Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

New features:
  • new RPG game mode where you keep all gear and restart the current level when you die
  • new Endless Arena mode where you fight waves of enemies
  • new hero: Paladin, who has divine shield and does double damage to undead
  • new hero: Alchemist, who has a Golem companion, and prepares potions
  • 8 pets with new effects (details below)
  • 3 new random potion effects (details below)
  • 6 new special effect items (details below)
  • 10 new weapons (details below)
  • 6 new achievements
  • 2 new allied troop summons: Baby Yeti, Stone Golem
  • added a new blocked challenge room in the forest
  • added a new challenge room with baby dragons
  • added a new challenge room in the ice level (it’s a surprise)
  • added a quest room in the ice level to unlock the Alchemist hero

New pets:
  • Crocodile - creates slime puddles that slow down enemies
  • Mouse - drastically increases your poison damage
  • Ladybug - buzzes around one enemy giving it a confusion effect
  • Monkey - disables floor traps
  • Whale - extinguished campfires
  • Cow - increases rage attack damage
  • Bee - gives you max rage when you get hit
  • Cat - saves you from sudden death blows: a hit that would kill you when you have more than 1HP just lowers your HP to one.

New potion effects:
  • Cold blood - enemies get frozen when they hit you
  • Veteran Elixir - every potion you drink increases you melee skill
  • Astral Projection - separates your soul and body so you can walk through obstacles as a ghost. The effect lasts for a short time and when it expires you are returned to the body. While in ghost form you can still attack and take damage. The only difference is ability to walk through walls, rocks, trees, etc.

New items:
  • Ghost orb - lowers your damage but you can shoot through obstacles. It applies to orbs, arrows and thrown weapons
  • Critic’s Shield - get 100% critical hit chance until the end of battle if you get hit (does not stack)
  • Paladin Shield - immunity to muscle spasmsl
  • Alchemist’s Visor - immunity to explosions
  • Halo - removes all negative effects and increases co-op death timer in hard mode
  • Ancient Voodoo Doll - mark all enemies in the room (4 mana cost)

New weapons:
  • General Sword - rage attack gives 100% critical chance to all allies until the end of battle
  • Cripling Katana - hits slow down enemies
  • Executioner’s Sword - adds 300 damage to stomp and smash attacks. For melee heroes, every time the enemies are on the ground the smash attack would be used (usually it's only done for the last enemy on the screen)
  • Dark Slayer - triple damage vs bosses
  • Splitting Axe - rage attack halves enemy's HP
  • Paladin Sword - rage buff gives you Divine Shield - a short term invulnerability to hits and 30% damage increase. Does not protect feet, so you can get hurt by floor spikes and burned by walking on campfires
  • Alchemist Sword - rage attack summons and heals the Golem companion. Only one Golem per hero is allowed at a time. Only usable by Alchemist class.
  • King Cobra Staff - poison weapons of all allies
  • Snow Tiger’s Paw - summon a baby yeti familiar for 4 mana. One yeti per hero allowed at a time
  • Steady Shot Bow - slower arrow shooting time (like archers use to work before) but increased damage (95 bow damage)

General improvements and gameplay balancing:
  • allowed summoning mercenaries into boss fights (except the final boss)
  • removed slowdown effect from Heavy Boots
  • Retort no longer creates mana potions
  • only one Retort shows for sale in shops
  • removed poison immunity for the final boss
  • significantly increased Poison Cloud spell damage
  • Poison Cloud effect scales with enemy size
  • improved AI for Snail, Ram and Snake pets
  • using teleport staff twice returns you to the starting point
  • fixed runestone drops in various barbarian challenges

  • Ethereal bow now shoots through barrels and boxes
  • Dog pet doesn’t take mercenary’s beer in the tavern
  • Foundry doesn’t melt mercenary’s beer anynore
  • Thief and Ringleader don’t jump on allies when confused
  • fixed bug with item drops when Yeti Elder and Earth Golem roll
  • fixed network bug for Racoon pet bombs
  • fixed network bug when pets would jump too much
  • fixed drawing position when Barbarian is mounted
  • fixed rare sound effect bug with Yeti babies
  • fixed position for some of the teleportation animations
  • fixed text showing last level seed instead of control hint after player dies
  • fixed rare crash when closing game from the main menu
  • fixed occasional crash on MacOSX
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

This is a small project of mine released on Steam today. 20 years ago I made my first game called "Njam", a two-player pacman type of game. It ran on 486 computer with DOS operating system and had VGA graphics.

