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Alwa's Legacy - Our new game is live on Kickstarter!
We’re happy to finally be able to announce our entirely new game Alwa’s Legacy. It’s a passion project that we’ve been working on for more than a year and a half and it feels great to be able to share more details about the game and how it plays.

Alwa’s Legacy is a modern retro game full of dangerous dungeons, magical items and ancient secrets. By upgrading your magic, any way forward is right in this non-linear adventure game full of exploration
Alwa’s Legacy is now live on Kickstarter and we need your help to make it a reality

We’ve been on this indie dev journey for a while now and although our first game Alwa’s Awakening was a small success, it’s still a real challenge to finish our second game. Especially since we think everyone involved with the game should be paid properly, and for Alwa’s Legacy we almost doubled our team compared with the first game. That’s why we felt reaching out and asking our community for support was the right way forward.

We’d be so extremely thankful if you’d wanted to support our Kickstarter. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hey Everyone!

This is the first patch since the release of Alwa's Awakening on Nintendo Switch. Thank you to everyone who's been playing the game and shown support since the release of the game here on Steam two years ago (February 2).

  • Controller support for Nintendo Switch Pro controller
  • 64-bit support on Mac
  • Last boss icon would sometimes appear when it shouldn't
  • Pressing 'R' will no longer show coordinates, they're visible when viewing map
  • Secret animation is now fixed
  • Addressed a spelling error on one of the achievements
  • Fixed a bug when Knights would sometime slide around while being down on one knee
  • Addressed a very rare bug with a secret
  • Moved a secret wall to prevent a rare case where the player could get stuck
  • Solved a saving bug with keys
  • Enemies in Tomb should now work properly if you're using Assist mode and respawn in the same room
  • Arrow should now reset its position properly when entering/leaving the Warp menu
  • Zoe will no longer climb up inside collision if the ladder goes all the way up to the ceiling

Thank you all for your continous support!
/Elden Pixels Team
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hello Everyone!

For the past months we've been working on the console debut of Alwa's Awakening, today we released the game on Nintendo Switch.

Our ambition is to release a new patch (1.06) later this year. The patch will contain overall polish, some bug fixes and support for Switch Pro controller.

Here's the Nintendo Switch trailer:
May 3, 2018
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hello Adventurers!

Here is a big addition to the game. We've added an Assist Mode for those who want to use it.
It will not affect your achievements or mark your savefile with anything.

  • Quick Respawn - If you die, you can respawn in the same room where you entered.
  • Show Items On Map - Items will appear on the map as dots to hint where to go, even if you've not visited that room.
  • Show Wells On Map - Wells will stay visible on the map once you've entered a room with a well.

  • Cloud save added.
  • Adjusted an arrow offset in the main menu if you're playing in Russian.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't save V-Sync when you turned off the game.
  • Added unique ID's on the map for each room that you're in.
  • Adjusted flow of enemies in some rooms to make it easier to navigate faster.
  • Changed the delay of a timer in the end (SECRET STUFF).
  • Arrows in the main menu now change color based on if you can continue to scroll further.
  • Fixed some text alignments in the game.
  • Addressed an issue where the animation wouldn't properly play if you tried to crouch while pushing a block.
  • Fixed a minor graphical thing in Void Tower.
  • Resetting the settings are now properly working with the different fonts.
  • Fixed a bug where you could flip in the beginning so Zoe would face the other direction while Saga entered the room.
  • Addressed a bug where not all bosses would take double damage if you had the staff upgrade.

Thank you all for your continous support!
/Elden Pixels Team
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hey Everyone!

We've got a new mode that's coming in the next patch.
It would mean a lot to us if you would like to try this out. It's a very big update and we're excited to hear what you think.

To try this new patch before it's release:
1. Right click on Alwa's Awakening in your library.
2. Go to "Properties".
3. Click on the "Betas" tab and then enter "AssModeIsHere".
4. After you've pressed "Check Code", you can select "PatchTesters" from the drop down menu.
5. Make sure the game downloads an update and then you can start the game.
6. To find Assist Mode, in the main menu, go to settings and then you should see it there.
(Make sure that it says v1.05.3 in the main menu)

Assist Mode contain:
- Quick Respawn (respawn in the same room)
- Show all items on map
- Show wells on map

Activating these will not stop you from getting achievements.

/Elden Pixels
Mar 23, 2018
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hey There!

Here we have three new languages!

  • Added an about page.
  • Added French to the game.
  • Added Italian to the game.
  • Added Russian to the game.
  • New NPC in Stone Cellar.
  • Updated credits with names.

Issues Fixed
  • Mirrored arrows in the settings menu.
  • Addressed a bug where you couldn't grab a ladder by pressing down in mid-air.

