HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe
Come say hi to our Lead Programmer, Dec Doyle
and feel free to ask any questions about the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe
Small Soldiers,

We're very excited to announce that HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed will be available for pre-purchase on the Switch eShop tomorrow. (13/01/20) For those who want to get in on the toy-themed action can do so by pre-purchasing the game at a discount with 10% off its $19.99 launch price. The game will officially release Jan 31, 2020 on the Nintendo eShop.


    Game Features
  • Co-op - Fight for Toy-kind, together. Squad up with 3 other players in Online / Local Co-op and save the HYPER-CORE from total annihilation.

  • PvP – Plastic vs Plastic. Go head-to-head against other small soldiers as you fight to become top of the scoreboard.

  • Single-player - Not every hero needs a team. Are you a lone wolf and prefer to play offline on your own? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

  • Split-screen - Old school. Buddy up on the sofa and blast the enemy as a team. (4-player Split-screen when connected to the dock).

  • Explore - The Sky is your limit. Well, the top shelf is. Unlimited freedom to scavenge each environment for credits, coins, batteries and if you’re skilled enough collectables.

  • Fortify - Defend what you swore to protect. Build turrets, traps, walls and fight off evil hordes of weaponized toys. Watch out for the T. Rex.

  • Progression - You deserve to look the part. Earn XP, unlock skins and customize your action figure and weapon. Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you can’t look the part.

  • Strategies – The Art of Defense. Discuss tactics with your squad and plan out the best form of defense. Teamwork is crucial if you want to earn the highest tier rewards.

  • Difficulty – A choice for the whole family. With Casual, Regular and Expert, there’s always a mode to suit your level of skill.

When will we leave Early Access?
Within the next 1-2 months. We are so close! And we have a big update planned for launch!

Submit a Review: https://store.steampowered.com/recommended/recommendgame/523660 I've mentioned this before, if you enjoy playing Unboxed, writing a quick review helps us out more than you can imagine. It only takes literally less than a minute and every positive review helps further promote the game. If you have already submitted a review but have friends who play the game, it would be great if you could ask them to submit a review too. Thanks for your support, we really do appreciate it!

Thank you for being awesome fans! - Joe

Digital Cybercherries Ltd.


Small Soldiers,

The Plague has players jumping, climbing and shooting their way through a bunch of ultra-realistic, home environments. The levels may have a friendly home-appeal, but you’re just a pint-sized action figure. You must time your jumps and use your weapon wisely. Ammo is randomly spread throughout the map in the form of plastic BB-pellets, forcing players to move should they be trigger happy.

Players who start with the plague must use their abilities to their advantage. Such as extra speed and special vision which grants sight on the whereabouts of each living player.


New Content & Improvements:
  • New Plague Mode!
  • Added new Loading Screens!
  • Improved intro video keyframe timing to prevent "choppy" video
  • Added improved tooltip system to menu
  • Improved new Options > Multiplayer screen
  • Added plague button and halloween unboxed logo
  • Added new Map description/preview tool tips
  • Added map subtext descriptions
  • Added force feedback and recoil for the missing weapons (Flamethrower, GrenadeLauncher, Laser, Minigun, Shotgun, Sniper)
  • Added name of person who killed you in PvP
  • Added consistent menu buttons to missing places in the UI
  • Blueprint fade effect is quicker in PvP
  • Disabled destroying buildables until they're repaired
  • Added claw to plague mode survivors
  • Adjusted claw attachment materials
  • Added nightmode option to display mode for playing at night
  • Improved tool tip performance
  • New Plague Mode music track
  • Improved menu map preview cubemaps
  • Text unlock improvements for customization menu
  • Improved FP weapons to have higher quality Mips and LODs
  • Chungus FX optimizations
  • Gliderplane idle time adjustment
  • Disabled ability to glitch and stand upon world boundary actors
  • AntiAir Turret Damage + Power adjustment, Sense range increase
  • Adjusted net issues for health and shield state

