Dec 8, 2016
Publisher Tycoon - leegod
-Suspension Right system
Now you will earn 1 suspension right per 4500 fame.
You can out of print 1 book if you have suspension right and that book will not receive order from bookstore.

-Another Steam leaderboard.
When pass 5 years in-game, how much money can you earn?

-Balance adjusted.
Now if one book's sales volume exceed certain value (higher as book's level), that book's sale will significantly decrease. So, move on to other new book.
Nov 30, 2016
Publisher Tycoon - leegod
Update Date : 2016-12-01

[Bug patch]
-Ending story will now appear

-Button window and font's color revised
-Steam leaderboard : Highest earned money when game end will recorded to steam community leaderboard
Nov 29, 2016
Publisher Tycoon - leegod
Finally, Publisher Tycoon game released today!

Enjoy this game and write any feedback, post to this game's steam forum page.


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