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We made a promise to you and we intend to keep it! In the release version of the game you will have an opportunity to get this beauty in your garage - GAZ SG-1 (Pobeda Sport). A real beast of the Soviet automobile manufacturing! Of course, it won't be easy, but we will try our best to make it a worthwhile venture for you :)

And let there be Atom!

Oct 6
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hello again, friends!

Our work on another large update, numbered 0.8.5. has finally reached it’s end and we are ready to upload it for your enjoyment!
What has been done this time? Well, like we said in the announcement, we are continuing to liven up the locations with new characters, some of which aren’t just ready to tell you their stories, but also ask for your help in various side-quests. A huge work has been done with the crafting system - we added new recipes for not only firearms but meds as well.
Lots of hours were spent behind the stage, where we again tinkered with some of the mechanics to further balance out the game. Also, we have made clothes change possible - you can finally get rid of that sweater for something more fitting your playstyle!

Change log:

- Locations filled with 60+ new characters (look for them in Krasnoznamenny, Peregon, Fogelevka and some other places)
- New crafting recipes. Not just for firearms, but also for medicine and armor;
- 20 new quests and juicy solutions to some of the old ones, including Dan’s quest line, Kostya the Yob’s quest line and more;
- Change your clothes!
- New visuals for character on the global map;
- New visual effects such as cloud shadows on the ground, fog on location borders, etc;
- A large portion of sounds remastered, new sound effects added, footstep noises now depend on terrain;
- New demo global map;
- New location - The Container Yard;
- Rebalanced the perks;
- Rebalanced trade, also some wares turn to money in time;
- Rebalanced and improved AI;
- New follower commands (point to target, or move to location);
- Various bugs fixed

As always, we will spend the next few days hot-fixing new issues, if there will be such. Then it’s business as usual, and by that we mean constant work on the next big update!

Thank you for sticking with us, and let there be ATOM!

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hey guys!
It's time for our traditional announcement of things to come in the new version, that will be uploaded on Steam in the beginning of October!
- This expansion will expand our world with three new locations, and a whole new second region map (WIP, just for sightseeing);
- We livened up Krasnoznamenny and some other locations with many new characters;
- New craft recipes for weapons and even custom meds;
- Many new quests, as well as the ability to finally finish some of the old ones...
- Enhanced visual effects;
- New ways to gamble;
- Remastered sound;
- New order system for followers;
- Improved AI;

This one is going to be really huge! Thanks for sticking with us!
...and let there be Atom!

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hey guys! Here's a patch to finalize the 0.8 update of the game for our English speaking audience. This fix comes with several changes.

- The translation is now complete, with just a few in-game books left untranslated (which is going to be fixed soon). Thank you for waiting!
- New portraits finally added into the game. Last time we had so many new characters, we didn't have the time to liven them all up with unique portraits. We sure fixed that now!
- A few bugs our community managed to find since we posted the update - enemy shield usage bug, trader stock renewal bug, low setting glitches bug, "Manhunter" skill now only works with aimed shots, Journalist quest now working fine.
- Physical borders for the Bunker 317 and bunker levels added.
- New crafting recipes now in stock.
- Now your hero can follow the NPC if the NPC is walking when you try to initiate a conversation.
- Fixed the Abilities menu.
- A lot of dialogue bugs are fixed.
- Fixed the pricing, depending on your Barter skill.
- A lot of minor (and not so minor) bugs in the Bandit Factory location are now fixed.

Have a great time playing the new version! Thanks for sticking with us!

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hello, friends!

Atom Team is online with many great news. The last month was really good for development, and now you get to experience what we were making for all this time. We really hope these results will be to your liking.

In this major update, we continued to liven up Krasnoznamenny and Peregon with new NPCs and quests. We also listened to you, our dear, dear player base. You wished for an ability to leave your followers near your personal bunker. It is now possible.

You know what else is possible? Playing a true villain. Sure, you always had a chance to insult a sweet old lady, or punch a grieving father in the throat. But now, you will be able to turn the Wasteland into dust, by siding with a certain edgy new faction of freaks and weirdos from up north. Remember to save into a new slot before doing so… We promise to make the game completable with this option turned on, but before that happens it can get pretty boring walking the charred earth... On the other hand, you’ll get a lovely new follower if you join… the dark side!

But the real difference made concerns our gameplay mechanics. This part of our work really earned this update it’s name “The Global Update”. The whole system of roleplaying mechanics will grow double or even triple the moment you update. You will get tons of new skills to choose from, for yourself and your partners, including the dog.

Speaking of the dog, Dzhulbars will now get armor, pouches, leashes and even helmets he always dreamed of! Tune your mutt as you please, by giving him certain items and special skills.

This update will also add many new items, from beets to shields which have their own unique set of mechanics in battle.