    Various Fixes:
  • Fixed spectator gamepad controls
  • Fixed invalidation panel errors causing "frozen" menu
  • Fixed UI scale not working in options
  • Fix for loading screen not lasting during level change
  • Fixed blueprint fx issues when travelling between worlds when player and world has not loaded yet on clients.
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby brightness issue on low settings quality
  • Fixed texture streaming in airhockey shuffle.
  • Fixed toypalace prop fade distances
  • Fixed inability to unlock rocket turret x3
  • Fixed HUD displaying of Axis binds instead of just Actions
  • Fixed meanbot and spinner damage sometimes not occurring
  • Fixed loadout menu navigation for players
  • Fixed cheats menu not receiving input sometimes
  • Fixed broken and/or missing unlocks, added new chrome material unlock
  • Fixed not being able to select locked character types
  • Fixed XP not being shown on scoreboard
  • Fixed explosion damage and FX inconsistencies
  • Fixed local players team icon missing in lobby
  • Fixed formatting on options UI's so they no longer go off-
  • Fixed Advanced Settings button name on ingame menu
  • Fixed issue in which actors could spawn with zero health
  • Fixed pickups not colliding with players
  • Fixed loadout sub menu lists when res scale
  • Fixed jets aiming system
  • Fixed quick controls wasted space
  • Fixed soldier random heads and body parts not working properly
  • Fixed end of round stats menu for PvP
  • Fixed collision on cabinets and cardboard box props
  • Fix for incorrect weapon impact physics and particles
  • Fixed Lobby lighting issues resulting in dull players
  • Fixed some server updates repeatedly happening until values have been changed
  • Fixed calculating player ranks before game-end to prevent strange "player draw" issue
  • Fixed enemy AI using outdated "safety" system instead of new system
  • Fixed Attic_Daytime PVP props, collision fixes
  • Fixed Weapons not triggering stop-sound on detatch
  • Minor fixes to garden nav paths, jet balancing and physical mat for cardboard boxes
HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe

Attention Soldiers,

Player versus Player, or rather; Plastic versus Plastic is now available! Don’t fear, although this major update revolves around PvP, we’ve still pushed out multiple changes to PvE. I would also like to emphasise; we haven’t forgotten about PvE. PvP was hugely requested by the community. It didn’t take a huge amount of development time. We agree with most of our players that PvP is a fantastic addition to Unboxed. It gives you a break from PvE and overall opens the game to more players.

As always, please let us know what you think of PvP, and the changes to PvE. Discord is the best place to get in touch. Thank you so much for continuing to support us. We truly appreciate it. The game keeps getting better and better, thanks to you amazing lot! Early 2020 is when we'll leave Early Access, and when that time comes, I'm confident HC:U will be something of a masterpiece.

New Content / Improvements:
  • Added 8 player PVP (New Lobby, Game Mode Selection, Team Play, Random Music Selection, Spinning medal image for the participation award.)

  • Added adjustable Game Rules system for changing game options.

  • Added Voice lines for Characters + Radial Menu Voice command system.

  • Improved Gameplay flow waves for maps (Improved controller gameplay, difficulties, core balance and costs)
  • Added Footsteps SFX for all materials.

  • Added Physical Materials for All maps and physical material sounds and bullet impact particles.

  • Added temp Max Ammo overlay for introduction and tutorial in the future.

  • Added new customizable Avatar system.

  • Added new tool tip overlay system. (ability to see how to unlock things by hovering over them)

  • Added new music track for Lobby.

  • Added new music track "ChopperWolf" for Kitchen.

  • Added power node icon when holding batteries.

  • New controller binds system and "quick controls" preview UI. (Hold F1 or Down on DPAD)

  • Added double jump VFX.

  • Added Pausing when entering In-game menu when playing a Local Game!

