Jan 18, 2018
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN
Today's update includes:
  • Fix for mouse cursor displaying in full screen
    The mouse cursor will no longer appear in full screen mode.
  • Other minor improvements

Thanks for all your support of Bullet Soul & Bullet Soul Infinite Burst!
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN
As the title suggests, the 30% loyalty discount for owners of Bullet Soul is set to finish soon, so if you've been putting it off, don't wait too much longer!


Check some of the reviews if you're not convinced:
"Mages with 5pb. really nailed it with this release"
"While I might sound like a broken record at this point, the concept of simple fun exists throughout every aspect of the game."

Aug 1, 2017
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN
Today's update includes:

  • Fixed the issue where Loop's ending was not playing after completing the game on Version B

Thanks for your continued interest in BULLET SOUL and don't forget, Bullet Soul Infinite Burst launches today and has a loyalty discount for Bullet Soul owners and a 20% launch discount too!
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

1. Luke_Breitner - 234,148,350
2. Uzu - 183,427,600

1. Luke_Breitner - 372,604,390
2. ele890106 - 205,467,830

1. Luke_Breitner - 275,823,700
2. Chemical Taint - 171,398,650

Because Luke_Breitner had the highest score for all 3 ships, we've decided to distribute FOUR soundtracks instead of three! Uzu, ele890106, Chemical Taint, and Luke_Breitner will all receive the Bullet Soul OST and Luke_Breitner wins the official Bullet Soul t-shirt!

Email us at release_ovs@mages.co.jp to claim your prizes!

As some of you may have already heard, we announced Bullet Soul Infinite Burst at AnimeExpo. We will most definitely be holding another Caravan contest in the near future. Stay tuned and once again thanks to all who participated!

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BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN

Less than 48 hours left in the Caravan Contest!

Top 5 scores so far:
Luke_Breitner - 361,256,300 - Yun
Chemical Taint - 193,500,570 - Yun
Mutsumi_Bouken - 171,962,180 - Yun
InariFox - 154,541,720 - Yun
spba5hw9 - 151,879,800 - Sadahl

Steam Summer Sale Caravan Contest
Caravan Mode Tips

Jump in now for your chance at a Bullet Soul T-shirt or an OST!
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN
Bullet Soul will be at Anime Expo at booth #4130. Make sure to stop by our booth to experience this one of a kind shmup, and don't miss our special secret announcement at 5PM on July 1st!

・Location: LA Convention Center - Booth # 4130 *together with Degica Games
・Date: July 1st - July 4th

Caravan Score Attack and Merch!
We will be holding a Caravan Mode Contest on July 3rd from 10AM to 5PM. Join the score attack and compete for the highest score! The top four scorers will be announced at 5PM on the same day and will receive an exclusive "Bancho T-shirt"

Visit our booth and get a free original fan, stickers, postcards and other swag! We’ll also have Bullet Soul Steam Key Card + OST DLC sets available for an AX special price of $9.99!

This is all in addition to the CURRENT Caravan contest we have on Steam for the Summer Sale!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN

For the duration of the Steam Summer Sale,June 22nd - July 5th, we will be having a score contest in Caravan Mode!

What is Caravan mode?
Caravan mode is a “score attack” sequence, where you rack up as many points as possible within two minutes.

- Only scores from June 22nd 10AM PST - July 5th 6:00PM PST will be considered
- To enter your score into the contest, just play Caravan mode during the Steam Summer Sale OR take a screenshot of the score screen and tweet your screenshot @MagesSteam
- Any character may be used
- The highest score for EACH character will receive a BULLET SOUL OST key!
- The highest score OVERALL will receive an official BULLET SOUL T-shirt!
- Only one prize per person ;)

For tips on how to boost your score, go here!
Caravan Mode Tips
Jun 20, 2017
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN

What does Caravan Mode mean and where does the term "Caravan" come from?
Caravan mode is a “score attack” sequence, in which the player is tasked with racking up as many points as possible within a fixed time limit. Relatively few shmups over the years have devoted themselves exclusively to this compressed, “bite-sized” play style, but a more substantial number have included so-called “caravan” modes as extras to complement a more traditional “main” game. The name is derived from a series of “Caravan Festival” tournaments held by Hudson Soft from 1985 to 1992; the most prominently-featured titles at those events, the Star Soldier games, are appropriately the best-known “caravan” shmups" - BulletMagnet of racketboy.com

In BULLET SOUL's Caravan Mode, you're given 2 minutes to rack up the highest score possible on a single stage. Here are some expert tips to get your name near the top of that Leaderboard! :
  • Kill as many enemies as possible, as fast as you can
  • Aggression is the name of the game. Stay as high on the screen as you possibly can
  • Don't die! If you die, you sacrifice precious seconds in the only 2-min score attack. You also get an extra bonus for dying twice or less (never dying obviously being the highest bonus)
  • Mix both shot-types depending on the enemy. Use your spread shot for a slight movement speed boost to get out of sticky situations
  • Learn/memorize where each enemy appears. Repetition is key for achieving high scores
  • Contrary to what some believe, collecting bullet souls does not affect your score
  • See those little green squares? Destroy them.
  • There are also MANY hidden bonuses in Caravan Mode.
Have a tip or find a hidden bonus? - Share it here!
Apr 19, 2017
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - MagesEN
Today's update includes:

  • Fixed an issue where the default voice volume was too loud
  • A fix to the nearly unobtainable "Destruction of Twin Mawar" achievement in Caravan Mode.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to diagnose and fix the reported issues. Stay tuned for more updates!
BULLET SOUL / バレットソウル - 弾魂 - - Valve
BULLET SOUL / - é - is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

A brand-new adaptation to the shooting genre which rewards survival through aggressive play. Blending classic shooting game design with a substantial dose of modern day bullet hell, Bullet Soul has it all! Bringing even more heat are Resonator: the moniker of aural wizards Kenji 'Itoken' Ito and Kohta Takahashi, setting fire to your speakers with their tunes. Last but not least, Akio Watanabe brings his skills to the scene cooking up the character designs.

*Offer ends April 13 at 10AM Pacific Time

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