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New Weapon: Semi-Auto Shotgun
The new shotgun is a departure from the usual play style in the game. Each round needs to be loaded individually and it only holds six. You have to keep in mind how many you have left, otherwise, you can find yourself in a bad situation. In exchange, this weapon provides the highest burst damage in the game. Letting loose a volley of six shots one right after another can take down entire hordes with ease.

New PC Player Weapons
.45 Pistol: Strong single bullet damage with a lower ammo capacity.
7.62 Rifle: Higher damage potential than any other PC player rifle. Large magazine capacity and quick follow up shots mean you can churn out serious damage.

New Loot Drop System
In scavenge levels, all enemies have a chance to drop items now. These items include money, ammo for the PC player, and rare upgrades and skins.

Blood improvements
The blood reaction that a zombie produces when they are shot has been vastly improved. The blood will now eject towards where the bullet was shot from and also has a mist effect that accompanies the blood spurts. Zombie parts and blood drips will now leave blood that pools on the ground.

Zombie Deformation
Zombies can now have their legs/arms blown or cut off.

New Skin: Red Zebra Stripe
This is a new skin that is being added as a potential drop to the loot system. It cannot be bought.

New Weapon Stat Mods
Double stack magazines and different types of ammo that either buff damage to zombies or mutants are possible drops from the loot system.

New Melee Weapon: Katana
Does more damage and has a longer reach than the axe. Also is much better at taking heads off.

City Scavenge Redesign
The City: Scavenge map has undergone a fairly massive redesign. All environmental assets have been replaced with completely new, higher quality versions. The layout has undergone a few minor changes, but is largely the same.

General Improvements
Bug fixes
Locomotion has been improved
Better menu navigation for Oculus users
Improved snap turn for Oculus users

Full patch notes:

-New blood/gore effects on zombies. Mist now erupts when you shoot them. When you blow a head off, the dripping blood will splatter on the ground as well
-Zombies arms/legs are now capable of being blown/cut off.
-New Loot system. On Scavenge maps, zombies will sometimes drop money/ammo for the PC player. Rare drops include damage upgrades for weapons, better magazines, a new skin, and a new melee weapon. Note that this is the only way to obtain the new melee weapon and skin.
-New melee weapon(Katana). Does more damage and has a longer reach than the axe. Much better at slicing heads off.
-City Scavenge has been completely rebuilt to use better looking textures/environments.
-New weapon(Semi-auto Shotgun). This is more of an advanced weapon. It has the best burst damage potential in the, game requires manual reloading of each shell. Requires the player to plan ahead and know how much ammo they have.
-New Skin(Red Zebra Stripe)
-New PC Player Weapons(1911/Semi Auto Sniper)
-VR player locomotion has been refined. Controller position no longer affects acceleration
-Fixed a bug where Oculus players weren't able to easily select items in the menu
-Improved snap turn for Oculus users. Now the joystick on the right controller can be flicked in either direction to turn the camera 90 degrees in that direction
-Weapon follow delay added for PC player when looking around.
-Made slight grip adjustments to a few weapons to better support the Index controllers.
-Improved haptic feedback when shooting weapons
-Removed two of the older zombie models(one has been replaced with a new version)
-Multiplayer stability improvements
-Improved startup logo animation
Containment Initiative - CIDev
1.45 is now live!


-PC Sniper has been completely revamped. Now has the capability to
zoom in or out with the sniper, full animations
-Major texture and lighting facelift throughout the whole game
-New menu system for the PC player
-Two new weapons for the PC player(7.65mm Auto SMG, .45 Pistol)
-Compatibility with the PC standalone version of CI(Releasing next week)

PC Standalone

The PC standalone version of Containment Initiative will be releasing next week for $0.99. You will be able to earn money in single player on nearly all of the existing CI levels. Users will be able to play in the sniper role on Survival: City(Day) and Defense: Bridge in online multiplayer with VR users.

I hope you enjoy the update. Please check the forums for full update notes or if you have any questions or experience any issues!

Thanks for playing,

Containment Initiative - CIDev
This is going to be a quick post, but I just wanted to take a moment to share some of what's in store for the game in the next month!

1.4 Update

New Sniping system for the PC player

The biggest change in 1.4 will be that the PC player's sniping position has been remade from scratch. Now the player has the ability to zoom in using their scope, or stay zoomed out for closer range shots. Full animations have been added for both the starting bolt action, and the upgrade .50 cal rifle.

