Nov 7, 2017
Navalia - luotsi
New update again! This time a little bit smaller than the two previous, but still some preatty big changes.


- Agressive behaviour for Attack Queens. Now some of the Attack Queens will behave agressively and instead of attacking the planet they will target your closest ship. So now you need to think more carefully about your ship placement at the start of the battle.

- New limitless option in Sandbox mode! I added an option to remove queen count, enemy count and part count limits from Sandbox. This may cause instability. But this feature was requested and I agreed that it would be cool to allow more freedom in the Sandbox. I stress tested the game with 20 Attack Queens and 1300+ simultanious enemy ships! It worked just fine, but FPS did drop of course :D

- Added more variance to spawned enemy ships. Now the queens can produce different enemies even though the Queens use same textures. I also added more variance to the enemies. They now have different sizes and group radii.

- Changes made to difficulty curve to make the game more challenging.

- Sandbox difficulty slider moved to the management screen. Now you can change difficultu after you have created your fleet.

- Increased the max researched part count to 6

- Increased research point cap to 100

Oct 26, 2017
Navalia - luotsi
New major update!

From the feedback I have gotten I decided to make some MAJOR changes to Navalia. Especially to the battles. There are now many more Queens in one battle (up to 12 when it was 5 earlier). Two new queen types added to the game! Also, big changes to enemy behavior. Enemy ships now act more like an insect swarm and AI is handled by a separate thread that allows for more enemies in a battle.


- Two new queen types! Killer queens that can disable your ships shields and target your mothership instead of the planet. Healer queen that decreases the damage your weapons do to ships in its range. So now there are 4 different queen types. I think this is quite a good addition considering that when released Navalia only had one/two queen types depending on how you counted the supply ships.

- Enemy queen cloning/batching. There can now be multiple instances of the same Queen in battles. This allows big increase in queen count. Previously the max number of queens in battle was 5 now its 12! In addition, the GPU memory use is now lower than before as the queens can use same textures.

- Enemy battle AI completely rewritten. The enemy now behaves more like one swarm. Also swarm size affects the difficulty by boosting enemy ship damage. I also separated the AI calculations to new CPU thread. This allows for more large-scale battles.

- Players max fleet size increase from 7 to 10.

- To help you manage expanded fleet size new grouping behavior added. You can now group your ships by pressing G + 1,2,3.... and then you can select your ship group by pressing CTRL + 1,2,3...

- Ship spawn positioning made more simple and versatile. You can now drag all your ships inside the defined spawn area at the start of the game.

Aug 26, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

Sorry for the long delay between updates. I have spent the last month on making some BIG changes to Navalia for version 1.2. Survival game mode is remade and now it's called Conquest! The game objective has been changed so that collecting enough resources is only your first objective. Your final objective is to conquer Queen Hive system. This was something that was asked for in the discussion forums, that there should be some sort of "end game" for the campaign. So now there is final (hard) battle you have to make your fleet ready for! Also big changes to the fortifications. You can now build defense forts around extractor forts without using your mothership. This makes the fortifications more self-sufficient.


- Survival changed to Conquest. In addition to the old resource objective you now have to capture Queen Hive System to win the game.

- Players fortification made more self-sufficient. You can now expand your fortifications to neighboring systems once it's built! Also the extractor forts now defend themselves against queens and their defense values can also be upgraded.

- Your Home System also has defense capabilities that can be upgraded (it’s a defense fort also).

- Enemy behavior in Galaxy map is now much more intelligent. Queens try to find best/weakest extractor forts to attack and alternate on attacking Home System or extractor fortifications.

- Big changes to the games difficulty progression. Game should now get more difficult faster to keep the battles more interesting. The need for upgrading your ships and researching new parts is also now more critical.

- System sizes have more profound effect on the queens they create.

- Players fleet positioning revamped. You can now position your destroyers as you like near the mothership.

- Queen spawn and attack radiuses variate. Queens with larger spawn radiuses spawn enemies slower and vice versa. This should add little bit more variation to the battles.

- Galaxy generation changed so that the created galaxies are more unique. Galaxies are now larger and contain more resource systems.

- Max number of fortifications increased

- Balances made to weapon damages

- Balances made to fortification extraction and attack values. Also to cost of upgrades.

- Difficulty slider now boosts enemy health on harder difficulties (more than 100%). This should add more challenge to players that were saying that the game was too easy.

Unfortunately I had (again) to disable continuing old saved games in the new version as the Conquest mode is so different. If you have game in progress you want to finish you can download the old versions from the “beta” branches.

