KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas

This patch is all about bug fixing and card balances!

Card changes
For more in-depth details of the recent card changes, please read the latest dev blog Mind the Balance: Updates on twelve card.
  • OVERWHELMING FORCE: Cost has been changed from 1 to 0.
  • FOR FREEDOM: Cost has been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • B-26 MARAUDER: When attacking enemy HQ, enemy units are +2 more expensive to operate instead of +1.
  • HUDSON Mk III: Operation costs have been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • 10.5 cm leFH: The on-deployment damage dealt to the enemy HQ has been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • BLACKOUT: Reduction to pin only a targeted air unit (enemy needs to have an air unit on the board) from pinning all air units.
  • 33rd RECON REGIMENT: Defense has been lowered to 2 (from 3).
  • AICHI D3A-2: Defense has been lowered to 2 (from 3).
  • B5N KATE: Defense has been lowered to 2 (from 3).
  • 88 mm FLAK: Defense has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • B-17 FLYING FORTRESS: Attack and Defense have been lowered to 5 each (from 6)
  • PANZER 35(t): Operation costs is set now on deployment to -1 if you control an infantry unit (was 0 op cost any time as long as you control an infantry unit).

Bug Fixes
  • If 8th CAVALRY REGIMENT was added (for example by URAL FACTORIES, RED BANNER, or SEABORNE INVASION), your HQ was not immune on your turn. Fixed.
  • 10th ENGINEERS BATTALION was sometimes getting its bonus multiple times (for example if it was added with SEABORNE INVASION and another card was played from hand in the same turn). Fixed.
  • PANZER IV F2 removed your own HQ under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • In some rare cases the m36 JACKSON got stuck on the screen when discarded. Fixed.
  • Hovering over the same card as the enemy at the same time did not show the "pop-up" version of the card. Fixed.
  • You could "re-grab" a recently played order when it was being played and drag it around the screen. Fixed.
  • Clicking on a unit, releasing it and clicking quickly on another unit in the same front with minimal delay would not create the target arrow. Fixed.
  • Deck builder
    • Clicking the next button in collection while card info was open (even though the button was invisible) made you change pages and get stuck in card info view. Fixed
    • When adding a standard card to your deck and when you had exactly two of those cards already in your library, the counter beneath the library card was incorrect. Fixed.
    • After finishing editing a deck, mouse scroll in the deck editor results in graphic glitches. Fixed.
  • AI was not paying Kredits when playing CLOSE AIR SUPPORT. Fixed.
  • The AI would play M36 JACKSON if it was discarded by DIVINE WIND. Fixed.
  • When the AI bounced 85 PIONEER COMPANY then it did not change the cost of orders back. Fixed.
  • The AI did get only 1 Kredit when using WAR BONDS. Fixed
  • Several typos on various cards have been fixed.

Graphic and Cosmetics
  • The following cards received a graphical overhaul
    • 45 mm ANTI-TANK GUN
    • ENIGMA
  • The British battlefield decoration "Sten Gun" has been updated.
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas

We are working with full force on finishing Draft mode (expect more news in
the next couple weeks), but we still have steam for a small balance update!

Let’s have a look at the twelve newly updated cards and see what has been changed.

Cards with improvements
  • Overwhelming Force introduces interesting tactical options which we want to promote a bit more. The cost has been changed from 1 to 0.
  • For Freedom was a bit too expensive. The cost has been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • B-26 Marauder is a bit underwhelming and has been improved so that enemy units now are +2 more expensive to operate instead of +1 when attacking the enemy HQ.
  • Hudson Mk III could use some improvements. The operation costs have been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • 88 mm Flak needed some improvement (especially due to its Ambush ability). Defense has been increased from 3 to 4.

Card with nerfs
  • Blackout was a bit too efficient for its cost and rarity. Reduction to pin only a targeted air unit (enemy needs to have an air unit on the board) from pinning all air units.
  • 33rd Recon Regiment was a bit too strong. Defense has been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • Aichi D3A-2 and B5N Kate were too strong and have their defense lowered from 3 to 2.
  • B-17 Flying Fortress is still too strong. Attack and Defense have been lowered from 6 to 5 each.
  • 10.5 cm leFH was a bit too effective as burn unit. The damage to the enemy HQ on deployment has been lowered from 3 to 2.

Cards with neutral changes
  • Panzer 35(t) effect has been changed from an ongoing dynamic effect to a static, on-deployment effect. Now, the operation cost is reduced by 1 if you control an infantry unit at deployment. Previously, the operation cost was calculated at every change on the board which was not very clear and caused confusion.

Please let us know in the comments below what you think and how you like these changes. Your feedback helps us tremendously!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
For the 75th anniversary of D-Day we have planned exciting events in KARDS. Join the events throughout this week from June 6 to 9 and don't miss the fun!

