Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey everyone!

Quick little update to fix some confusion in the game, as well as fix some other bugs and issues. Here's what's new:
  • Combined the zoom and alt. fire buttons into a single button.
  • The alt. fire button, rather than the power shot button, is now used to refund towers.
  • Changed the default power shot binding from mouse2 to Q.
  • Added a default alt. fire binding on mouse2.
  • The W and S keys can now be used to scroll through the shop/codex items.
  • Fixed an issue with scaled desktop resolutions causing the game to not find a video mode that matches the desktop resolution. This caused the game to often times be in a very small window (the lowest possible resolution) and not take up the entire screen.
  • Enemies will no longer travel between a tower base and a pre-placed tower.
  • Added a notification the first time you overheat a weapon.
  • Added a notification the first time you place an upgradeable tower.
  • Added some notifications for special situations - like flying enemies and slopes.
  • If a consumable item cannot currently be used (ex. a food item when you have full health), the button to press use it is no longer displayed, and the icon is no longer highlighted.
  • Fixed some awkwardness with Vance's camera sometimes being inside a tower when playing his cleared animation.
  • Fixed the Energy Conduit (tower kills give meter) allowing the player to power shot without power shots being unlocked.
  • Removed one of the steps in the second tutorial to reduce confusion.
  • Removed the Discord/mailing list buttons from the title screen.
Thanks everyone! See you in the Exoverse.
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey folks!

We've put out a minor update fixing several bugs, and improving performance somewhat. Here's what's new:
  • Rifles no longer do less damage at close range.
  • Modified the second tutorial so that you no longer have to do a point blank rifle shot. Adjusted the dialogue as well.
  • The Beacon is no longer invulnerable during the first tutorial. This fixes a rare issue with the first wave of striders causing you to not be able to complete the tutorial.
  • The version is now displayed on the title screen. This is v1.0.2.
  • Fixed commandos/Bloodhorn not actually damaging tower bases when kicking them.
  • Fixed kagoroxes not having any textures or a proper HUD icon when continuing.
  • Fixed a weapon offset issue when coming out of top-down mode.
  • Fixed some kill streak display issues on the HUD when continuing.
  • Fixed a memory leak stemming from temporary towers.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • Made more optimizations.
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey folks!

Small little update with some fixes and optimizations. Here's what's new:
  • Fixed Kain attacking more slowly when having the Rune of Ursa Major/Minor.
  • Fixed the rendering of transparent enemies exiting portals.
  • Fixed the game not properly ending after world 3.
  • Fixed enemies sometimes shooting the ground when your framerate is set higher than 60 FPS.
  • Made several optimizations to various areas. The game should run even better now.
  • Tympitt tumblers and bulwarks now have a maximum duration in their protected state. This allows them to be killed even if something goes horribly wrong.
Thanks everyone!
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey everyone!

We're proud to let you know that Wrack: Exoverse has been released! Thank you for all your support over our time in Early Access. You've helped this into a far better game!

It has a launch discount for a short time, so make sure to pick it up today.

Thanks! We'll see you in the Exoverse.

Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey folks!

As we prepare for the full release, we want to make sure some last minute thing we're doing won't set everything on fire. We've made numerous optimizations in this update, so the game ought to be running better than ever. We invite you to check it out, and let us know if there are any problems.

Here's what's new:

  • Added new weaponless arm animations. These are for when you're in the hub, tutorial, and the lab.
  • Completed several different optimizations. The game should be running much better now. If not, please let us know.
  • Hooked up several fixed weapon animations.
  • Added and fixed up some bushes in the Rainforest.
  • Completed the doomsphere's shader effect.
  • Completed the adrenaline booster's shader effect.
  • Fixed some animation issues when playing at frame rates above 60 FPS.
  • Fixed muzzle particles sometimes getting clipped.
  • Renamed the "Consumables" shop to the "Items" shop.
  • Fixed certain spinning bones (Bravestar cubes, Blast Guard pylons, etc.) not working after continuing.
Thanks everyone! See you Tuesday, Sept. 10th for the full release!
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey there!

We're proud to finally be launching out of Early Access on Sept. 10th! Thanks so much for all your support and feedback. You've helped make Exoverse a much, much better game over this time.

Here's the trailer:

Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey there!

We've got another big update on the beta branch. Things are shaping up nicely! This time we've got some big character changes to Kain and Fabian, some big optimizations, a new weapon, and more!

