Soundboxing - ericflo
Here's what's new in the latest update:

  • Oculus Touch support in beta
  • Loading fixes for the video player
  • Improved score replays
  • Add more information about the user and challenge
  • Lots of small bugs fixed

Oculus Touch support

Since the last patch, the game has been ported over to Oculus Touch, now in private beta. Are you interested in helping to beta test our Oculus port? Send us your Oculus username via Twitter to @SoundboxingVR or e-mail with the subject "Oculus Beta". This is only good for about a week - if you're interested, hurry up and reach out!

Video loading fixes

Games are way more fun when they work properly. In Soundboxing, the most important thing is to be able to load and play challenges, so when the video player bugs out, it's a showstopper. In the past two weeks the video code has been fully rewritten from the ground up, this time with the aim of improving reliability. It wasn't the goal of the work, but incidentally, videos should load slightly faster now.

Improved score replay mode

If you click on a high score in the leaderboards, now it brings you to a real replay, where you can see the score and streak info as it unfolds. Also you'll be able to see the explosions as they happened. Try it out - it's a lot more fun now!

More user and challenge info cards in the game

Sometimes it can be hard to find good challenges, but the best way is to follow great users. And you find users to follow by seeing their info attached to the content you like best. Now there is more user info shown in various places, like on the new score replay mode, or in play mode!

Many small bugs fixed

After porting the game to Oculus Touch, a lot of work went into going around and fixing up the little bugs that had cropped up - many of which had nothing to do with porting the game. You should notice a bit more polish all around.


Thank you for all your support this year - I've had a blast building Soundboxing. I hope to be able to continue building it next year, too! If you enjoy the game, the best gift you can get me this Christmas is to tell someone about my game, or better yet - buy it for them :) Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to everyone!
Soundboxing - ericflo
The last month of Soundboxing has been a blast - it's been so great seeing all of the new challenges being created. The creativity in everyone's newest challenges are off-the-charts!

Another big patch update today:

  • Now you can follow your favorite users to find the best content!
  • Local scoreboards - compete against people who have played on your computer
  • Redesigned the look and feel of the UI both in the game and on the website
  • More challenging game modes which amp up the speed
  • Experimental left-handed mode
  • Easier scrolling on all lists
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements!

Follow your favorite users

When you log in with the new update, we'll load up all of your Steam friends and put all their activity into a feed so you can easily find great new content created or recommended by your friends. You can also follow users right from inside the game.

Local scoreboards
It's fun to compete online, but it's even more fun to compete against people standing right next to you. Starting with this update, you can choose either local or global scoreboards, and the game will remember your setting.

More game modes
If you're not finding Soundboxing to be a challenge, try increasing the speed to "Fast" mode - it's a lot more difficult. If you're feeling *really* adventurous, try "Insane" mode!

Left-handed mode
Are you a leftie? Tired of repeated notes with your wrong hand? Try changing the game mode to the experimental left-handed version, and we'll flip all the notes for you. Challenges that you make will be flipped for right-handed people, so you don't have to think about it.

Other fixes
It should be much easier to scroll on lists of items now - there was a touchpad sensitivity bug that has been resolved. Score and challenge upload performance doubled. Now you can turn off the dancing robots, the explosions, and the screen shake if you find it distracting or need some extra performance. Numerous other bugfixes were made.

Future plans
I've been listening to all your feedback and as things stand, these are currently Soundboxing's top development priorities:
  • Oculus Touch support - a lot of this work was done in this patch to prepare for this
  • Fix for the player sometimes playing noises in the background
  • Beatmap editor
  • Punch field height/size adjustments
  • Full pagination everywhere - a lot of work was done in this patch to prepare for this
  • Free demo
  • Improve social feed with user suggestions
  • Automatic beatmap creation
Soundboxing - ericflo
Wow, the first few weeks of the game have been a blast! You've now created over 2,200 beatmaps and submitted over 20,000 high scores, in less than a month!

We've got a great update for you today, and here's the rundown:

* Dramatically reduced video load times (videos now load in about a second!)
* Improved CPU and memory performance across the game
* Added a "Genres" section to easily find music that you like
* Switched to a more efficient save format for faster uploads
* Countdown timer on play mode
* Improved website

Rapid video loading

In this update, we overhauled the way videos are loaded and displayed. In previous versions, the game would analyze and buffer the video ahead of time. Now we're able to use embedded web technology to load the video on-the-fly, which allows much faster browsing and navigation. It's just more fun when you wait less!

Improved CPU and memory performance

In the lead-up to the game's launch, some areas of the game became slower and less efficient. Today's patch fixes up numerous performance bugs all across the game. In addition, there have been some memory pressure improvements as well. There's still a lot more we can do here to make the game even more efficient, but this is a strong first step.

Genres section

As more and more challenges flow through the system, it's getting harder to find the best ones to play; songs you enjoy. The top challenges update last time was a nice start, but with this update you can now browse through categories like House, Electronic, Rock, or Alternative and find music to suit your mood.

Faster uploads (soon)

It's frustrating after having fun playing a game, when saving your score takes a long time. Why does it lag? Because it's saving all the punches you make and their timings, your body movements, and more to the server, which right now can take a while. We've developed a new, vastly more efficient format for saving these to the server. With this game update, we now save in both the new and old format. Next update, when we switch over to the new format completely, those speed improvements will kick in all at once. In some cases we're seeing 20x improvement.

Countdown timer

Instead of launching immediately into the challenge when you hit play, now you've got a 3 second window to get ready. No more missing those tough notes right at the beginning!

Improved site

If you haven't yet checked out or weren't able to log in before, please give it a try. It makes it really easy to share challenges - send your friend a link, and when they receive it, they can either click to play a preview of the challenge in the browser, or they can click a button to open the challenge in VR. No need to search just to find your friend's challenge.

As always, thanks for playing! And please continue to send your feedback to, the Steam forums, and /r/Soundboxing on Reddit - your feedback is how I decide what stuff to work on next!
Soundboxing - ericflo
You all have been creating some incredible challenges in the days since Soundboxing launched! So many, in fact, that it's hard to keep track of them all, browse through them, and find the best ones. I've heard your feedback loud and clear, and have been working furiously on some updates!

The next time you launch Soundboxing, you'll notice some big improvements:
  • Three challenges per screen, for faster browsing. And now it remembers your place!
  • Save your favorite challenges by clicking the heart
  • Popular challenges list, sortable by week/month/day, and by scores/favorites
  • Now you can delete challenges you're not proud of
  • Revisit any of your old challenges again with easy access to your own challenges and favorites
  • Bug fixes and slight performance improvements

Hope you enjoy, and please keep the feedback and challenges coming!

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