Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
The 2D sci-fi indie platformer Orphan has now added support for Mac OSX and Ubuntu.

Orphan features a young boy who finds he is the sole remaining survivor of an alien apocalypse. The silhouette-styled graphics draw comparisons to Limbo, but Orphan is a metroidvania featuring plenty of weapon-play and giant boss battles.

Orphan was developed by the one-man studio Windy Hill in Tennessee and published by 2Dimensions, developers of animation software including Nima and Flare.

For more information, visit www.windyhillstudio.com

Mac users will need OSX 10.9 or higher.

Ubuntu users will need 18.04 or higher.
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
Huge update. Converted the game from GMS1 to GMS2. Lots of changes/fixes. Please let me know if I've missed any previously reported bug. I skimmed the forums and I feel this takes care of everything I'm aware of. As well, I believe the random crashes do not exist in this version. If I missed something, report it here and I can now patch things very quickly that this GMS2 conversion is done.

  • Game engine updated to GM Studio 2. This gave a performance increase and solved some issues, but caused alot of underlying code to be reworked. Please report any bugs!
  • Removed settings for Vertex Buffer Method and Windows Alternate Vertical Sync Method
  • Simplified settings for Framerate (Auto/30/60) Anti-Aliasing (On/Off), Shadowcasting and Crepuscular Rays (Off/Low/High)
  • Added setting for Sleep Margin in Graphics Options. This should be left alone in most cases.

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that could cause you to have unlimited throwable items
  • Can no longer attack when prone
  • Completely rewrote functions for the Tent and Canteen. Both should work more predictably now.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect graphics to be drawn on hotkey screen.
  • Fixed bug that could cause health to increase over the maximum.
  • Fixed bug allowing multiple cutscene skips on final battle
  • Fixed bug allowing player to take damage when using the Defender to reflect a laser and turning around.
  • Many small graphical/audio or gameplay changes too numerous to include.
Nov 19, 2018
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
  • Game now remembers last equipped weapon when equipping from menu or hotkey
  • Hotkeys now correctly checks item quantity before allowing it to be equipped
  • Added 15 seconds to final escape timer
  • Fixed a few random graphics/audio bugs
  • Fixed bug that could prevent Fluid Dynamics working on some machines
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when saving when you first see Destroyer
  • Fixed bug allowing you to jump on top of elevator when moving
  • Fixed bug causing you to equip wrong item after cutscenes
  • Cleaned up file structure, removed some unused graphics and audio and reduced game in file size and memory usage.
Nov 12, 2018
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
Balance Changes

  • Increased damage of grenades/dynamite
  • Reduced visibility, hearing range and response time of Seekers (first enemy in game)
  • Slightly reduced speed of Crusher (Caverns boss), cog hitbox size and shields open sooner when roll begins.
  • Doubled invulnerability period when player suffers "crush" damage
  • Added one second to Scorcher (Fire boss) vulnerability time. Flamethrower damage delayed by 1/2 second.

  • Finally 100% found/fixed/confirmed bug that was corrupting save files.
  • Tent tutorial no longer triggers if you didn't pick up the tent and instead reminds you to go back for it.
  • Fixed wrong bridge collapsing in caverns when jumping over it
  • Fixed player becoming stuck in cliff after boss on Stone Mountain
  • Fixed faulty climbing animations/getting stuck or resetting back to bottom
  • Player should no longer be able to move while playing video game
  • Fixed missing Turkish characters in font

  • Updated text. Typos fixed. Some translation data added, and some new untranslated data added. Will try to complete this soon.
  • Fixed typo in manual
  • Optimized Crusher (Caverns boss) battle for better framerate.
  • Added a few additional hints
  • Sped up ledge hang animation
Nov 9, 2018
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
  • Added cutscene skipping for final boss battle!
  • Fixed bug that reset health to the last saved value after some cutscenes.
  • New passageway added to Mine to make backtracking easier.
  • Improved tent detection and added more room near edges of rooms. Still tweaking this for indoor areas
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
Back to while I investigate what went wrong...
Nov 4, 2018
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
  • Can now assign items/weapons to hotkeys. Hold select to open hotkey menu. Hold a gamepad button to assign the currently equipped item to it. Tap a button to instantly equip the item.
  • Laser sights are now slightly brighter and the color is adjustable in Gameplay Options
  • Fixed pod not opening correctly at start. Sorry this one has persisted so long.
  • Fixed player getting stuck at southeast entrance to caverns and under west end of bridge
  • Fixed cutscene skip menu not disappearing at end of cutscene if no option selected
  • Fixed player becoming stuck in river
  • Fixed error in Inventory menu reading "Equip" when it should be "Unequip"
Nov 3, 2018
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
  • Fixed bug that could corrupt save data and cause objects to dissappear from game and other problems. If your data has already been corrupted, email me your save file located at users/yourname/appdata/local/orphan to brandongoins@windyhillstudio.com and describe the problem and I can correct it.
  • Faster animations for crouching, going prone and climbing.
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
The text "mishap" in was repaired. Guys, I deeply apologize for this one. Really sucks that after getting all your great feedback and bug reports and getting all that stuff fixed up that I would botch it up like I did. But it's fixed and I'm also hard-coding a fix that will prevent me from doing this in the future when importing all the localization text. So, valuable lesson on my end.

Thanks for your patience!
Nov 1, 2018
Orphan - Windy Hill Studio
  • Fixed crash when turning off mouse support
  • Changed keyboard key character refrences to lowercase to make so I's don't look like |'s
  • Fixed error in French translation and completed Turkish text. Huge thanks to Yngwie J. Malmsteen
  • Explore achievement no longer awards prematurely.
  • Enemies well outside of view no longer take damage
  • Added "backpack full" notification when catching more fish than you carry. However, the catch still counts towards the statistics and achievement.
  • Fixed Ancient Ship Computer generating multiple instances of a weapon.
  • GPS now equips correctly from Inventory Menu
  • Cover mechanic should now be more predicatable and liberal
  • Adjusted mechanics of Destroyer boss battle. A little easier and electric charges more predictable and easier to jump over. Also made slight performance improvements.

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