Here is what we have planned:
  • 500% bonus for First Win of the Day
  • 2-for-1 offer on Nation Set (US + Britain)
  • Battle the Devs event

First win of the Day: 5 times more Gold
The first win of the day will give you 500% more gold: 10 Gold instead of 2! This one-time bonus is available between Thursday and Sunday.

Discount on Nation sets: 2-for-1
We offer a time-limited 2-for-1 with USA and Britain Nation sets. The set contains card backgrounds, special emotes, and battlefield decorations of both nations. A sizable discount of 50% awaits you this week only.

Battle the Devs
“Battle the Devs” and win matches against the KARDS developers! If you are available on June 6th between 1pm and 5pm GMT, sign up for a dev match.

This event is aimed for new players and veterans alike! Please check the forum thread DDay75 - Battle the Devs for more info.

See you on the battlefield!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
Rejoice as your rewards for KARDS Season #2 will arrive on June 1: Gold Cards, Packs, and physical items.

Play KARDS and maximize your rewards for this season!

Season #2
The second season in KARDS ends on Friday, May 31st, at 23:59:59 GMT. Then, three things are going to happen:
  • You will receive rewards based on the number of ranks you have gained
  • Officer Club members and top players will receive extra rewards
  • We will adjust the ranks with the start of the next season

Check out the rewards and see how we will adjust the ranks.

Your Rewards
Your rewards are based on the total number of ranks you have climbed up combined for all five nations in KARDS. The more ranks you have climbed up, the better the rewards.

Officer Club members and the top ten players will get special rewards, more about that in a bit.

For each nation, you can gain up to six ranks - that means you can gain up to a total of 30 ranks.
The reward distribution is as follows (you need to have won at least five games to be eligible):

Additionally, for each Field Marshal rank, you get an extra National Pack for that nation!

Officer Club Rewards
Members of the elite Officer Club (you need to be Field Marshal in at least 3 nations) will receive extras, so try to get into the Officer Club if you are not a member already:
  • Better Gold Card reward
  • One extra pack
Members of the Officer Club will get Gold Cards that are one rarity better
The regular Gold Card reward for members of the Officer Club will be buffed up by one rank.

For example, if a member of the Officer Club has received 26 rank promotions, they will get an Elite Gold card instead of a Special Gold card.

Physical rewards for top players
The best five players of the second season in KARDS will get additional a special physical reward! Make sure that you have your emails updated so that we can contact you.

The first place will receive an extra reward including an aluminum plaque with the player’s name engraved on it and the season. Check out the rewards for SoraTsukishima, winner of the first season in KARDS.

The second to fifth place will receive a KARDS canteen and a KARDS pack with physical cards.
The top ten players will get 5 extra packs.

Rank adjustments
With the start of Season #3 on June 1, 00:00:01 GMT, we will adjust the ranks. Three things will happen:
  • For each nation, you will drop one rank.
  • You will retain any stars you already had at your previous highest rank (e.g. you were a Major with 3 stars for Germany then in the new season you will be a Captain with 3 stars).
  • Your Field Marshal ranks will get adjusted to Major at 4 stars.

Enjoy your rewards and see you in Season #3!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
This patch is small and fixes issues with a couple cards.

Changes and Improvements
  • HOME DEFENSE shows now the preview of both cards it spawns when you hover over it.

Bug fixes
  • NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE reduces damage to units and causes the HQ to heal if multiple NFS cards are in hand. Fixed.
  • The Kredit costs for HOME DEFENSE dropped to zero under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • The Deck Export doesn't include the Gold card count. Fixed.
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
This patch is all about improvements! Non-scoring matches for Officer Clubs members, end-of-match screen with achievement progress, better daily missions, Discard adjustments, and a lot more!

Check out the dev blog for a deeper look at the new features, improvements and card changes!

New Features
  • Members of the Officer Club can now choose to play non-scoring matches. Experimenting with new decks and new styles is now much easier.
  • You’ll see a new window at the end of the match listing your achievement progress. On that window, you can also claim achievements you have completed with this match.

Changes and Improvements
  • Daily Missions are now 20-30% easier! Who doesn’t like free stuff?!
  • Entry-level Nation Achievements now yield useful cards for that Nation instead of simply handing out resources for later use. Especially useful for new players!
  • You can now increase the Max Kredits Slot above 12. Playing cards like The War Machine will continue increasing your Max Kredits Slot even if you are already at the regular maximum.
    Please note: This only applies when you are playing cards that increase your Kredits Slot, the automatic increase of Max Kredits from regular gameplay still stops once you have reached 12.
  • We have changed the strength of Discard cards. We want to have Discard as a viable option in KARDS, but not as a top-tier strategy. More details are in the section below and the dev blog.
  • All 158. Nachschub cards that have been crafted from resources (we have only a few instances where this has happened, but still want to compensate those cases - if you have questions, please check with Kards support) have been changed into Gold variants which can be recycled without loss. This follows the card changes outlined below.

