Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
Aug 24, 2017
Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
You can now shoot a short range projectile with Lvl1 glue, this makes it more useful, especially if bats are closing in.

Super glue now shoots in three directions which alternate.

Overall it makes the power-ups more consistent as pressing 'Shoot' did nothing with glue Lvl1 before, causing a few youtubers to not figure out how to use power-ups.

Any problems let me know here,


(Also I just did a big update for Dungeon Marathon today, so this was just abit of extra work, I work pretty fast for a one-man team)

Aug 22, 2017
Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
Made some small changes, mainly to make the ball easier to see.

-> Fixed bug on wheel of death, the help icon now reads 'spin wheel' again,

-> Made coins and gems smaller,

-> Changed power-up sprites,

-> Updated ball sprite,

Coins and gems are smaller now, making ball more easy to see.

Any problems let me know,

Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
The ball now flashes, making it easier to see.

Made the bat shaped slightly so it's easier to calculate angles.

Removed death from the Cheat death wheel, as it was too unfair.

It's now alot easier to hit the ball if it falls into a corner.

Made the summoning circle look more like one.

Added 'Soul' icon for souls.

Added 'Hit' icon for bosses.

Other fixes->

Increased the width of all exit doors by 15%
Made some Catacomb, and Monestary levels easier.
Fixed bug on Halls enemy wave scene if you used a bomb.
Fixed Claudias boss bar on final area.
Fixed balls stuck on gluebat now has arrows after beating Claudia.
Made switches abit more obvious.

Alot of these fixes were from watching youtubers playing the game, so a big thanks to everyone who has covered Death's Hangover on youtube!

Any problems let me know here, or on the steam forums!

Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
Hi guys,

This update I've added three new endings, these are

Death's Past,
Death's Present,
Death's Future,

I've had to create a new save file for the memories, so this will reset any you may have collected until now. On the plus side memories are now cloud saved, and you can no longer get the same ending twice.

I've also reduced the number of souls required to face B*****d Dracula from 5 to 4.

You can now play 2player mode with two controllers!

You should also know that I'm thinking of raising the price for this title as

A: There's alot of promotions/deals I can't do with a low price,
B: I need to cover costs for doing more free content,

If you disagree or have an idea for a good price let me know here,

Any other problems let me know on the forums!


Jun 8, 2017
Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
As a thanks for your support guys I've added 6 new endings to the game plus more.

There's now six new endings to unlock, they're unlocked after you beat b**tard dracula. You can unlock them on any mode and on any difficulty.

The six endings are randomly given so happy hunting!

There's now a new option in Death's Castle called 'Memories' you can view your unlocked endings here at any time.

The new endings give more detail to what happens after the game, and before the game. I also composed three brand new songs just for these new endings.


I've implemented some player feedback also,

Easy mode now has 5 lives instead of 4,
You can now shoot with mousemiddle (If you want to play with one-hand)
Made some minor changes to some bosses,
Added a new Background for every area,
Changed some cutscenes,

Any problems let me know on the forums,

Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral

Dungeon Marathon is a new style of game where you must run through Dungeons, no fighting allowed!

The Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and Dwarf under the belief the dungeons are a gym, must run to survive the danger that lurks in the depths. Tricked by the old hag, will they sucumb to the many temptations or sprint to destiny...Only you will decide.

From Retro Army the creators of 'Super trench attack' and 'Death's Hangover' this is the latest in our budget range, and features our usual wacky humor and arcade style gameplay!

Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
For the Retro Army troops!

This version is entirely from your feedback on the forums, enjoy!

You can now select your starting point, from Dungeon-Monestary-Halls-Gallery.
Beat the area to unlock it.

The sidedoors on boss levels only open now once you've caught the ball, I've also added a 'Catch' icon above the balls to make them easier to see.

The ball can now destroy all enemy projectiles if it comes in contact with them. This prevents 'Unfair' scenarios.

I've also increased the player projectile cooldown rate by 33%, to compensate. You need to be more acurate with projectiles now, spamming the button is less effective.

I've added the intro back to arcade mode.

Any probs lemme now on el forums bros,

Feb 23, 2017
Death's Hangover - Bluestargeneral
This version features a new hard mode which has some exclusive features! This was a suggestion from you beautiful guys. There are two new collectibles exclusive to this mode.

Blue Gem -> Worth 1000points, great at beating that hi-score!

Mines -> Avoid these or you will blow-up!

In hard mode the enemies now respawn faster and bosses are tougher, also you will get an extra life every 10,000points. The 2ply normal and hard mode, now also have mines, but remember death can use his shield to catch falling power-ups!

Any problems let me know on the forums,



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