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Dying Light 2 - nirth_techland


We are proud to present to you the #DyingLight2 Award Winning Gameplay Demo.

Dying Light 2 - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matt Cox)

Rage, rage against the delaying of the light. I’ve wanted to write that ever since Dying Light 2 was announced, but developers Techland seem stubbornly on track to zombify early 2020. Look, here’s thirty minutes from a middley point in the game, replete with grappling hooks and parkour and decisions. It’s the same thirty minutes I already saw and liked at E3.


Dying Light 2 - nirth_techland

The time has come to show you Dying Light 2 Official Gameplay Demo!

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Dying Light 2 - Damian_Techland
All week at E3 we’ve had journalists from all over the world paying us a visit to check out Dying Light 2. We’ve been honored by the positive response and the 40+ awards and nominations received.

Shortly after we debuted our brand new trailer we had an exclusive interview with Lead Designer Tymon Smektała:


And then it was time for the world’s media to check out a private demo of the game. Check out these top quotes and use the links to read the full articles:

"Dying Light 2 impressed me from the very beginning of the demo, and set up high expectations. With a gorgeous world, smooth combat, impressive parkour, and lofty choice-driven ambitions, Dying Light 2 has quickly become one of my most anticipated games of 2020."
Read more on Game Informer:

"The big buzz-phrase during Dying Light 2’s extremely impressive E3 demo was “narrative sandbox.”. . . As long as there’s the requisite depth in character, and that branching story goes to some fascinating places, I imagine Dying Light 2 will have plenty of longevity with the sheer amount of content to uncover."
Read more on IGN:

"Watching all of this play out gave me a similar feeling to engaging with a classic role-playing game like Baldur’s Gate or the Fallout series, where minor encounters or critical decisions can irrevocably alter the flow of the story."
Read more on Gamespot:

"Having seen about half an hour of the game in a presentation at E3, I’m very much intrigued. . . . The star of the demo . . . was undoubtedly the game’s narrative structure and it’s left me thinking Dying Light 2 has a promising future."
Read more on Eurogamer:

"What I was not prepared for . . . was its consistent capacity to scare me senseless. . . . Watching it in action is as breathtaking as the game’s melee focused combat is brutal, and solidifies Techland’s status as the undisputed king of video game parkour."
Read more on GamesRadar:

"Plenty of developers say you’ll have an impact on their game, but few truly deliver. Dying Light 2 is melding story and mechanics in ways I’ve rarely (if ever) seen. . . . Open worlds have been static backdrops for almost two console generations. It’s exciting to see someone finally do something with one of these sprawling maps."
Read more on PCWorld:

"I've seen how choices impact your Dying Light 2 city and I'm sold."
Read more on Rock, Paper, Shotgun:


"Watching the first-person parkour game played well — which I was able to do at this year’s E3 — is like watching an action movie from the first-person perspective."
Read more on Polygon:

"You can swing, grapple, leap, wall run, and blend all of this together to create runs that would make Mirror’s Edge blush. . . . It’s fast, fluid, and I can’t wait to try it all out for myself."
Read more on VG247:

"With so many choices, and so many possible outcomes and play styles, Dying Light 2 is saying that it’s OK to follow your heart. Because whatever you choose, you won’t see everything it has to offer in a single playthrough."
Read more on PC Gamer:

"The systems Dying Light [2] has put in place to offer variety and freedom appear to be encouragingly robust."

Read more on PCGamesN:

"Last year I was interested in Dying Light 2 as a sequel of a good game, but after the demonstration I’m intrigued by what it can offer in its own right."
Read more on GRY-OnLine.pl (Polish only):
Dying Light 2 - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matt Cox)

Dying Light, Brendy will tell you, is the best 7/10 game in existence. I’d tell you that too, and add that it could easily have been more. Perhaps if the plot had been halfway engaging, or if the more interesting second area and grappling hooks (yes, there were grappling hooks) had appeared at some point before the ten hour mark. They’re the kind of problems that a sequel could address, through dressing up fundamentally solid melee combat with necromantic bells and whistles. Based on the E3 demo I’ve seen, Techland appear to be doing just that.


Dying Light 2

The E3 bulletin runs each day of E3 week. Here are 2019's entries: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

E3 Wednesday feels different this year. There's the standard sleep-deprived exhaustion and feeling that we've overdosed on high-definition footage of people being seriously injured in slow motion, but with a lingering sense of having missed something.

What this might be is anybody's guess, as the list of suspects is longer than Phil Spencer's shopping list: Call of Duty? Assassin's Creed? A proper Ubisoft bombshell? Could it be that it's not really E3 without waiting 40 minutes to watch a suited Sony exec reciting statistics no living human cares about? We will not rest until we have answers or until there's a proper row about next-gen leaks, whichever comes first.

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Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is a very ambitious sequel. Its map, Techland tells us, is four times as big as its predecessor's and players will see about 50 per cent of the game's content in a single playthrough. The reason for this is that players will regularly have to make big decisions about the way the game's action unfolds - the consequences of those choices can be as far reaching as determining whether a character lives or dies, sometimes even determining whether you unlock an entire section of the map or not. Having seen about half an hour of the game in a presentation at E3, I'm very much intrigued.

In the hands-off demo, we are introduced to protagonist Aiden Caldwell and The City - a European metropolis and humanity's last true bastion on earth. Fifteen years on from the events of Dying Light, the uninfected population has dwindled to almost nothing, while the infection has continued to spread and change across the globe. Now, The City is on the brink of collapse with drinking water about to run out. Local tavern owner Frank has taken it upon himself to set up a meeting between The City's two main factions - the Peacekeepers and the Scavengers - and a mysterious figure called the Colonel. The Colonel leads a group called the renegades from a fortified water treatment plant with the means and resources to resupply the city. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the meeting went sour, with Frank getting shot by the renegades who then fled in a truck. This is where we saw our first big choice - stay with Frank and help him seek aid, or chase after the truck?

Given there's not much parkour involved in treating a gunshot wound, Aiden gave chase, giving us a chance to see some of the new parkour mechanics - a more versatile grappling hook, dynamic platforming elements and some refined wall jumping in particular - and the decayed European architecture of the city district. Eventually we caught up with the truck and infiltrated the stronghold - a well organised base of operations with crops, community projects and a surprising number of children. Fighting our way to a confrontation with the Colonel, we faced another big choice. The Colonel claimed that the water reserves surrounding his stronghold were the only thing preventing his aggressors from invading the compound and killing everyone inside - he was sympathetic to the plight of those living without water and willing to help, but turning on the pumps was out of the question.

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Dying Light 2 - pawel.wilk

This is Aiden. A survivor in an infected world. The fate of The City is in your hands.

Dying Light 2 coming Spring 2020.

Watch the brand new trailer direct from E3 2019.


Wishlist Dying Light 2 on Steam now.


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