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Hello Hunters!

Since the Christmas holidays are drawing close here in Sweden, we just wanted to give you a heads up that the team will be away for the next 2 weeks. This means that we won’t be as present on our social channels, and we’ll have a break with our live streams until January 8th so please be patient since we won't be responding at our usual speed.

With that said, THANK YOU so much for supporting theHunter: Call of the Wild - not just by playing and enjoying the game, but also for all the constructive feedback and praise you give us on a daily basis. We wouldn’t be here without you and we feel truly humbled and blessed to work with such a passionate community! Now, if you think that 2018 offered a lot of cool things in-game, brace yourselves because 2019 will be even better and we can't wait to tell you more!

Happy holidays!

// your theHunter: Call of the Wild team

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark

Hello Hunters!

Thank you all once again for participating in the weekend’s Trailblazer Beta which helped us to follow up on the crashes related to graphics in our new reserve Parque Fernando.

Today, we will roll out Patch 1.28, which addresses the graphics crashes, achievements and the mission “The Gold Mine”. As always, you can find the details about the changes below and let us know your feedback.

Patch notes:
  • Fixed rendering issue that would lead to a crash on specific graphics cards
  • Fixed issue with Parque Fernando achievements not unlocking (we are working on a fix for already unlocked achievements)
  • Fixed mission progression issue when not shooting the dynamite from the expected position in the mission “The Gold Mine”

//your TheHunter: Call of the Wild Team
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark
Hello Hunters!

We just wanted to announce that we have now closed our Trailblazer Beta. Thank you so much for participating and providing valuable feedback to the team about the current issues in Parque Fernando.

We’ll release a patch with improvements as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience!

// theHunter: Call of the Wild Team

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Avalanche_Graham
Hello Hunters,

We will be opening up the Trailblazer Beta once more over the weekend to test a potential fix to the crashes that people are experiencing after the Parque Fernando update. Please do accept our apologies for the disruption caused to those affected by this issue, we’ve been doing everything we can to minimise the time this problem is in affect and have been working solidly on investigating the fault as soon as it was brought to our knowledge

Some of you may remember the Trailblazer Beta from when we ran it previously (you may need to re-enter the password given below to re-activate the branch), for those who this may be new to please see below this post for the full instructions.

We are opening up the beta period over the weekend with two goals in mind. Firstly we can get large scale testing for the changes we’ve made to potentially fix the crash issues, secondly (and perhaps most importantly to us) it means those of you who ARE suffering from the issue can play the game in some way over the weekend until the final fix is applied next week. Regrettably, progress you make will not carry over, but at least you can take some time to explore the reserve, find some new favourite hunting spots and maybe bag some animals for fun!

Please await more news from us about the “live” update that will fix the main version of the game during the beginning of next week.


/theHunter Call of the Wild Team

Instructions here:

The Trailblazer Programme, what does it entail?
It’s a chance for you to, during a limited period, experience changes to the game before they are technically “live”. It’s also a way for us to test updates without “committing” them to the main version of the game.

How long does the Trailblazer Programme run for?
The program will be available from around about now i.e. Friday December 14th (as of this post going live), until Monday 17th December, 12pm CET.

Who can take part in the Trailblazer Programme?
At the moment it is only available for PC players due to how quickly we can deploy things on the PC platform.

How can I get involved?
Right-click theHunter: Call of the Wild in your Steam library and click “Properties”. A window will prompt and you click the tab at the far right labelled “Betas”, you will then come to a window that looks like the below:

Please enter the following code in the box (without the quotation marks): “CalloftheWild”, then CLICK “Check Code” (just hitting enter won’t work). You should now notice that your game will start an update, this will be the Open Beta build installing.

Note: The download can potentially be large, and this will need to be re-downloaded as you switch between the live/Open Beta clients, so those on metered internet connections please bear that in mind.

