Microgons - doghoggler
Microgons is now free including half of the characters, grab a friend and have fun! If you already owned the game before the free version existed and you do not have the DLC please contact us, thanks.
Microgons - doghoggler
Just to give everybody a heads up, at some point within the next few days, we're going to add the option for players to download a free version of Microgons with limited features. 12 characters will be playable in the free version, while all 24 characters will still be playable in the $4.99 paid version. Anyone who buys or owns the game right now will continue to own the full version when the free version is available.

So, if you're having trouble finding a match, sit tight. A boost to the playerbase should be coming soon.

Be sure to add the game to your wishlist if you want to be notified when the free version releases.

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