Rogalia - TatriX

This is a blog-like post where I'm going to share some news and thoughts about the project.

First of all, I've created a new official forum:
As you may noticed I'm not very active on steam forum and I really glad that Kziko is helping me with this. On the other hand, I do monitor our new forum so if you want to contact me directly please use it.

I've also moved in-game news to the forum, so please check patch notes as well as other announcements there.

Diablo-like movement
Since today you can just hold your mouse to move, the same way it works in any diablo-like game. You may also want to check "Settings -> Character -> Obstable Avoidance" as I think they work pretty nice together.

Project status
Some of you already know that I'm working on a project only in my spare time, thus it goes pretty slowly. I'm starting on a new job in August so I will have even less time. Anyways we are working on the game, especially as I can see people are interested.

If you want to support us, please share info about us and visit our forums!

Jun 5
Rogalia - Nanalli
Improved melee combat system. Beats after a 50% swing (cast) become uninterrupted, the movement at this point will be in the queue immediately after the end of the swing. Similarly, a jerk works. With the active movement of the fighting should be easier and smoother, because you do not need to wait until the end of the strike, to be sure that the strike will be completed.

  • Harvesting unripe onion added 1 seed.

  • Chicken nests and other structures should now correctly receive average quality from the components used.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the spell boxes to disappear in the mode of hiding objects. Also in the mode of hiding objects animation spells are now visible.

  • Plant decay/rotting timer extended by 3 days.

  • Removed boulder from respawn.

  • Book removed from scroll recipes.

  • Added two chests - copper and mithril. At the same time, the capacity (not slots) of all existing universal containers has been changed.

  • Monsters with a prefix, as well as monsters in special dungeons, can have significantly more loot and gold. The base loot of many monsters has been changed.

  • The demonic rift is increased, the total reward in the rift is increased several times.

  • Monsters in the demonic rift are divided into camps and fight together.

  • The gutting time of spiders, rabbits and chickens is changed. Spider mandibles can now be sold to NPC's.

  • The message of the day now does not clog the chat with multiple copies.
Apr 30
Rogalia - Nanalli
  • Added magic plow scroll that converts 8 * 8 tiles into tilled land. You can buy it for lemons or craft under Alchemy.
  • At -3 spiders have a plague with a 10% chance on hit.
  • Fixed a bug in which the lootboxes in some cases did not contain enough money.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented resurrection of animals on the altar from working.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the edge of the map was not subjected to regeneration.
  • When disassembling, a particle of pure power shard depends on the quality of the object being disassembled.

  • Carrots and onions grow for 20 hours instead of 24
  • Reduced weight of items: thread, gear, demonic soul, plates.
  • bundle of wood expanded to 48 slots.
Apr 22
Rogalia - Nanalli

The Withdrawal of Vitamins
The Crystal, which is a drop from the Shadows, can be used to store the Vitamins. Combining the Crystal and Vitamins will produce the Blood Sacrifice.

The Daemon Circle can be crafted from Energy and Daemon Souls.

The Perfect and Infernal Enchant can be crafted using a Daemon Circle and a Blood Sacrifice.

Demons and Rogalians no longer drop Scrolls of Infernal Enchant.

The chance of getting Daemon Souls has been reduced.

When Disassembling objects, in addition to 7 Atoms, you can get another object by chance - a Pure Power Shard. Disassembling using simple object such as sharp stones, nails or cutlets, will never have a chance of obtaining the shard. Therefore to obtain it you need to sacrifice expensive items such as armor, weapons, tools and high-level food. The more complex the item is to craft (more steps in the process), the higher the chance of getting higher complex atoms (example R and O atoms).

Disassembly Mechanic:
The disassembly of expensive items can yield higher chances of acquiring different atoms. Therefore for every disassembly there is a yield percentage chance for each atom i.e. disassembly of iron pickaxe may yield (not actual percentages used here but just as an example) 110% for K atom, 90% for I atom and 0% for L, A, G, O and R atoms.

When a yield for an atom goes above 100%, it is taken into account and goes into a formula to increases the chance of producing a power shard as a bonus.

In essence this is why simple items such as cutlets, sharp stones and nails will never give enough extra yield to increase the chances of acquiring the power shard bonus. Consequently the more expensive the item is, the yields for the atoms are much greater and therefore gives a better chance to increase the chances of producing the bonus power shard.

Also, because the chances are very low and the alternative is a raid boss, which not everyone can kill as one person, so as not to tempt fate, the same item can be obtained with the following recipe: 20 Bloody Sacrifice + 2 Bloody Gem.

Added Lootboxes.
Among the contents are Lemons and pure power shard. Lootboxes can be purchased from NPC Sabrina.

Map updated.
Over time, new lakes will appear on it, the amount of land on which edible plants appear will increase.

Claims can now be placed underground (-1 or one level down from top of map).

During the construction of facilities, the final quality is correctly taken into account.

The Rating System now has filters: All Time / 30 days.

The Exchange has a limit on the purchase of assignation notes in an hour.

Chests and bags placed in the area of spells.

When shooting monsters, if something prevents them from getting to the player, they can use the jump.

Snowdrifts begin to melt.

In the information of long-range weapons, Accuracy is removed, the Rate of Fire is shown.

Other Changes
Experience for the initial quests reduced. A merchant license costs 50 gold instead of 2 platinum and requires level 15 instead of 30.

The quiver requires 16 skin instead of 25. The speed of the arrows and bows in crossbows is increased. The arrow recipe for bows and light crossbows is simplified. Crossbows ranging from titanium require another version of arrows. Crossbows require less intelligence for production.

Gems required for t2 weapons require less intelligence. The weapon has various accuracy bonuses, the t2 and t3 options have higher bonuses.

