DUSK - El Oshcuro

Intruders! Been awhile... hasn't it?

Seems like we haven't spoken... in AGES.

Well, we've been busy. And we've got a lot to talk about. Because we've got a lot coming at ya...

First and foremost, the DUSK SDK (DAWN) is nearly ready to start being tested!

And rest assured, this ain't no simple level editor, you're going to be able to do EVERYTHING to the game. Change, import and export every texture, model, level, sound... you name it.

Hell, by the time DAWN is ready - it will damn near be its own engine.

Basically, if you can do it to Quake, you can do it to DUSK - and vice versa.

To that end: we've just published a simple API called The New Blood: Clot (get it?) that allows for exporting DUSK assets into .iqm format. NEAT. Try it for yourself, rip apart your favorite games!


But that's definitely not as cool as this sweet as '90s style launcher we made for the SDK!

But we'll talk more about the SDK soon...

We've also been hard at work on LOCALIZATION.

DUSK has now been translated in to:
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Ukranian
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Japanese
  • and Korean!
But for the first actual implementation we decided to start with the hardest one... CHINESE!

And it's just about done.

The next DUSK update, which will be coming in time for the Steam Summer Sale, will feature Chinese localization, a new LANGUAGE menu, and both English + Chinese subtitles for all the dialogue in the game - even the stuff written on the walls. Check it:

Pretty cool, right? Tell someone who speaks one of those 13 languages that DUSK will soon be making a lot more sense.

Seriously, please tell someone - this was a lot of work...


We've also been hard at work on the DRM Free (GOG) version of DUSK
That WILL have Steam + GOG + DRM Free Multiplayer Crossplay.

Why? Because the two dozen people who play DUSKWorld demanded it!

Plus we'll be bringing back IP and offline LAN support

This has been kind of a pain in the ass but it's almost done.
So expect THAT version of DUSK... this summer!


Yes, we're still working on the Nintendo Switch version of DUSK
(we showed it off back at PAX East)

And YES - we're still making a BIG Box version of the game.
(with soap and sickle keychains in it)

And YES - we really did get Nicolas Cage to wear one of our new DUSK Baseball Tees

(not really)

But YOU can get your own along with other merch at: https://newblood.games/store

And last but certainly not least...

For those of you who have been patiently waiting...

DUSK will finally be going on sale this summer.

How soon? VERY soon.

Better yet?

We'll also be launching a NEW bundle that gets you discounts on DUSK + AMID EVIL

And you won't have to wait too long for that, because...



That's it for now, lurkers...

So... brush up on your Chinese, get your Trench Brooms out, put your DUSK Baseball shirts on, lather up with your bacon scented soap, and put a sticky note on your Nintendo Switch.

The DUSK dudes are comin' for ya... SOON™


  • The SDK + Steam Workshop are coming this summer
  • DUSK has been translated into 13 languages!
  • Chinese localization + English subtitles are in the next update
  • The DRM Free Version of DUSK (GOG) is coming soon with Steam crossplay
  • We've got new merch (GO BUY SOME)
  • The BIG Box edition is coming! (with soap!)
  • Console ports are coming! (with gyro aiming and co-op!)
  • MAXIMUM Action?!
  • Bundles!

Video game worlds are facades, and sometimes we catch a glimpse of what's beyond. Recently, while exploring one of the intricate levels of Dusk, I somehow managed to slip through the cracks and found myself on the other side of the invisible partition that upholds the illusion of coherent space. I'd entered a world of broken, gravity-defying architecture, and there in the middle of the level had opened a pit that revealed a vast grey void beneath my feet. Close by, there was an exasperated message on the ground: "YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE, GO AWAY."

Anyone who's spent a lot of time playing games will have their own stories of discovering the cordoned-off spaces behind spaces. We know the strange feeling of clipping through the ground only to plunge into a bottomless void while the level we've been exploring recedes into the distant ether above us; a tiny island unto itself, a dwindling speck suspended in the great digital void.

These are accidents and glitches, but then again, if we're not supposed to gaze into the abyss, then why is the void such a popular trope in games? It seems any self-respecting fantasy game offers its players a tour of the void: There's the Void of the Dishonored games (read more about it here), the Fade of the Dragon Age series, the Realm Between Realms of God of War (2018). Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire also dip their toes into the great nothingness. These are metaphysical spaces inhabited by or associated with gods and spirits, the afterlife, and, most significant of all, origins and acts of creation. They are displaced and timeless, existing in between or beyond conventional space-time, and are only accessible through special pathways that pierce the veil: dreams, visions, rituals, death or magic.

Read more

Half-Life 2

There is a saying in architecture that no building is unbuildable, only unbuilt. Structures may be impossible in the here and now, but have the potential to exist given enough time or technological development: a futuristic cityscape, a spacefaring megastructure, the ruins of an alien civilisation. However, there are also buildings that defy the physical laws of space. It is not an issue that they could not exist, but that they should not. Their forms bend and warp in unthinkable ways; dream-like structures that push spatial logic to its breaking point.

The Tomb of Porsena is a legendary monument built to house the body of an Etruscan king. 400 years after its construction, the Roman scholar Varro gave a detailed description of the ancient structure. A giant stone base rose 50 feet high, beneath it lay an "inextricable labyrinth", and atop it sat five pyramids. Above this was a brass sphere, four more pyramids, a platform and then a final five pyramids. The image painted by Varro, one of shapes stacked upon shapes, seems like a wild exaggeration. Despite this, Varro's fanciful description sparked the imaginations of countless architects over the centuries. The tomb was an enigma, and yet the difficulty in conceptualising it, and the vision behind it, was fascinating. On paper artists were free to realise its potential. If paper liberated minds, the screen can surely open up further possibilities. There's no shortage of visionary structures within the virtual spaces of video games. These are strange buildings that ask us to imagine worlds radically different to our own.

