Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

Welcome to Patch 2.0.11, bringing you a couple of fixes.

With patch 2.0.11 you will experience less backend errors related to opening chests, crafting and receiving backend errors at the end of maps. We have improved the retrying behavior by changing the time it takes on backend requests, players will not be experiencing any major difference in the game aside from less instances of losing out on hard earned loot.

In the coming updates we hope to release an update with a balancing pass for the Beastmen. The Vermintide 2 team is currently working hard on taming the beasts.

Patch Notes
  • Improved retrying behavior on the backend resulting in less frequent backend errors, especially during end of round, crafting, and chest opening.
  • Fixed an issue where Twitch mode would cause the game to crash.
We just rolled out a hotfix that should tidy up some errors in patch 2.0.11.
We're just putting out another hotfix to improve stability.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

Welcome to patch 2.0.10. This patch has some bug fixes, tweaks improving the tracking for trueflight-type projectiles, and some sound tweaks.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our blog post on Season 2, and whilst your at it have a look at the AMA we hosted over on reddit late last week where we answered a bunch of the communities burning questions about Season 2 - and Vermintide 2 in general.

Patch 2.0.10
  • Fixed an issue were the application window might end up on wrong monitor due to negative desktop coordinates when running borderless or windowed mode.
  • Fixed an issue where having the Talent "High Tally" as Bardin Slayer wouldn't increase the damage done by Throwing Axes for consecutive hits.
  • Fixed a spot on Athel Yenlui where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed second heavy attack for Kerillian's Sword and Dagger doing less damage when under the effect of Infiltrate than without Infiltrate.
  • Fixed an issue where bots blocked attacks longer than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where players got block broken twice when block was broken by a Bestigor charge.
  • Fixed so that the killing the minotaur under the oak tree for the appropriate challenge works in the Weaves versions of Against the Grain.
  • Improved tracking for trueflight projectiles:
    • No longer overshoots targets on high speeds
    • Selects a new target if projectile misses the original target
    • Fixed target acquisition and seek being off by a frame now new target is selected immediately instead of a frame after one move update.
  • Sound tweaks:
    • Less priority further away for horde enemies.
    • Volume tweaks to horde enemy footsteps, they are now higher than before.
    • Added short boss stingers whilst in Weaves.
    • Tweaked emitter sounds within Weaves. Lower priority for world sounds, higher priority for gameplay sounds.
  • Added client predicted damage for ranged attacks so multi projectile attacks (like Kerillian's Trueflight) would be as effective on clients as it is on the server.
  • Fixed projectiles that bounce sometimes ignoring hit mass.
  • Bounty Hunter Locked and Loaded single projectile had its spread reduced when standing still, this also affects Double-shotted.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

  • Fixed halberd push attack missing overhead attack


Welcome to Patch 2.0.9 for Vermintide 2. This patch looks at stability, sound and tweaks to Battle Wizard & Slayer career skills (as well as other various fixes, all outlined below).

In-case you missed it, yesterday we outlined some of our plans for Season 2 so be sure to check that out, and consider joining us for our AMA over on reddit tomorrow at 15:00 UTC.

Now, on to the notes:
  • Fixed an issue were a minimized fullscreen window was not restored to correct screen.
  • Fixed an issue were incorrect resolution was set to the fullscreen window.
  • Windowed and Bordless windows should now start on the assigned monitor screen.
  • Re-enabled so winkey+left/right works in windowed mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing black screens on some older AMD GPU's. Let us know if you continue to have issues with that.
  • We've done some sound optimisations for enemies. The aim of these changes is to improve reliability of special, horde, patrol and boss sounds and stingers. It should help negate some sound distortion that some players with specific hardware capabilities experienced during intense moments.
  • Ambushes now feature a subtle stinger in Weaves so you get a heads up when these events trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where German talent translations could list % and Durations the wrong way around.
  • Fixed some other localisation issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Bardin could engage in dialogue despite not being in the current lineup of heroes.
  • Fixed various miscelaneous crashes.
  • Phantom strikes - We've made sweeps use custom FOV to detect if hit is in view, now it has a more box like FOV in order make vertical sweeps hit far more reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where overhead heavy stabs from Kerillians Dual Daggers did less damage on a critical headshot than a non-critical headshot.
  • Garden of Morr - Fixed some terrain issues, spawners, and gaps in geometry.
  • Fixed an animation issue where the Volley Crossbow would be reloaded with a cheeky tap on the top. Now it should reload as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair for the Empire Longbow would shrink-grow-shrink when aiming while moving.
  • Waystalker talent 'Fervent Huntress' now properly refreshes when already applied.
  • Subtitles should now stop playing when the speaking entity dies (looking at you in particular Skarrik)
  • Fixed so that Battle Wizard can now teleport on stairs.
  • Fixed an issue where the targeting circle for Battle Wizard Sienna's Career Skill "Fire Walk" and Bardin Slayer's Leap wouldn't show up when activating while aiming at obstructing terrain, or invisible blocking volumes. In addition, when aiming at obstructing terrain, the targeting circle will be more thoroughly adjusted to find a target location where the player would fit.
  • Battle Wizard Sienna's Career Skill now has a shorter minimum distance you can travel, by aiming downward.
  • Fixed up some input buffering issues with Saltzpyre's Falchion.
  • Tweaked heavy action chain timings with Kruber's spear, should feel much better now. Adjusted damage window on certain light attacks to make it hit closer to the player, fixed small gap in between light and heavy attacks losing input buffering.
  • Increased max hits we detects for sweeps, added slight optimization for sweep to make offset performance impact for increasing max hits. This hopefully negates some of the issues reported with cleaving stacked enemies.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge


Patch 2.0.8 has landed and with it some crash fixes, sound fixes and various other fixes and tweaks. Thanks for reporting these issues to us, and continue to do so over in our bug report forums if you find them.

  • Various miscellaneous crash fixes.
  • Various localisation fixes.
  • Okri's Challenges which require you to complete 100 missions on Champion or above now properly (and retroactively) count your Cataclysm missions.
  • We've made some general fixes to backstab sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where Skaven Clanrats where incorrectly configured not to trigger a "backstab" sound when flanking you.
  • Fixed an issue where Storm Vermin with shields would not correctly trigger backstab sounds.
  • Added backstab sounds to combo attacks for Plague Monks and Chaos Berserkers.
  • Added a hit cancel window for 2h axes and 2h elf sword.
  • Bile Trolls should now appear in the kill feed.
  • Sorceror Vortexes and Chaos Spawn grabs no longer disable targeted players in the Bridge of Shadows.
  • Suitable errors should now be provided to players looking to run Weaves whilst Twitch Mode is enabled.
  • Improved matchmaking behaviour related to hero selection. Do let us know if you encounter further issues with being placed in matches with the wrong hero or forced in to hero selection when having the option to only join matches with your chosen hero enabled.
  • Bots should be more decisive when the player drops down a point of no return.
  • Saltzpyre's Billhook special attack no longer checks if the player has stamina to perform the attack, because the attack doesn't use stamina (it never did, but having no stamina previously stopped your special attack from activating)
  • Kerillian's Glaive now triggers a push from pressing attack from behind block instead of on holding attack.
  • Fixed clients removing stealth and no-clip effects too soon, when multiple stealth buffs are active at the same time.
  • Skittergate:
    • Fixed some enemy spawners.
    • Fixed some gaps in geometry.
    • Removed some dev assets
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

We just hotfixed an issue where users playing with clients in the French locale could crash when browsing Kruber's talents


Welcome to Patch 2.0.7. This patch brings a bunch of stability fixes as well as a batch of ability, talent and other fixes as well. Thanks for reporting issues to us - we're not done yet of course and will continue to work on and correct the issues you report to us.

  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing axes could be used in place of barrel objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where area of effect attacks (including Career Skills) could start missing targets after a while when hitting many targets in one attack.
  • Fixed an issue where killing the Minotaur did not count towards the daily and weekly quest to slay monsters.
  • Fort Bruisingfinale - Fixed an issue that caused the end event to loop. Sorry about that.
  • Horn of Magnus - enemies should no longer spawn underground in particular areas.
  • Improved target switching interface for the Minotaur.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Razer Chroma integration.
  • Fixed a case where activated abilities would not apply the Bulwark debuff.
  • Bardin - Ranger Veteran - Surprise Guest - Fixed an issue where the increased ranged damage bonus was not applied properly while using the Surprise Guest talent.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Fires from Ash - Fixed an issue where the cooldown of Fire Walk was not being reduced by the correct amount when killing a burning enemy.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Kaboom! - Fixed an issue where explosions would not properly apply associated dot effects. Now properly applies a strong dot effect.
  • Sienna - Battle Wizard - Volcanic Force - Fixed an issue that caused you to loose the power level buff if you started another attack before the original attack hit the enemy before the original attack landed. Should work much nicer now :)
  • Kerillian - Handmaiden - Bladedancer - Fixed an issue where the bleed effect dealt very little damage.
  • Kerillian - Handmaiden - Fixed an issue where Handmaiden could end up displaying an empty stamina shield that would never fill.
  • Kruber - Foot Knight - Taal's Champion - Fixed an issue where the buff icon for Taal's Champion did not display properly when playing as a client. This only affected the icon, the bonus power level and removal of protection aura was always working as intended.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2

