Feb 3, 2017
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
After being in Early Access and improving the game for about 6 months, Tribocalypse VR is finally released and ready. We thank everyone in the Community for playing our game during the development cycle, providing useful feedback and helping us make a great game!

Tribocalypse VR includes:
  • Innovative mechanic of protecting a totem from thieves.
  • Three uniquely styled levels + a tutorial level.
  • Exciting weapons like the bow, spear and bombs.
  • Fire and teleportation magic.
  • Different enemy tribol weapons: axes, shields, bows.
  • Flying bird enemies challenging the player.
  • Boss enemy Necros with special attacks and summons.

We sincerely hope you have a great time in our fast-paced Tribocalyptic game! :)

Dec 22, 2016
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
Hello there,

We've got some improvements we've added to the game to be released, including some Christmas decorations spread around the levels, various bugfixes and tweaks.

Firstly, we tried improving our visual quality by adding color correction. You can let us know if it feels better than it did before.

We've improved our rewarding system by tweaking the score received from executing certain actions. We've also improved the visuals. Instead of using text to display everything, we've reduced some unnecessary text labels, added a hologram near the hand so you can follow your combo chain's current score and level (icon).

The tree trunk in the middle of player's area was removed as it seemed to be more of an annoyance than something that gave value to the game.

The tattoo has been divided into 2 parts only, compared to the 3 it had before. The green flame spell has been removed as it served no special function.

We've also fixed some minor bugs.

We're planning to release a lobby-like level, which will act as a link between other levels and will also serve as a tutorial for the game. The match result board and bird enemy is also on the way.

See you soon!
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic

Hi there, fellow tribols!

For this month we've got a huge score and reward system update plus a lot of improvements. The halloween update content is almost fully removed.

Firstly, we implemented a new player reward and combo system. The player will receive bonus points for executing combos by using different weapons, having high accuracy, making double or triple or even more kills with a single shot and so on. The system is still undergoing a visual development plus we're trying to balance the score with bomb purchase function.
We're also working on a match result board where the player will see the match status during and at the end of the match: total score, wave score, number of different combos/rewards received during the wave.

Secondly, we've improved the performance of the game. So it shouldn't feel as choppy as it did previously. We've planned doing some more performance tweaks that should reduce the requirements to play our game by quite a bit. The details on how we've improved performance and what we plan to do next to improve it even further, will be written in the upcoming devblog post.

Thirdly, we've improved our spear. The spear is now held correctly. It was out of place in the previous update but this is now fixed. The spear is now also magickal and much more efficient to use as it is now guided by tribal magic, which guides the spears towards its foes. So it is almost on par with the bow.

Our focus in the upcoming months will be to add couple of new types of AI, polish and fix what we have, and create more content for you to enjoy and also a global score system so you could try and match your skill with other competing tribols.

Full changelist
- Implemented score/reward system
- Added autoaim to spear
- Added a path for bow tribols from portal to upper cliff for clarity on Valley level.
- Improved performance
- Fixed spear location on hand
- Fixed UI text showing up incorrectly
- Modified wave settings so they would include more bow AI
- Almost completely removed Halloween themed props
- Improved arrow trail.
Oct 29, 2016
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
Hey there,

During recent testing we've discovered a game breaking bug where the wave was did not end correctly and tribols got stuck at certain points.

These bugs should be fixed now.
Oct 29, 2016
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
Hey there,

During recent testing we've discovered a game breaking bug where the wave did not end correctly and tribols got stuck at certain points.

These bugs should be fixed now.
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
Hi there,

Halloween is sneaking right around the corner, which means we decided to spice the world of Tribocalypse with some spook.

We've made Valley and Stonehenge levels darker than they were before. However, we've also added some functionality in order for you to fight that darkness. The waves are also more intense.

Using the touchpad, players can now cast magic in order to teleport around the map (currently in Valley only) or light their weapons on fire.

We've also added in a throwable spear weapon for you to try out.

Beware, there is also a hostile tribol lurking around the valley level. So be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings!

- Valley and Stonehenge levels halloweenized
- New spear weapon added
- Teleport and fire magic added
- Bomb count reduced at middle location in Valley level.
- New enemy type added with ranged attack.
- Enemy waves now more intense
Oct 23, 2016
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic

It has been a while since we last posted anything. We've been busy with developing new features and creating new characters.

One of these upcoming feathery fellows can be seen in the following video:


Artwork for this one is almost complete but we've yet to add functionality.

PS! Beware, the Shaman foreshadowed a spooky event coming really soon.
Sep 30, 2016
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
In this build we've fixed some bugs, modified some gameplay elements, added a whole new level for you to try out and we've published our first devblog article, which you can read here: Blog .

Stonehenge Level
A level that has been in production for some time now, has been released. It can be tested out by using the "Change Level" sign. We tried to make this level a little bit more tense than the Valley, so you can expect a bump in difficulty.
Any suggestions and ideas about the level are very welcome!

Picture 1
Picture 2

You helped us realize that the bombs were simply too powerful. So we nerfed it a little to increase the challenge for players.
  • Increased bomb respawn time from 10 seconds to 30 seconds
  • Bomb cost has been increased from 15 to 50 score points
Oh, and in order to let the players plan their bombing a little bit ahead, we added a respawn timer to each bomb.
  • Added numerical counter to display bomb respawn time

Changes and Fixes
  • AI a little bit smarter when looking for totem pieces.
  • AI spawn moved closer to player's base in Valley level.
  • Fixed a bug where totem pillar would not reset correctly after wave was finished or game was lost
  • Improved totem piece glow effect.
Tribocalypse VR - Totemic
We are glad to announce that Tribocalypse VR is now in Early Access! In our current version you can try out the bow and fire flask mechanics to eliminate the thieving tribols.
We are looking for your feedback on the game. Please write to us in either the Community Hub or Facebook if you have any thoughts about the experience.

We have another level planned to be added very soon! Stay tuned!


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