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Season 7 in KARDS ends on October 31st (at 23'59'59 GMT). The more ranks you have gained, the bigger the reward.

Use remaining time to gain as many ranks as you can to get a big payout! You gain ranks by winning PVP matches.

With the end of the season, you will receive special rewards like card packs and a Gold card. After you have received the rewards, your ranks will be lowered a bit.

As a reminder, here is what you will receive as seasonal rewards:
  • For the first 5 ranks gained: One pack plus one standard Gold card

  • For every 5 more ranks gained (see image below): Either one extra pack OR the Gold card increases by one rarity

  • For each Field Marshal reached: One national pack

  • For reaching the Officer Club (minimum three Field Marshal ranks): The Gold card reward is increased in rarity one level. You get one extra pack.

  • Top ten players of the Officer Club: 5 extra packs

  • The best player of the season: Physical rewards including a KARDS seasonal winner metal plaque

Season 8 starts on November 1st.

Have fun and best of luck for the rest of the season!

KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
This patch resolves a critical bug with cards sometimes getting suspended on the screen.

Published on October 28.

Bug fixes
  • When playing a card from hand, in some cases, the card would stay on the screen blocking other cards and/or the battlefield scene. Fixed.
  • The window icon showed the default image and not the KARDS icon. Fixed.

As always, please let us know what you think about this update and please report bugs either on Discord or directly via a bug report ticket.
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
Exciting news for KARDS and an updated roadmap! The coming weeks and months are filled with action and content.

In November, we get a localized client and can play KARDS in six new languages. We also have the KARDS World Championship tournament.

In December, we publish the first-ever KARDS release. This will introduce two new ally nations (can you guess which ones?), 150 new cards, new gameplay abilities and more. Of course, we also have the World Championship finals in Iceland.

Have a look at the full roadmap!

KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas

This patch introduces an improved card look and numerous bug fixes.
Read ahead and check the details below!

Published on October 25.

  • The card look has been improved.
  • Several improvements to the card text have been made.

Bug fixes
  • When deploying a unit from hand and attacking with it quickly (blitz) and it dies in the attack, in some cases, the card would leave hanging on the screen stuck. Fixed.
  • When a pinned unit got retreated, it could not be played in the same round. Fixed.
  • Opponent's countermeasures did count towards achievement: Play X <nation> cards. Fixed.
  • When 756th REGIMENT overkills the enemy HQ, the extra damage is not added to the defense. Fixed.
  • If AIRSTRIKE killed a unit that had an "on attack" ability, that ability would trigger. Fixed.
  • Triggering two AIRSTRIKES at the same time resulted in several errors. Fixed.
  • A20-B sometimes updated it cost incorrectly. Fixed.
  • When playing the tutorial, in some cases some order cards were not behaving correctly. Fixed.

As always, please let us know what you think about this update and please report bugs either on Discord or directly via a bug report ticket.
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
The pairings for the first round in the KARDS World Championship are ready!

During the past three weeks we have seen amazing qualification matches. More than 300 KARDS players fought hard to reach the top 64 spots and to proceed to the tournament round.

Congratulations to these 64 players! They, together with the top 64 players of Season 6, are set to compete in the KARDS World Championship Tournament during the first three weekends of November. The semi-finalists will then continue the fight for the World Championship title in Iceland in December.

Round 1 of the tournament takes place on November 2 & 3 at 7pm GMT. Here is the pairing of round 1:

Read all about the KARDS World Championship Tournament and follow us on social media!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
Welcome to the KARDS World Championship 2019! We have hot news about the tournament (stage 3) in November and important info!

The World Championship Overview
Before we dive into the exciting details, a quick reminder of the KARDS World Championship structure. The Championship has a total of four stages, each with specific challenges and rewards:
  • Stage 1 (completed). Qualification round. The top 64 went directly to the third stage (Tournament). Everyone else went to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2 (completed). Challenge stage. Here, the bulk of the players from Stage 1 are competing for the top 64 spots to proceed to Stage 3.
  • Stage 3 (upcoming, Nov 2 - 17). The Championship Tournament with 128 players. The four semi-finalists of that tournament will qualify for the Finals.
  • Stage 4 (upcoming, Dec 7 & 8). The Final of the World Championship. The top four players from Stage 3 will be flown to Iceland to battle for the title of KARDS World Champion 2019!

