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Update: To clarify, if you buy the game now you’ll receive access to episode 1 & 2 immediately, although the episode 2 launch isn’t >officially> happening until January 11th, when everything moves to Early Access.

Between Devil Daggers, Strafe, and the seeming eternal renaissance of Quake & Doom modding, it feels like gaming as a whole has come to terms with the idea that 90s FPS design wasn’t an evolutionary point that we’ve moved past so much as its own genre, which many are still experimenting with to this day.

One of the most promising of this fresh wave of neo-retro shooters is Dusk from solo developer David Szymanski and published by New Blood Interactive. The game had already impressed many critics with its first episode (available to play now if you preorder), and as of January 11th, the second act of the game will officially launch as the game transitions into Early Access.


Dec 24, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro

T'was the night before DUSKmas
And as you might know – DUSK isn't coming this year anymore.
Alas we are sorry - an actual delay - since at one point we did say it would be that way!

Anyway, enough of the rhymes - we're sorry but not TOO sorry. Because we bring good news...

DUSK: Episode 2 is DONE and DUSKWorld Multiplayer (as you should know) is currently in a very stable and fun closed beta. And we want to give them both to you. ALL of you. ASAP

But SOON™ isn't soon enough anymore. In fact, Valve called me a couple of weeks ago (yeah they do that) and asked what all this SOON™ nonsense was about. It was only kinda awkward.

So, after explaining to them where we were at in development and our plans for releasing the rest of the game, they suggested the best course of action was to put DUSK in Early Access.

Now, after discussing it with the team and our community, we're going to be doing just that.

DUSK will be entering Early Access on January 11th, 2018.

Now here are some things you might be asking yourself...

Oh God, Early Access - does this mean the game is never coming out?

Hah, no – DUSK is definitely coming out SOON. Literally. Within the next few months.

What will be included in the game on January 11th?

Episode 1, Episode 2, Endless Arena 1, Endless Arena 2, DuskWorld Multiplayer Open Beta

I already own DUSK, do I need to buy anything else?


Is the price going to change?

Nope. $20 then, $20 now, $20 forever.

Are you guys out of money?

Nah, but if you want to give us some that's cool...

So why didn't you put the game in Early Access originally?

Good question! In hindsight we probably should have. But back in August we naively thought we would have the game finished a few months after pre-orders went live and also that we didn't need Early Access to test the game.

We were very wrong. Well, not very wrong - but pretty wrong.

We also didn't anticipate just how many people would want and love the game.

There are currently about 7,500 people who have DUSK and 30,000 more wishing for it.

And while we've been doing a good job of testing the game internally and with our community (sup), if even 1/3 of those people jump into DUSK & DuskWorld on Day 1 and we're not prepared?

It could be catastrophic.

DUSK deserves better than a bad launch. And we know better than to let that happen.

Ok, so why Early Access NOW?

Well, by opening the game up to more people in Early Access – we'll be able to get all the DUSKWorld testing we need on a larger scale, give you Episode 2 sooner than later (why not) and also finally allow DUSK to start being seen on the Steam store as a purchasable game with user reviews plus possibly get promotion from Valve – all of which is super important for an indie game.

We'll also finally get to merge all the separate DUSK apps into one which will make our lives and yours so much simpler, don't ya think?

Also - when we weighed the pros and cons of putting DUSK into Early Access? There really was no downside. We get more players, more testers, more sales, more of a presence on the Steam store, and more love from you (we hope) for giving you more content.

The only downside to Early Access is that it has somewhat of a soiled reputation because of games that have abused the model, languished in it for eternity, or never lived up to promises.

Plus admittedly – we really liked the idea of the game being done “When It's Done” - but we've learned that's really just not how things work these days. Not if you want to continually grow your player base and build trust with them (hi guys).

Yet for every Early Access horror story, there are great triumphs.
Don't Starve, Darkest Dungeon, Grim Dawn and Divinity: OS 2 come to mind.

We also think it's safe to say that given the amount of content we've already put out, plus the amount of communication and transparency we've given to you during development (sup) – DUSK is certainly going to be an Early Access game done right.

And it won't be in EA for long. We promise.

Plus it's not like the game would come out any sooner if we didn't put it in Early Access. You'd just be waiting. Which seems silly at this point. You DO want Episode 2 and Multiplayer... right?!

Gotcha, so did DuskWorld slow down DUSK single player development?

Nope. DUSKWorld is being developed by other members of the New Blood fam (Hi Scott & Cam)

Did AMID EVIL slow development down?

No. completely different devs (Ayo Leon!)

DID anything slow DUSK development down?

Not really – but we don't rush. Oh and David and his wife had a baby (Hi Lavender!) Plus, after the release of Episode 1 the expectations for DUSK were raised SIGNIFICANTLY. The hype became real. It was pretty scary, but in a good way.

In fact, at one point David asked if I wanted to bring in more people to help him build the single player campaign and I said HELL NO.

This is HIS game and Episode 3 is being built just like Episode 1 and 2 were. This is his baby.

Well... his second baby. And I won't rush him or stress him (any more than I have to)

Ok - so what's left to finish after Early Access for the full launch?

