Dec 29, 2016
Our Darkest Night - Phantz
Update 2
-Screen Panning can be disabled in option.
-Add Key Map to check out all the controls.
-Add videos for better understanding of tutorial.
-Interaction Tutorial.
-In-Game Tutorial as Tip and Guide (can be disabled).

Hope you have a good weekend.
Dec 22, 2016
Our Darkest Night - Phantz
Right now, we're working with Tutorial issues and the next update will be about improving them and make the game mechanics more understandable. Providing explanations about combat system, interaction with things and adding in-game tutorials such as Tips and Guides. Please let us know if you encounter bugs and feel free leave a feedback, we appreciate all your comments.

Phun Peeticharoenthum
Our Darkest Night - Phantz
Day One Patch is out now!

-Character won't move on their own if you doesn't assign their destination.
-Fix bugs with character selection.
-Character selection explained in tutorial.
-Fix bugs with middlemouse button.
-Fix bug when a close range weapon broke instantly.
-Fix loud footstep issue.
-Fix bugs with some of mission completions.
-Issue with frozen camera view in tutorial mode.

You can send us any feedback via Steam , Facebook , but we recommend using this Feedback Poll
Dec 14, 2016
Our Darkest Night - Phantz
Welcome Home.

Hi, my name is Phun Peeticharoenthum. as a game director and a representative of Unleash Team, I'd love to announce that Our Darkest Night will be released on December 16 as an Early Access game. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who gives their support to our first game project, without your support we wouldn't be able to come this far. Big thanks to NECTEC (National Electronics and Computer Technology Center) and SCB Foundation in our country (Thailand) they're institutions that help Thai students to follow their dreams as a software developer who can bring their idea to life.

Background story of Our Darkest Night

Started as secondary school competition project for NSC 2016 (Thailand National Software Contest 2016) Our Darkest Night is a Unity game project that has been developed by me and two of my friends, Nawarit Longkhum and Rapeepat Keawpasit. We're 18-year-old student who falls in love with game developing and with our idea that considered as a 'fresh and complex' indie game project, we won the competition as No.2 winner and have been funded by NECTEC and SCB Foundation since then to achieve our goal which is to publish our project as a 'product' to our users.

Our message to you

Right now, Our Darkest Night is still in a development state as an Early Access product. We would like to be honest with you that you'll definitely encounter bugs, glitches and unpolished game components. but we want to let you know we'll be trying our best to improve your experience in our game, so feel free to give us your feedback about what works or what doesn't in Our Darkest Night. We appreciate all your support and feedback.

Yours sincerely,
Phun Peeticharoenthum

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