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Hello Chinese gamers! We have great information for you. From now on, all Chinese players can play Serial Cleaner in Chinese!
We added a very special update to Steam - Chinese language pack.
Hope you'll enjoy Serial Cleaner in Chinese!
We can't wait to learn your feedback and comments.
All the best to you,
Jacek @ iFun4all

Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Hello dear players!

Couple of days ago we've announced that a new, free update for Serial Cleaner is coming really soon, exclusively on Steam. And today is the day! You can already enjoy new gameplay mode in Serial Cleaner, which we call

What is EASIER TO CLEAN all about? From now on, Normal Mode will be easier to clean! All you have to do is start the game as you normally would to feel the benefits of reduced detection rates, a slower speed for Police and quieter movement. For those still wanting to break a sweat with a harder experience, go to the Options menu where you can enable Hardcore mode.

We hope that you'll explore a lot of exciting gameplay options with this entirely new and diverse way to play Serial Cleaner.

As always we wait for your feedback, comments, user-generated content (and you've already proven that you can make amazing pieces of art :D) We're here for you, ready to answer every question. Please share your ideas for the further development of Serial Cleaner!

All the best to you,
Jacek @ iFun4all
Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Dear players, how are you? :)

It is my great pleasure to announce a great new addition to Serial Cleaner, available November 29th EXCLUSIVELY on Steam!

This addition is a fresh, completely free game mode, which we like to call "EASIER TO CLEAN MODE"

Although the name of the update pretty much speaks for itself, it's obviously changing the gameplay, making it faster, more arcadish and, well, easier.

Serial Cleaner is a challenging game, and every level needs a lot of careful planning. Even the tiniest mistake makes you start over, and we have received a lot of feedback from players asking us to prepare a game mode more suitable for players who prefer a more casual gameplay. And the EASIER TO CLEAN MODE is our response :)

The new mode will allow you to run fast, pass every level easier than ever before and focus on pace and pure action!

The EASIER TO CLEAN MODE will be released as a free update November 29th. And we already can't wait to listen to your feedback!

We hope you'll find the EASIER TO CLEAN MODE of Serial Cleaner as satisfying as we do! Enjoy the game and, as always, we encourage you to spread the word about Serial Cleaner, provide further feedback and ask us questions!

All the best to you :)

Jacek @ iFun4all

Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Dear players!
In the last couple of days we were working hard to eliminate all the issues you've encountered and make the game working smooth and enjoyable. We're still investigating some problems that shouldn't appear and we're doing everything we can to eradicate the as soon as possible.
The last update solved issues connected to Real-World Data entirely, but we've noticed that a few last levels are now buggy and difficult to play because of that. Hence, we've decided to bring back the old build with RWD features disabled. The game is now easily playable, but Real-World Data feature is turned off.
Our programmers are doing their best to solve all the problems. Please expect the new build, with RWD working perfectly as soon as possible.
As always, thank you for your patience and continuous support. We would not be able to improve the game without your help!
We're very sorry for all the issues you've noticed and we promise that we will solve them as soon as we can.
Thanks again!
Best regards,
Jacek @ iFun4all
Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Hello dear players!

In the last couple of days we've observed a significant increase of the number of owners of Serial Cleaner. Many new players have been, of course, provided with the key after the last Humble Monthly pack for July had been unlocked ( Together with new players came a lot of new comments and discussions, connected, unfortunately, with series of various bugs and issues.

We have reacted as soon as possible and just few moments ago we have updated Serial Cleaner Steam version to solve as many issues, as possible. Many of you noticed Real-World Data problems. The error with Real World Data occurs because of the problem with third party software we're using. We double checked (and paid), so it should be good right now. Sorry for that issue. But even when you enounter this error screen, you should be able to play the game.

The other problems are individual issues, connected with specific configuration of hardware. We encourage anyone, who is still facing technical bugs and issues after the update, to send us an e-mail at Please include descriptions of the problem, screenshot if only possible, as well as dx_diag.txt. Thanks to this we will be able to try to solve issues as fast as possible.

