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The Just Cause 4 Spring Update is available now! Check out all the new features in this free update in the latest Square Enix blog.

We also confirmed today the latest DLC for Just Cause 4, Los Demonios. Check out the trailer below:

Just Cause 4 - JoshuaSquareEnix
Hey everyone,

Today we’re proud to release a new patch for Just Cause 4. We’ll provide further details on this big update at 9AM PDT today on the Just Cause 4 developer blog.

Here are the patch notes:


• Improved Lighting in Shadow
• Made tweaks to the world lighting presets
• Improved Nighttime Visibility
• New Black Hand Destructible Statue
• New Sky Crane and Black Hand Truck carrying Chaos Objects
• New Destructible Train Bridges
• Increased Ammo Capacity on Most Weapons
• More Aggressive Black Hand Vehicle Combat
• Better Air Combat Against Helicopters and Drones
• Increased Black Hand Patrols in Solis
• Increased Trains in the World
• Streamlined the Supply Drop UI
• Supply Drop pilot panel now displays loadout for each pilot
• Added an "AR" icon when AR Mode is activated
• Changed the Operations unlock description from "Pre-Requisites" to "Requirements"
• Increased LOD Distance on Blue Electrical Spark VFX
• Fixed an issue with the Frontline Mist VFX
• Added a more Explosive Destruction VFX to the Turret
• Fixed LOD on the Dirigibles
• Fixed a bug causing Overlapping Text when Continuing a Save after Starting a New Save
• Added a Button Conflict Prompt when Remapping is Not Allowed
• General Bug Fixes
Just Cause 4 - JoshuaSquareEnix

Click the thumbnail above to view the trailer!

“Dare Devils of Destruction,” the first pack in the “Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass” for JUST CAUSE 4, is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam): https://sqex.link/JC4ExpansionPass

Dare Devils of Destruction introduces a new island, three new factions, and three new vehicle based challenge modes across 15 high-octane missions.

Owners of the JUST CAUSE 4 Gold Edition or Expansion Pass will receive 7 days early access to each DLC pack in the JUST CAUSE 4 “Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass.”

For more information on the Gold Edition visit: http://justcause.com/buy-now

Just Cause 4 - RobbieSquareEnix


Included with Gamestop Pre-Orders and available for purchase on digital stores:

Steam: https://sqex.link/gvt
Xbox: https://sqex.link/ay7
PlayStation : https://sqex.link/2ex
Just Cause 4 - RobbieSquareEnix
Just Cause 4 Dare Devils of Destruction DLC is available for Gold Edition / Expansion Pass Owners NOW! Everyone else: 9am PDT 30th April!



Destroy. Drive. Survive.
Just Cause 4 - RobbieSquareEnix
Watch the official trailer now! https://youtu.be/LI3cZvATW88

🥇Early Access for Gold Edition/Expansion Pass Owners begins:
9am PDT 23rd April

🌍Everyone else:
9am PDT 30th April

💡More Info:
Just Cause 4 - RobbieSquareEnix

Hi all,

We have a small update this week as we continue to make improvements to Just Cause 4. We are pleased to confirm a new patch will be released today. This patch will address a number of issues that some of you may have encountered while playing JC4.

Featured in this patch are:

-Various bug fixes

-Added a Legend to Solís Map Screen

-AR Scanning Visual Improvements

-Increase Location Discovery Ranges: Increased the range at which Rico needs to be to "discover" a location so that it appears on the map.

-Various other small tweaks to menus

This patch also prepares Just Cause 4 for the launch of our upcoming DLC. For fans asking for more info on our Expansion Pass, please stay tuned, as tomorrow we’ll have big news on this!

The Just Cause Team
Just Cause 4 - RobbieSquareEnix

NEW #JustCause4 Development Update, featuring your first glimpse at the upcoming DLC content 🚙💥https://sqex.link/just-cause-4-developer-update
Just Cause 4 - JoshuaSquareEnix
Hello everyone!

We firstly want to thank you all for your patience whilst the team has been hard at work on this PC patch. You can expect the following improvements to your user experience:

• Performance improvements
• Water improvements
• Vegetation improvements
• New anti-aliasing system
• Support for Razer Chroma
• Various bug fixes
• Updated Customization menu
• JC3 Rico Skin (Legacy Item)

Rest assured we will continue to support Just Cause 4 with further updates and patches. We thank you for your support.

If you are experiencing issues then please contact the customer support teams who are also providing direct feedback to us:
Europe: http://support.eu.square-enix.com
North America: http://support.na.square-enix.com
Japan: http://support.jp.square-enix.com

The Just Cause team
Just Cause 4 - Square_Enix_ScottB
We just wanted to give you a quick update on the PC patch, as we know you are eagerly waiting for this. We can’t nail down an exact release timing for this quite yet, however, we will have this out to you as soon as we can.

The team is working hard to ensure that the upcoming PC patch is optimized for PC users and will provide a significant improvement to your Just Cause 4 experience.

Please bear with us as we complete work on this and stay tuned for further updates.

The Just Cause Team

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