Card changes
  • 158. NACHSCHUB now gives you two extra Kredits when a friendly unit destroys an enemy unit during your turn (old: You draw a card when the enemy discards a card).
  • WOLFPACK costs now 5 Kredits (old: 4 Kredits).
  • MI5 costs now 3 Kredits, your enemy puts a random card from hand to top of their deck, and you draw a card (old: 4 Kredits and enemy discards a card while you draw one).
  • 17 POUNDER operation costs 1 Kredit and 2 attack (old: 2 Kredits operation costs and 3 attack).
  • BLACKBURN SKUA Mk II has 2 attack and 2 defense (old: 3 attack and 3 defense).
  • Ki-84 FRANK has a deployment cost of 5 Kredits (old: 6 Kredits deployment cost).
  • DEADLY DUTY costs 1 Kredit (old: 0 Kredits).
  • ORDER 227 now gives +1 attack for each unit in the frontline (old: +2 attack for each unit in the frontline).
  • THE EMPIRE STRIKES damages now the enemy HQ (old: only units were damaged).
  • IMPERIAL STRENGTH costs now 1 Kredit, deals 1 damage to enemy HQ, and disables Countermeasures for one turn (old: 0 Kredits cost, gain 1 Kredit for each enemy destroyed during the turn).
  • NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE reduces the damage to your HQ to 1 (old: HQ was immune to damage)

Bug fixes
  • A unit pinned by SEXTON that had been moved to the hand was pinned the following turn and was impossible to play from hand. Fixed.
  • The daily missions "Play units that cost 2 or fewer Kredits" and "play units that cost 2 or more Kredits" counted orders as well. Fixed.
  • Self-destructing units (like from Siberian Transfer) didn’t trigger the 1st Signal Regiment damage effect a second time at the end of turn if they were destroyed earlier in the turn (like with Ural Factories). Fixed.
  • The B-4 203mm HOWITZER was decreasing attack on units when the damage was 0 (attacked by artillery, heavy armor etc.) Fixed.
  • The AI was occasionally removing passive effects twice. Fixed.
  • The AI sometimes surrendered when it triggered AIRSTRIKE. Fixed.
  • The AI was using GUNSHIP MISSION on frontline cards. Fixed.
  • The AI would wait for 10 seconds at end of the turn in unlocking matches. Fixed
  • In some cases when hovering over cards as they were being played you could see overly large previews of the card. Fixed.
  • The target arrow looping sound stopped. Fixed
  • In some cases, you were able to hear incorrect card sounds during Mulligan. Fixed.

KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas

Lot's of exciting stuff is coming to KARDS with the next patch later this week (Week 21)! Let's go over the top changes and then dig into the details.

Please share and use the comments below.

Top-5 improvements
  • New: Non-scoring games for Officer Club members
  • Improved: Daily Missions
  • Improved: Rewards for entry-level achievements
  • Improved: Max Kredit slots
  • Nerfed: Discard decks

Thanks to feedback from the community (and our own stats and insight), we have identified several issues that requires improvement.

Non-scoring games for Officer Club members
Members of the Officer Club (OC) are scored on the OC leaderboard according to their match results. This imposes a hard stop for everyone in the OC on experimenting with new decks. Any experiment and fun stuff would lead immediately to a drop in the OC score.

Introduce non-scoring games for the OC.

As member of the OC, you can chose if you want to play a scoring or non-scoring match. Non-scoring matches will have no impact on your OC score. Keep in mind though, you still can lose stars in the nation you are playing if you lose the match etc. Matchmaking tries to match non-scoring games.

Better Daily Missions
Daily Missions take too long to complete.

Make Daily Missions easier to complete.

As Daily Missions are supposed to give some rewards even if you don't have that much time for completing achievements. Currently, the Daily Missions can take too long to complete so we make them a bit easier and faster to accomplish. Mission rewards stay the same, but most missions will become 20-30% easier with the same payout!

Rewards for entry-level achievements
Early in the game you do not know which cards are good and which not. Earning resources as achievement rewards early in the game doesn't add much value and is often useless.

Change the rewards for Early Achievements from resources to specific, useful cards that can be used in many decks.

Completing the early nation achievements will now yield useful cards from that nation. These cards are being considered cornerstones of many decks and will guide new players towards successful deck building.

Max Kredit slots XXL
If you had already the maximum 12 Kredit slots, cards that were supposed to increase your Kredit slots didn't have any effect.

Change the Max Kredit slot handling so that you can go beyond the maxium 12 Kredit slots if you play the according cards.