So what happens to my old build and save files?
Nothing. When you start the Open beta client your game will be entirely “fresh”, you’ll have no save game, cash, skills etc. But don’t worry, this has NO effect on your “live” version of the game, you can switch back and forth at any time (see the next point below).

Note: We DO have a means for you to get up and running quickly in the Trailblazer Beta. Hit “Escape” and go to the Hunt Club Beta menu, there’ll be a reward there where you can claim a large sum of credits, a big XP boost and weapon score points in all categories.

I’ve had enough of testing the Open Beta for now, how do I go back to my normal version of the game?
Do the initial same steps as when installing the Open Beta, but when you get to the Beta tab you should not fill in a code. Instead in the drop-down box saying “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” you simply pick “None - opt out of all beta programs”” and your client will run a small update. After that you can play the normal version of the game again. You can switch back and forth between the live version and Open Beta/Trailblazer Programme at any time during the period just by using that dropdown menu.

How do provide feedback or I report issues I’ve found during the Open Beta/Trailblazer Programme?
Please use our “Beta Feedback” board on the Steam Community Hub here:

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark
Hey Hunters,

Thank you very much for all your early feedback and reports about our new reserve Parque Fernando!

We’ve been sifting through your comments both in the forum and on our social channels and our highest priority at the moment is to fix the issues with game crashes related to AMD graphics cards. We will keep you continuously updated on our progress!

We will also take another look at the Mule Deer to see if we can alter its appearance and make it slightly bigger. This is just a start and more feature improvements will happen - we will address them as soon as the more urgent matters (see above) are resolved.

While we continue the work on our next patch, here are a couple of work-around tips to help in case you experience any of these issues:

Stuck on the mission “The Gold Mine”
Make sure to retreat back to the position the game tells you to, after you’ve placed the dynamite. If you missed that step, and the mission objective does not progress, try going back to the original position where you placed the dynamite and place it again but this time shoot it from the position that the game communicates. Hope this helps and thank you to Zachious for providing us with the solution!
Need zones discovered by guests don’t save for the host
When you host a multiplayer game and guest players discover a need zone, this is currently not saved in your own single player game. The host (i.e. you) has to discover another need zone in order for the guest found need zones to be saved.

Keep the great feedback coming! The more detailed you can be when you write us reports, the easier we can figure out how to solve your issues as we want you to experience the beauty and thrill of Parque Fernando without hitting any snags.

All the best,

Your theHunter: Call of the Wild team
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark

Hello Hunters!

We are pleased to announce that Parque Fernando is now live on PC!
Parque Fernando is the fifth reserve to be added to theHunter: Call of the Wild and this reserve is inspired by the South American region of Patagonia. It offers new species such as the Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Blackbuck, but also an apex predator - the Puma!

Framed by hills, Parque Fernando houses a variety of environments to explore. Here, you'll have the opportunity to stroll through the snags of the dead forest, wander the steppes and lupine meadows in search of game, or make your way to the tranquil lakes across the reserve. And make sure to stop by the archery range to test your shooting skills.

As you hunters know, new features require new equipment, so check out the Axis Deer “screamer” caller", Cinnamon Teal decoys, Mule deer scent, and the Patagonian Gaucho outfit.

Parque Fernando will be priced at 7.99 USD/7.99 Euros and as per usual you can join in on your friend’s multiplayer games without owning the reserve yourself.

The release also includes a major patch that contains a plethora of bug-fixes and improvements and you will be able to download it right away. You can read more about Parque Fernando on our Steam Store page, or find the full Parque Fernando content summary and the patch notes below:

Patch Notes

New Reserve - Parque Fernando (Paid)

