Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
The French VR translation has now been updated for the latest patch.
Apologies for this oversight.
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
A turn control has now been added to help Oculus owners that may be experiencing issues with 2 sensor tracking.

I have mapped it to holding the right grip down before using the right thumbstick to turn.

Having to hold the grip will help stop the player from turning accidentally as it can be disconcerting if you are unprepared.
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
Marlene act 1 Betwixt is now even more affordable with a permanent 10% price reduction.

Marlene has recently been updated with non-vr support, a checkpoint save system and a VR gfx menu with higher options available to test those gfx cards out.

Act 2 is now in full-scale development.
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
VR players can now continue the game from set checkpoints.
VR GFX menu added - optional higher settings are now available.

Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
Hi all, just a quick update to let you know that a VR gfx menu & checkpoint save system are now in testing. All going well it will be patched in very soon!
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
As requested a save/continue system has been implemented and is available now for non-vr players.

A VR save/continue system will follow slightly later as I am also adding a VR menu system with gfx options.
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
Hi, I am receiving requests for a save/continue game option to be added to the game which I am very happy to oblige.

I will patch this option into the game asap and update you all as soon as it is available.

Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
If you opted into the beta branch to play in the Rift, you can now play the updated version by going back into properties, beta tab and change the drop down box to opt out of betas. The release version will start downloading.
Thank you for your patience.
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
It has come to my attention that the game is crashing at start up when an Oculus Rift is being used (the Vive works fine).

While I narrow down the cause of this issue I have uploaded a working Rift build to the Beta branch. This can be accessed by navigating to Marlene in your library, right click and go to properties, click on the Beta tab and enter Jungleboogy101 as the code, press check code then change the drop down menu to Beta build. The beta should then begin downloading.

Apologies for any inconvenience, I will update you when this issue is fixed.
Marlene Betwixt - Uzisuicide
If you have any issues or feedback please post here or in the forums at

Please note that HMD with Joypad control is not available in this build and will follow shortly.

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