Thank you for your continous support. We're very sorry for all the bugs and problems some of you face and we promise that our support team is working hard to solve any reported problems for good. Please don't hesitate to contact us via

Thank you!

Best regards,
Jacek @ iFun4all
Serial Cleaner - (Khee Hoon Chan)


Chores are not supposed to be enjoyable. At home, stacks of unwashed bowls, cups and cutlery flood the sink, with the occasional fly fluttering about in search of a morsel. It s only when I run out of clean plates that I wearily make my way there, caterwauling as I wash the dishes out of sheer necessity. But when staring at the bloodshed of Serial Cleaner, I can t help but feel the urge to clean. Everything needs to be spotless and neat. I would even top that vase up with fresh flowers, if the game would let me. (more…)

Serial Cleaner

UPDATE, 23/11/17: Developer iFun4All's 70s-inspired stealth game Serial Cleaner will launch on Switch on November 30th. It'll cost 11.99 ($14.99 USD) on eShop, and there's a funky new trailer to accompany the release date announcement:

ORIGINAL STORY, 11/10/17: Murder scene mop-'em-up Serial Cleaner is on its way to Switch and will reach the system before the end of the year, developer iFun4All has announced.

Serial Cleaner, a 70s-inspired stealth game, replete with appropriately funky soundtrack, launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 earlier this year to generally favourable reviews.

Read more…

Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Hello gals and guys!
Steam Halloween Sale is live and that means you can buy Serial Cleaner and Serial Cleaner + OST bundle 50% cheaper!
It's a great opportunity to buy the amazing soundtrack, full of the tracks in the mood of the 70s OR to make an awesome gift to somebody you care about! :) Think it through! :)
Jacek @ iFun4All
Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Dear friends, it's my great pleasure and privilage to inform you that after several months of work, we can announce that Serial Cleaner will launch on Nintendo Switch by the end of this year! Hence Nintendo Switch will be the next platform after PC (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), PS4 and Xbox One to be hosting Serial Cleaner!

Of course, we're still supporting Serial Cleaner on Steam, every other PC digital distribution store, PSN and Xbox Live. We're continously waiting for your feedback and suggestions on how to improve and develop our game. You're giving us ongoing support and we're very thankful, for without you there wouldn't be Serial Cleaner as we know it.

Thank you for your dedication! Stay tuned for more announcements :) And if you are among Switch holders, you can be sure that it won't be long until Serial Cleaner will be playable on Switch!

All the best,
Jacek @ iFun4All
Serial Cleaner - jglowacki
Hello dear gals and guys, Serial Cleaner owners and enthusiasts, players :)
Serial Cleaner has launched on Steam and Xbox One two months ago, on the 14th of July - three days after its release on PS4.
Since then we have received tons of feedback from gamers on all platforms and critics. Our development team has been overwhelmed by your opinions, advices and suggestions. Some of you have strongly criticized different aspects of gameply and we're thankful for that! Without you we'd have no idea, in which direction should we further develop Serial Cleaner, for you can be sure that our support doesn't end on launch day!
Finally, without you we wouldn't know about many bugs, for even the most focused QA won't be able to localize all of them.
In the last two months a lot of critics from all around the world have expressed their opinions about Serial Cleaner and gave their marks. We are so very pleased and humbled by the fact that the average mark we got is 74% on Open Critic ( This result makes us really happy and proud. When you're a small indie studio from Poland, you might be wondering, if your work makes any sense. Now we know that we can deliver a pretty decent game, unique in many ways and enjoyable by many people :)
Obviously we're especially proud with the only 10/10 we ever got :) It's a review written by Rob Holt from Pass the Controller and you can find the whole text right here:
It's a great pleasure to be able to share such an information with you guys. Of course, we're always waiting for your feedback!
Thank you for your attention.
We're in touch :)
All the best,
Jacek @ iFun4All

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