It all started—as tales of woe so often do—with a Hookrat. We were at the very end of a particularly arduous run through Engines of War, which to my mind is the toughest single mission in Vermintide 2. With the Bridge of Shadows practically within sight, one of those bone-clattering bastards dragged me off into some dank corner of the map where I expired. Fully expecting a res from one of my team-mates, I sat and watched in astonishment and then white-hot anger as they all ran for the bridge like Charlie with his golden ticket.

Except they didn't make it. They were overrun by Stormvermin and, in quick succession, downed.

As they bled out and the screen faded to deepest failure-black, I typed a passive aggressive barb into team chat: 

"Could have done with an extra person in that last few yards, eh?"

To which the reply came:

"Not if that person was you."

If we're being real, that stung. Because I knew they were right. I wouldn't have saved the day if I'd been alive and upright when they were downed. I'd have run right in, been hit by some unseen rodent force majeure, and lolloped down on top of one of them for the long goodnight. I'd been playing Vermintide for months. I'd nearly maxed my Witch Hunter build. Why was I still so bloody useless at this stupid game about punching bloody rats?

The next match, in a bit of a sulk, I decided on a personal and private objective: I’d go through the whole level without killing an enemy. I'd ride the other players' coat-tails to victory, and XP bounty. That'd show them. Somehow? 

And when I did, I realised why I'd been so ineffective at Vermintide 2: prior to this pouty match, killing enemies was all I did. 

Blocking and parrying was something other people did while I cleaved away at walls of fantasy mammalian flesh. Character abilities were just a showy distraction from the real task at hand: The wall. The flesh. I'd pop a health potion after an appropriate number of easily avoidable hits shrank my bar right down into the danger zone, but that was as tactical as it got. In short: you did not want me on your team.

"I realised why I'd been so ineffective at Vermintide 2: prior to this pouty match, killing enemies was all I did."

But now in this admittedly petulant non-violent mode, it was like I'd taken the red pill. Time seemed to slow down, and as I pranced about in block stance when the hordes descended I could see things I'd never noticed before. Things like the way a good Kerillian times their arrows for maximum crowd control efficiency rather than spraying them off on stragglers in the distance. Or the frenzied movement patterns of expert Bardin players, always at the coal face of the slaughter, but timing their blocks and parries masterfully to stay intact in the danger zone. 

I had no other way of repelling enemies, so I started blocking. Finally, I learned to watch my stamina points each time I absorbed a blow and gradually adjusted to a cadence of ducking in and out of enemies' line of fire to give myself that crucial breather and let the stamina shields replenish. 

And because I had literally nothing else to do, I became super attuned to the needs of my team-mates. As a Victor Saltzpyre main I could stagger enemies and give my buddies a 25% critical hit chance boost using my career skill without crossing that sacred threshold and actively taking a life. Better still, I could tag enemies and ensure they took an additional 20% damage. When you're not using any brainpower to kill things, you can become prodigiously good at tagging the right enemies at the right time, and rolling out that Animosity skill when the most opportune moment presents itself. 

So when the first game that I played in this manner ended—with victory—and I left a sheepish comment like "Doing a vegan playthrough, thanks all" to prepare my comrades for the astounding 0 in my kills column, nobody minded. Quite the contrary. I'd just played what was probably my most effective, co-operative Vermintide 2 match to date. And everyone else padded their kill stats in the process. With their egos stroked, their enemies tagged, and their health dutifully topped up by a benevolent Bounty Hunter every few battles, they had little to complain about. 

I have started killing those accursed rats again since then, but I didn't go right back to it. I spent quite a while on that pacifism streak, noseying on the subtleties of other players' approaches in lieu of slashing off tails. And when I finally did let myself back into the action, I was a completely different player. If you've hit the wall with Vermintide 2, or hand on heart never took the time to study its hidden subtleties, I couldn't recommend a 0 kills run more highly.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge
We have just hotfixed the issue in yesterdays patch related to fire dot damage not scaling with hero power appropriately. Sienna mains rejoice.