Stage 2 is still ongoing. This weekend (October 19/20) is the final chance to qualify for the Championship Tournament (stage 3).

What is Championship Tournament? Let’s get into the details!

Championship Tournament overview
The KARDS World Championship Tournament is a 128-player, single-elimination tournament with best-of-three matches in the first round, then best-of-five in the following rounds.

Contestants play with their own decks that are fixed per weekend and made public beforehand.

At the tournament day(s) at the given time, you will be able to start the match with your opponent in the World Championship menu and play the best-of-three series (in the later stages: best-of-five).

If you win that series, you continue to the next round of the tournament. If you lose, you are out.

Tournament schedule
The tournament matches are played during the first three weekends in November, they’ll start at 7 pm GMT.
  • November 2 & 3: First round of the tournament with a total of 64 matches, best-of-three
  • November 9 & 10: Second and third round, best-of-five
  • November 16 & 17: Fourth and final round, best-of-five

The first round is spread over two days (the full first weekend). One half of the field will play on Saturday, the other half will play on Sunday.

Have a look at the relevant days:
  • October 28th (Monday): Tournament pairing. Stage 2 is completed. The pairing for round 1 is available. Contestants will know if they start competing on Nov 2 or Nov 3.

  • October 31st (Thursday), 11:59 pm GMT: Deadline for players to select their decks for round 1.

  • November 2nd (Saturday), 7 pm GMT: Playing matches: Best-of-three. Tournament starts with the first half of the field playing (64 players).

  • November 3rd (Sunday), 7 pm GMT: Playing matches: Best-of-three. Second half of the field is playing (64 players).

  • November 7th (Thursday), 11:59 pm GMT: Deadline for players to select their decks for round 2 and 3

  • November 9th (Saturday), 7 pm GMT: Playing matches: Best-f-five. Second weekend of the tournament (64 players left).

  • November 10th (Sunday), 7 pm GMT: Playing matches: Best-of-five. Second day of the weekend (32 players left)

  • November 14th (Thursday), 11:59 pm GMT: Deadline for players to select their decks for round 4 and 5.

  • November 16th (Saturday), 7 pm GMT: Playing matches: Best-of-five. Final weekend of the Tournament (16 players left)

  • November 17th (Sunday), 7 pm GMT: Playing matches: Best-of-five. Final day and fight for the Finals in Iceland (8 players left)

A word about the time. KARDS has top players all around the globe. We believe that the selected time (7 pm GMT) suits everyone in this tournament as best as possible. However, we are looking into options for future tournaments and would love to hear from you in the comments.

We will contact every participant per email with details and the exact schedule. Please make sure that your email is up to date in KARDS and that it is verified!

Decks and deck submission
The Championship is played with decks that players created beforehand and which are locked down during each tournament weekend. All tournament decks will be made public beforehand.

Let’s go over the details!

The Championship tournament players will create their own decks for each tournament weekend. These decks will be locked down (decks can’t be changed while they are locked) and made public.
  • Decks are based on the cards the player owns, no other restrictions apply.
  • Up to three different decks per weekend per player, a minimum of one deck is required.
  • Deadline for choosing the decks is the Thursday before each tournament weekend.
  • All tournament decks will be made public before each weekend.

If you are participating in the Championship tournament, you must have at least one tournament deck. Playing with other decks than the chosen tournament decks will lead to disqualification.

You have to choose your tournament decks before the deadline. You do that by simply changing its name to one of the three following names:
Tournament deck 1
Tournament deck 2
Tournament deck 3

Decks with above names will be locked down during the tournament weekends.

After the weekend and before the next deadline, you can change the decks again as much as you want, or simply create new decks from scratch. Just make sure that you name the decks correctly with Tournament deck 1, Tournament deck 2, or Tournament deck 3.