*Species - Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Cinnamon Teal, Mule Deer, Puma, Red Deer, and Water Buffalo
*New predatory behaviors - watch the Puma stalk and chase animals
*New Missions - 18 Main Missions, 32 Side Missions
11 new Achievements
*Get to know the new reserve warden Carolina
- Help her build a world-class hunting lodge
- Try to match Carolina’s greatest hits, shot-for-shot
- Explore the reserve to uncover all of Carolina’s challenge targets, find and complete them to earn a special skin for your RANGEMASTER .338
*New Archery Range (made for bows and crossbows, but accessible with all weapons)
*New Weapon Skins - .44 GAUCHO MAGNUM (acquire it by progressing through the main missions), RANGEMASTER .338 CHAMPIONSHIP (acquire it by beating all Challenge Targets)
*New outfit - PATAGONIAN GAUCHO OUTFIT - Inspired by traditional gaucho wear and crafted with age-old Cabrera family technique, the Patagonian Gaucho outfit combines the robust toughness of an outdoors attire with South American fashion. With strong pure cotton fabric all over, accompanied by a modernized boina and poncho, this outfit keeps you confident and comforted in the Patagonian wilds.
*New loading screens
*Updated reserve selection screen

Bug Fixes & Game Improvements (Free)
*Fixed issue with storage not showing any items due to collapsed categories
*Fixed noise meter not correctly reflecting player noise in certain instances'
*Fixed issues with hit decals on animals - more improvements to come
*Increased duration of hit decals before despawning
*Improved animation transitions when animals are vitally hit
*Fixed issue with performance drop when firing Shotguns
*Fixed an issue with auto-accepting missions not being accepted on the Huntermate
*Fixed issue with “EXIT” prompt appearing in the wrong place when inside *the Layout Blind
*Loading screens now display the correct images when joining a friend’s game
*Geese no longer pause their flight when playing their hit reaction animation
*Fixed issue with Point of Interests not being visible in Medved-Taiga after patching the game
*Fixed issue with the player’s hand not being synced correctly during unholstering animations
*Fixed issue with equipped Crossbow being offset from the character model
*Voice Over lines now queue correctly and wait until the previous Voice Over is finished
*Fixed issue in “Technical Demonstration” not registering shotgun harvests of Springbok
*Fixed issue of not being able to cancel a multiplayer competition as host
*Fixed issue of HUD showing spare ammo instead of total ammo
*Fixed issue of ATV not being highlighted in the Garage menu
*Fixed missing string for owned items when purchasing them in the in-game store
*Fixed issue of being able to overload backpack based on input method
*Fixed wrong localization of “Close” in the Message of the Day
*Fixed issue of Contextual Help not triggering

We really hope that you'll enjoy our latest update to theHunter: Call of the Wild!
Happy Hunting!

// your theHunter: Call of the Wild Team

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark
Hello Hunters!

We just wanted to give you a heads up that we now have fixes for the invincible animals, invisible blood trails as well as storage issues for all platforms. The fixes will be patched with the Parque Fernando DLC (that will come very soon!).

The accompanying patch with the fixes will (of course!) be free of charge, but the actual reserve will be a paid DLC.

Thank you once again for your feedback and your patience!

// theHunter: Call of the Wild Team
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark
Hello Hunters!

Lately, our team has been working hard on a secret project… and we’re finally ready (and excited) to reveal what we have been doing. You have previously wandered through valleys and hills, trekked savannas and frozen tundras and now, it’s time to explore our latest reserve: Parque Fernando in South America!

Get ready to roam through gnarled trunks of the dead forests, traverse both swamps and hills, and make your way across the lupine meadows of Patagonia. During your hunting adventures you will discover outposts, build lodges and prove yourself to the reserve’s fierce owner, Carolina. She has asked for your aid in turning an otherwise wild slice of Patagonia into world class hunting grounds...only time will tell if you will succeed in turning the reserve into a hunter’s paradise.

As Carolina says; “There are hunters, and there are elite hunters” - so what kind of hunter are you? Time to find out! Release date and more information about the new reserve will be coming soon.

Species that you will encounter in Parque Fernando:
- Axis Deer
- Blackbuck
- Cinnamon Teal
- Mule Deer
- Puma
- Red Deer
- Water Buffalo

Finally, don’t miss the chance to get a first peek of our new Parque Fernando reserve during our live-stream on Tuesday 11th of December, 16:00 CET! Tune in at or

//your theHunter: Call of the Wild team

Nov 28, 2018
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark

Hello Hunters!

