Quick Draw - Danny

I've got a few quality of life improvements that should make playing the game a little easier.

Patch Notes
  • All buttons on the main menu can now be interacted with by shooting them.
  • Holsters now have a model to represent them instead of a sphere.
  • Increased the overall holster "drop/grab zone". Grabbing and dropping should be much easier.
  • Fixed score submission issue on leaderboard.
  • Fixed Bomb Defusal leaderboard sorting issue.
  • Fixed quit button on lobby controller menu.

Quick Draw - Danny

The release of this week's multiplayer update has made me realize that the game's menu needed some serious work. So I spent the last day redesigning the main menu to something much cleaner and easier to expand upon.

After spending some time hosting a few public games it became clear to me that the host should have something to do while waiting for another player. I added a variety of respawning targets so hosts can practice their shots while waiting for opponents. I have also broken this "Target Practice" out into a separate mode selectable from the menu.

I am also releasing a brand new game mode I have been tinkering with called "Bomb Defusal". It is a mode built to challenge your precision and speed. Each round spawns a pile of bombs with a detonator in the middle. You must shoot the detonator without hitting the bombs to stop everything from exploding.

Patch Notes
  • Brand new big boy menu interface.
  • While waiting for players to join a game, the host now has targets to shoot.
  • Rumble can now be properly disabled.
  • New Mode: Target Practice.
  • New Mode: Bomb Defusal.
  • New Leaderboard: Bomb Defusal.

You are all the best!
Quick Draw - Danny
Happy New Year Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the Online Duel portion of Quick Draw is live! Thank you to all of those who helped with the testing process. It has been really exciting seeing everything come together and I hope you all enjoy it.

Patch Notes
  • New Online Duel Mode!
  • Host private or public matches.
  • VoIP in multiplayer matches.
  • New ammo count indicator that doesn't look butt.
  • Added Oculus Rift with Touch support.
  • Added in-game menu to easily control game modes.
  • Added new bullet ricochet sound.
Multiplayer works like this. You can host a game (either private or public) from the main menu. A public game will add your lobby to the queue of available games that people join via the Find Game button. A private game will provide you with an invite code you can give to friends so that they can directly join your server. If you run into any problems or bugs while playing, please report them here.

It is becoming apparent that the multiplayer community in VR is still fragmented, so I am working on ways to make multiplayer accessible still. The next mode I am working on is a player "ghost" that others can challenge. This would avoid the need of having two players connected at the same time. This mode will take place in a Saloon with some all new environment art so stay tuned!

The next major update will include this final core game mode. This does NOT mean that updates will stop! I will still be releasing FREE content updates and supporting new VR systems as they release. As such, I am transitioning the game out of the early access stage and into a fully-released game and raising the price of the game to its final cost (but don't worry, there is a launch discount so grab the game for 20% off while you can! I cannot run a discount yet, but will once I can in February).

Thank you for your support and your patience!
Dec 20, 2016
Quick Draw - Danny
Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It's been a hectic past month but obviously I missed my self-set deadline. I'm working closely with a few testers to make sure multiplayer works as intended, but simultaneously I've just locked down the artwork for the next singleplayer scenario: 'Saloon Shootout'.

In other good news, I received my Oculus Touch dev kit, so the next update should have official support for the Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers!

As I'm sure you are all well aware, the multiplayer community on the Vive is pretty fragmented, so I am also experimenting with a separate version of 'multiplayer' that involves challenging player's ghosts. There would be a target set up that a player must shoot while being timed. Then other players would be able to challenge your ghost. It is still experimental, but should it turn out to be fun I will include it in a future update.

Thank you for sticking with me!
Quick Draw - Danny
Hello everyone!

Just dropping in to keep everyone in the loop: My goal is to push the new multiplayer duel mode public in early November (aiming for the 13th). This will be followed shortly by the final singleplayer mode, Saloon Shootout. After that I will be focusing on bug fixes and minor improvements which will carry the game out of Early Access.

I hope everyone is enjoying the game and I can't wait to challenge you all to online duels soon!
Oct 1, 2016
Quick Draw - Danny
Hey everyone!

This build brings a new animated revolver as well as a new aspect to the gameplay: reload time. As entertaining as rapid-fire blasting target while instantly reloading can be, the real skill in quick drawing comes from your accuracy.

Obviously this will skew some of the current leaderboard scores so a compromise was decided. I ran through a few time trials with the new reloading mechanic in and managed to score about 20 seconds. Thus, any scores better than 20 seconds on the leaderboard I have removed. Those of you who were on top now have the opportunity to show your skills once more and prove to everyone you earned your spot.

Patch Notes
  • New animated revolver!
  • Reloading now takes up time. Aim wisely.
  • Cleared leaderboard of scores better than 20 due to reloading mechanic.
  • Increase height of in-game updates view.
  • Revolver will no longer fire when using the pointer.
  • Added new "Draw!" voices.
  • Tweaked hitbox on AI to better cover head region.
  • Guns now holster on trigger pull if you are touching the holster.
  • Fixed issue where Tutorial would skip certain steps.

Sep 21, 2016
Quick Draw - Danny
New build tonight to incorporate some of the latest feedback that I found important. Definitely should make the game easier to get into and understand.

Patch Notes
  • New Tutorial sequence on first run. Also available from menu.
  • New announcer voice that isn't my own (phew..thank goodness)
  • You can now pick up your pistol with the trigger or grip.
  • Menu Crates can now be interacted with the pointer.
  • The pointer no longer clips through menus.
  • Updated holster logic so the guns don't rotate with the camera. The result is an easier/faster draw-ability.

Thank you!
Sep 19, 2016
Quick Draw - Danny

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their feedback on the game. I am shocked at how supportive the Vive community is. Over the past twelve hours I have had numerous requests to assist in testing for the multiplayer mode and quite a bit of positive feedback and suggestions on how to make things better. I have incorporated some of that feedback into this little hotfix tonight to clear things up for players.

Patch Notes:
  • Added latest updates to main menu.
  • Added tutorial information to main menu.
  • Added ambient audio to scenarios.
  • Updated leaderboard to only show a player's best score.

Thank you all for the support! Now I am off to hunker and work on multiplayer...

Quick Draw - Danny
Hey everyone!

I am really excited to announce that Quick Draw will be releasing at 10 AM PST later today (9/19/2016). This game has been a one-man operation that has taken the last couple of months to flesh out. I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

The game is launching with three modes:
Defend the Town (1v1 dueling against AI), Free Draw Time Trials (timed target trials where you can look at the target), and Blind Time Trials (timed target trials where you must start without looking). I have spent the last few weeks tweaking these modes and I think it is time for them to be played out there in the wild.

Looking for more? Fear not! I intend on launching a multiplayer duel mode in the next couple of weeks so that you can challenge your friends to duels (if you have any interest in helping me test multiplayer builds, email me at danny@pwmgames.com). Following that, there will be a new singleplayer scenario that is designed to test your friend/foe detection skills. I have also been toying with various other skill-based trials.

If anybody has any questions regarding the game or development, feel free to ask here in the forums and I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible. If you run into a bug, please report it in the Bug Reports forum as well so I can deal with it as efficiently as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Quick Draw and I look forward to what the future brings!

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