The deadline to choose the tournament decks is the Thursday (before the end of the day at 11:59 pm GMT to be precise).
  • October 31: Deadline for decks to be used in round 1
  • November 7: Deadline for decks to be used in round 2 & 3
  • November 14: Deadline for decks to be used in round 4 & 5

A word of warning: Once the decks are locked down after the deadline, you cannot change them until after the weekend. If the deck is invalid (e.g. too few cards) and locked down, you simply won’t be able to use it (it cannot be changed because it is locked). So, pay attention!

Playing the Tournament matches
Here is how you start playing the tournament matches.

As outlined above, when you are scheduled to play your series of matches, a button in the World Championship menu becomes available.
  1. Go to the World Championship menu (click the goblet on the main UI)
  2. There, at the designated time, click the battle button and select one of your tournament decks.
  3. When you are done with selecting your deck, you are ready for the match.
  4. When both opponents are ready, the match will begin.
  5. When the match is over, you have a short break to recover.
  6. If the series is not complete, the next match will be ready to start (step 2).

If you do not start the match within the given time, it will count as a no-show and the match is marked as loss for you. If both players have a no-show, the match is marked as loss for both parties. If the whole series consists of no-shows, then the opponent in the next round will auto-win that series.

Repeat this until you have either won or lost the series of matches against your opponent.

The series of matches consists of up to three matches in the first round (best of three) and then up to five matches (best of five).

Following the tournament, the decks and the results
While participating in the tournament is exciting and fun (and challenging!), following the tournament, peeking at the decks from our top players, and rooting for your champion is at least equally thrilling and rewarding.

There are several ways how you should follow the KARDS World Championship Tournament.
  • Watch the tournament in live play. This is a super exciting way to get the latest news and insight into top-level playstyles.
  • Root for your champion on social media. This is a great way to support your favourite player(s).
  • Follow the tournament results, interesting stats, deck discussions and hints from the top players. Improve your play!
  • Last but not least, check the decks of the top players! Adjust your decks and boost your matches with superior info!

Stay tuned for more info and especially the decks of the champions!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
Welcome to the KARDS Contributor Program!

The KARDS Contributor Program (KCP) enables enthusiasts to share their passion for KARDS and, supported by 1939 Games, to create fun and engagements that have an impact on the community and beyond.

While community contributions are welcome in any shape or form, having a (more or less) formal framework benefits both the contributors and the community:
  • The community benefits from content that is easy to find and to follow, and from standardized service
  • Contributors can take advantage of resources, promotions, a wide range of support, and in some circumstances also pursue business opportunities.
We have seen fantastic community contributions from the beginning of KARDS (essentially starting with Alpha players and their dedication).

With the constant growth of the community, now is the time to provide additional structure and improved support for passionate players and contributors.

Structure of the KCP
The KARDS Contributor Program (KCP) is structured in two tiers and several categories. Each category has its specific demand, support, perks and benefits.
Currently, we have the following categories in the KCP:
  1. Live broadcasts (e.g. streaming KARDS on Twitch)
  2. Recorded content (e.g. static videos on YouTube)
  3. Blogs and fansites
  4. Live service (e.g. Tournament organization)
Let’s pause here for a moment and clarify that we don’t have a category lock-in. Everyone is welcome to do everything at any time! These categories simply help to provide better support and to allow for faster access to relevant information (e.g. bloggers might be less interested to find a Twitch overlay, but for streamers on Twitch this is highly relevant).

The two tiers differentiate between the designated target: Tier 1 contributions are aimed at the general public and directly at KARDS players, Tier 2 contributions are aimed at the members of the contributor program itself.

Are there any requirements?
There are only a few requirements to become and stay a KCP member (and as such an official KARDS Contributor):
  • Upon applying, have some content ready
  • Your content needs to be related to KARDS and of value
  • As KCP member, we expect you to be active within reason
  • We require you to be respectful as you will be one of the faces of KARDS
These few requirements are on purpose a bit vague and not enforced with strict numbers and a list of behavioral patterns. We want to foster a friendly and creative environment and don’t want to be a rule-laden camp.

