Apr 22
For The King - Jay-Nic
Hi all,
A minor update today. Mainly for some edits to some localization, as well as a back-end file size update.

Updates / Fixes
  • fixed bug where rain / snow appeared above clouds
  • added ragdoll to forest mystics
  • improved death fx for wraiths and some boss enemies
  • improved Japanese translation
  • fixed a few errors in Korean translation
  • optimized weather FX
  • reduced file size by 0.3GB

-IronOak Games
For The King - Jay-Nic
Hello Adventurers!

We've got a nice juicy update for you today. Lately, we've been focusing hard on console ports, and that's taken up a lot of time.

But all the while we've been slowly working on some balance changes, and quality of life upgrades.

Let's get into some specific highlights.

New Languages!
Japanese, and Korean localization have been added!

Trading Cards
We’ve added 6 trading cards!

Boat Reclamation / Boat Selling
Boats can now be "reclaimed" back into deeds, and carried, or sold. To do so: you can put any boat next to a port/water town, and use the services menu to reclaim it. It costs nothing to do so, but the boat must be fully repaired before you can reclaim it.

Now in the event that you buy a boat in a smaller body of water, you can simply reclaim it, and take it somewhere else. Let the portaging begin!

Difficulty Changes
We've made some rules changes to all our adventures. Apprentice, and Journeyman are now easier by way of increased lives, and Chaos times. This should translate to making the initial difficulty curve of the adventures more survivable.

For the specifics of the changes: scroll to the bottom of this post.

The aim here is to get more people playing Journeyman! This is our favourite way to play, and we're hoping you'll all agree.

AND DON'T FORGET... You can always customize the difficulty of the game with the House Rules button:

Changes to Vexor - FTK Mode
Vexor and his Chaos Hounds on Apprentice and Journeyman have changed. In general, they've both been slowed down a bit, and do less damage. The Hounds are also less evasive, and have less crit chance.
Vexor has been made to exchange some attacks with buffs, and will also do fewer group Chaos attacks.

Updates / Fixes
  • Japanese and Korean languages added
  • Boat Reclamation - turn boats back in to deeds to carry or sell
  • New dead character display in overworld, and on character HUD
  • Fixed an issue where Snow Caves would spawn the royal chest in a room other than the last one
  • Fixed an exploit where infinite gold could be generated in multiplayer
  • Ability to skip the intro videos on game start
  • Fixed an instance where the item card could be stuck on screen between turns online
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an impassible sea hex
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in poison/curse particles not going away in dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where backpacks would not be visible after a revive in a dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where hud text when getting poisoned would appear twice
  • Fixed a rare issue where mashing the options button on a controller while an adventure was starting could result in lost focus and soft lock
  • Removed the ability to accidentally buy the top level pipe that would do nothing, but still spend gold
  • Removed the “buy” option for pipes, which resulted in some confusion

Specific Rule Changes
All Adventures
Apprentice Lore Payout increased from 50% to 60%.
Master Lore Payout increased 140% to 150%.
Apprentice enemy health has been reduced 5% across the board.

For the King
Chaos frequencies:
Apprentice increased from 6 to 8.
Journeyman increased from 5 to 6.

Life Pool:
Apprentice increased from 4 to 6.

Economy Inflation:
Apprentice reduced from 90% to 80%
Journeyman reduced from 100% to 90%

Dungeon Crawl
Life Pool:
Apprentice increased from 2 to 6.
Journeyman increased from 1 to 3.

Economy Inflation:
Apprentice reduced from 90% to 80%
Journeyman reduced from 100% to 90%

We also added Vision Scroll to town staples on Apprentice and Journeyman that will mean they are readily available for purchase to help you find all the hidden locations.

Frost Adventure
Life Pool:
Apprentice increased from 4 to 6.

Economy Inflation:
Apprentice reduced from 90% to 80%
Journeyman reduced from 100% to 90%

Into the Deep
Life Pool:
Apprentice increased from 4 to 6.

Economy Inflation:
Apprentice reduced from 90% to 80%
Journeyman reduced from 100% to 90%

May your dungeons be bursting with loot
-IronOak Games
For The King - Jay-Nic
Hey all,
We hope your holiday times are going well.

Starting now until January 7th, there is a new Lore Store Unlock in honour of New Years!

Buy it now, own it forever, but hurry because it will be locked away after the 7th!
For The King - Jay-Nic

Greetings Adventurers!

We have a nice little holiday surprise for you today.

From now, until January 7th, you can find holiday themed content in the Lore Store. A new Hat and Backpack. Get them now, and keep them for life.

Hurry before they disappear on the 7th! Or you'll have to wait a whole year.

Happy Holidays,
IronOak Games
For The King - Jay-Nic
Hi guys,

A simple hotfix here.

We fixed a problem with the Sea Kings boat damages. They were doubling up in some instances, and this was a bug... We apologize for this, and it certainly caused undue frustration.

Also, there was a problem with a treasure chest that would crash if it turned in to a mimic - this is fixed as well.

Happy weekend!
Dec 13, 2018
For The King - Jay-Nic
Greetings all,
Some updates for you today.

We’ve received a number of reports from people who are getting shipwrecked and believe their run is over - but we just wanna remind everyone that the safety stone in your inventory can get you out of dangerous situations like that.

Fixes / changes
  • Added shipwreck notification to remind players of the safety stone
  • Fixed a bug where a particular treasure chest in Gold Rush was not collectible
  • Fixed an issue where during the loot phase, the item card could disappear and not reappear if the player was mousing over belt items
  • Polished the model of the Female Hunter
  • Added missing “remote location info” over the player HUD (eg: ‘In Market’) for when playing online and another player is in a haunt, sanctum, or stone hero

IronOak Games
Dec 6, 2018
For The King - Jay-Nic
Hi guys,

We've got some hotfixes for today.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing a boat with a controller would result in lost control
  • Fixed an issue where resuming a game from Dungeon Crawl could result in a black screen
  • Fixed an issue where the item menu could remain open in combat permitting exploitation
Dec 5, 2018
For The King - Jay-Nic
Hello Adventurers,

We’ve got a small update that includes a fix for the Item Use Bug. We thank you so much for your patience with this one. I say a fix, but we instead decided to rebuild the whole interaction of items. We really like it, and we hope you do to!

Now in both the stores, and player inventory: you’ll be greeted with a handy vertical context menu.

And YES. It closes with escape, or “b” on the controller, or by clicking anywhere off of it. ;)

Fixes / changes
  • Fixed the inability to use/equip/buy items with a brand new snazzy item interaction menu
  • Fixed a bug where you could not use the safety stone with a controller
  • Added a snazzy new intro splash logo and screen

IronOak Games
Dec 3, 2018
For The King - Jay-Nic
Ahoy, bucko’s!

We have some juicy fixes for you. Sadly: we have not yet fixed the inventory item use bug because we just can’t seem to reproduce it. So we’re going ahead with some dramatic reconstruction of that whole system which should bypass that issue altogether. We expect that will be ready some time this week.

Fixes / changes
  • Fixed an issue online where the Treasure Hunter would not be unlockable if the host already had it
  • Fixed an issue where getting killed by a powder monkey by splash damage would not trigger the Achievement
  • Fixed an issue where the new lore store items could become non-unlockable
  • Fixed a freeze when a treasure chest, or treasure clam that turned into a mimic would result in a hang online[*/]

IronOak Games
For The King - Valve
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