Drive on Moscow - Alberto
Drive on Moscow has been updated to 1.15, adding an Out of fuel combat modifier to the gameplay.

Changelog 1.15
- Out of fuel combat modifier added
Drive on Moscow - SlithFox
Two strategy pc gems are now available as a Steam bundle!

Get Battle of the Bulge and fight in the Ardennes, or make your way through the endless Russian Steppes with Drive on Moscow at a very special price!

What are you waiting for? Grab the Crisis in Command Bundle here:
Drive on Moscow - Alberto
Hello everyone, we are releasing a new patch for Drive on Moscow, addressing a few bugs and polishing the game. We hope you will enjoy it!

1.07 Changelog
- Border from Krasnaya Polyana and Istra fixed.
- Multiplayer breakthrough desynchronizations fixed.
- Combat preview panels will no longer get stuck while moving.
- Added a confirmation panel when trying to resign multiplayer games from main menu.
- Combat gray tails will no longer disappear in multiple combats situations.
- Moving from one tile to an adjacent one will follow the shortest path counting the number of tiles, so that the player has more control over the movement path (river modifiers couldn't be avoided in some situations).
- Retreat will always go towards the nearest supply space, also taking into consideration the ownership of this tile, after the battle.
- Feedback when the opponent resigned the game will be more obvious, showing a popup that lasts for 5 seconds.
- Mouse cursor should no longer be stuck in the center of the screen when using certain controllers.
- "Cancel" buttons text renamed to "Close", as all they do is closing the current screen.
- Lake movement should work according to the rules now.
- Added "More" button in Settings, which enables new game settings you can play around with:
* Two sliders to speed up or slow down AI and Multiplayer replay speed.
* Unrestricted zoom option, available for PC users (there is no need for this feature on iPad as it has 4:3 resolution).
- Added camera keyboard movement with: WASD and arrow keys.
Drive on Moscow - SlithFox
Hi everyone!

We have just released an update for Drive on Moscow!

version 1.06 Patchnotes
- Downloading a game while opponent claims it fixed (it caused a Multiplayer crash).
- "Sorry we were unable to notify your opponent by e-mail it was their turn." - This error will no longer appear while uploading a Multiplayer turn, since the upload has been successful.
- Added an Exit to Main Menu button in the Multiplayer Chat panel, so that if an upload error occurs multiple times, the player will be able to exit the game normally.
- Close button label from History and Help will now react and change color when pressed, as all others do.
- Ingame Multiplayer tooltip text will no longer overflow from the paper boundaries.
- Laptop touchpad zoom support added.
- Unopposed movement should no longer apply if the initial tile is not friendly and uncontested, as stated in the rules.
- All steam incremental achievements should work now. (Strategist, Destroyer, Hold the lines)
- Combat previews will now move left to right when clicked on. This helps with the combat windows obscuring the game.
- Briefing objectives will now display the current team's objectives.
- Replacements can now be assigned to units that are able to trace supply at that exact moment, instead of units that have supply.
- Soviets can now use Breakthrough during Snow turns, instead of Axis.
- Units that come from reinforcements and rebuilds now have the correct movement rules.
- Operation Barbarossa and Checkmate achievements will now trigger only in The Moscow Campaign, as stated in the description.
- Combat preview music can no longer be toggled by changing Music settings to ON, when no combat preview is active.
- Implemented rule, as stated in the manual: In the first two turns, Soviet units defending in spaces without a forest or city treat “30” or “70” results on the Retreat Table as “R” results.
- Axis deep penetration rule should now work according to the manual.
City Car Driving - (Tim Stone)

Men in balaclavas and frosty greatcoats are jumping up and down to keep warm. Lumps of snow dislodged from bowed pine boughs by rising exhaust fumes fall like icing sugar mortar bombs on idling panzers. A few miles away to the east, framed by twin smoke columns, the fairy domes of St Basil’s Cathedral gewgaw a cloudless, corpse-blue sky. Everyone wants to know ‘What’s the delay? Why aren’t we moving?’. The frozen soldaten can’t see their famished fate-shaper – the Englander hurrying upstairs with a cheese and chutney sandwich, a glass of blackcurrant squash, and a happy Back to Drive on Moscow! look on his face.