Today we are happy to announce that the new Gemsbok is now live on PC! This latest addition to the Vurhonga Savanna reserve is free and comes along with a list of in-game improvements and fixes. See the full patch notes down below.

Patch Notes

  • Gemsbok added to Vurhonga Savanna
  • Overhaul of networking for a better and more stable multiplayer experience
  • Overhaul of animal animations, especially transitions for all animals
  • Message of the day is now available in the Main Menu
  • Added hit wounds on animals


  • DLC should now work correctly in offline mode on PC
  • Fixed issue with Canada Goose not landing
  • Fixed issues with music not playing correctly in Main Menu and outposts
  • Ducks no longer teleport up cliffs
  • Fixed issue of being able to crouch at full running speed
  • Fixed issue of being unable to dismantle Duck decoys, especially in multiplayer
  • “Look at” animations of animals no longer snap
  • Scent eliminator no longer loops its animation when having aim toggle set to “on”
  • Fix poacher traps not being re-enabled if you quit out after the mission started
  • Fixed issue with stuck progression on the mission Traffic Jam
  • Fixed issue blocking players from completing the Brother’s side mission arc in Vurhonga Savanna
  • Improvements to the Waterfowl Blind dismantle interaction and the positioning of points of interest icons
  • “CONNI #12” - fixed an issue where players needed to examine different types of clues from different foxes not just different tracks from different foxes
  • “Technical Demonstration” - fixed an issue that prevented players from making progress on an objective before the previous objective had been completed
  • “Our Place at the Potholes” - added a fix to restart the mission for players blocked for progressing
  • “Across the Savanna” - fixed an issue that made this mission from being unplayable if beaten in a previous game
  • “Flip’s Naked Eye Challenge” - fixed an issue where the objective was checking what the player currently had equipped when harvesting an animal instead of what they had equipped when they shot the animal
  • Fixed issue with Mallards unable to find a landing position
  • Ducks no longer teleport away if not harvested fast enough
  • Fixed issue with canines playing their hit reaction twice
  • Decoy and blind icons are now always visible on the map, no matter how far they are from the player

  • Improved network connection reliability and stability
  • Added status popups when joining or creating a multiplayer game
  • Added more detail to error codes

User Interface

  • Overhaul of major UI menus (tighter layout, store improved, some additional functionality).
  • Added ability to see compatible items of the selected item in the store (still a work in progress)
  • Number of owned (stackable) items is now visible in the equipment screen
  • Item stats improved
  • Added correct name for the setting to change the color of spotting outlines
  • Level and Score now are correctly aligned in the scoreboard when a challenge is active
  • Fixed issue of missing icon of waterfowl blind in HUD
  • Adjusted clickable areas of buttons to be more precise
  • Unified icons for need zones in HUD and map
  • Arrows and bows now have their own UI icon

  • Added stampede sound for Blue Wildebeest packs

  • Game no longer terminates when launched without network connection
  • Resolved several issues related to signing in with another profile during loading
  • The Layton Lake Arc trophy will unlock for players who were blocked but had completed all of the main missions. Simply harvest an animal in Layton Lake to trigger the trophy.
  • A fix to reward the Vurhonga Savanna Arc trophy has been implemented for players who may have experienced a crash while interacting with the tree in the mission “The Ghost Tree.” If you meet the requirements, simply harvest an animal in Vurhonga Savanna to trigger the trophy.
  • Remove unused terrain data to save disk space
  • Fixed issue with flickering characters
  • Several crash fixes

We really hope that you'll enjoy this most recent update to Vurhonga Savanna! Happy hunting!

// theHunter: Call of the Wild team
Nov 22, 2018
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - ew_acedark

Hello Hunters!

We just wanted to give you a heads up that we now have a 33% discount on our base game on Steam! The offer is available until November 27th. Read more and get your copy down below!


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