RutonyChat - rutony
► #Twitch. Added wider integration of points. Added to support points in the Raffle, Event for bot presets and Remote Control presets.
IMPORTANT! To capture points you need to go through authorization again, for example, in Settings - Alerts - Host - Twitch.
How it works? Create a reward on the site for the amount of 3000, create in the program, for example, a preset for the bot for the event - Twitch Points for 3000 points, and then as usual, the keywords $name, $text are also supported. By analogy in the Draw and in Remote Control.
Scripts. The event and amount are thrown into the NewMessageEx method, into the dictionary for Automatic scripts.
► Bot. Adjustment of Events for presets.
► Other minor fixes
RutonyChat - rutony
► Dividing the type of messages into the system (messages about connections), regular (regular messages in the chat), notification (donate, subscriptions, etc.) and special (special highlighted message, now it is primarily messages for #Twitch points). This division is conditional, it is used primarily for themes. The following themes have been adjusted to display all types of alerts (it is possible to update other popular themes), all other themes remain with the same output:
- battlefield4
- blue-bounce
- default
- rounded-block
► Replacing the Parameters form for Themes, scripts and labels. Now there is support for grouping parameters, which allows you to visually ungroup settings to facilitate setup. The theme is now dynamically stretched, which allows you to not limit the number of settings. For design themes, support for the style of writing text appeared - Bold, Inclined, etc. And also support for color transparency (for example, you can make a translucent message block and display in #OBS, this setting does not affect the game mode)
► New color picker. It has support for the Eyedropper tool and the transparency level for the color.
► #Twitch. Points. Highlighting posts with scores for the topics listed above. Added settings in Settings - Speech messages - Only special messages for points (allows you to voice messages for points). Fixed sending private messages through Bot. Now the Founders are displayed correctly, as they are correctly taken into account in a number of settings (bot, etc.). Fixed output of subscribers icons for 5 and 9 months
► #VKontakte. Viewer counter adjustment
► #Mixer. Removed messages with stickers and sparks
► Added support for payment aggregator from #Yandex - # Donate.Stream
► #QIWI. Fixed connection to the payment aggregator
► Raffle. Random selection fixed. In some cases, re-selection of people in certain places could happen.
► Alert Designer. Fixed effect settings for all keywords, now it works correctly. Word wrap fixed, now there are no gaps in letters. A setting has been added to Limits - Alert border (relevant for all types of subscriptions and subscriptions, including gifts), thereby allowing alerts to be made for a certain period of subscription
► Bot. Bugfix - Event New subscriber, could bring down preset sites. Added setting in preset - Only selected viewer. For setting Only available to ranks added interval (interval between ranks)
► Ranks. Correcting the withdrawal of loans, setting up the accrual of loans for subscribers took incorrect data
► Developer Console. The correct debugger link now opens
► Other large number of fixes
Oct 16, 2019
RutonyChat - rutony
► #Twitch. Minor API adjustments. The exchange protocol has been updated due to which some may have problems, in the form of problems obtaining the number of viewers and information about subscribers. In connection with the transition of the site to a new version of the protocol. Founders support - this is a regular subscriber for the program (it is not yet clear what with the icons, they will be supported later, the subscriber icon will be used now).
► #Mixer. Fixed support for paid emoticons
► Other minor adjustments
Oct 1, 2019
RutonyChat - rutony
► #Twitch. Minor API adjustments. Now correctly work out, for example, the label Number of subscribers according to the site. Game selection in renaming. Sub icon for some months, which may not be displayed correctly. Etc.
RutonyChat - rutony
► #YouTube. Fixed connect to platform

ps. Restart steam for update
RutonyChat - rutony
► #Twitch. Minor API fix. Subscribers icons, time tracking for ranks, authorization for subscribers. Stream time for the! Up team has been fixed.

IMPORTANT! If time is not tracking for ranks and showing messages of receiving data about hosts and subscriptions. Repeat authorization in Settings - Alerts - Twitch - Subscribers.
RutonyChat - rutony
► #Twitch. Updated API version to version 5.
RutonyChat - rutony
► Fixed connection to #Facebook
► Added option to connect to #Facebook
► Several minor fixes
RutonyChat - rutony
Connection fix for #Douyu
RutonyChat - rutony
Fix duplicate messages from #youtube

Some other minor changes, more test for the 5th version of the program. For example, the conclusion of the number of viewers on the Steam and so on.

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