Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard

It's the 1-year anniversary of the Steam launch of the bloodiest puzzle game of all time: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and we're celebrating big time!

For the next 48-ish hours, ALL Blue Wizard Digital games are being discounted in a very special Steam Publisher Sale!

Grab any of our titles or DLC on it's own at a great discount or pick up any of the titles or DLC you've been missing in the "complete-the-set" discounted BLUE BUNDLE!

Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard

Hey Blue Wizard fans! We are proud to announce that the online multiplayer bullet-battling gameshow, is making its official Steam debut! Hop on over to the Steam store and download for FREE today! is a fast-paced 'Free for All' online multiplayer third-person shooter. Jump in different arenas, defeat your opponents using a range of customizable weapons, and look good doing it with character customization and tons of unlockable gear.

Key Features:
  • Fast-paced shooting action: Run 'n gun, improve your score and rewards with kill streaks
  • Three arena levels to play in: Warehouse Warfare, Bar Room Brawl & Carpark Carnage
  • Earn Kill Coins to unlock new Items: Including weapons, hats, heads and costumes
  • Earn XP for equipped gear: Level items up to unlock new Skins and Mods
  • Tons of Skins and Mods available for each Item, with more content coming soon...
Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard

Hey Slayaway Camp fans! We're so pumped to tell you that our good friends in the Seattle Blue Wizard studio have released the game they've been toiling over for what seems like 1000 years: SPACE TYRANT.

For the cold, calculated thinkers of Slayaway Camp, the only logical next-step to terrorizing a lakeside campground is to conquer all of space with an iron fist and powered up laser gun. Space Tyrant is a hilarious fast paced space strategy game that is designed to be played in quick sessions.

It's out on the Steam store today with a 20% launch discount, and even features a couple familiar faces!

Spread the Word!

Space Tyrant has been a labour of love for these guys for years now, and we could use all the help we can get spreading the word about its release! Even if it doesn't look like the game for you, throw up a link on Facebook, pass us a retweet on Twitter, or pin a friend down to the ground and yell maniacally in their face about it for 10 minutes!

Love Skullface & the whole crew at Blue Wizard Digital
Slayaway Camp - (Matt Cox)


I’ve never been into slasher flicks: gore for the sake of gore has a tendency to bore. Gore for the sake of enhancing a smart, top-down puzzle game about murdering cute bobble-headed civilians though? That I can get on board with.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is the followup to Slayaway Camp, both from PopCap co-founder Jason Kapalka’s new studio, Blue Wizard. This time you’re explicitly playing as Jason Voorhees, which essentially makes this Slayaway 2: The Brandening. It’s coming out on Friday the 13th of April, because of course it is.


Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard

An all-new crew of unsuspecting counsellors-in-training are invited to a counsellor training session in preparation of their summer at HELL CAMP. It’s not long before they learn that the one hosting the camp training is none other than sinister Skullface, now in HOLY ANGELIC FORM. It’s also shortly thereafter that they discover the horrifying discovery that the training session is located in the fiery pits of HELL.

Not a single unsaved soul stands a chance against Skullface who disregards the entire camp training plot-line to slice and dice his way through all nine circles of hell and make his way to the poorly decorated bedroom of Satan himself. Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings and this time... the bell tolls for thee.

In celebration of the HORRORS of HALLOWEEN, Hell Camp is a FREE UPDATE to all players of the base game today! Hell Camp will emerge from the depths of hades once you've completed the first 3 movies in Slayaway Camp!


In addition to the horrific update featuring puzzles from the 9 circles of hell, we are also unleashing some new killers! Holy Skullface will automatically unlock as the star of the new movie, plus both Alien Beast + Pumpkin Face are now shoved uncomfortably within the confines of the Mystery Box. Use those hard-earned Skull Coins to unlock them in the new update—all 3 come with their own hilarious Gorepack special kills!


Also in support of Mystic Museum and Ryan Turek, we've created a super special Killer Kode (slashback) that will unlock the "TapeHead" killer featured in the "Slashback Video" Horror Movie Art Gallery + VHS Video Store installation in Burbank California.

If you're in Burbank, check out the installation it features tons of horror memorabilia, art, and in a setting true to the period: an ultra rad nostalgia-laced video store.


That's all for now, but stay tuned because in just ONE WEEK, we drop our brand new Monthly Murderer to players signed up at This month the campers will want to make sure they've got their wrist rockets handy!

Until then, enjoy those flaming pits of PUZZLE HELL!!!


Skullface + The Slayaway Team ːskullfaceːːslayawaycleaverː

P.S. We leave you with this final Halloween treat: a special promo video recorded by our amazing community members: Mr. Candyworm and Batprince!
Oct 4, 2017
Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard

Hey Killers!

Wanted to post a special update today that fixes some bugs and prepares for something special to be coming very soon. Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • BUGFIX: we had this weird issue where sometimes after a bonus kill the game would go to a black screen. This was due to the darkness of the universe coagulating in your computer device causing its internal circuitry to not know what to do next with its life... We input some code to help your computer come to terms with the meaninglessness of the universe and so the black screen no longer happens.
  • NEW FEATURE - Randomize Killer! You can now select an option from the options menu that will randomize the killer you're using every time a new level begins. Do this when you have a bunch of killers and want to add some more surprises to your already surprisey life! (Had to pull this for now as it was having some issues and we didnt want the other fixes to wait while we fixed those issues.)
  • NEW LOCALIZATION! You can now play the game in Simplified Chinese. We're working on getting the store page text converted as well, but for now feel free to switch to Chinese in the language selector!
  • NEW FEATURE: "Message Window" - we've added a special notification window that appears on the shelf screen with any important announcements, game updates, new content, or emergency information. It's pretty integrated right into the game, basically the Tombkeeper pops up to tell you a thing. We have setup a one-time announcement for the PS4/XBox version just to inform players who don't normally check the forums, etc. Once you have seen a message you wont be shown it again, so no worries about eternal spamness or anything horribly horrific like that. We'll also try to use it to give you some special holiday killer kodes from time to time etc. :)
  • LEVEL CHANGE: Movie 8 - Deleted Scene #2 (changed layout of level)
  • PLUS: More bug fixes, optimizations and SUPER ULTIMATE SECURITY updates to make your time in Slayaway Camp more enjoyable and stable across the board.