… [visit site to read more]

Qvadriga - (Tim Stone)

Crisis! Geoff, the retired sailmaker who usually stitches together FP news stories, phoned in sick this morning (housemaid’s knee). We’ve experimented with alternative fastenings – velcro, staples, bulldog clips, ant-head sutures… – but none of them are strong and flexible enough to join this week’s selection of topical sim and strategy snippets. Unless Irma’s ongoing porridge experiments prove successful, I fear today’s column will have to take the form of an index finger inconveniencing gallery. … [visit site to read more]

Drive on Moscow - Alberto
We are happy to announce that Drive on Moscow is out on Steam!

The second Shenandoah hit to be ported to PC, Drive on Moscow follows its predecessor Battle of the Bulge’s approach to wargaming: it represents the campaign for Moscow in a deep yet extremely immediate, fast paced and fun way!

Players will lead the Wehrmacht or the Red Army in several different scenarios or in a campaign featuring the whole road to Moscow. Face an extremely competent AI and remember that you won’t fight only against the enemy army: it’ll be a race against time, for russian winter is unforgiving. See the gameplay changes dramatically thanks to the game’s weather system and dynamic map!

Even though the AI is excellent, the game truly shines in multiplayer. It was designed with multiplayer in mind, and we have implemented our new Tournament System into it. We at Slitherine believe that e-sports have a place in the world of wargames, and we intend to organize tournaments and leagues like we’ve done recently for other titles! Challenge players from any other platform thanks to its smooth crossplatform system.

And if that's not enough, try to get all the 31 Steam achievements!
Drive on Moscow - Alberto
Last week we hosted a special event on our twitch channel: two streamers, Agrippa Maxentius and Commissar Bro, facing each other in Drive on Moscow.

Well, we put together a video for all those who missed it. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Drive on Moscow
is being released tomorrow on our store, Steam and iPad!
Drive on Moscow - Alberto
It’s no secret that Drive on Moscow has been designed with multiplayer in mind. Its fast paced gameplay is perfectly suited for online clashes, and we are going to expand on it by implementing our Tournament system!

As it happens two of our favorite strategy streamers, CommissarBro and Agrippa Maxentius, were both really interested in the game. The natural consequence, of course, is that they would challenge each other!

Tomorrow at 2 pm EST we’re going to host a very special event on our Twitch channel: Commissar Bro vs Agrippa Maxentius, live! Germany vs Soviet Union – who will prevail?

Don’t miss this this epic challenge. The atmosphere will get heated and expect some banter, you’ve been warned. You can decide to choose the event on our channel (we'll rotate the two contenders) or on the channels of the two brave challengers.

Drive on Moscow is developed by Shenandoah Studio and it’s coming to PC and iPad on October 27!
Drive on Moscow - Alberto
The Shenandoah turn-based masterpiece Drive on Moscow is coming to PC and Steam on 27th October! Time to start packing your winter clothes (unless you plan to be home by Christmas).

Drive on Moscow continues Shenandoah's approach to wargaming, representing military campaigns in a deep yet extremely accessible and fast paced way. Drive on Moscow is especially suited for multiplayer, and for the occasion we are bringing enhancements to it, implementing Slitherine's PBEM++ system and the Tournament system!

Drive on Moscow is an immediate, exciting and fast paced strategy game set in 1941, with the German Wehrmacht making a push for the capital of the Soviet Union. It was previously available only on iPad, but it’s being ported to PC and upgraded with many new features for the occasion!

The game puts you in charge of either the Wehrmacht or the Red Army. In the winter of 1941, the key to the war is Moscow. Were it to fall, the Soviet Union would receive such a huge blow that it might not recover. But were it to stand, maybe the Russians will be able to reverse the tide…

Sporting an incredible impulse-based turn activation system, the gameplay revolves around decisive initiative, clever timing and exploiting the weather and the terrain. Weather in particular is crucial: it affects the dynamic map, and even the turns’ duration!

The game is being upgraded with a new Live PBEM system, implementation of Slitherine’s Tournament system, as well as a greatly enhanced AI! Drive on Moscow is being improved greatly in both single and multiplayer. The addition of the tournament system in particular will allow us to organize tournaments in the future: you’ll have the chance to win glory on the battlefield (as well as some nice prizes!).

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