New menu system for the PC player

The boring green and black menu has been thrown out in favor of a new one that looks far more interesting. Quick camera pans and a more pleasing UI design make this a huge visual upgrade over the old menu system.


(Apologies for the thrown together nature of the video. I cut this pretty quickly..just wanted to give some idea of what's in store for the PC player)

Texture additions and changes

With the help of community member cmaldonado7, I've been able to spice up a lot of the environment and enemy models for this update. Now the supply crates have a nice glow to them that will allow you to spot them much easier(especially in the Factory map). Glow sights have also been added to all of the pistols to make them easier to aim. All of the camflouage weapon skins have been remade by him as well. (And they look way better than before!) We are still hard at work on some of these additions, so there will be more added to the update before it releases.

PC Standalone Release Info

Most of the changes being added to 1.4 are to get the game ready for the PC standalone. It will share all of the updates listed here.

In it's current state, it's getting fairly close to release. I'm shooting for a late February to mid-March release date. (This could changed, so don't hold me to this!)

While I haven't settled on a final price for the standalone PC version, I can promise that it won't be more than a few bucks. I want to make sure people that have friends without VR can join in on the fun without paying much more than a couple dollars.

The PC version will include pretty much all of the content that the PC player can play in the regular version of the game. They will be able to play this all in singleplayer mode.

For multiplayer, they will be able to provide sniper support to owners of the original VR game on both the Survival: City map, and Defense, Bridge map.

Lastly, I plan on giving some beta keys out for testing, so if you have a friend who doesn't have VR and would like to help you shoot zombies in CI, then feel free to post on the forum requesting a key, and I'll try to send a few of these out.
Dec 21, 2017
Containment Initiative - CIDev
This update was pushed earlier in the week, but I wanted to hold off on this announcement until the game was on sale. So just be aware, you may have already seen these changes in game!

Update changes:

All new hit effects

All of the old bullet hit debris effects have been replaced with much higher quality versions. The way they spawn in has been reworked so that now many more instances of them can be called at once. This will result in much more debris flying around when firing at zombies and missing them. It's especially noticeable with automatic weapons.

Axe bug fixes

The axe got a major rework for this update. There were instances in the past where it would not activate at certain points. It used to require big long swings from the player to ensure a hit. It now feels much more refined and is much easier to use. If you have any additional feedback regarding it, please feel free to shoot me a message on the forums.

Happy Holidays!

As another year winds down, I want to again thank the community for their support and interest in the game over the past year. I would also like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, full of great food and great (VR) games! Don't forget, the best way to play Containment Initiative is with friends and family over the break!
Containment Initiative - CIDev


Online Co-op Beta(VR to VR)

Instead of only being able to play co-op locally, the VR player can now player with other VR players online! This feature currently includes two maps: City(Day), and Bridge. You can select the Online Lobby button in the main menu to host or join another players game. This feature will be built out to include more maps over the coming months. If you have feedback, please stop by the forums to leave it.

(Just for additional clarification, this is only for VR players to play online together. VR/PC online support will be coming at some point.)

Weapon Skins

Now that you can play online with other VR players, you need a way to show off all the money you've earned in the game. In the main menu, you'll find a new section that includes these skins that you can purchase with all the money you've earned shooting zombies. Right now, there are multiple variations of camouflage, as well as a gold skin that costs a bit more than everything else, so your friends can be jealous of how much money you've earned in game. The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different skins.
(As a side note on the weapon skins, if you have any requests for skins you would like to see in the game, please feel free to leave a message on the forums.)

Shooting Improvements/Visual Improvements

All weapons now have some additional visual feedback when firing that should make it easier to aim them, as well as provide a much better feel when gunning down zombies. You also may start to notice some updated textures throughout the game. With the help of community member, cmaldonado7, I've been able to give the game some minor face lifts here and there. This will be expanded upon during the next few updates.

More zombie variation

You may catch a new zombie shambling around in the game now. He's a bit overweight, and therefore takes some extra firepower to put him down. Soon, you can expect more special infected to start appearing in the game as well.