  • Added proper gamepad UI navigation and interaction. (No more UI cursor)

  • Added previous and next keys to gamepad bumpers.

  • Added Scoreboard visible over EndOfRound by holding TAB or SELECT.

  • Added More hinges and hinge fixes on Bathroom, Garage, Kidsbedroom and Kitchen.

  • Added new Message & Point Feed system.

  • Added Kick & Ban players to In-Game Players List.

  • Added camera lean.

  • Added new weapons SFX for NPC soldiers.

  • Improved new audio mix for all SFX.

  • Added Hit & Critical Hit SFX.

  • Added gamepad acceleration & gamepad axis exponent.

  • Improved design for traps and turrets.

  • Added "Retry LeveL" button to End of Round menu.

  • Split-Screen now takes up full screen per play. (No black border)

New Fixes:
  • Fixed a couple of rare crash issues.

  • Many improvements to AI, pathfinding and decision making on all maps.

  • Improved networking on Traps and Turrets.

  • Optimized materials, shaders, textures and SFX for environment and NPCs.

  • Fixed Death screen not appearing for some clients on death.

  • Fixed UI scaling on End of Round when in Split Screen.

  • Improved death message system to support PvP.

  • Added player killed player messages.

  • Fixed AI sometimes being stuck in looping "death" state. (Chopper on kitchen)

  • Fixed Chopper AI issues.

  • Fixed strange vignette issues when shield is recharging.

  • Turret and Traps optimisation and fixes. (Power usage, aiming, behaviour)

  • Updated cards and visuals for traps .

  • Improved text prompt text system.

  • Fixed quick controls not being able to be bound.

  • Fixed gamepad acceleration slowdown when running in low FPS.

  • Fixed settings not being applied after being saved.

  • Improved flashlight shadows system.

  • Find game name fix.

  • Added game mode to server browser and find game system.

  • Added game mode filtering for Find game menu system.

  • Added glider plane to game scoring.

  • Fixed prop collision issues on a few maps.

  • Fixed jetpack counting as an attachment for weapon sounds.

  • Fixed playerstate on local clients not receiving net messages. (Fixes split screen names and character data)

  • Fixed scrolling map selection with gamepad.

  • Fixed radial menu action key.

  • Improved old Lobby UI.

  • Improved lobby flow and server travelling.

  • Adjusted networking of some music states.

  • Build tool is no longer dropped when giving weapons.

  • New game announcement system.

  • Fixed many "player stuck" areas on various maps.

  • Fixed weapon particles (muzzle, tracer, flame, laser) when in split-screen.

  • Fixed split screen floating lights when you've collected a collectible.

  • Fixed player missing avatars in lobby.

  • fixed game not ending when all active cores are dead.

  • Fixed lobby map selection not being full screen.

  • Removed camera shake FX when not controlling the player.

  • Added indicator, shotgun, damage improvements.

  • Fixed end of round input in split screen.

  • No longer required to use mouse for players to skip through menus.

  • Fixed game user settings not preloading resolution settings if you make a new version of the user settings system.

  • Don't drop current pickup if reload is pressed.

  • Fix for DPI scaling issues on HUD.

  • Fixed mines and rockets hurting players.

  • Many other fixes/optimisations and quality of live improvements!
  • [/quote]

    Submit a Review:

    If you enjoy playing Unboxed, would you mind writing a quick review about it? It takes literally less than a minute and every positive review helps further promote the game. (Which in the end encourages people to buy it and provides us with more funding to update it more frequently) If you have already submitted a review but have friends who play the game, it would be great if you could ask them to submit a review too. Thank you!

    Have fun and thank you! - Joe

    Digital Cybercherries Ltd.

    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe
    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is an Early Access game. We are focusing on developing it with you. I understand your biggest concern is currently the playerbase, and we understand that. However, at this moment in time, it’s not our biggest worry. Our main priority is to make sure the game is super polished for full release, ensuring your awesome ideas and suggestions have made it into the game. Once we’re closer to full release, we will then go full throttle with marketing, having a much greater focus on attempting to attract new players.