Jul 27, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

Again I uploaded a new version. Some balance adjustmenest and bug fixes.

- Fixed issue where enemy fleet sizes might not increase as the game progresses

- Increased cost of research by 2X

Jul 26, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

I just uploaded 1.13 update! I already uploaded 1.11 and 1.12 couple of days a ago but didn't make a post about them as they were so minor and mostly about debug logging.

- Fixed issue where your ship saving would sometimes not work correctly if you had more than 4 large turrets in your mothership.

- Also made large changes to the cost of large turrets and their power use. They were still too cheap considering their power in the game. Now they are 4-5x more expensive and consume ~30% more power.

For the price/power changes to affect your gameplay you need to start a new game! As the game only creates new tech tree once per game.

Jul 22, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

I have been busy working on the 1.1 version for the past month. My main objective was to balance/variate the battles. I got feedback that too often the best strategy was to just directly attack the queens with motherships main weapons. So I tried to come up with ideas to counter this. Here are some of the changes I have made:

-Queens separated to two different classes: Supply and Attack. Supply queens don't move. They only spawn supply ships that repair and resupply Attack queens.

-Queen health/strength/shield logic is completely rewritten. Queens have single "strength" value that includes everything. Queens start with MUCH more health than previously. This health is then decreased with each child ship they spawn. Queens also spawn ships faster if they are under attack. These changes should add more complexity to the battle and prevent the "instant win" strategies. So now it's not always good idea to just attack instantly as there is a penalty for attacking and it might make sense to wait for the queen to get weaker before attacking.

- Players max number of destroyers increased from 6 to 7

- Max queen fleet size in Survival game mode increased from 4 to 5

- Max number of large turrets in Survival game mode decreased from 8 to 5

- Ship parts balanced. Missiles are not so OP as before.

- Completely new queen shield logic. Queens can have different types of shields. Shields only block damage from certain weapons. So for example queen can have shield that decreases damage from missiles and lasers but not from artillery.

- In the galaxy map I have made many changes to the gameplay. For example only certain queen strongholds are active at once and send attacking fleets. This number increase when game progresses. Also the resource system that spawns queens affects the queens characteristics. So for example small star systems spawn smaller queen fleets etc.

- Queens in the galaxy map now have a determined target that is shown to player (paths). This allows player to better plan his defenses. Also, Queen fleets now do more damage to Home system.

- Queen strongholds now spawn attacking fleets more often so you have to think about your Home System defense

- Player can now warp three systems per turn. This should encourage expanding your presence in the galaxy.

- Resource Forts now do small damage to occupying queens

- Fixed memory leaks and other bugs

There are plenty of other changes that I have made. I also did major work on the backend that you will not see.

One thing to note is that unfortunately the changes made to gameplay were so big that the new version can't support continuing your old saves! But I have enabled the previous version of the game as "beta" in the Steam options. So if you have game that you want to complete before jumping to the new version you can download the old version that way.

I still have MANY other ideas I would like to implement in Navalia! My next objective is to make more changes to the Galaxy Map that will enable me to allow larger galaxies and more variance to gameplay. Maybe even add/change the game modes.

If you have any feedback or problems just head to the discussion board! The design/programming/testing is all done by me so there might me some things I have missed :D

Jun 10, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

I just uploaded the fourth update


- Further improvements to the GPU memory usage

- Fixed issue when drone count upgrades did not always save
(Thanks to Azihar for notifying me about this bug!)

- Other minor issues

- Antti
Jun 8, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

I just uploaded the third update. Took me a little bit more than 1-2 days as I initially expected.


- Fixed GPU memory leaks. Also made changes to the texture batching and it now consumes less GPU memory.

- A player requested this feature in the discussion forums. I added an “Endless” option when you complete a Survival games resource target. The game now lets you continue as long as you have turns or there are queens still alive on the galaxy map.

- New log-system. I created a new log system that doesn’t affect performance. This helps me fix bugs more quickly.

- Other minor bugs fixed

I will still continue optimizing and fixing issues with the game. After these are fixed I will concentrate on making changes to the gameplay and adding content.

- Antti
Jun 4, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

I just uploaded the second update.

- Fixes crashing issues
- Sandbox resource limit increased to 200k
- Fixed texture errors in builder when ship design had more than 128 points

I will continue fixing the issues and will probably upload next update in 1-2 days.

Jun 3, 2017
Navalia - luotsi

I just uploaded first update to Navalia. This update should fix some of the crashing issues that I have received reports of.

I will keep working on other bugs/issues and release second update in next few days!


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