We're looking to wrap things up here pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Here's what's new:
  • Updated the Bravestar's attack so you damage enemies much earlier in the swing. Additionally, there are a couple of different swing animations that it alternates between.
  • Kain can now deflect missiles using the Bravestar's alternate fire! It has a dedicated animation, and is way less clunky than doing it with your attack.
  • Fabian's kill streak timer now pauses when stealthed.
  • Completed textures for Starlyn's arms.
  • Completed the Magnetar! It's a very powerful alien railgun that can be charged up to gain various properties.
  • Added a new alternate fire key that can be bound in the menu. This alternate fire currently allows you to parry with the Bravestar.
  • Added symbol icons underneath your crosshair target's health bar. These show status effects present on the target, and special properties (like invulnerable).
  • Invulnerable objects now have an icon on their health bar, instead of their health bar displaying in a different color.
  • Made several optimizations in various areas. The game should be running better now.
  • Updated the particles for armored and shredded enemies.
  • Lowered the health cost of the double shield generator from 2 hearts to 1.5.
  • Raised the price on the oxygen canister from $250 to $1,000.
  • Updated the bazooka reload so it's a bit longer.
  • Updated the revolver sprint animation.
  • Updated the unlock description for craftable items from "Collect Relics to Unlock" to "Craft with Relics in Crafting Shop".
  • All enemies are now overkilled upon killing the boss (instead of walking around during your victory animation).
  • Fixed stealthed enemies sometimes having an improper outline thickness.
  • Fixed the screen shaking while the game is paused after firing a weapon.
  • Fixed the render of transparent textures on stealthed objects.
  • Fixed taking damage from non-damaging sources (like the end of the Gravitar's power shot, which applies a slow).
  • Fixed a load screen issue when continuing on certain levels.
  • Fixed the Y offset of third person animations during the area cleared sequence. This properly puts Fabian on the ground.
  • Made a fix so that the plants/trees on the Rainforest are now saved and restored properly when continuing.
  • Fixed some issues with the red portion of the health bar that ticks down after damaging an enemy.
  • Fixed Kain slowing enemies inside of portals.
  • Removed the Mechanical Arm from the upgrade shop. Doesn't look like it's going to be a winner. Oh well!
Thanks everyone! See you in the Exoverse!
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey everyone!

Big ol' update this time in the beta branch! We're a major step closer to completion as Fabian joins the fray! Plus, we've got a bunch of new items, optimizations, and more!

Here's what's new:
  • Fabian is now playable! \o/ All of his perks are in, as well as his arms, textures, and third person animations. He's only missing his weapon, so for now... have a Blazar!
  • Changed Fabian's 2nd perk to deal bonus damage (25%) to disabled targets.
  • New artifact: Blast Guard! This protects you from splash damage (which can get pretty crazy with upgrades).
  • New artifact: Dry Ice! This helps your turrets (and weapons!) recover from being overheated much more quickly.
  • New artifact: Thermal Detonator! This causes your turrets to burn everything in their range when they overheat.
  • New consumable: Mini Nuke! This summons a nuke in front of you that drops onto your enemies.
  • Barricades now produce visual effects when damaged and need repairs. This effect intensifies as the barricade becomes more damaged.
  • Destroyed barricades now produce holograms when going back to the planning phase. This easily shows you where a barricade is missing and can be replaced.
  • Made several performance increases. The game should be running quite a bit better now - especially with loads of decals!
  • Shadows can now be applied to transparent level surfaces.
  • Improved the rendering of stealthed objects.
  • Enemies now regain stealth after 2 seconds (was 1).
  • Fixed a crash sometimes occurring when shooting a kamikaze with a piercing weapon.
  • Fixed certain effects (like fields) affecting enemies inside portals.
Thanks everyone! We'll see you in the Exoverse!
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey everyone!

We're back once again with a beta branch update. We've been focusing a lot on getting the world 2 settings up to par, and we're another big step closer.

Here's what's new:
  • Added palm trees to the Rainforest. Not only are these decorative, but they have an effect on gameplay as well.
  • Added both hills and small pools of water to the grassy portions of the Rainforest. Hooray elevation changes!
  • The cliffs now blend into the grass in world 2.
  • Replaced the bush props on the Rainforest with new ones. Textures coming soon!
  • Doubled the amount your range stat affects weapon splash range. It used to scale at 5% per point, and now it's 10%.
  • Added a range ring indicator to show the area of effect of all of the player's splash damage attacks. This grows as the player's range stat increases.
  • You're now given credit for kills from poison vents on the Disposal Area.
  • Reworked topaz! It now doubles the rewards for overkills and multikills (was +50%), but does not affect the reward for streaks.
  • Increased the base physical damage on the revolver from 90 to 100.
  • The proper skybox is now used inside the portal of the area you'll be travelling to in the hub.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with the hub portal.
  • Tweaked the colors on the weapon tooltips. The colors are now consistent with the loading screens.
  • Added some new keyword colors for shredded and marked.
  • Added more NPC conversations and improvements to existing ones.
  • The "Quit Game/Quit to Title" options on the pause menu are now updated to indicate whether or not your game will be saved when using these options.
  • Fixed an issue with changing video settings during the game over sequence.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at hissing toxic barrels during the planning phase.
  • Fixed some tooltip errors in the shops.
Thanks everyone! See you in the Exoverse!
Wrack: Exoverse - Carnevil
Hey everyone!

Not a huge update in terms of quantity of changes, but there are some sexy ones! We're turning our attention towards finishing up the Rainforest fully, and starting work on the Alps. We're also finishing up making the levels unique and interesting, with even more big changes on the way!

Here's what's new:
  • Added toxic barrels to the Disposal Area! These are randomly scattered around and can be blown up.
  • The grass and trail now blend seamlessly in the Rainforest.
  • Added a lip texture around the trail edges in the Rainforest.
  • Applied the trail blending to the Swiss Alps.
  • Updated tutorial #2 so it's compatible with the new range system.
  • Improved the selection of weapons that can be given in the first tutorial.
  • The HUD is no longer visible during tutorial cutaways.
Thanks everyone!

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