Community Assistance

I want to extend a sincere thank you to the following community members: cmaldonado7, Dal1dal, and Callsignsaru, for their assistance in testing the nightly builds of the new online co-op feature. Testing networking capability is monotonous and extremely slow going, so I'm sure after this month of work that's gone into the feature, they are more than sick of me. Please be sure to thank them if you see them posting in the forums, as this feature literally would not have been completed without their help.
Containment Initiative - CIDev

I'm happy to announce that Containment Initiative will soon be getting Online Co-op support. Before this happens, there is still quite a bit of development and testing that will need to occur. That's why I'm announcing that in the next couple of weeks, the Beta branch of Containment Initiative will receive this update so users can get in and start testing it!

As you can see from the video, the basics have been implemented, but there is still quite a ways to go before it's ready for everyone.

With that being said, if you would like to start testing before the beta test begins(it's available right now actually) you can. Go over to the forums and post in the sign up thread and I will get in touch with you to give you access so you can start playing online right away. The functionality is extremely limited, but the basics of two people hopping in to the City level to shoot zombies is functional. There are still plenty of bugs to be ironed out before beta testing starts, so I'm always appreciative of any help you may want to contribute.

I'll be looking forward to playing with you all online soon.
Containment Initiative - CIDev
New Feature: Ground Support Co-op Mode

No longer is the PC player stuck in a single position providing sniper support from above. Now they can join you on the ground as you both explore the level, collect crates, and kill zombies together. This new mode features a few new unlockable items that are exclusive to it. The new mode is available on four different maps.

New Map: Scavenge - Factory

Explore the inside of an abandoned Factory in this new scavenge map. If you've made it to the Bunker and faced off against the mutants underground then you will be happy to know that they have been spilling out into this new factory area. Take full advantage of the new Ground Support mode as the PC player and explore the map along with the VR player.

New VR & PC Weapon: .40 Caliber Pistol

Combining the strength of the .45 pistol and the ammo capacity of the 9mm pistol, this will give you the best of both worlds. Both players have access to this new weapon.

New Streamlined Reload System(Optional; Disabled by default)

In this update I'm introducing the option to enable a streamlined reload system. This is perfect for introducing someone to the game or for their first time in VR. Once you eject your magazine with the touchpad, you simply need to touch the weapon to an area near your chest to reload the weapon completely.
Containment Initiative - CIDev
Ground Support Mode

Soon the PC player will be able to join you on foot in the fight against the undead.

The video below shows off some of the new gameplay on the Bunker map.

This new mode will be part of the larger 1.1 update for Containment Initiative. The PC player will now have full control to move around the level with the VR player. This mode will feature a few different weapon unlock options along with attachments. This mode is currently available on the following maps: Bunker, Scavenge: City, and Defense: Bridge. (More maps will support the feature in the full update.)

Tonight you can subscribe to the beta branch to test this new update. Having so much freedom as the support player on PC brings a new dimension of fun and excitement to Containment Initiative.

As always if you have any feedback regarding the beta of this new feature, feel free to drop by the forums and leave a post.

As a forewarning, this feature is still very early and plenty of bugs are likely to show up. Also, if trying the beta, your save will be upgraded and won't be compatible with an older version of Containment Initiative.
Containment Initiative - CIDev
CI 1.06 Features:

-Headshots will now cause heads to explode in a shower of blood
-If you land a headshot while they are close enough you may trigger a slow motion kill(This can be turned off in the options)
-Ambient noise can be heard in all maps when the music is turned off
-Small Room Mode: This gives players that do not meet room scale requirements the ability to move around a small area even on the fixed position maps. This way they can reach all necessary items required to play

Preview of Slow Motion Headshots:
Containment Initiative - CIDev
Containment Initiative has Launched

It's taken about seven months to get to this point, but I'm happy to announce that Containment Initiative has officially launched.

I want to extend a sincere thank you to all of the Early Access players. While developing the game has been a blast, the highlight has been interacting with the community. The game is without a doubt, much better than it would have been without that valuable feedback.

Community Involvement Going Forward

Just because the game has left Early Access doesn't mean I've stopped taking suggestions and improvements going forward. While I won't be changing the core gameplay, I'm still depending on the community for any feedback in regards to what you would like to see added to the game in the future.

Currently, I plan on releasing a few after-launch content updates focused on new maps and new weapons. If you have any ideas or comments, please feel free to drop by the forums.
Happy Hunting!

P.S. Make sure if you see abnormalmonk on the forums to give him a huge thanks for volunteering his time to create the awesome launch trailer.

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