Jul 20, 2018
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
Version 1.1E improves line wrapping (affecting the PRINTLINEWRAP subroutine) and parsing (affecting the PARSE subroutine).

Windowed mode has been improved. However, we still recommend fullscreen mode for best performance.
Jun 13, 2018
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
Version 1.1D of Ozapell Basic includes several minor improvements and bug fixes.

Changes include fixes to the help system, improvements to all text input (but also affecting the subroutine TEXTINPUT), a fix for SWITCH/CASE statements to better support string comparisons, and a fix for a rare bug in the IF/ENDIF and IFNOT/ENDIFNOT statements that could sometimes lead to illogical results.
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
Version 1.1C adds a new shortcut for ARRAYINDEX.

Previously, random accessing the first entry in MYARRAY would require these lines of code:


With the shortcut, only these lines of code are required:


Have fun!
Feb 1, 2018
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
Version 1.1B adds support for the number pad. Numbers can be entered anywhere while NUMLOCK is on. The arrow keys, PGUP/PGDN, DEL, HOME and END will only be useful in the fullscreen editor (type "EDIT" to use) or in user created programs.
Dec 26, 2017
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
Version 1.1A now offers a second keyboard layout. If you are using a non-US keyboard, you might try this second layout for better compatibility.

Type "KEY 2" when you start Ozapell Basic to switch over to the second keyboard layout. Type "KEY 1" to switch back to the default layout.

We hope this helps!
Dec 3, 2017
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
The latest version adds Graphics Mode 3 (beta). While Graphics Mode 1 has a resolution of 320x180, the new mode provides a resolution of 1280x720. All subroutines except SCREENSAVE and SCREENRESTORE support this new mode.

Pressing ALT + ENTER will now toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode. However, windowed mode is currently EXTREMELY slow. It will be unusable except on the fastest PCs.

Please report any bugs you discover to the Steam discussion forum and we'll address them as soon as possible.

Have fun!
Oct 23, 2017
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
Ozapell Basic has left Early Access on Steam.

We designed Ozapell Basic to be as simple as possible including the implementation of a retro 1980s interface. Our goal was to make a programming language that new programmers could use without having to learn a complicated modern language. We borrowed heavily from javaScript so our users would learn programming fundamentals that carry over to modern languages. In this way, Ozapell Basic can be a stepping stone to learning javaScript or other C family languages (C++, java, C#, etc.).

If you discover any bugs, please report them on the discussion forum and we will fix them as soon as possible.

Have fun!
Sep 27, 2017
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
The built-in help system has been fully updated to include all editor commands, BASIC keywords implemented and all subroutines in the provided library.

We are now focused on adding additional demo programs and expanding the beginner's manual. We expect to leave Early Access within a few weeks.

After the official 1.0 release, we will continue to support Ozapell Basic and add new features.
Aug 24, 2017
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
In our continuing effort to make Ozapell Basic a stepping stone to programming with modern languages such as javaScript, we've added some new features found in the C family of languages (java, C++, javaScript, etc.).

You can increment the value in a variable with ++ and decrement the value with --.


VAR is assigned 10, incremented to 11 and then displayed.


VAR is assigned 10, decremented to 9 and then displayed.

CASE statements now pass through to the next CASE statement if no code is provided.


PRINTLINE "5, 10 OR 15"

VAR is compared against the values in each CASE statement. Here the value is equal to 10 which causes the code under 5, 10 and 15 to execute.

Have fun!
Aug 3, 2017
Ozapell Basic - Ozapell
The latest version of Ozapell Basic adds a demo system to help new programmers begin with sample code.

Type "DEMO" to list the available demos. Currently there are only four available. More demos will be added before our 1.0 release.

Type DEMO [NAME] to load a specific demo into memory.

After a demo program is loaded, you can list, run, edit and save the program. Use the demo program as a starting point for experimenting and developing your own programs.

Have fun!

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