Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Bug Fixies:
  • Wind temple – wind sound not stopping when you leave front door – FIXED
  • Fort Avton Boss (Kallor) – Reappearing - FIXED
  • Airship Fast travel - Map – Should be Fixed.
  • Wind Crystal Quest not completing – FIXED

What’s next:
  • Fix any remaining bugs
  • Add more quests
  • Add more items to find/craft
  • Add more storylines between Jason/Emily and Kate

THanks for all your comments, bug spotting and help so far! :)

Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Hi all,

Quite a few bugs have been squished, thanks to tleusin

  • NPC no longer blocks Airship in Haspar
  • Airships... should now be functional
  • Progression bugs after bugs in all temples.
  • Progression issue when revisiting The Elderine Forest.
  • Fort Avton and the undying boss.
  • The human remain in Fort Avton Cell are now correctly interactable.
  • Selling price of some items
  • Can now sell axe/pickaxe... if you really want to...
  • Farm issues - one plot was not working correctly
  • Farm issues - green herb wasn't growing

  • Weapon kits can now be crafted - if you have "Recipe Book: Weapons"
  • More deep mushrooms added in different, foresty locations.
  • Coal can now be found when mining copper.
  • Added new exit to Fort Avton after defeating boss
  • The Royal Order knights to Fort Afton - once undying boss defeated.
  • A few more collectible items (boss drops)
  • Hints about a new area which will be added once main storyline of game is complete and bug free.

  • Autosave slots - these were causing lag issues. You can still manually save at any time.
  • Reduced size of Haspar City and Northern Plains. Removed unnecessary areas to reduce map size.
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
It's never good to get stuck when you're trying to take part in an epic adventure! Especially if it's an art class!

Today's update fixes a few bugs, introduces newly updated plugins for the battle system, input configuration (you can change key bindings from the options) and full gamepad support.

Change Log

Due to plugin changes and follower removal, a New Game is strongly recommended!

  • Full gamepad support
  • Input Configuration - Change key bindings.
  • New Plugins to support action battles.
  • Some more quests.
  • Some hidden chests

Bug Fixes:
  • School map bugs - getting stuck.
  • Underground passge - map redraw and collision bug fixes.
  • Elderine Forest - map redraw and collision bug fixes.
  • Glen Tirel Carrots?? You mean Parsotas!
  • Some Bill boards showing wrong info.

  • Removed followers - you only see you now.
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Hey Adventurers! trekking the land, rescuing folk, gathering strange crops for old farmers? Feeling a little annoyed with the "Esteem" they have given you?
Worry not, for today is a great day for you Esteem collectors, yes today you can finally use Esteem! Hoorah!

Today's update adds a few new features to the game and makes use of something that was already there but not used, Esteem points.

When you completed a Quest in Elderine you were either awarded a small item (potions, seeds, etc) or a small token of the Quest Givers thanks, Esteem. However, until today, those esteem points were not very useful.

  • New Esteem count in the HUD
  • More Esteem Quests added
  • Repeatable Esteem Quests added
  • Another person to rescue (perhaps they know more about Esteem)
  • A feature to use Esteem (it's an Esteem shop... more items will be added soon)

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed gathering items made graphic disappear then reappear.
  • Getting stuck in school art class

Coming Soon:
  • New travel location (continue game after final Boss)
  • More Esteem items (weapons, pets, rare cool items of magical properties)
  • Magic School
  • Pets - to collect
  • Add in more Relics to collect
  • More Quests
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Hey all,

The update today brings the final boss and end game :) Depending on your aligment you will have various different options to end the game. Although fighting the end boss will draw the main story to a conclusion, you will still be able to play on.

Things still to do:

  • Add more quests
  • Some refining to story text
  • add more craftable items

Continue the story:

Once the above fixes are completed, I will start working on the additional, free, content for Elderine.

  • Continue the story. the aftermath of the final boss, and the outcome of your choices.
  • More monster, items, gatherables.
  • New lands to explore, people to rescue and things to do.
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Changelog: Build: 2574590

  • Added: two locations where you can donate to make your alignment more Good,
  • Updated: Northern Plains Map - added more interactive signs and update maps.

In terms of alignment - once you reach a certain level of Good you will have extra interactive options in certain places, and be rewarded. Goodness brings strength.

If you go Evil, you will soon be able to intereact with those of a darker nature. Some options will alter certain aspects of the game. Do you really need all your friends... alive? Is a sacrafice worth new power?
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Hi all,

I published a few patches over the past week. Please see changelog below with fixes/changes. As always, please let me know if you spot any bugs, or have any ideas.

Changelog: Build: 2573879
  • Added: Icons to show exits on maps. Finding your way around should be much easier.
  • Added: New tree graphics for starting location
  • Added: New graphics for rusty pipe weapon and fishing rod.
  • Added: New Crop types and graphics. No more Carrots :)
  • Added: Updated grass graphics in starting location
  • Added: Added final Dungeon with "Final" Boss
  • Added: New items to craft - A magical stone to warp close to your base.
  • Added: Blimp Ticket sales person in Northern Plains
  • Added: More mobs in certain areas.
  • Added: Some mobs now drop gold.
  • Fixed: some narrative typos
  • Fixed: Elderine Forest Dungeon bugs that stopped progression
  • Fixed: Health of some bosses - they werent very boss like.
  • Fixed: Some mapping issues in starting areas and underground.
  • Removed: Old save points and replaced with new save points.

And a few other minor things to help make the game better.

Coming up next:
  • Next: more side quests - Find and gather and return for reward
  • Next: More materials to harvest
  • Next: More items to craft - weapons to upgrade.
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Hi all,

Some players have suggested that i make Elderine widescreen. That sugegstion made sense, and so Elderine is now widescreen. I have updated the maps to accomodate this, but please let me know if I have missed anything.

I have also added a few extra bits and pieces in the first few areas.

Change Log:
- now widescreen
- added some new music
- added some more interactions in start screens
- can view credits from School lobby (by interacting with monument)

Please let me know if you spot any bugs.


Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Sorry about that! A few too many distractions and not enough updates!

The latest update corrects some bugs, changes some music and adds a few new areas, preparing of the "end level" .

I will be focusing on the end level area of Elderine over the next few updates so the storyline can be concluded. Then it's back to side quests and extra content for crafting, gathering etc.

Don't forget to send my those idea and comments! :)
Aug 28, 2017
Elderine: Dreams to Destiny - Alan
Hi all, I have uploaded an new update with following changes:

When consumed:
- Seaweed now provides some health.
- Base items for health potion provides some health.
- Farming crops now provide some health.
- New wild crops from last update now provide some health.
- HP for some enemies (after the Great Library) increased.

- Stone mines (Sounthern plains) and the mining area
- Added a construction receipe book another way to upgrade your farm.
- Added stone as an item

Please continue to let me klnow if you have any ideas, suggestions or notice anything that needs some fixing :)


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