    Hi everyone,

    We apologise for the lack of updates recently, it's been one heck of a busy month for us! I'd like to talk a little bit about Early Access and the obstacles we face when balancing a live game. Right now, HC:U is very polished, and much of your feedback is already in-game. We take pride in listening to what you have to say, working together to ensure the end result of the game becomes something special, and something that you all will love to play. But we’re not quite yet at the finish line. What you are playing now, is not final. We understand the gameplay is not perfect, most of what you see is a work-in-progress. At this stage in development, the emphasis is on testing, tweaking and fine-tuning. We may add certain mechanics to the game that simply don’t work, but at the same time, we may add something that does work. The moral of the story is; we won’t know unless we try.

    Essentially, it’s very likely you are going to experience the following:

    • Unbalanced updates.

    • Balanced updates.

    • New gameplay features.

    • Features that get removed.
    • But all the above leads to:
    • A game developed with the community in-mind.

    • Gameplay that is balanced in accordance to the majority of player feedback.

    • Features you want added to the game.

    • No Pay-to-Win or Loot-boxes.
    • Okay, but when is full release?
      We still have a good few months ahead, but it's very likely we will officially leave Early Access, early 2020.
      So... When is the next update?
      We're aiming to release an update before the end of this month.
      Cool, but what is in the next update?
      A PvP gamemode and lots of PvE adjustments / improvements.
      Console Release?
      We are launching on the Nintendo Switch, hopefully before the end of this year. As for Xbox and PlayStation, this depends on how well the game is received on Switch and PC.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft4ujercvr0
      HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed is an Early Access game. It's not yet finished. We will continue to develop the game with you, and then do our best to get the game into the hands of new players. The beauty of Early Access is that it has helped us allocate specific tasks / features. It's wonderful to read such awesome ideas and feedback that you submit. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support.
      If you were at this years Gamescom and came to see us, thank you for visiting our booth!Have a great start to your weekend! - Joe Digital Cybercherries Ltd.
    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe

    Small Soldiers,

    Win a NIGHTSWORD RGB mouse & MM350 XL Extended mousepad + Steam key for HYPERCHARGE: UNBOXED.

    5 runner up winners will win a Steam key!

    (You'll need a twitter account to enter)

    To win:
    🔁 RT & ❤️ this
    🕑 By 10pm, August 18th(CEST)


    Winners will receive a DM from our official HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed twitter account.

    Lastly, I would like to say the following; if you’re going to moan about not having a twitter account and how unfair this giveaway is, please don’t. We are very generous and considerate developers. In fact, we’ve given away 100’s of Unboxed Steam keys in giveaways so far. I’ve taken a lot of time to team up with CORSAIR so you, our awesome community have the chance to win some epic stuff.

    Future giveaways are not always going to be dedicated to one social platform. But in this case, it is. Don't worry, there will be more giveaways soon.

    I hope you understand and good luck!
    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe


    We have some exciting news, and as the title already states; PvP is on its way! We're currently balancing the gameplay, making sure spawn points for players, ammo and weapons are where they need to be. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about PvE. You've provided us with so much feedback, it's been super helpful and we're doing our best to implement your ideas.

    So, what's PvP like? Well, a ton of fun! It's nice to have a break from PvE and just battle it out with friends. Option-wise, we have Deathmatch, Team deathmatch and a bunch of server modifications so that you can tweak the gameplay to your liking. It's likely we'll add more game modes in the future, such as; Capture the flag and other classics.

    Find more Small Soldiers:

    As mentioned previously, we are working on balancing, tweaking and fixing bugs for PvE. Again, please keep sending in your ideas and suggestions, without you this game would not be possible. A big thank you to those who continue to support us. :)

    Have a great start to your weekend! - Joe

    Digital Cybercherries Ltd.

