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Heads up, Rangers! RAGE 2's first DLC Expansion, Rise of the Ghosts, arrives on 9.26! Get ready for a new story, a brand-new region to explore, an awesome new weapon, a new ability, and more!

Read up on everything you need to know here!

Post-apocalyptic open-world shooter Rage 2's first big expansion, Rise of the Ghosts, is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 26th September, bringing with it a new enemy faction and "huge" new region.

In Rise of the Ghosts, players go up against the new Ghost faction, a "ruthless, vicious, tactical and cruel" group of meanies that fled to the mysterious Overgrown City during the time of the Authority War. Now they're back, brainwashed, and out for blood.

According to publisher Bethesda, the expansion's new story content will see players battling the Ghosts on their own turf, exploring the substantially sized Overgrown City region with a new weapon - the Feltrite Laser Launcher - and a new ability. The latter, known as Void, can either be used to suspend opponents in the air ready for some additional damage, or can be focussed to make their heads explode.

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Google held another one of their Stadia Connect conferences today, and this one was meant to be all about what games you’ll be playing in the “scary” cloud come November. Sure enough, there were new Stadia games aplenty announced this evening, with the biggest addition being Cyberpunk 2077.

To help keep track of them all, here’s a list of every Google Stadia game confirmed so far, as well as which games are coming at launch, which ones will be arriving a little bit later, and which games you’ll only be able to play by subscribing to one of the special Stadia publisher subscriptions.


RAGE 2 - Jitsu202
A hotfix has gone live today that addresses the crashing/stability issues that some players have been experiencing since Update 2--the download is ~261MB.

Thanks for being patient on this!

The Gamesplanet Summer Sale began yesterday with over 1900 titles on offer, plus rolling 24-hour flash deals on recent PC releases and old favourites. But that's not all. As a way to celebrate the occasion, Gamesplanet has kindly provided us with ten games to give away to you lovely Eurogamer readers.

As the Summer Sale has entered its second day, a new selection of flash deals are now live. Right now, that includes the likes of Hitman 2 for 15.99, Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition for 9.75, Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition for 3.70, Dragon Ball FighterZ for 9.99, Metro Redux Bundle for 5.99, XCOM 2 for 8.50, Transport Fever for 5.99, Space Hulk: Tactics for 9.25, For Honor for 9.75 and Motorsport Manager for 5.75.

The majority of these will only be live for a short period of time so make sure you grab anything you're interested in quickly! Continue to check in throughout the rest of the week too as new titles will be reduced every morning at 10am until the end of the sale on 12th August.

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Do you remember Rage 2? It had this whole wacky pink-neon punk vibe going on before launch. For a hot second, I was pumped to become some mad blue-haired lass battering the wasteland with a baseball bat. Turns out, nah, you’re some future cop called Walker (who in a cruel twist, drives around more than they walk) out to ruin the party for everyone. Rubbish.

Avalanche Studios probably aren’t gonna rebuild a whole game just for me. But they are going to try to tempt folk back with some bloody hard new modes, a truckload of quality-of-life changes, and stickers.



Rage 2 had a lacklustre start to life but the efforts to improve it continue. Today's update introduces three new ways to play the game - New Game Plus, Ironman mode, and an ultra nightmare difficulty - as well as fixes and quality of life improvements.

Players who found the tutorials and intro dialogue cringeworthy (as I did) will now be able to skip them, and the addition of a flashlight to the game is welcome. Other improvements include bug fixes, pop-ups no longer pausing the game, and a camera deadzone slider.

There'll also be a new voice pack, undoubtedly to tie in with the release of the new Wolfenstein game, as it will feature the voice of B.J. Blazkowicz.

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RAGE 2 - jasonBethesda

RAGE 2's Update 2 is coming TODAY, July 25. The update features several game improvements based on your feedback, including a New Game+ mode, added flashlight for making those darker areas easier to navigate, and more!

Here's a look at what’s coming in our new game update:

New Game +
New Game + is something a lot of players have been asking for, and the team at Avalanche has gone all out for it. Now, when you finish the Project Dagger storyline and complete all of the Arks, you’ll be able to load up New Game +. This will carry over all your weapons, abilities, upgrades, and vehicles, and there will be a little surprise waiting for you when you revisit the Arks in your new playthrough. (Spoiler alert: It’s awesome skins for your weapons.) In addition, you’ll gain prestige badges when you play through the game multiple times, and the difficulty will increase with each additional playthrough.

Ironman Mode
Everyone knows Ironman Mode. You die, you lose. Sound tough? Nah. You got this. We believe in you! (Don’t worry, using your Defibrillator doesn’t count as dying.)

Ultra Nightmare Difficulty
When we talked to one of RAGE 2’s producers about Ultra Nightmare difficulty, he just said it was “crazy hard” and stared off into the distance with a haunted look in his eyes. It’s probably fine, though.

Twitch Bounties
If you stream RAGE 2 on Twitch, you might end up seeing some familiar names popping up on bounty boards throughout the game. Viewers of your stream will be included in the pool of wanted criminals for you to hunt down.

New Wasteland Wizard Cheats

  • Dash Ragdoll: Become even more of a living weapon with the Dash Ragdoll Cheat. When you hit Dash you’ll lose all control of your limbs, literally transforming you into a ragdoll as your hurtle toward unsuspecting (and rightfully confused) enemies, instantly killing anyone in your path.

  • Super Knockback: You know in anime when the hero punches someone and they fly off into the stratosphere? That could be you with the Super Knockback Cheat. All your melee strikes are amplified to the nth degree so just wind up and watch your enemies fly.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Pop-up notifications no longer pause the game
  • Camera Deadzone slider adjustment added to controller options
  • Flashlight added for navigating dark areas (hold Focus to activate)
  • You can now skip Aunt Prowley’s dialog in the opening mission
  • Added an option to disable Ark tutorials
  • Tracking projects now shows progress on HUD
  • New options to turn off Damage and Kill notifications on crosshair
  • “You Call That a Wingstick?” and TV Fatal voice packs auto-granted after Bethesda.net account link (previously required buying from Wasteland Wizard)

Bug Fixes

  • ChazCar vehicle no longer misaligns Walker through the chassis when at an angle
  • Fixed an issue where you could not fast travel to Kvasir’s lab when there was an objective marker on the location
  • Fixed an issue where combat music did not play correctly when playing through “The Ranger” mission
  • Fixed an issue where the Prowley hologram subtitles did not match VO dialog in Japanese
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck attempting to access Authority HQ prior to Project Dagger
  • Fixed an issue where bullet decals and blood stopped appearing in the game world after long fights
  • Fixed an issue where the game may freeze while navigating the Phoenix weapon upgrades menu
  • Player is no longer able to drive vehicles into the Ruined Shaft crusher nest
  • Shop vendor VO no longer overlaps with itself
  • Opening storage containers now correctly plays sound effects
  • Breaking wooden barricades no longer leaves floating spikes behind
  • Added two log entries for Bridge of Ned
  • Mutie explosion sound effects no longer play when the player turns off all sounds
  • Prowley’s VO no longer plays twice in the presidio
RAGE 2 - jasonBethesda

Update 2 is coming July 25 with 3 new ways to play: New Game +, Ironman Mode, and Ultra-Nightmare difficulty.

Plus fixes and quality of life improvements, such as an added flashlight, skippable Ark tutorials, and more! We'll have full patch notes next week. Stay tuned!

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