Episode 3, Endless Arena 3, DUSKWorld Multiplayer v1.0, achievements/trading cards, etc

And what's planned for AFTER the full launch?

The DAWN SDK, Steam Workshop, Co-op?, Mac, Linux and who knows what else!

It's gonna be a long year.

Fair enough... But I pre-ordered the game in 2017? ...What do I get?!

Good point. We love those of you who were already willing to give us your hard earned money the most - so to thank you for being there for us on DAY ZERO...

We will be upgrading everyone who pre-ordered the game before Christmas to the Digital Collector's Edition of DUSK for FREE.

Yes, that means you will be getting the DUSK 40 page Digital Comic & Original Soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult (The $30 version of the game) completely FREE.

We think that's a pretty good way of saying thank you.

But don't thank us for being so generous. Thank Andrew for agreeing to literally give away thousands of copies of his OST for free. He really is that dude. May he be praised.

Whatever, I'm tired of waiting for this game and I want my money back!

That's cool, too – you can still refund DUSK at any time since it's still a pre-order – but we hope you'll be back when the full game launches.

Anything else?

I mean, we could just continue on as-is and not put the game in Early Access and just keep you all waiting until the full release - but at this point we think it would be not only detrimental to the game, but unfair to all of you who've been waiting for more DUSK.

So! We hope you're as stoked to get your hands on Episode 2 & DUSKWorld as we are to give it to you. In less than 3 weeks from now. Sooner than SOON™

Here's a TL:DR

DUSK goes into Early Access on January 11th, 2018 and it includes:
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Endless Arena 1
  • Endless Arena 2
  • DuskWorld Multiplayer Open Beta
If you already own DUSK?! You'll be getting the Collector's Edition for free.

If you don't yet own DUSK?! This will all cost you $20, same as always.

If you just want to wait for the full game to be out? That's cool, we love you anyway.

Merry DUSKmas, We'll see you all in 2018!

Ya know... SOON™

Chur \m/

The DuskDudes

P.S – You know maybe if you pray real hard, wish on a shooting star, and leave some bacon and soap out for Santa... they'll be a surprise in your stocking in the morning...
Dec 18, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro


DUSKWorld is now in closed beta!
That's right, the time has come for you to help test DUSK multiplayer, if you've got the HUP for it.
What is DUSKWorld?

DUSKWorld is DUSK multiplayer, simple as that!
Right now it's just FFA DM but we'll be adding modes like TDM, CTF and more as time goes on.

Is it a separate game?

No. Right now it's a separate app (for closed testing purposes) but when DUSK is released, DUSKWorld will just be a separate .exe you launch (but still part of the main game package)

Does DUSKWorld cost anything extra?


Does it have microtransactions.

Fuck no.

Will I be killed repeatedly by players better than me?



The DUSKWorld Beta is COMPLETELY FREE if you get a key.
You don't even need to own DUSK to play it.

Just sign up at Discord.gg/NewBlood and mash that F5 key on your inbox.
You'll get an email that looks like ***THIS***

We hope you enjoy this early shot at DUSK multiplayer and if you do?! We hope you'll give us some of your hard earned money either RIGHT NOW... or when DUSK is released - and yes, we'll have more info on that... SOON™ ːLoreleiː


Nov 10, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro

Duskdudes, Dudettes, lend me your eyes and ears!

Here's your first extended look at DUSK: Episode TWO from PAX Australia:
As you can see, things get a lot more hectic for the DuskDude as he ventures into THE FACILITIES - but worry not. With new powerups (like ones that basically turn him into Spider-Man) the forces of evil (and new enemy types) are no match for his MASSIVE HUP.

Episode 2 is already better than Episode 1 and Episode 3 is looking to be even crazier.


But what's all this about a MULTIPLAYER BETA?

Yes, it's happening. As we speak.

We're going to be opening it up to everyone who currently has DUSK: Episode 1 but if you want a chance to get in sooner...

*Please join http://Discord.gg/NewBlood and fill out the DuskWorld survey*

We are a small company and we've never done anything like this before so...
please bear with us as we roll out DuskWorld to you! You will all be hupping in no time.

We hope that DuskWorld multiplayer will help tide you over until the full game releases and we hope to see you all there on our DuskWorld dedicated servers... SOON™

Chur. ːAnkhː
Oct 6, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro

DuskDudes & Dudettes,

It's now been just about two months since we welcomed you to DUSK.

And the response has been, to put it lightly, OVERHWHELMING.

We feel overwhelmingly beloved and universally accepted by YOU.

The very people who we've been making this game for.

But this was no accident...

DUSK (and the reception to it) is the result of the tireless work of the New Blood QA team and the consistent communication with the New Blood community.

And you know, we originally wanted to put out Episode 1 MONTHS ago.

But we wanted it to be ready.
We wanted to make sure it was ready.
To make sure it was everything you expected it to be and everything we wanted it to be.

And if the response is any indication... then it is just that.

And now, after a damn near universally positive response from our family, friends, the critics, the lurkers and YOU - we are finally, completely 100% confident that DUSK is not only worth your time, but your money.