Hand to hand and melee characters will no longer feel left out and weak, thanks to the new craftable weapons and skills you may choose on level-up.

And you will always have an ability to solidify your name as the Fist of the Central Wastes by working out with a barbell we created inside your bunker! Just don’t try to jump it…

In other words, the work we made was really huge. So huge, in fact, that it’s not completely finished. While you will get to play with everything mentioned above, a small segment of new dialogues and the books are still not translated completely. Some portraits are also still unfinished. But that will be fixed in a few days or so, we promise! We’re really sorry it has come to this yet again :(

Now, for the full changelog:
- New video briefing segment
- Skill tree
- 36+ NPCs, most have quests on them.
- 20 new quests
- Better graphics v/ SpeedTree™ system
- Earn a fair buck travelling with the caravans
- More craftable weapons
- Shields
- Improved Melee and HtH.
- Beets, onions, cheeses and more!..
- Dog Armor
- New location Fogelevka village (in dev)
- New location Old Scrapyard
- New follower
- Strippers!
- Ten new books
- Yashin’s quest has a conclusion
- A way to Die for the God-Emperor!
- Throw grenades anywhere you want in the throw radius
- Exploding terrain, watch out for red barrels!
- An ability to leave your followers near the bunker
- A gym
- Knocking down doors with melee
- Many more little things and tweaks!
- A way to turn off cinematics through game settings (helps with bugs with old ATI 5xxxx, 6xxxx models)

We really, really hope you enjoy! Let there be ATOM!

As for us, we’re off to make a new update, which will seem especially great for those of you who follow the main quest line, wish for new locations and more sexy times for the main character…

Thank you so much for sticking with us.

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hello, friends!
Work is going according to plan. We have managed to create a whole lot of new content, some of it - inspired by your very own recommendations. In this thread, we will announce the major changes that will come to the game later this month.

- Many new characters and quests - from a peaceful project, where you help an aspiring writer publish his works, to a series of battles with the future of the Wasteland at stake! New quests will not only add hours to gameplay, but will also reward you with unique new items.
- Grenades now have much more tactical uses. You will get to see the damage radius, as well as throw the grenade on an empty square, for example to hit more opponents, or make a chain explosion by targeting a flammable piece of terrain.
- A unique new follower for your party!
- Doors now can be forced with a melee attack.
- A new perk tree, filled with special abilities your character gets to pick for himself and his team mates during the game.
- We are adding shields - a piece of equipment with unique mechanics, that will add to your frontal and sideways defence.
- New random encounters you can get into while walking the world map.
- Your actions in Peregon now have consequences.
- New melee weapon recipes for crafting!
- New cinematic!
- We got a SpeedTree licence, that will help us liven up the world by making plant life better. The first results are available on a new map we added.
- Lots of bugs fixed, including the disappearing body under objects bug the community found.
- Also, we would like to give a shout out to the new Atom Wiki run by the fans of our game. Finding this place on the web was a huge surprise. Thanks a lot, guys!
As you can see, we have a lot of updates this time. So much so, we even passed on the idea of making a shiny new video announcement about the changes. We hope that the screenshots we took would be enough for the time being. And now, it’s time to get back to work. Thanks you for sticking with us, friends!

ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hello friends!
Here is a fresh update. The main thing it contains is the finished translation into English. Thank you very much for waiting these few days, and please note that we're extremely sorry for the delay. The one thing untouched by this patch is the collection of five books, which will become available in 2-4 days.

Thanks to our wonderful community we have also managed to get rid of these nasty bugs:

- Fixed bugs with the quest of Fyodor Maximovich;
- Fixed the bug with Mushroom cult giving you their next quest;
- Fixed a visual bug with the quest journal;
- Fixed a lot of smaller bugs in dialogues (Peregon, Red Fighter, Krasnoznamenny, Random encounters, Drunken Lair, Berth, Field);
- Fixed the receiving recipes from the "Red October" (just open the magazine again if you already read it);
- Fixed a big bug in the Linux version (game crashes to the desktop).
- Balance fixes (loot, ammo, items)

Thank you for your support!
Now, some plans: we are already starting the next big update, that will hit sometime in August. You will face new challenges, both in the main plot line and the sub quests. There will be new items, location improvements and many more stuff.

With that, we're back to work. Have a great weekend!
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hello friends!

Finally, it's time for another huge update. We're keeping up with the tempo we set early this year, to give you more content, and this version is actually the biggest one we ever made. We livened up Peregon, we added new quests that can change the Wastes forever, we added new unique NPCs, new weapons, new items, new hard choices, new interface and game play mechanics, and follow-ups for some quests you could not complete before, and it's all here, in this one update, all for your enjoyment.

One problem that will be fixed in a couple of days is the incomplete translation, but our team is working on it as fast as possible.

Hope the new content is to your liking!

