will result in more planes shot down), while basically every other CV has the same fighters, which seems kinda boring in comparison.

    And i think there's more potential for balancing.
    But they are not the same. Are you sure you played all tiers of CV? As for how they work, we will see. But now their stats (amount of planes shot down) looks good to be honest.
  11. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Where are the submarines, Lebowsky?
    Oh Donnie…
  12. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Any chances we will get 3 additional hotkeys for AA sector management? Using a single key to bring up the UI where you have to use the mouse to point and click at the option… feels really clunky when you are using a keyboard with tons of keys.

    (3 hotkeys: port, starboard, neutral)
    Both Priority sector UI and mechanic are getting overhaul at the moment.
  13. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    When is Taiho and the other odd-tier CVs getting back in the game ?
    We don't know that ourselves, certainly not this year.

    I mean we have enough of new stuff for the rest of 2019 ;) its gonna be spiiiiicy :o
  14. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    I'd like to know what developers are doing to improve the experience of players who lose up to 15 consecutive random battles? Thank you.
    Creating and sustaining ranked and clan battles where the outcome is less dependent on random dudes, I guess :) What else do you have in mind?
  15. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Is AA going to be reworked in anyway the sector system seems to be lacking some skill or manual interferrence from the player
    Yes, it is being reworked right now. I do not think the mechanic change will be dramatic, but having it more usable and impactful is the goal.
  16. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Is the Kii ever going to be fixed (Atleast in armor and on accuracy) Its the weakest BB at tier 8 with bad belt armour and bad citadel plating, and the worst accuracy with the guns.
    We buffed Kii in 0.7.11. I will check with the GD how is she.
  17. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    In the end, are you going to nerf Conqueror citadel?
    It's still WIP. But we certainly would like to :)
  18. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Has anyone looked into doing a collaboration with Alestorm? They dub themselves as Scottish Pirate Metal. The band was formed in Perth Scotland but that might be a good reason to do something with the HMAS Perth. Other RN ships could also work for them.
    So for collaborations my only option is to give your suggestion to the relevant people. I cannot comment much other than that, sorry.
  19. #Discussions_QuoteBlock_Author
    Do you all have any more plans/ideas for naval battles? My clan is really enjoying that type of competition.
    Yup:) also have you heard about clan brawl? :)

    Fast paced clan wars. Not exactly like naval battles but the concept is the same — give the clan the ability to have coll stuff to do together but less hardcore than traditional CW.
Thanks for participating, folks! Do you want more of Q&A activities in the future? Please give us feedback in the comments!
World of Warships - Ryuu

Please note that the servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the release of an update. The schedule is available below.
Maintenance times are tentative and subject to change. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.
30.05.2019 05:00—8:00 UTC+8
2019-05-29 21:00—23:59 UTC
30.05.2019 05:00—10:00 MSK (UTC+3)
2019-05-30 02:00—07:00 UTC
30.05.2019 07:00—10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
2019-05-30 05:00—08:00 UTC
29.05.2019 03:00 AM—06:00 AM PT (UTC—7)
2019-05-29 10:00—13:00 UTC

The new update will go live some time after it's been downloaded because the client and server sides are updated separately. While the client begins to update immediately, it takes time for the servers to be updated across all regions.

If there are problems with downloading or launching the update—please perform files integrity check.

Subtitles can be enabled in the video player separately.
Update 0.8.4 is the next instalment of the cycle dedicated to Soviet battleships. It brings the second stage of the "Victory" competition, a new season of Ranked Battles, new changes to aircraft carriers, and dynamically changing weather in your Ports!

The "Victory" Competition
The rules of the event remain virtually the same. Each day you choose a team based on the difficulty level and rewards you prefer, battle on your favorite ships from Tier V–X, and earn points for the team and your personal rating.

After selecting a team, you will find yourself at the night version of Black Sea Port, painted in the colors of your chosen team.

When the new Stage kicks off, a new collection dedicated to the Russian and Soviet Navy called “In the Service to the Motherland” will appear in the game. By completing sheets of the collection, you will earn "October Revolution" containers, as well as the option to mount a second flag and use an alternative color scheme on Soviet ships.

Your participation in the competition will be rewarded with Provision Tokens, a new temporary resource. Exchange them in the Armory for various items of in-game loot and "In the Service to the Motherland" containers with camouflage patterns, Coal, signals, and items from the new collection.

The main "feature" of this Stage is the new unique Commander, Nikolay Kuznetsov, who comes with the following talents:
  • Concealed Reserves: a talent of Commander Yamamoto that you are probably already familiar with. The First Blood achievement provides an additional charge for any consumables mounted on a ship.
  • Will to Victory: when your ship's HP falls below 10%, the effects of Repair Party and Damage Control Party are activated, while the dispersion of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship temporarily increases.
Aside from that, the new Commander has an enhanced skill: Jack of All Trades (–10% to the reload time of all mounted consumables, as opposed to the default –5%).

