Jan 2, 2019
DUSK - El Oshcuro

David gave the world its first look at DUSK
It wasn't much... but all the pieces were there.

And he thought things were almost final back then... OH WHAT A FOOL HE WAS.

Not long after that video was made - David sent me a test build of DUSK. He was a fan of some of my previous work and thought I might like it... and I didn't... I LOVED IT.


^ And as you can now know for yourself... it was all there.

The movement, the shooting, the interactivity, the keys, the doors, the puzzles, the secrets, the portals, the beds, the beer! It was rough - but it was awesome.

I knew right away that both David and DUSK were special.

We started working together immediately.

And three years later... here we are.

But DUSK doesn't exist in its current form just because of David or me or Andrew or even the rest of the New Blood team.

No, DUSK exists today because of YOU.

I told you all those years ago that I wanted to build this game piece by piece and brick by brick with YOU - our players.

Because of YOU - DUSK is the game you see before you.

Because of YOU - DUSK is a certified hit.

Because of YOU - DUSK is beloved by both critics and players alike.

Because of YOU - DUSK will live on far beyond 2019.

Because YOU... are worthy.

But we're just getting started...
  • Mac/Linux and DRM Free versions are coming
  • TDM, CTF and DUSKWorld content updates are coming
  • Language localizations are coming
  • The SDK + Steam Workshop Mods are coming
  • Co-Op is coming
  • MORE achievements are coming
  • New Game + is coming
  • Console Ports are coming
  • The Big Box Physical Collector's Edition is coming
  • New DUSK merch is coming to The New Blood Store
  • and IndieBox
  • The CD and Vinyl Soundtrack is coming
  • REAL LIFE SOAP IS COMING (wait, what)

And so much more.

And yes - we hear you. You want to support DUSK and support New Blood.

And you wanna know how? However you can.

Buy our other games, write reviews, comments, threads, posts, tweets, statuses, create art, shitpost memes, PREACH FROM THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN. Let the people know you support developers who do things the RIGHT way. Who work not just FOR you but WITH you.

Spread the good word of New Blood, acolytes!

Because we love you and we hate money.

Talk SOON™

Dec 18, 2018
DUSK - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (John Walker)

DUSK rather undersells itself when it declares it’s “straight outta the ’90s”. While absolutely going for that Doom/Hexen vibe, with outstandingly fast movement, gorgeous chunky pixel enemies, and big meaty guns that pack a punch, it also has a really quite fantastic amount of good sense where not to be faithful to those mid-90s gibby times. If anything, DUSK feels like the FPS that id, 3D Realms and Raven would have made if they’d only had the tech.


Dec 13, 2018
DUSK - El Oshcuro

You want it? You GOT IT.

The DUSK Original Soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult is now available EVERYWHERE.

Go to Hulshult.Rocks to get it at your digital retailer of choice!

And check out the latest track from the DUSK Launch Trailer - Keepers of the Gate

Want to know how to support Andrew and us the most? Get the DUSK Intruder Edition or upgrade.

Want to support Andrew directly? Get the OST from his Bandcamp page! He's currently in the top video game soundtracks right next to Celeste and Undertale?! Wow.


DUSK - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

It might be Doom’s birthday today, but its enthusiastic young cousin Dusk is invited to the party, bunny-hopping out of early access today. They grow up so fast, and David Szymanski’s shooter has grown another two episodes in size since its debut in August last year, introducing new monsters and places to kill them in, plus a remarkably fun (if twitchy) deathmatch mode. The game has technically been complete in early access for a few days now. I got to play the final few levels over the weekend and loved them to bits. A launch trailer and my quick thoughts on the full game are below.


DUSK - Valve
DUSK is Now Available on Steam and is 16% off!*

Battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants & even darker forces as you attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth in this retro FPS inspired by the '90s legends.

*Offer ends December 17 at 10AM Pacific Time
Dec 6, 2018
DUSK - El Oshcuro

Only days remain...



DUSK is almost here.

But when exactly?!

I'm glad you asked...

DUSK: Episode 3 Early Access will be available on December 7th (Friday) at 9pm PST!

Here's a handy countdown to make it easy for you to know exactly when

It's not too late to get Early Access to Episode 3 on Friday night!

You can still get the game in Early Access (like right now) and give us that sweet sweet extra $3 and play Episode 3 this weekend. You know you wanna...

Oh, and since we messed up and forgot to add a new package to Steam on Halloween...

EVERYONE who buys the game in Early Access will be getting the graphic novel FOR FREE. (We really do hate money)

Free comics for everyone! Woo!

Anyway... for those of you who are holding out for the FULL LAUNCH:

DUSK will be FULLY launched on December 10th (Monday) at 11am PST!

Count down with us!

When DUSK is available on December 10th, you'll be able to purchase DUSK or upgrade to the "Intruder Edition" which includes the Soundtrack and Graphic Novel for an additional $10.

That's it. No other fancy editions. No DLC. No micro transactions.

