World to the West - ollirain
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World to the West - Scullywen
In World to the West, you'll meet four distinctive heroes, which means four different ways to enjoy the adventure. Maybe you're that kind of player that loves to solve things with your fists; in that case, you will make friends with Lord Clonington pretty fast. But if one of your sweetest dreams is to manipulate minds freely, we have good news for you: you will REALLY enjoy putting yourself in Teri's shoes. Those who came from Teslagrad will find familiar mechanics in Lumina (ah, that good old blink!), and Knaus is the perfect fit for players who want to test their stealth skills.

We've created these mini-trailers to introduce our characters and their abilities. Which one do you like the most?
May 8, 2017
World to the West - Rainypete
Have you tried the game, and you like the music?
Now the World to the West has been released here on Steam.

Before we made this pack, I didn't even know that Steam had it's own internal music player. It's actually pretty great!

All the music is encoded as Flac. This means that it has a pretty good level of quality. Since Steam also plays the format directly, we also do not have to worry about what music players people might have. You can take the music out of it's folder and use it as you wish, of course, but at least there is a base option.

So whether you want to listen to the bossbattle music, the sombre tones of the games start in Teslagrad, or the amazing Clonington theme song, know that it's all on there, and that Bear and Cat, our trusty musicians, have you covered.
World to the West - Aslak
Play for the chance to win a copy of World to the West by following all the clues hidden in this 3D scene with Lumina and the Flailmunks.
World to the West - (Alice O'Connor)

Rain Games’ follow-up to Teslagrad is not, as one might expect, another puzzle-platformer futzing with magnets and charges. No, while World to the West [official site] is set in the same world as Teslagrad, it’s a top-down “action puzzler” which looks a fair sight sunnier and sillier. It looks great and all, as you can see in the recent trailer below – which also confirms a release date of May 5th: … [visit site to read more]


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