Nikolay Kuznetsov will join the ranks of historical Commanders, along with William Halsey and Isoroku Yamamoto. Nikolay's talents will come in handy in helping your ship bring victory to your team.

Changes to Aircraft Carriers
Moreover, the engine boost effect that’s available to all aircraft will change. At high tiers, the power of the boost will be reduced, decreasing the maximum speed of aircraft but also increasing the minimum speed. This way, we are slightly downgrading the reconnaissance and attack potential of aircraft carriers.

There are also balance changes to to dive bombers carrying HE bombs. The dispersion and minimum drop height of bombs will be increased; the size of the aiming reticle will also be increased by making it narrower but more stretched. At the same time, the aiming reticle will start shrinking when a flight is preparing for an attack, and will shrink faster. Maneuvering will now have less effect on reticle shrinking. This change will make dive bombers less effective against maneuvering destroyers, but will not have much influence on the effectiveness of dive bombers attacking ships of the other types.

Please note that it’s a systemic adjustment that will be applied to all aircraft.

Season of Ranked Battles
Update 0.8.4 features a new season of Ranked Battles! Teams will be composed of seven Tier X ships each. The number of ranks and Steel hasn’t changed in comparison to the 11th season, but a new achievement will now be issued for reaching Rank 1.

One of the key features of the new season is the admission of aircraft carriers into Ranked Battles! Unlike any other types of ships, which normally have a clear-cut counter ship type, carriers don't have much difficulty chasing solo ships. Groups of ships, however, make for a harder target. So, maps and modes for the new season have been carefully chosen to enable ships to support each other in countering air attacks. There will be a limit of one carrier for each team in the new season.

Battles take place in the "Domination" and reworked "Epicenter" modes, the latter being the same as in Space Battles: the center and rings are captured independently, while capture of the outer rings will not be blocked if any of the inner rings are captured by the enemy.

Another novelty is the introduction of ship rentals for Ranked Battles. You will now have access to Ranked Battles even if haven't yet researched Tier X ships. Play a battle with any Tier VIII or higher ship—and get free rental of a Tier X ship of the same type, enabling you to participate in Ranked Battles.

In Update 0.8.4 a new map called Greece will appear in the game for Tier IX-X battles in Domination mode. The map has two versions with three and four key areas. It will also feature the Thunderstorm Front, which may appear in Tier X battles. The visuals of the map were inspired by the landscape of Santorini Island.

Be careful and cautious when hiding behind the islands on this map. Those "shelters" are low, and the enemy will still be able to attack you when you are spotted.

We've also reworked the Trap map. All objects on the map including key areas have been shifted right and upwards. In doing so, it moves key area "A" away from the map border, adding dynamics to gameplay on this map.
Trap 0.8.4

Dynamically Changing Weather
We are continuing to work on various improvements to our in-game Ports. In Update 0.8.4 the Philippines, New York, Saint Petersburg, Zipangu, Hamburg, Naval Base, and Ocean will be given a fresh look with the addition of dynamic weather. With this new feature enabled, you can view the traditional Ports in new colors during the day: day will succeed night in "night-lit" Ports; Saint Petersburg will be hugged by a cozy mist; and for Ocean Port, the sun will roll off the horizon and set.

Learn more about these new features and balance changes on our official website or in the in-game browser!

ːcozywowsshipː Discuss on the forum
ːwowsyesː Recommend the game
World of Warships - Ryuu

In World of Warships, two main resources are required to research ships or modules, and level up through the Tech Trees: XP and credits. In the latest episode of How It Works, we'll tell you how, and for what actions these resources are earned in battle.

Armed with this information, you’re very likely to receive more XP and credits depending on the outcome of battle—making you a valuable asset for your team.

What actions yield more XP and credits? Find out in the freshest episode of the most useful series on our channel!
If you like the series, subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for further episodes!
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World of Warships - WoWs Admiral

We're happy to announce that the almighty live producer & Reddit guru, Sub_Octavian, will be here on Steam to answer your questions!

Feel free to join our Steam Chat to participate! Head over to the #SpecialQ&A channel and drop any WoWS-related questions there until Friday 16:00 UTC, then just wait for the answers! (translations to other languages will be ready within a week).

Please keep in mind that chat moderators may delete questions that are deemed inappropriate or violate the community rules. We also kindly ask you to use English language and avoid off-topic conversation in the Q&A channel. No discussions, questions only in this channel please.

See you there, Commanders!


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