For the anniversary I ported all the levels to 16:9 format for modern displays and added a 4 player co-op option and the versus mode (1 vs 1, 1 vs 2 and 2 vs 2). It has full controller support and I completely revamped the graphics to use a fantasy theme with heroes and monsters chasing them around.

This game concludes my short break from Son of a Witch development from the end of 2018 and now I'm back on it full speed. New features coming soon.

If you love Pacman or 4-player couch games, check it out:
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur
The new version brings mostly some balancing and game difficulty tweaks. Most significant is that bosses are now guaranteed to drop runestones. Looking at the complaints from players, the main issue was being able to get more powerful as you progress through levels. So far, this has mostly been done by breaking rocks to get runestones, but it seems that many players don't like the randomness this brings, esp. if you don't get the Squirrel pet nor the Miner Ring. Experienced players would simply break random rocks to try to get it, but you might be hours and hours in the game before you discover this mechanics.

The yellow runestone was considered mostly useless by many players. The thing it that it was useful for non-archer characters who start with low archery range, which meant it was used for a secondary weapon and not much useful in most of the runs. I have changed it to increase the arrow speed instead. The upgrade is still tied to a bow, and you can see the exact upgrade effect when you pause the game if the bow is your main weapon. BTW, since the arrow speed is increased it also increases the range.


- bosses always drop at least one weapon damage upgrade
- yellow runestones upgrade initial arrow flying speed for bows in regular game
- heroes who start with a bomb, now start with two bombs in the regular game
- Archer and Rogue characters are always unlocked in Casual/Party mode
- Rogues start the game with the dagger in Casual/Party and PvP modes
- Updated Polish and Serbian translations

Update 3.8.0:
- fixed boss drops: always drop one runestone, 50% chance to drop two
- to balance out, reduced runestone drops inside rocks (by 1 per level, so if level would usually have 5 runestones inside rocks, it now has 4)
- fixed occasional crash that would happen when a player wins an achievement

This is just a warmup for 2019. Many more updates to come this year.

Have fun playing!
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

In the past, all online games used to go through a server in Germany. This sometimes created latency problems for players outside of Europe. To solve this problem I got two additional servers, one for players in Asia, located in Hong Kong and another for players in the US, located in New York.

You need to use version 3.7.7 of the game or above to use these new servers. The game host selects which one to use and guests will automatically get routed.

If you had connectivity issues before please try it out and leave a comment whether it's fixed now. Maintaining 3 different servers takes some effort, so I want to make sure it's worth it.

Have fun playing!

Update (Dec 6th). Version 3.7.8 is online:

- fixed bug with lightning based weapons being able to go through metal shields even when you did non-lightning attack

- fixed bug when item pickup info would show for dead players

- the old EU server for online games is being shut down by the end of this week. Make sure you update to version 3.7.8. if you want to play online games!
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

This is the same version as the one on Steam (but without online features like multiplayer and daily challenge) and the following languages are supported: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian.

Update for the Switch version for the North American region is coming on December 22nd.
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur
If you're looking to team up with other players to play some online co-op, or you just want to chat about the game, you can join the discord channel here to exchange game numbers and passwords:

Have fun playing!
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

Since the Nintendo Switch port launched, I have been working hard to bring new features to the game.

Version 3.7.3 is online:

- New hero class: Rogue. Special ability is to use the sneak attack as the special attack with any melee weapon. You can still use the weapon's regular rage attack if you use it in the off-hand slot. He also has a special item that can unlock any door (except boss room doors), so you can unlock treasure rooms and escape tough battles
- New potion: Vampire blood (get HP from kills. Multiple potions stack)
- New potion: Pickpocket (earn extra gold until you get hit. Stacks)
- New potion: Confidence (deal extra damage when full HP. Stacks)
- Added a new combat item: Sticky bombs. You can plant these as traps. When an enemy walks into one, it activates.
- Added a new pet: Racoon, who randomly drops sticky bombs across the room
- Added a new special room in the castle: the Gallery Room. This room is filled with enemy portraits and you can pick your favorite enemy to do double damage to them.
- Added a bunch of new achievements

New NPCs:

- Join the Vampire Slayer NPC in the catacombs and help her kill a vampiress or the vampire boss for reward
- Dwarfs now sell stuff in the ice level
- Dwarven Blacksmith shows up sometimes and gives you ability to smelt weapons into runestones which are used to upgrade other weapons
- Mercenary NPC in the castle tavern gives you an item which can be used to hire mercenaries for fixed amount of gold. DON'T TOUCH HIS BEER!
- A Redhead Warrior NPC might challenge you for a duel on the battlements

Tweaks and improvements:

- Redhead Warriors in the desert now buff their swords before doing the petrify attack
- Vampire Sword now gives HP while hitting enemies (instead of on-kill)
- Disabled invulnerability frames for revival in dungeon shops
- Reviving in regular game now gives 41HP instead of 61HP
- Celestial Hammer rage attack now strikes all enemies in the room
- Darkness, Confidence, Money is Power, Mega Boost effects scale the skill percentage instead of adding to it. For example, if you have 50% melee and 100% darkness, it results in 100% melee skill (not 150%).
- fixed bug when the remote player could join the game twice (i.e. two heroes would show up) if (s)he pressed the button twice too quickly
- fixed bug then Steam library is installed in a path with non-ASCII characters
- minor fixes and tweaks to UI
- updated some of the translations
- dialogue in the intro story now supports translations

Have fun playing!
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

The game is finally ported to Nintendo Switch and ready for release. Porting the game for another platform was beneficial to Steam version as well, because many bugs were detected and fixed and I also refactored some code and added various performance improvements. Also, some new features are added, the achievements information is available in the game menus, there's a setting that enables you to skip the intro cut-scene for faster loading, etc.

After the Switch release goes live, the focus will go back to adding new features to the game. I plan to have a big update in a couple of months, most probably for the winter holidays, which will include a new hero (Rogue), a bunch of new special rooms, new potion effects, new special items and a couple of new NPC characters as well.

I know that game is pretty much "complete" as it is now, and you can play for dozens of hours before you unlock everything, but I have so many more ideas that I want implement in the game. I want to thank all the players for supporting the game -- that's what keeps me motivating and improving it all the time.

If you have some ideas for new game features, feel free to open a thread in the discussions. I cannot promise to implement everything, but community feedback has proven to be a great source of inspiration so far:
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

Version 3.6.7 is online:

Translation improvements:
- The game has been fully translated to Polish (thanks Telmah)
- Many other translations have been updated with Achievement descriptions and other improvements
- Improved support for Japanese translation

Difficulty balancing:
- Due to very high DPS, the Archer starting HP is reduced to 80.
- Increased base damage of Snake Staff to 7.
- Increased base damage of Fireball Staff to 7.
- Increased base damage of Healer Staff to 7.

New features:
- Added an option to skip the intro story (and go straight into the main menu)
- Faster loading times
- Prevent players running out of bombs during tutorial (if you accidentally spend all, more bombs get spawned)

- Fixed bug when pets appear to just stand at the door to remote players
- Fixed bug when remote players seem to be firing arrows constantly when they are actually not shooting at all
- Prevent erasing achievements on first Steam login
- Selection of tips to show on loading screen depends on the screen resolution (if there's a lot of text and the screen is only 720p, some of the tips are skipped)
- Fixed crash when entering empty /seed command
- NPC dialogue prompt (press button to continue) now only shows up when the player is close enough for it to actually work

This version is still mostly balancing, bug fixes and translation update. I plan to work on more interesting gameplay features (new items, weapons, quests, mechanics) as soon as the Nintendo Switch port is released, which should be within the next two months.
Jun 13, 2018
Son of a Witch - Bigosaur

Version 3.6.2 is up:

- updated translations: French, Polish
- when reconfiguring controllers the controls automatically swap if you try to assign one to another. If, for some reason, you still want the old behavior, you can use the keyboard (or another controller) to navigate the configuration menu
- show player portraits when a controller disconnects or you wish to rebind controller/keyboard player mapping during a game
- switched font for some of the text in the game to make it more readable

Update Jun 14th: Version 3.6.5 is up:

- requirements for all the achievements are now visible in the game. Just select Achievements from the main menu and browse.
- fixed teleport location swirl display for guests in online games
- fixed netcode for spawning bats in the catacombs shops
- prevent units getting stuck after using the Gamble scroll

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