Cards like The War Machine will now give you additional Kredit slots even if you are already at 12 Kredit slots. This does not mean that your Kredit slots will automatically increase during game play beyond the maximum 12 Kredits. This will allow for interesting new card designs.

Weakening Discard decks
Discard decks are still too strong.

Reduce the number of discard cards and their power.

We want to have Discard as a viable game-play element in KARDS, especially because it feels so thematic to the economic/strategic warfare part of WW2. However, Discard should not be a top-tier strategy as it currently is.

We are completely changing the German Elite 158. Nachschub. Additionally, we are changing various other Discard cards.

Everyone who has spent resources to create the 158. Nachschub can rejoice! We are turning that card into a Gold card so that you can decide either to keep it or to get your full resources back you used for creating that Elite card (simply recycle that Gold card). This is only fair as we are fundamentally changing an Elite card here.

Check Discord for the full details of the card changes.

Bonus: Achievements at End-of-Match
The end-of-match screen is improved so that you can immediately see your progress towards your three next closest Achievements and claim completed Achievements right away.

Of course we will also have bug fixes arriving with this patch.

What do you think? Do you like any of these changes in particular?
Please share and comment below!

KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
Gamescom 2019, one of the annual highlights for gamers, is approaching fast and the KARDS development team will be present there!

As we are all excited about this, we would thought this to be a perfect opportunity for a player gathering and meetup with the devs:

Are you interested in a player gathering with the devs during Gamescom?

We have thought of having a nice, fun player meeting with an open bar, good chats, and great fun with the devs. The event itself would take place on Friday, Aug 23, in Cologne not too far away from Gamescom.

We have some ideas how to spice up the event, but we would like to ask for your input as well and if there is anything you would like to see (battle a dev, real life swag, T-Shirt etc.).

That being said, keep in mind that this wouldn't be an expensive, crazy huge party as we prefer spending our main resources on KARDS itself. ːsteamhappyː

We are looking forward to your ideas and feedback!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
This patch is about fixing bugs and some visual improvements. We welcome all feedback and thank for the bug reports we have received!

Bug Fixes
  • Fatigue damage was applied incorrectly if player with empty deck drew card in enemy turn. Fixed.
  • Units that give other units attack boost (like TYPE 93 and M8 GREYHOUND) sometimes removed their boost incorrectly. Fixed.
  • Cards that target failed sometimes in resolving their target effect (for example M16 HALF-TRACK). Fixed. Please let us know if you see this still, as it is difficult to test.
  • FOR FREEDOM, KITTYHAWK and SKUA could target incorrect targets. Fixed.
  • SHTURMOVIK did not apply damage correctly to units with Heavy Armor. Fixed.
  • G4M1 BETTY could not be attacked by ground units. Fixed.

Visual improvements
  • Changed the image of a few cards.
  • Adjusted the wording on a few cards.
  • The Kredit negate of ADMIRAL HIPPER is now shown correctly.
  • Players can now see how many wins they still need to be eligible for seasons rewards (5 wins needed in a season as minimum).
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
KARDS Early Access Patch (Build 0.9.11)

This patch is to complete the base KARDS set of 350 cards, to balance existing cards and to bug fix.

New Features and Changes
We have introduced the following six new cards to complete the base set of 350 cards:
  • 93rd GUARDS
  • G4M1 BETTY
We continue to balance cards as we get more stats and feedback.
  • DAYLIGHT BOMBING - now costs 4, deals 3 damage and destroys kredit slot
  • SHTURMOVIK IL-2M - now has Heavy Armor 1 and deals excess damage to HQ
  • U-375 - now only discards 5 cost or less and no HQ damage
  • M36 JACKSON - now costs 5
  • ULTRA - now costs 3
  • GRENADIER GUARDS - now has attack 5
  • 1st AIRLANDING BRIGADE - now has defense 5
  • PANZERZUG 61 BP42 - now has attack 5
  • STIRLING Mk I S3 - now has defense 4
  • CORSAIR F4U-1D - now has defense 4
  • BLADE OF THE SAMURAI - now costs 6
  • B-17 FLYING FORTRESS - now costs 9
Check out the dev blog The Final Countdown: KARDS base set completed! for full details on the new cards!

Bug Fixes
  • Units attacking an immune unit/HQ were able to attack more than once. Fixed.
  • Tutorial messages sometimes showed twice. Fixed.
  • A rare crash occurred when one player surrendered at the same time the other player triggered an event like ending turn. Fixed.
  • Cards sometimes got stuck on board after an invalid target was chosen. Fixed.
  • Help bubble text sometimes blocked history text. Fixed.

Graphic Improvements
  • Changed animation for cards played from enemy hand.
  • When dragging to attack an enemy unit, you now see the damage each unit will do.
  • National packs received in achievements are now visualized better.

Join us on Discord!

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