These update should now be available! Keep your eyes peeled for a very special announcement coming on Friday the 13th... that's next week! (

Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard
We had a patch go out yesterday that had some unexpected issues with save games. We think it only affected a very small number of people, especially because of the super fast responses from our amazing community (thanks BatPrince, JohnOswald & Darkronous The Ascended!) and we were able to roll back to a stable version pretty quickly.

We've used save game files provided by BatPrince and JohnOswald to test the patch more thoroughly and have ensured things should now be super rock solid. The update is now live and there should be little to no issues with it moving forward. If you see something weird after updating, first try closing down the game and re-opening it & it should resolve itself.

If after all that, you still are having issues, or you have lost anything from your save game file, please drop us a line at or comment below and we can do our very best to get you up and running again ASAP.

Thanks for everything!

Skullface & The Slayaway Camp Team
Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard
Hope everyone is having a killer summer, and those camp counsellors are not too much trouble to deal with!

We've posted a new build of Slayaway Camp but its pretty unexciting in the greater scheme, just fixes some weird lil bugs that have been gathering up over time. Hope it makes your Slayaway Camp experience all the more smooth and enjoyable!

  • We've now doubled the coins you get from the 'Faces of Killed 3' Mini-Game, so that's kinda cool.
  • Fixed the 'tap collision' area on the "Select Killer" option on the shelf screen.
  • Fixed issues with walkthroughs not working properly, especially with the "Burn Ward" level, reported by Gamesjunkie (thanks!).
  • Was possible to bring up the Mystery Box after tapping on the TV to unpause a level. This is no longer a thing.
  • Fixed some SFX volume issues.
  • Fixed Steam Achievements, which should also unlock retroactively if you've met the necessary criteria. Especially with "Puppet Master" and "Creep Show" achivements.
  • Increased the saturation on the JimSAW killer's mask, then decreased it again so it looks identical to how it did before this update.
Happy Slaying! ːskullfaceːːslayawayknifeː

Slayaway Camp - (Adam Smith)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

It’s me, the person who cannot understand how anyone can enjoy playing puzzle games because they feel like maths exams. Hello. Did you know that of all the puzzle games the ones I hate the most involve pushing crates around a warehouse? They suck and I would ban them.

I’ve been playing Slayaway Camp quite a lot. It’s a brilliant game about oldschool slasher films and it doesn’t even vaguely resemble those puzzle games that I loathe so much. … [visit site to read more]

Slayaway Camp - Blue Wizard
Hey Killers! We wanted to make sure to squash a few smaller but annoying bugs that have been plaguing users.

We're going to be launching on Android tomorrow so hooray! Also a huge update to iOS (and Android Launch of course) where we are finally able to bring those much coveted deleted scenes and all their flavour text. Originally we were concerned that Apple would think the flavour text was just too flavourful and would banish us from the app store forever, but apparently this was misguided.

If you've been holding out for the Android version, we want to thank you from the bottom of our blackened shrivelled hearts for your patience, and hopefully the launch tomorrow will bring you everything you ever dreamed of and more.


Changelog for v1.6.7
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the game to forget everything it knows when you hit the rewind button in the final scene of My Gory Valentine. The game spent a solid few weeks talking to a shrink and has rediscovered itself and should no longer have any issues with rewinding on that scene.
  • Party's Over actually fixed now. Like, Actually this time.
  • Using the options menu you can now switch the exit portal to something different. Like maybe a cute little Kitty Face!! Or.... a demonic magic summoning circle? Or just leave it as a Pentagram. Whatever.
  • Made the "Level Complete" sound effect a little louder. It just wasn't feeling confident so we took it out for lunch and to a few stores downtown so it could pick out some new clothes. It chose a pretty sweet pair of shoes that it paired up with a brand new sun hat that looks just stellar. It's now feeling a lot better about itself and, as such, has been emitting itself at the proper volume.
  • In Slayaway Camp 6 NC17 Scene #2, there was a victim who refused to die. This actually caused the puzzle to be unbeatable, which was disappointing to anyone who breathes oxygen and plays Slayaway Camp. We've now fixed it so not only does the victim die when they should, but we also made sure that every waking moment while they are alive, they feel a pain and misery so deep that they longingly ache for death.
  • In the final NC17 level of Bloodbath Beach, you can glitch the game to make a sweet innocent little kitty cat kill-able. This bug was found by one of our favourite mass voxel murderers, JohnOswald, and you can only imagine the depths of depravity in this man's mind to be able to unearth and exploit such a richly evil, heinous bug. Oh.. hold on one second... we're just getting word that the cat in that level is actually a huge a$$h*le, terrorizing the other cats in the neighbourhood on a nightly basis, often sending them to the vet for stitches and/or removal of broken claws stick in various parts of their faces. So, actually, JohnOswald is something of a modern day hero. Our hero.
  • Oh and there's a secret somewhere.
  • Plus, I guess we also did a bunch more general optimizations and luscious deep tissue massage. So relaxing.

Happy Camp Camp Slay! Buy Slayaway on Android tomorrow! Buy it on iOS Today! BE HAPPY! SUMMER IS HERE! CAMPING SEASON IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!

Slayaway Team ːslayawaycleaverːːskullfaceː

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