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Helloooo there, welcome to our enchanted castle, please have some bread.

There is no bread here actually, only patch notes, because we've pushed update v1.2.25 today, so if things feel a bit different, that's why.


- You can now play with the keyboard AND controllers! TECHNOLOGY!
- The song playing during the voting process online is now the one that YOU are voting for.
- The "Join" interface button now displays the icons for the controllers actually connected to your computer. Neat!
- Now when going back to the title screen, the player list is reset.
- Players getting resurected from hitting a checkpoint now have a small invincibility period. Just like when your friend saves you!
- Fixed bugs with joining full online rooms.
- Fixed bug where the credits text could explode in the options menu.
- Fixed issue where the "Hardcore" label would not show up between tracks in Playlist mode
- Fixed issue with collisions (especially visible in Legacy and Lunar Whale)
- Fixed issue with keyboard inputs being override by options menu input or backspace in Community room menu.
- Fixed issue with mouse inputs being detected through the Steam overlay
- Fixed issue with the camera doing weird things after rewinding in a scrolling level

Should all be pretty much bug free, but in case it isn't, ping us at troublemakeitdouble@justshapesandbeats.com or join our band of merry peeps on discord, the whole gang is awesome and super helpful!

Hope ya'll enjoy the changes, and if you are new here and just downloaded the game during the sale, please ignore everything I just typed, it was always like this, we would never launch a game with bugs in it...

n e v e r.

Just Shapes & Beats - Valve
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Just Shapes & Beats - BerzerkStudio

As I write these words, our latest update should now be rolled out in all regions, and we're super excited about it, as it's our BIIIIRTHDAYYYYY!

Thrillseekers out there will find a whole new world to bang their head to, every single track has been redesigned, patterns reimaginated, kombats are even more mortal, all that sha-bang.

You can find these in Challenge runs, Online and Offline, as well as in the playlist; I'd say prepare to die, but I hear that this has already been claimed by another game that enjoys their player's misery, so... hmm... prepare to dance.

On top of the new hardcore difficulty, we've added new language support for German, Russian, Traditional & Simplified Chinese. We personally don't speak any of these so if you find something wrong with it, please contact us so we can try to get our lovely translators to fix it!

Bugs and all around issues should be sent over at troublemakeitdouble@justshapesandbeats.com or join our awesome discord community, if we can't answer you right away, I'm certain someone in there will be glad to do it for you!

You all have a wonderful weekend now, inside, playing Just Shapes & Beats, yes.
Just Shapes & Beats - BerzerkStudio

We quietly pushed Mac & Linux builds earlier this week, it seems to work well enough so we're making it official!

Players who purchased the game for PC can now also play on Mac and Linux machines without running some makeshift hack dark wizardry, saves should carry too, so that's a thing!

On the subject of cloud saves, this update changes the way save data is managed, so to make sure everything goes smoothly, run the game after the update FIRST on the computer where you have the most progress. That save will then become your cloud save, everything will be awesome with unicorns and rainbows*.

If anything goes wrong, just send us an email at troublemakeitdouble@justshapesandbeats.com or join our discord community, and we'll get you all patched up in no time!

*no unicorns or rainbows will appears, this is only a figure of speech. Dunno why I felt the need to specify as I'm sure you are smart enough to not expect rainbows or unicorns, but these days you never know.
Just Shapes & Beats - Valve
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Just Shapes & Beats - BerzerkStudio

Super happy to announce that the first Mixtape drops today, YAY.

This Mixtape includes five awesome tracks from Fantomenk, Meganeko, Shirobon and Zef, they can be found in the Challenge Run and in the Playlist, hope you like em!

On top of this, we have a gallon of Quality of life thangs, here's the full changelog:

Δ UPDATE 1.1 ♫
  • Various stage revamps: fixed some cheap shots and safe zones, should now be easier, or harder ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Destroid has now landed in the Challenge Run loop, god help us all
  • BP rebalancing: it should be less tedious to unlock the later tracks
  • Faster Reset: You will no longer return to the map after the IT'S OVER screen, you can still go back from the pause menu.
  • Reset Story: You can now reset your Story Mode progress, in case you'd want to replay it from the beginning and have not unlocked the chapter selection.
  • Discord Rich Presence is now supported
  • We'll be supporting new languages over the months; this month we're adding Korean

If you have any questions or bugs to report, please poke us at troublemakeitdouble@justshapesandbeats.com, or join our discord community, people are super helpful there!

We have a lot more coming, thanks so much for being awesome, it means the world to us!
Just Shapes & Beats - BerzerkStudio
In true indie dev fashion, we just pushed a week 1 patch that should fix most of the desync issues you might have been encountering online. Emphasis on most, and should.

If you encounter any more of these desyncs or have questions about stuff, please email us at troublemakeitdouble@justshapesandbeats.com, or swing by our discord as your question might have already been answered, we're pretty active there!

Thanks so much for all the feedback, the good vibes and for playing. It's been a crazy weekend, you guys are the absolute best!


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