Jan 17
Gravity Sketch - Gravity Sketch
Hey everyone,

We hope we didn’t over excite you with this latest update! We’re working really hard on creating some exciting new stuff that will be in your hands soon, but in the meantime we’ve put out a quick hotfix for you. We found a few bugs that were crashing users’ computers and fixed them. We’ve also thrown in an updated FBX exporter with new NURBS-based export option for Pro users!

You’ll be hearing from us again very soon!

- The Gravity Sketch Team
Gravity Sketch - Carpet Head
Update Highlights:

- Group / Ungroup
Now you can group sketch objects. To group, grab multiple objects/groups and press Group button on Non-drawing hand. Grab a single group and press the same button to ungroup.

- Taper mode: Ink tool
A new mode is added on Ink tool. Curves have tapered ends. The taper length is based on speed.

- Edit Normals: Ink/Stroke Edit
Adjust Normals of a curve to twist it more dynamically. Toggle mode by swiping Touchpad(Move Thumbstick to left/right for Oculus Rift) on your drawing hand.

- Bridge Curves mode: Curved Surface tool
Create a surface that connects two curves or two edges of other surfaces. It will automatically patch two curves, splines, or surface edges together.

- Volume tool
The tool allows you to create a volumetric mesh solid instantly. Draw as you do with Ink/Stroke tool. The outermost control points will decide the shape. To create previous Filled surface, turn on ‘Planar’ option and set Axis plane.

- Superellipsoid: Primitives
New Primitive geometry: Extra control points are available as parameters if you are editing Superellipsoid. Move the points to find an interesting shape.

- Sketch material access
Replacement to color history, allows you to much more accurately re-use materials in your current sketch, appears below the color wheel.

- Screenshot options: Screenshot Camera
You can crop your screenshot to Square for social media, or make background transparent for retouching. More options are available in Pro/Studio license.

- Orthographic Viewport (Pro/Studio)
Orthographic viewport allows you to view your model from top, front, or side. Grab a panel from any side of the viewport box and bring it into your sketch and take screenshots.

And lots of other bug fixes and smaller improvements

More details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D5P5IXZccoKzFbqgidhNC5ewQs_BYu-8TEIYqbckk00/edit
Gravity Sketch - Carpet Head
We wanted to send you off with a final hoorah to close 2017 with a bang!

Earlier this year we launched Gravity Sketch VR for PC on Steam, Oculus, and Viveport. We are also thrilled to announce that we are now available on the new iMac Pro. We have been working closely with Apple behind the scenes and now it is yours. We can’t wait for the Apple creative community to blow our minds with their spectacular work!

It gets better and better, doesn't it? We have started working with top automotive companies and a few others in the film and apparel industry. Plus, we can't stop checking out the growing collection of sketches from our community, that is certainly pushing the limits of what our beloved tool is capable of.

On behalf of all of us at Gravity Sketch we want to wish you a Happy New Year and to have a busy and creative 2018.

Stay tuned for many more exciting things coming in the next year!

Today's 1.1 Update Contains:

  • Editing control points interface for Curved Surface has greatly improved
  • Brand new Workspace Panel
  • Import OBJ to default orientation
  • Rigged mannequins
  • Surface Contours (isocurve)
  • OBJ files now save and load which layer they are on
  • OBJ Export single sided surfaces
  • FBX format available for PRO+ license (BETA)
  • Windows Mixed Reality platform support
  • On top of that we have huge performance improvements when editing and manipulating large sketches. Not to mention that loads of bugs are fixed!
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