Crate Punks - SkypeakLLC
- METAL crates
- GREEN crates (balloons!)
- PINK crates (bouncy!)
- SHADOW crates (go through walls!)
- BLUE crates (duplicators!)
- RED crates (ahahaha...)
- New menu (w/ item toggles)
- Rainbow chaos item
- Earthquake item
- Something else
Crate Punks - SkypeakLLC
Crate Punks will be available at 2pm PST this Friday, December 2nd!
Crate Punks - SkypeakLLC
Hey everyone,

Crate Punks as a game is 100% ready to be played.

However, it is taking a bit of time to get through the approval process. There are some specific requirements unique to Steam that I wasn't aware I had to meet, so I had to add some things and submit the game for approval again.

Hopefully Crate Punks will be ready to release December 2nd.

I'll keep you posted!

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