We have only a few rules to follow (after all, we want this to be fun and exciting), but those few rules are important. After all, contributors enjoy official approval (and often promotion) from 1939 Games.
Have a look at the KCP Contributor License.

Benefits and Perks
One of the biggest benefits upon joining the KCP is gaining access to a dedicated and well-supported community of mind-like enthusiasts.

Whether you are at the beginning of your contributor career, or if you are already a veteran, the KCP community and the support from 1939 Games are invaluable. You can rely on assistance in any case, for example, if you want to get up to speed fast or if need to solve some unique challenge that requires extra care.

There are, of course, also practical and hands-on benefits.
  • Do you need codes for card pack giveaways on your stream?
  • Do you want some artwork or a media pack to polish your posts?
  • Maybe a boost of your streams and videos?
  • Do you want to receive suggestions and tips for growing your audience?
  • Would you like to have an "Official Contributor" stamp on your content?
The KCP community and 1939 Games are here for you!

We encourage contributors to grow together with KARDS, and if so desired, also assist on the path to a professional career.

How do you join the KCP?
Joining the KCP is easy! We welcome everyone to join the KARDS Contributor Program. There are only a few requirements as listed above.

To ensure the continued high quality of community contributions, the integrity of the program, and to avoid misunderstandings or frustration, we reserve the right to decline applications.

Apply to join the KARDS Contributor Program!
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas

This patch contains bug fixes and improvements to the AI (PVE). Read ahead and check the details below!

Published on October 11.

Bug fixes
  • When hovering over the card stack in the battlescene, the card counter always shows the same value in both decks. Fixed.
  • During AI matches, AI ground units are "pinned" after attacking "Type 88 AA Gun" and taking damage from it. Fixed.
  • During AI matches, the "463 rd BATTALION" controlled by AI deals 1 damage to the HQ after attacking a unit in the frontline. Fixed.

As always, please let us know what you think about this update and please report bugs either on Discord or directly via a bug report ticket.

KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
This patch is all about card balance updates, bug fixes, and getting ready for the KARDS World Championship Stage 2. Read ahead and check the details below. Let us know what you think!

Published on October 3.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

Preparation for World Championship Stage 2
We are getting ready for Stage 2 of the World Championship! Read more about the World Championship 2019.

  • Six sessions spread equally over three weekends (Oct 5-6, 12-13, and 19-20).
  • Each session runs from 16:00 to 20:00 GMT.
  • In each session, you score points:
    • The first nine matches in each session determine the session score.
    • A win gives 5 points, a loss gives 1 point.
    • Every match in this session beyond the initial nine matches counts towards your tiebraker score.
  • The scores of your three best sessions determine your rank of Stage 2.
  • In case of equal scores, then the tiebraker score will determine your relative position and final rank.
  • The 64 best ranked players of Stage 2 will proceed to Stage 3 (the tournament).
  • A live leaderboard is available in game.
  • Read the full details of Stage 2, including calculation of the tiebraker score.

We invite you to broadcast on Twitch and to share your exciting matches and unique experience on Twitter with hastags #KARDS and #KWC19.

Card balance updates

We have improved the card balance and made several tweaks to six cards. The balance changes are based - as always - on valuable and much appreciated community feedback.

A brief overview of the card changes as following. Read the full details in the dev blog.
  • 42nd Rifles - Full repair at the start of your turn (was: at the end of each turn)
  • USACE - Buff change to +1 attack, and+1 defense (was +1 attack and +2 defense)
  • Sendai Regiment - Damage increase to 2 (was 1)
  • Unity is Strength - Cost increase to 2 (was 1)
  • Land of the Free - Cost decrease to 1 (was 2)
  • Burning Sun - Cost increase to 3 (was 2)
  • Tactical Strike - Cost decrease to 3 (was 4)

Bug fixes
  • The deck counter appeared under some circumstances out of screen. Fixed.
  • The 'Not Scored' checkbox is shown when 'training' is selected. Fixed.
  • The “Model 25” buff was removed twice in battle mode after the end of your turn and your opponent’s turn. Fixed.
  • Typos in card descriptions have been fixed.
  • Clarified the error text when incorrectly targeting with Panzer IV F2 on deployment.