Thank you all for your support!
/Kevin and the rest of Elden Pixels
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hi Everyone!

This is our bigger gameplay patch with a bunch of fixes in various sizes.

  • Remap keyboard support added.
  • Blocks will now slide to the middle of a button instead of freezing
  • Improved player movement when using a joystick, crouching should no longer accidentally make Zoe get up an walk
  • Player should no longer be able to paus the game while being revived with the flask, which put the game in a locked state
  • Fixed a bug where the player could die twice within seconds
  • Red Kraaler should now destroy the bubble if the land on it
  • Fixed a bug where the green block wouldn't move in the water if it was pushed down by another green block
  • Fixed an issue where the game could be paused during a screen transition and would lock the game

  • Added possible fix for rare occations when Red Kraaler would sometimes fall slowly while sliding back and forth
  • Adjusted position of moving platforms in Amethyst Passage to prevent player from touching the ceiling
  • Bats do no longer fly behind grass
  • Landing sound will no longer trigger if you press jump during a screen transition between two rooms
  • Moved the first FireSpitter in Amber Sacellum down one tile
  • Player can't change magic while warping in Void Tower
  • Boss items will no longer get stuck in mid-air if being stopped by a bubble
  • Arrow when answering NPCs is correctly positioned
  • The settings cursor should no longer "jump" a few pixels when opening settings
  • Fixed an audio bug when the player could start a conversation with two characters at the same time.
  • Jump sound will no longer be played when quitting the game
  • Projectiles of the last boss now disappears when he dies to prevent a stalemate
  • Music should no longer reset when going back from Loading Screen to Main menu
  • Fixed an issue where Zoe would sometimes crouch when scrolling down in the warp menu
  • Knights are now properly reset when they're outside of the camera, on rare occations the player could be locked inside of certain rooms
  • Fixed a bug where Red Valo would sometime move it's mouth to fire but never send a projectile if the camera was moving
  • Pushing a green block in front of a Red Mage should no longer accidentally damage the player
  • Player should no longer be able to balance falling blocks on Zoe's head
  • Standing close to a green block and attacking will now hit the block
  • Sparkles in the main menu will now scale correctly
  • Zoe should no longer swing her staff when the player opens the warp menu
  • Removed the menu arrow when pressing Start Game to show the player that their input wasn't lagging
  • Added a possible fix for the Chuck enemy, they would on very rare occations keep moving while dying
  • Player should no longer be pushed down from an elevator in Amethyst Passage

Thank you all for your continous support!
/Kevin and the rest of Elden Pixels
Sep 13, 2017
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin

This took a little longer than we expected but now the language patch is finally out. Alwa's Awakening is now fully translated to:

Spanish (new)
German (new)
Brazilian-Portuguese (new)
Let us know if you find anything that looks weird but we did a lot of testing so it should work (hopefully).

Thank you all for playing!
/Kevin and the rest of the team
Jun 11, 2017
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Kevin
Hi Everyone!

This is our first patch since the release of the game. Knowing that people have a good time with the game makes us really happy! With this patch you will need to remap your controller after updating, I've been preparing a little for a future update.

  • Added a sound effect when activating warps
  • Player can now drink from wells to refill health
  • Updated art on fire projectiles
  • Made quit game menu more intuitive
  • Updated art on the glow around staff pickups
  • Player can now press R to see current room name

  • "A Helping Hand" Achievement is now triggered when you've talked with Elliot
  • Pushing a block on a knight will no longer make it slide along the floor
  • Improved hitbox when jumping and striking with your staff
  • Player can no longer change magic during last cutscene
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player could get back the input early if they managed to be in a dialog while also activating a warp
  • Player can no longer rotate while the flask refill your life
  • Player should not be able to create a bubble on items anymore
  • Fixed minor graphical glitches on a few enemies
  • A few rooms have minor tweaks in them

  • Updated credits with names and structure
  • Addressed an issue where the game would only recognize the first controller

Thank you all for playing!
/Kevin and the rest of the team
Alwa's Awakening - Elden Pixels

Today the NES soundtrack to Alwa's Awakening released! We actually put the entire soundtrack on a real NES cartridge, but we only made 100 copies and we already sold a few so hurry up if you want one. The cartridge contains the music only and not the actual game but will play in a real NES.

Order here:

Alwa’s Awakening NES Soundtrack Collector’s Edition
  • Comes on a black NES cartridge
  • 24 original chipmusic tracks composed by Robert Kreese
  • Features one guest track by Prof. Sakamoto
  • Works both on NTSC and PAL NES
  • A 28 page full-color manual
  • Comes with a digital Steam code to Alwa’s Awakening
We're also working on the first patch to Alwa's Awakening that will release on Steam hopefully soon!

With kind regards,
Elden Pixels

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