The smelter/furnace now holds a lot of fuel (to see the changes, you will have to build a new one). Chance of mining ores has increased.

Damage tinctures last 50% longer.

The candle recipe is modified to use wax effectively. Potion Cabinet can now hold mushroom tinctures.

Editing food:
Coconut - Fat increased 0.04 to 0.09. Rest of vitamins removed.
Banana - Carbohydrates increased to 0.08 and 0.02 protein added. Magnesium removed.
Raw Mushroom - Magnesium increased from 0.03 to 0.04. Carbohydrates removed.
Fried Mushroom - Magnesium raised to 0.01. Carbohydrates removed.
Mushrooms On Stick - Magnesium to 0.7. Carbohydrates removed.
Vitamins from Grapes increased by 60%.

New stats for Saltwort:
Protein 0.6 Fat 0.9
Magnesium 0.5
Energy 50
Vit / Satiety 4.0.

In the recipe the vegetables is replaced with mushrooms, the chicken was removed, and salt was added. Recipe level is reduced from 75 to 25.

New stats for Mutton Pie:
Protein 1 Fat 1.8
Carbohydrates 0.8
Energy 70
Vit / Satiety 5.14 (was 5).

Potatoes added to the recipe, which can help raise the quality of the pie.

The Satiety of BigTat is reduced to 75 from 90.
The Vit / Satiety is 5.33 instead of 4.44.

The Bavarian Sausage Satiety is raised to 50 from 45.

Rogalik recipe now needs an extra dough.

Mar 26
Rogalia - TatriX

So we are f2p now!

It happened slightly earlier because it was handled by Steam support manually.

First of all, let me say welcome to our new and old players!

Let me remind you that we are a team of two people and we are not professional game developers. We have regular work so we can work on a game only on our spare time. So changes are not delivered as fast as we'd like to, but we are trying our best.

If you have bought a game during the last month before f2p, you can write your character name in the comment section below and I will manually give you a patron status!
Mar 22
Rogalia - TatriX

We are going free-to-play in a week.

We will not change anything in a gameplay because of that. At least not until it will be demanded by players. You still can support us by buying various stuff in our in-game shop.
Rogalia - TatriX

It was a long time since the last update. Today I'm going to do a
servers maintenance so servers will be offline for some time.

Except for internal changes here's what will be deployed:
  • new wyvern and underground wyvern sprites
  • auction house bugfix which prevents old buyups from showing on server restart
  • add patron shop item description
  • other minor fixes and changes

There are some changes planned for the near future. I'm not going into details here, but here is some game related things:
Nov 8, 2018
Rogalia - Nanalli

The slot of open bag is highlighted in the parent bag.

The information about the item is shown in the Craft window.

The checkbox to disable steps sound was added to the Settings.

Nov 1, 2018
Rogalia - Nanalli

Drop from monsters.
Getting 100q of skin sets turned out to be too easy. From now on, the quality of components extracted from monsters will be set at a range other than -2 | +3

Instead of -2, the formula now works:
0 - Qu / 4

Which means that with a 100q monster, a 75q component can now fall out.

Houses for monsters.
Monsters can now get out of any fortifications. Spell casting range increased 8 times.

Scrolls treatment.
Scrolls, while in a group, you can cast on an ally, guided by a scroll on the character's icon.

Arena 1 on 1 and 2 on 2.
The arena now has a character with equal stats and equipment. Elo rating will be updated in patch 0.44 for a new search algorithm.
It will also add the ability to create a duel with the price of entry.

(!)In the demonic rift, you can now get pure power. Experience and loot in this place is increased.

Good and flawless sharpening became cheaper. Flawless sharpening can sharpen level 99 items.

Other edits:
- Fixed an amulet of immortality when triggered in a safe area.
- The quality of the leftover scraps from the triggering of the amulet of immortality depends on the quality level
- Reduced weight of items: bottle, beer / wine bottle, demon heart, brick, wolf tooth, nails and flax flax.
- Vitamins obtained via drug injections are increased by 60%.
- Preved medved and Wyvernhave been increased to level 130 and give more experience.
- The wyverns at -3 received subspecies. The basic wyverns are lower in level and are easier to kill. This has led to an increase in wyvern population
- Increased damage received from Rogalians.
- Fixed bug with repeated death from bleeding.
- Improvements on the Village of the Damned instance
- Corrected long-range weapons: Armor of the targed is now taken into account
- Arrow recipe slightly changed
- Birch has 3 barks instead of 2. Fir 2 bark instead of 1.
Oct 22, 2018
Rogalia - Nanalli

Game process:
- The bug with shield block was fixed.
- Leather armors now uses the right attribute.

Weight changes:
- The carrying capacity formula was changed. The quality of the bag now affects the carrying capacity.
- The dragon bag has received a strength bonus thus adding more carrying capacity.
- The weight of many items has been reduced.
- Horse carrying capacity increased by 2.4 times.

Attribute restriction changes had wrong effects on all players. It affected all stats at once rather than using the stat/attribute opposite system.

Softcap changes:
- The effect of the opposite attributes has been reduced by 2.
- The crafting exp reduction penalty has been reduced by 3. Meaning you are able to craft 3 times as much before a reduction penalty to the exp kicks in.

Softcap fix description:

- The level sets the softcap restriction for attributes.
- Upto 25 attribute points there are no restriction
- If you concentrate on the first 3 stats (Strength, Vitality and Dexterity) and do not put any attributes on the bottom 3 (Intelligence, Perception and Wisdom), you can max the top 3 stats to 100 at level 50.
- Every 2 opposite skill points will reduced the cap by 1. Therefore you need to be level 75 to max all stats to 100.
- If you reach the limit, the vitamins will stack but will not be converted. They are not lost either or used up until there you are able to progress the stat.

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