Now, the total change list:
  • Locations populated with new NPCs;
  • 10+ large new quests;
  • A secret way to get into the bunker if you're male;
  • An ability to meet old friends from the Factory;
  • Dog fights in Peregon call out to all spectators;
  • 35+ new NPCs, like always, with unique dialogues and portraits;
  • Additions to the music and sound library;
  • New items, from a bra to some nice BBQ;
  • New plot elements for the Myselium;
  • 5 new guns to craft, from flinthlock to a pneumatic!
  • As well as new bullets for one of those guns;
  • Game re-balanced to meet your requests;
  • Changes to the inventory; the items are now in two stacks;
  • Addition of Ragdoll Physics (WIP)
  • Weather effects completely overhauled, now everything is much more moody;
  • The exit spots on maps are now better looking;
  • Added another kind of enemies. Beware!
  • Another machine gun - an old FM Minimi (trophy weapon)
  • Armor is now separated into two categories - helmets and body protection. Wearing a vest and no helmet won't save you from headshot damage!
  • Five new issues of a self-help survivalist journal "The Red October".
  • And last but not least, amazing quantity of bugs got fixed;

Thank you for beeing with us, guys! We appreciate it very
much. And... let there be ATOM!
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hey, guys! It's almost the end of the month, so we decided to share our plans with you all!
This time, a lot of new content awaits you. For example:

- New encounters
- New NPCs (30+)
- 3 New locations
- New craftable weapons
- New balance modifications
- New cutscene features will be implemented
- New cinematics introducing new locations

We'll finally populate Peregon. We will also continue the main quest line.

Also, after listening to your suggestions, we modified the interface. Items will now be in two rows. We also made changes in the visual depiction of items - they now correctly light up when on the ground. A new secret ability was also added for the player. You now get to interact with animals more! In other words, we're working close to our limits!

Since this update is going to be one of the biggest in our game's history, it will take a little more time than average. New content will come out on July 10th.

Thanks for sticking with us!
ATOM RPG: Post-apocalyptic indie game - AtomTeam

Hello, friends!

It’s May 31st, which means we need to commemorate the last day of Spring by unleashing a new update of our game world for all of you to enjoy! This time around, we livened up KRZ, by putting in some new NPCs and quests. For example, you can now visit the city hospital, which offers cure-alls to fix your radiation poisoning and help you get rid of nasty addictions. Each cure has it’s price, though…

Also, as we promised on Kickstarter, the player character will finally get his own piece of the Wasteland in the form of a private house and bunker. But even though it’s there, don’t think you won’t have to fight for it!.. The bunker’s functions will broaden with each version. It will have many new features each time you update the game.

  • Added two new locations filled with quests;
  • Updated already existing locations;
  • Continued the Mushroom society main quest line;
  • Re-balanced random encounters;
  • Added two new weapons - AKMS and the HK33;
  • Added new icons of armor and headgear;
  • Another companion for the player! Be careful with that guy… He has an explosive temper!
  • Minimaps for new locations;
  • You can now test your luck at the Lottery Shack!
  • New enemies;
  • Did you forget about Gulchatay? She didn’t forget you!..
  • New (not final) battle mechanics;
  • New NPC portraits;
  • No more crashing during video playback!
  • Added save file deletion option;
  • Death in Survival is now permanent;
  • Fixed pathfinding while following the player character;
  • New weapon perks for SVD, SKS-S, R-700, PTRD;
  • A huge new dungeon, the Death Tunnel, crawling with new monsters and lined with intricate puzzles and memos;
  • New weather effects (Fog, rain);
  • A chance to launch a real live nuke… Into a place we all know from childhood!
  • New minimap zoom;
  • Endurance now helps you endure staggering attacks;
  • New sounds;
  • New music;
  • New books in the KRZ library!
  • Many, many bugs fixed;

+ Hotfix 0.7.1b
  • Fixed the bug with the Yegor quest;
  • Fixed the bug with the game crushing in the players bunker;
  • Fixed the balance of knock downs (now Endurance and Dexterity both have an effect);
  • The assortment of wares of the armourer in Krasnoznamenny now updates faster;
  • Fixed the balance of the enemies in the random encounters;
  • Fixed the radio at the players bunker;
  • Fixed many smaller bugs in the players bunker;
  • Added the empty packaging (botles, tins) in the "pocket" slots after it was used;
  • Fixed the bug with videos for the Linux users.

+ Hotfix 0.7.1c

  • Full English localization;
  • The lottery is fixed;
  • The slave hunters are back to their original strength;
  • Fixed the companions lagging in the Tunnel of Death;
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with Hexogen.
  • Fixed the wares balance in Otradnoye;
  • Fixed the visuals when you are firing the machine gun;
  • Fixed the bug with companions pathfinding;
  • Fixed the bug with Nikolay, the cartridge maker.

Let there be Atom!


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