Whilst many impossible formulations are orientated towards the future, there are also plenty from the past. The castle in Ico is one example of this. During the Renaissance, Europe was obsessed, not with future utopias, but with ancient Greece and Rome. While the box art of Ico is famously inspired by Giorgio de Chirico, the long shadows and sun-bleached stone walls only make-up a portion of the game's mood. It is the etchings of Giovanni Piranesi that best capture what it's like to explore the castle's winding stairs and bridges. Piranesi's imaginary Roman reconstructions were absurdly big - so colossal you could get lost in just the foundations. In a similar way, Ico's castle is impossibly large, the camera zooming out in order to overwhelm you and build up the unfathomable mystery of its origin and purpose.

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DUSK - El Oshcuro

Finally, the time has come.

A day that roughly 17 people have been waiting for.

DUSK is now available for Mac, Linux and 32bit operating systems!

We hope you appreciate the support!

Please let us know if you have any issues and be sure to leave a review if you love it and spread the word to all your Mac, Linux and 32bit friends!

There's also FOUR new achievements!

New controller layouts!


Andrew uploaded the ENTIRE DUSK SOUNDTRACK to YouTube?!
The absolute madman!



P.S Don't forget to sign up for the New Blood Newsletter and check out AMID EVIL Episode 6!



Years ago, I interviewed a level designer who had originally trained as an architect, which these days is not an uncommon career trajectory. I asked him about the benefits his skillset brought to 3D level design. He talked about how it helped with approaching scale and structural integrity and creating a rational space.

Then I asked him about what the personal benefits of creating virtual building were. "If you design a building in a game and it falls down," came his simple response, "it cannot kill anyone, and you don't go to prison."

It was a pragmatic reply from a pragmatic person. But underneath it is another meaning - you can build anything you want. In virtual 3D space, the laws of physics don't apply unless you tell them to, and that means you can design any structure that you like.

Read more…

DUSK - El Oshcuro

David gave the world its first look at DUSK
It wasn't much... but all the pieces were there.

And he thought things were almost final back then... OH WHAT A FOOL HE WAS.

Not long after that video was made - David sent me a test build of DUSK. He was a fan of some of my previous work and thought I might like it... and I didn't... I LOVED IT.


^ And as you can now know for yourself... it was all there.

The movement, the shooting, the interactivity, the keys, the doors, the puzzles, the secrets, the portals, the beds, the beer! It was rough - but it was awesome.

I knew right away that both David and DUSK were special.

We started working together immediately.

And three years later... here we are.

But DUSK doesn't exist in its current form just because of David or me or Andrew or even the rest of the New Blood team.

No, DUSK exists today because of YOU.

I told you all those years ago that I wanted to build this game piece by piece and brick by brick with YOU - our players.

Because of YOU - DUSK is the game you see before you.

Because of YOU - DUSK is a certified hit.

Because of YOU - DUSK is beloved by both critics and players alike.

Because of YOU - DUSK will live on far beyond 2019.

Because YOU... are worthy.

But we're just getting started...
  • Mac/Linux and DRM Free versions are coming
  • TDM, CTF and DUSKWorld content updates are coming
  • Language localizations are coming
  • The SDK + Steam Workshop Mods are coming
  • Co-Op is coming
  • MORE achievements are coming
  • New Game + is coming
  • Console Ports are coming
  • The Big Box Physical Collector's Edition is coming
  • New DUSK merch is coming to The New Blood Store
  • and IndieBox
  • The CD and Vinyl Soundtrack is coming
  • REAL LIFE SOAP IS COMING (wait, what)

And so much more.

And yes - we hear you. You want to support DUSK and support New Blood.

And you wanna know how? However you can.

Buy our other games, write reviews, comments, threads, posts, tweets, statuses, create art, shitpost memes, PREACH FROM THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN. Let the people know you support developers who do things the RIGHT way. Who work not just FOR you but WITH you.

Spread the good word of New Blood, acolytes!

Because we love you and we hate money.

Talk SOON™

Dec 18, 2018
DUSK - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (John Walker)

DUSK rather undersells itself when it declares it’s “straight outta the ’90s”. While absolutely going for that Doom/Hexen vibe, with outstandingly fast movement, gorgeous chunky pixel enemies, and big meaty guns that pack a punch, it also has a really quite fantastic amount of good sense where not to be faithful to those mid-90s gibby times. If anything, DUSK feels like the FPS that id, 3D Realms and Raven would have made if they’d only had the tech.


Dec 13, 2018
DUSK - El Oshcuro

You want it? You GOT IT.

The DUSK Original Soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult is now available EVERYWHERE.

Go to Hulshult.Rocks to get it at your digital retailer of choice!

And check out the latest track from the DUSK Launch Trailer - Keepers of the Gate

Want to know how to support Andrew and us the most? Get the DUSK Intruder Edition or upgrade.

Want to support Andrew directly? Get the OST from his Bandcamp page! He's currently in the top video game soundtracks right next to Celeste and Undertale?! Wow.


DUSK - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

It might be Doom’s birthday today, but its enthusiastic young cousin Dusk is invited to the party, bunny-hopping out of early access today. They grow up so fast, and David Szymanski’s shooter has grown another two episodes in size since its debut in August last year, introducing new monsters and places to kill them in, plus a remarkably fun (if twitchy) deathmatch mode. The game has technically been complete in early access for a few days now. I got to play the final few levels over the weekend and loved them to bits. A launch trailer and my quick thoughts on the full game are below.



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