    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe

    As always, thank you to all who are providing feedback, we appreciate it. What are you waiting for Soldier? You've got some melting to do!

    Find more Small Soldiers:

    If you are enjoying the game, I cannot stress enough how important reviews are. It doesn't take long to submit one and helps us out as a team tremendously. You can post your review here.

    New Content & Improvements:
    • New Flamethrower weapon! Can damage and melt multiple toys at once!

    • New flashlight attachment for dark maps!

    • Added new Battery Charger station. Spawns after completing a map on Platinum, Ruby or Diamond difficulty

    • Throw Batteries into Power Nodes & Chargers!

    • Underwater SFX system added to Garden

    • New melting plastic system for all enemies. (Other flame sources now melt enemies)

    • Improved weapon sounds, turret sound attenuation fixes

    • Improved hit response animations on Soldiers and Experiments

    • Added new Music Prompt, will now show what music track is playing from the OST

    Various Fixes:
    • Fixed DPI scaling in Split Screen. Now improved HUD scale works for Horizontal Split Screen

    • New death screen icon and death text messages

    • Fixed Power Nodes battery not being knocked out by some enemies

    • Fixed Power Nodes being attacked after battery fell out

    • Fixed health bar lack of blur in Arcade map

    • Finally renamed 'Legs' to 'Bipod'

    • Added power cables to Slot Machine and Battery Chargers when they're activated

    • Fixed Mine Trap damage radius and doing damage to Cores

    • Fixed Rocket Turret doing damage to the Core

    • Fixed jets crashing in Garden

    • Extended the length of time of the Player Pointer

    • Fixed Garden map not being unlocked for some users

    • Shortened Cargo Plane path on Garden

    • Fixed some issues with the waves in Operation Alley

    • Fixed Meatbags having spark FX as a ragdoll

    Don't burn yourself! - Joe

    Digital Cybercherries Ltd.

    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe
    Another Hotfix. Keep your feedback coming!

    Find more Small Soldiers:

    If you are enjoying the game, I cannot stress enough how important reviews are. It doesn't take long to submit one and helps us out as a team tremendously. You can post your review here.

    Hot Fixes:
    • Crash fix for when joining a server while someone is picking up an item

    • Crash fix for when someone far away kills a Meatbag

    • Crash fix for broken casting system in blueprint nativization

    • If a player leaves, their credit should be split amongst other players, but subtract the credit count earned from the coins they collected

    • New dynamic Lobby music to keep the lobby fresh!

    • Fixed lobby 'back' button not being selectable sometimes

    • Fix for chat getting stuck and not allowing players to type

    • Turret bases will not spawn on turrets that have a pre-defined fort/structure

    • Fixed collectible pickups not being given to clients on a server

    • Fixed a few spammy console messages

    • Fixed UI and HUD scaling not updating

    Watch out for Spinners! - Joe

    Digital Cybercherries Ltd.

    HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed - [DCC] Joe
    Small Soldiers,

    The main issue with enemies getting stuck has hopefully been resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. As always, thank you all so much for your feedback. We're the type of developers who believe players should be put first and not last. Keep up the great work and let's continue developing Unboxed together. Full release, here we come!

    Don't forget, we very recently released the ToyRex update! Go check it out :).

    If you are enjoying the game, I cannot stress enough how important reviews are. It doesn't take long to submit one and helps us out as a team tremendously. You can post your review here.

    Find more Small Soldiers:

    • New Enemy Safety system should fix almost ALL enemy stuck outside play area issues', on all maps!

    • Fixed BouncyBall and Spinners getting stuck inside vents.

    • Added Disable Damage Flash option to gameplay options

    • Fixed non-solid VHS tapes in Attic

    • Fixed stuck spot in Operation Alley

    • Added new key bind option for changing
      weapon/buildable using keys 1, 2 and 3

    Keep on defending, soldiers! - Joe

    Digital Cybercherries Ltd.


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