Welcome to Patch 2.0.6 for Vermintide 2. With this patch we’re fixing a crash on the Dark Omens level, as well as some help for users with Radeon 6000 series cards (see Technical Support below).

We have a few quick fixes and balance adjustments as well as an update to Weaves allowing partial reward for failure.

Technical Support
Users who are using Radeon HD 6000 series Graphics Cards, we’ve identified the issue that leaves parts of, and in some cases, the entire UI unrendered. A workaround has been opened up which should solve this for you in the mean time.

Please navigate to your “user_settings.config” file:
  • Hold the WIN key and press “R”
  • enter %appdata% and press OK
  • In the ‘Roaming’ folder, locate the \Fatshark\Vermintide 2 folder
  • Find the “user_settings.config” file and open this with notepad or your preferred text editor
  • Search for the text: render_settings
  • Beneath that, create a new entry with the following: gui_bloom = false
  • It should look like this:
    Now save the document and try to run the game.

  • “Mainstay” - Fixed a tooltip error showing mainstay dealt 20% bonus damage on first stagger level and 60% on any consecutive stagger level. Fixed to 40% and 60% respectively. Note that behaviour is unchanged, this is only a fix to the tooltips.
  • Sienna Battle Wizard - “Lingering Flames” - Fixed an issue where the burning effect would disappear while playing as a client. Note that it was only a effected the visual effect, the damage was still applied as expected.
  • Handguns - Fixed an issue that allowed shield enemies to block shots from Handguns.
  • Fixed a crash on Dark Omens
  • Fixed an issue where the Leech could target players too early when the player is spawned
  • Fixed an issue where damage done to Minotaurs wasn’t counted in the end screen statistics
  • Fixed an issue where damage done to Beastmen Standard Bearers wasn’t counted in the end screen statistics
  • Fixed an issue where damage done to Beastmen Bestigors wasn’t counted in the end screen statistics
  • Victor Saltzpyre Bounty Hunter - “Just Reward” - Reworked; Ranged critical hits reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 15%. Can only trigger once every 10 seconds.
The previous version of Just Reward, while interesting in concept, left you in a state where if you wanted to have the base functionality of Locked and Loaded where it fires one slug and one buckshot blast you resigned your passive cooldown recovery. This was a poor outcome and has therefore been changed. The new version of Just Reward has more interaction with Bounty Hunters passive ability to guarantee ranged critical hits.
  • Handguns hipfire shot now pierces shields.
  • Weaves now grant you partial experience on losses, based on how far the party progressed through the level - just like the base game
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge


Welcome to Patch 2.0.5.

Whilst we continue to fix and test fixes on bugs you've been reporting, we wanted to make some quick balance adjustments which should further address feedback on the flow of combat since 2.0.

With the systems in place now we have a lot more flexibility in scaling difficulty in a way that doesn't just inflate numbers, but provides us with a selection of dials we can tune in order to create hard yet engaging combat situations. There is of course a process of adjusting to keep that familiar meatiness of Vermintide 2 of old. This patch turns a couple of those dials and should bring further familiarity to your weapon swings.

For WoM beta we added a lower stagger threshold and upped stagger resistance, overall but specifically on Marauders and Gors, since everything was throwing stuff around and cause balance and difficulty (there were a bunch of ways to use headshots/crits/chaining attacks to get around it). This hit fast/light weapons the most since some light attacks now required +power builds or headshots/crits to stagger enemies at all.

This was tweaked with an across the board lowering of stagger resistance last week, but since the lower stagger theshold and specific tweaks to Marauders/Gors is still in play we end up in a situation where we effect ALL enemies.

So we've reset Marauders/Gors, removed stagger threshold for hordes/roamers (So everyone hit by anything will interrupt attacks again) and returned power to light, fast weapons to have more control WHILE maintaining some challenge and not making the jump between champion/legend to Cata a huge thing. Basically just finetune of the a bit rougher fix from earlier.

Should help with "phantom hits" feeling aswell as the new fix removes instances of "you hit and damaged 3 guys, but only 2 of them was staggered and aborted their attacks". And people won't chainstagger elites with "lighter" weapons as easily as they currently do (which is a bit too easy)

One last thing: Every attack has a stagger strength, every enemy has a stagger resistance and some have a stagger reduction. we compare Strength minus Reduction with Resistance to see what level of stagger you get, if any. The levels are by default 25%, 100% and 250% of stagger resistance to reach Light, Medium or Heavy stagger respectively. Light threshold was 0% on pre-WoM builds, which all horde and roaming enemies have now been reset to.

