Live In Color - Dev8402
Hi all!

Thank you for your positive and helpful feedback - and we hear you - you want MORE ..

After launching the game we were swamped by work and as a tiny studio we were unable to work on Live in Color at the same time - but we are focusing all our holiday time on building more magic - rest assured.

Thank you for your patience and interest - and if you have requests for the next levels (specific things you'd like to see) let us know in the forums and we will try to work on it. Or anything you don't want to see? (We got some feedback that spiders, thunder and heights can be too scary - so let us know!)

- Dev xx ...
Live In Color - Valve
Live In Color is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Use your wand to reveal your world in virtual reality, make it come to life & make it your own Come see a beautiful fantasy world and play like a kid again!

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