Meanwhile - if you want to support Andrew Hulshult and his KILLER soundtrack as much as possible - feel free to buy the "Intruder Edition" or get the OST directly from Andrew on his Bandcamp which will be up... SOON.

Until then - follow him on Twitter to know exactly when the OST will be available... EVERYWHERE.

It won't be long now... ARE YOU FEELIN WORTHY, PUNK?! ːbigjohnː

DUSK - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

Channelling the dark spirits of Quake and Blood and packing a mean shotgun, Dusk is one of a handful of new but pointedly old-school shooters I’m excited for. It’s been in early access for a while, and you can play the first two episodes now, but the last, weirdest chapter of the game now has a release date – December 10th. While the final few levels are still in production, dev David Syzmanski and publisher New Blood let me take an early tour of its netherworld. It’s good, weird and playful stuff – take a peek at it for yourself in the new Halloween’y trailer below.


Oct 31, 2018
DUSK - El Oshcuro



But that's not all...

DUSK will launch at a special discounted price of $16.66 (heh, \m/emes) for a limited time.
You're welcome.

But what about me?! I paid $20 for DUSK - you owe me... $3.34!

Fair enough! You drive a ard bargain, lurkers. Therefore, everyone who owned DUSK before Halloween (if you're reading this it's too late) will be getting the 50+ page DUSK graphic novel... FOR FREE. Yes, free. Remember, we hate money.

Need a refresher on just how dope that comic novel is? Well then, allow me to enlighten you:

And for everyone else who supports DUSK in Early Access? We'll be giving you the chance to play Episode 3 early. A whole weekend ahead of all the villainous scum who waited for launch. It's the least we could do. (We love all of you, truly)

Glorious, isn't it?

But enough about what we'll be giving you SOON...
What about what we're giving you NOW?

That's right - DUSK has just been updated as you read this:

With what, you might ask?

Endless Arena 3 - The Cathedral

Get a taste of Episode 3 and its enemies with this new endless level. How long can you survive against the hordes of evil? Watch out for the tornado...

A remastered main menu track
(thanks Andrew)

(have fun, peasants)

(WIP controller layout screen)

TWO new cheat codes!
  • NBULLETS - Infinite Ammo
  • NBUFO - Fly Fly Away
New key art!
(thanks Jacob)

Updates to Episodes 1 & 2
(can you spot them all?!)

And last but not least...
a new DUSKWorld playable character.

The fearsome, the furrsome, the hound of torment, the pupper of lament, he is... CART DOG! (yeah he's a legless evil hound with a rocket launcher strapped to his cart just go with it, okay?)

So, yeah. DUSK v1.0 is finally almost a thing. Pretty crazy, eh?

I know I sound like a broken record at this point but we wouldn't be here without all of YOU. You lurking shitposting scum... lord do we love you.

And you know we're just getting warmed up, right? Don't forget 2019 will bring the DAWN SDK, Steam Workshop, Mac, Linux, Switch ports, co-op?! and MORE.

You keep supporting DUSK, we'll keep givin' it to ya - HARD AND FAST. ːLoreleiː

Sep 20, 2018
DUSK - El Oshcuro

Don't get TOO excited... it's not Episode 3.

But it IS important.

As we work to put the finishing touches on the game - we've brought DUSK fully into Unity 2018.

This will allow us to do much more with the game moving forward (like the Switch port) and streamline all of our processes. Huzzah! (Patch notes below)


While we were doing this...

We also made changes to the UI/UX and menu systems!

Menus are now streamlined and split into LOOK / FEEL / SOUND.

We've also added some cheeky pixelization option names for ya (right click to enlarge)


As we get closer to finishing Episode 3

We've also started to go back and polish up Episodes 1 & 2, look for areas to improve in terms of both environmental storytelling and level design, and generally make sure the content is as good as it can be. Ye.

You'll already notice some of these small tweaks in E1M2 & E1M3.

In DUSKWorld news...

We've fixed some remaining bugs and also added a new map!

You may recognize it as E2M6 - The Erebus Reactor.

This is a very large and open map with plenty of hunting rifles abound.


We'll be adding TDM next. You want it? YOU GOT IT.

We've also put out a call for achievements!

If you think you've got good ideas for DUSK achievements - let us know HERE:


If we use YOUR achievement? We'll credit you in the game! Neat.

We've also been on the road!

We took DUSK Episode 3 to Quake Con and PAX West!

We let people play it! Even that GGGMan dude! https://twitter.com/DaveOshry/status/1027766548616933376

We even brought New Blood Chan! UwU

We think they liked it?! We even showed it off a bit on the EVGA Stream at PAX

https://youtu.be/jlppvPuXw3I ^ EPISODE 3 GAMEPLAY

Oh yeah... Episode 3? It's basically done.

We're just working on the final boss now. And polish. And achievements.
And we couldn't do any of this without YOU

As always be sure to follow me at https://twitter.com/DaveOshry and in Discord.gg/NewBlood for all the latest.

We're getting really close. Like REALLY close. It's scary. HOLD US.

We've even got a release date in mind.

And we'll be sure to share it with you... SOON™


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