General improvements
  • The turn length has been changed from 80 seconds to 70 seconds.

As always, please let us know what you think about this update and please report bugs either on Discord or directly via a bug report submission.
KARDS - The WWII Card Game - Thomas
Hello friends!

Before we kick off Stage 2 of the World Championship on October 5, we'll iron out some bugs and improve the card balance. This will be done in a patch on October 3.

Once again, we want to say a huge thank you to all of you for the continuous excellent feedback you give us, it helps us immensely in discovering bugs and balance issues. Plus, all the positive words work wonders for the self esteem.

Here the most important changes.
  • 42nd Rifles - Full repair at the start of your turn (was: at the end of each turn)
  • USACE - Buff change to +1 attack, and+1 defense (was +1 attack and +2 defense)
  • Sendai Regiment - Damage increase to 2 (was 1)
  • Unity is Strength - Cost increase to 2 (was 1)
  • Land of the Free - Cost decrease to 1 (was 2)
  • Burning Sun - Cost increase to 3 (was 2)
  • Tactical Strike - Cost decrease to 3 (was 4)

Let’s take a look at the cards that are changing in more detail!

The current ability of 42nd Rifles lends itself well to both offensive and defensive operations, making it great in almost all situations and a tough cookie to deal with. We like strong cards to have some weaknesses and with this change you now have a tough choice - if you use it to attack it means it will be weaker during the enemy turn, so the days of freely attacking with the 42nd Rifles without a worry in the world are over.

What you’re seeing here is mostly just a bit cleaner templating of the wording of the ability, which is staying the same. What is changing, as is more strongly implied with the new wording, is that the ability now only applies when you have 35th Rifle Regiment in hand and ready to be deployed. What this means is that while it is on the battlefield, the unit will always have a cost of 3. So there is no longer the uncertainty we currently have of what you’ll get out of cards like Ural Factories, or whether Sudden Strike can target it or not. So this change is mostly for clarification and ease of play.

We’re seeing Sendai Regiment being played a bit more today than previously, which we can understand as it is quite good. But what is lacking a bit is stronger tension to shed the Smokescreen and go on the march. We want that dilemma to come up more often, so we are giving the unit a bit more incentive to attack.

We want there to be a 0-cost buff card in the game - it gives a great baseline to compare other buffer cards against and it fits the inherent risky nature of buff cards of leading to card disadvantage if they can trade with the buffed unit with a single card. USACE has been on our radar for quite awhile and we now feel confident in making this change. There are two main reasons, one is that it can make it a bit too hard for aggressive decks to deal with a cheap unit buffed with USACE in the early stages of the game, which can lead to quick snowballing that is difficult to deal with. The second reason is that we have been taking a general look at buff cards in the game and the current stats on USACE create a bit too much inflation for other buff cards higher in the food chain.

As mentioned above, we are doing a pass on buff cards in the game and Unity Is Strength was another one that came up as requiring our attention. We want to keep the potentiality for a super-buff because we want infantry-centric decks to be a thing in the game. But at a cost of 1 it was a bit too easy to get a strong unit going very early in the game, so we are increasing the cost slightly.

Land of the Free is a different type of buff card that can be very strong in the right deck. Unfortunately, that deck hasn’t really materialized in the metagame despite several valiant efforts, so we feel it is fine to reduce the cost slightly to broaden the appeal of the card.

Again, this change is part of our overhaul of buff cards. +3 for long range units is very strong, especially when you have many small, cheap planes on the battlefield. We are fine with those kinds of decks, looking to deploy small air units early and then finish in one big turn, but want to reduce the speed of them slightly, hence this change.

When we changed Tactical Strike a couple of months back we were on a warpath to reduce the effectiveness of removal over the board. At the time we debated this change, but decided to wait on it as we wanted to get a better sense of the overall impact our removal card adjustments would have. Now that we have a clearer picture we are confident that this is a fine change to make.

That’s it for now, keep the good feedback coming, please, we really appreciate it. For those of you participating in the Stage 2 qualifiers, good luck. For the rest, slightly above average luck.

Over and out.

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