Nov 11, 2019
Redie - Rückert Broductions
From now on, Redie is completely free!

No hidden costs, micro-transactions, ads or other nonsense.

Dec 10, 2016
Redie - Rückert Broductions
  • Increased time limit of masteries in early levels

  • Added another hallway
  • Added one more enemy

  • Added a door to the bottom part
  • Added a secondary way
  • Added two more enemies
  • Changed weapon of last enemy to a knife

  • Removed last enemy
  • Moved first explosive barrel to a more useful location

  • Added a destructible wall in the garden
  • Added a room in the back
  • Repositioned enemies in the first room

  • Shortened the level a little bit
  • Switched weapon of second shield guy to a knife
  • Removed two enemies
Dec 4, 2016
Redie - Rückert Broductions
Controller changes
  • Added a setting to fix the distance of the crosshair to the player
  • Crosshair will not snap back to center when releasing the right stick
  • The 'Enable Controller' setting is working now
  • The 'Invert Axis' settings are working now

General changes
  • Fixed a bug that displayed 'Global Leaderboard' and 'Friends Leaderboard' on top of each other in the demo
Dec 3, 2016
Redie - Rückert Broductions
  • Reduced Video RAM usage
  • Added a config option to lower the menu background quality
  • Menu quality lowered by default on Intel and Mesa graphics drivers.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented remapping of 'Move Up' and 'Move Down'
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a shader being compiled by some graphics drivers

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