Balance Adjustments
  • Removed light stagger (lowest) threshold for all horde and roamer enemies (slaves/clan rats, fanatics/marauders, ungord/gors). All of them should now stagger when hit/cleaved through by anything, like old Live version. Previous WoM Betas had a threshold at 25% of stagger resistance to initiate stagger.
  • Increased Raider light stagger (lowest) threshold from 25% to 40% of stagger resistance.
Below some changes that target the stagger resistances of enemies, where we remove all cases of ignored staggers from horde/roamer enemies specifically to ensure lighter weapons can maintain similar levels of control they have on pre-WoM. Note that stagger durations and levels have still been tuned but everything hit should react. Headshots and crits still boost stagger strength but are no longer to required to stagger outside of elites:
  • Reset all elites, specials and berzerkers to previous WoM Beta stagger resistance scale of:
    • Recruit: 1.0
    • Veteran: 1.7
    • Champion: 2.75
    • Legend: 2.75
    • Cataclysm: 2.75
  • Tweaked horde and roamer (slaves/clan rats, fanatics/marauders, ungor/gors) stagger resistance to:
    • Recruit: 0.85
    • Veteran: 1.4
    • Champion: 2.25
    • Legend: 2.25
    • Cataclysm: 2.25
  • Reduced stagger reduction of Marauders (from 0.6 to 0.2) and Gors (from 0.4 to 0.1).

  • Fixed a crash in the Prologue UI.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Valve
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Winds of Magic, all new content for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is Now Available on Steam!

The first expansion for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 brings a brand new enemy faction and new challenges to the game. As a meteor crashes down in the Reikland, the Beastmen emerge from the depths of the Reikwald forest and rush to the epicenter to claim it as a Herdstone. It is up to the 5 heroes to stop them before a dreadful disaster strikes the Empire.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge


"Bit of a troubling one for you. Seems we've had a bloody great meteor make a mess. Sort it out, would you?"


The first expansion to Vermintide 2 - "Winds of Magic" is Out Now!


  • New Game Mode: Weaves
    Challenge yourself in the Weaves, climb the ladder alone or with your friends, and master the ultimate challenges that Vermintide has yet to offer!
  • New Difficulty: Cataclysm
    A new difficulty layer to the adventure mode, Cataclysm. Test your mettle against stronger, more aggressive enemies. You'll probably not survive.
  • New Level: Dark Omens
    A town lay in ruins after a meteor has crashed down. The heroes should probably go check that out. Hopefully no-one interferes..
  • New Weapons:
    • Spear and shield
      • Available for Kerillian Handmaiden.
    • Heavy spear
      • Available for Kruber Mercenary and Huntsman.
    • Billhook
      • Available for all of Saltzpyre’s careers.
      • Hits from special attack will interrupt and drag targets towards the player.
    • Flaming flail
      • Available for all of Sienna's careers.
      • Overhead heavy attacks will trigger an explosion.
    • Throwing axes
      • Available for Bardin Ranger Veteran and Slayer.
      • Limited amount of axes that can't use ammo pickups. "Reloading" will recall the axes Bardin's hand. Axes stuck in the environment or enemies can also be picked up when nearby.
  • New Enemies: Beastmen
    • Ungor
      • Low-tier enemy wielding long-ranged spears. Will try to stay away from players by dodging and keeping behind other enemies.
    • Ungor archers
      • Low-tier enemy wielding bows who will occasionally group together and fire a salvo of arrows towards players. Blocking with a shield, or dodging, will prevent being hit. Will fall back to attacking with spears if players get too close.
    • Gor
      • Medium-tier enemy wielding one handed weapons with standard reach. This is the baseline Beastman.
    • Bestigor
      • High-tier armoured enemy wielding halberds. Will use a charge attack to get to and knock players down.
    • Standard Bearer
      • Special enemy who spawns with a group of Gors and Ungors. Carries a standard which when planted in the ground will increase max health and heal all Beastmen in a large radius. Destroying the standard will remove the effects.
    • Minotaur
      • Boss enemy using fast berzerker-like combo attacks and a charge attack which knocks players back and down.

Not got Vermintide 2? Grab it now or give it a friend whilst it's on discount!


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