The expectations are higher than ever...
But thanks to your support, we're more committed than ever to exceeding them yet again.

YOU are the reason this game is what it is.
YOU are the reason we wake up every day and want to read the comments.

And YOU are proof that if a game developer sets out to make the game they say they're going to make, and communicates with their players honestly from day one?

Then the world can in fact be all sunshine and rainbows and rockets and shotguns.

So... to the thousands of players in the New Blood community already knee deep in DUSK, and the tens of thousands waiting for the full game and beyond...

We just wanted to say,


Dave, David, Andrew and the New Blood family <3

P.S. hup hup... hup hup hup... SOON™
Aug 17, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro


Pre-Purchase DUSK and you can play ALL of Episode 1
You know - we could have put out Episode 1 MONTHS ago.

We thought about it. But we wanted it to be ready.

We could have asked for your money WEEKS ago when we put out the new trailer.

But we wanted to MAKE SURE it was ready.

Now, after a damn near universally positive reception from our family, friends, the press, the lurkers and YOU - we are finally 100% confident that DUSK is worth your time and money.

So here it is! Well, PART of it.

And YES You will be granted access to the FULL game when it launches... SOON.

Pay $20 now, pay $20 then. It doesn't matter. That is the price for DUSK always and forever.


In the meantime: please enjoy DUSK: Episode 1 and spread the word like a shotgun blast if you love it as much as we do <3



Chur ːAnkhː
Aug 7, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro

Things have gone wrong.

VERY wrong.

3 Episodes. 33 Levels. Endless Mayhem.

But we know what you wanna know.

...Where are we at in DUSK development?!

Well, Episode 1 is done. It’s like done done. Super duper done. Polished and QA’d to high hell by the New Blood QA team (hi guys) and ready for you. If there are any bugs or the game drops below 144 FPS at any time they will be flogged. Believe that.

Endless mode is done.

VS. Multiplayer is a thing that works. We call it DuskWorld. We’re bringing it to QuakeCon.

Because that seems like the place you take a game like this, right?

You should come play it there.

The first pass of Episode 2 is nearly done. It will be iterated on and polished until it’s as ready as Episode 1. Then we’re on to Episode 3. Wheeeee…

And after that? Well I guess the FULL game we want to LAUNCH is DONE. Woah.
  • Three full single player episodes.
  • Endless mode with 3 arenas (one for each episode)
  • Arena style online multiplayer.
  • BARRELS of fun

See what we did there? ːLoreleiː

Do we have a release date yet? NO. Because if you follow New Blood then you know we will only and always say SOON™ until SOON™ is NOW. But it won't be much longer - we promise. ːDː

ANYWAY... want to spread the love like a shotgun blast?

Retweet this:


or SHARE this:


Or just show people this:
And tell them to wishlist THIS.
We promise you'll be able to play it... SOON™

In the meantime here's some .gifs

And Screenshots

And a link to a new track from Andrew. OH YES.
Chur ːAnkhː
Mar 24, 2017
DUSK - El Oshcuro

BEHOLD DuskDudes and Dudettes!

We're back with another LIVE gameplay demo from the PAX East 2017 Twitch stage:
https://youtu.be/lqa7iuMelo8 During this demo both myself and the DuskDude himself David Szymanski show off some endless mode, campaign and a whole lot of the silly new options we've got available for you.

For any and all questions we HAVEN'T yet answered - be sure to ask us here on the Steam forums or at Discord.gg/NewBlood where we're always... LURKING


The current plan for DUSK development is to finish up a solid version of Single Player Episode 1 (we're about 90% done with it) and then send that build + 2 endless levels out for previews + testing by YOU! (Steam builds will automatically update)

While THAT is happening we've already begun work on MULTIPLAYER which we're looking to have in a playable state before we move on to Episode 2 development!

As always - we'll post all major updates here and in Discord.gg/NewBlood ːLoreleiː

Until next time - stay filthy... INTRUDERS.

DUSK - El Oshcuro


If you weren't around to catch the LIVE gameplay reveal of DUSK during TwitchCon 2016 then fear not - you can watch it right here, RIGHT NOW ːGibː

https://youtu.be/WeX3Ah4GCNY What is with this thumbnail? I look ridiculous. ːLoreleiː

This gameplay is from our very first demo build of DUSK. We are still VERY early in development but hope that this gives you a good idea of just how DUSK will LOOK and more importantly - how it will FEEL. ːUT2004adrenalineː

Want to get involved with DUSK development? THEN JOIN US ON THE FORUMS \o/


See you... SOON™
Sep 19, 2016
DUSK - El Oshcuro
Hi kids! Do you like violence? ːDː

Wanna see me stick Nine inch Nails through each one of my eyelids? ːGibː


Thanks for stopping by to check out DUSK - a new project from yours truly and David Szymanski. With music and SFX from our old buddy Andrew mutha f**kin Hulshult.

We'll be here to answer any and all questions you have about the game from now until release next year - so DON'T BE SHY

Share our trailer!
Or use our press kit to make your own!

Follow us on Twitter

And Facebook

And don't forget to add DUSK to your Steam Wishlist and tell your friends to do the same!

Chur ːAnkhː

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