Aztecalypse - Koala Beer
We have reduced the price of the game from $1,99 to $0,99 as the game is in the Store for a while already and the first round of attention towards it is over.
This was also to make it more affordable for those who didnt buy it yet due to not having a sufficient balance.
Discounts may still happen, but not in the near future.
Aztecalypse - Displacement Studios
About one and a half month after release, some disadvantages of the game's current state have become very obvious and will be erased by an update happening on this christmas. The goal is to make it more obvious what the player has to do, without changing the game's atmosphere too much.

Visual changes:
-higher brightness (should be playable without using the flashlight)
-lower contrast
-introduction commentary now being written faster

Minor gameplay changes:
-number of lives changed from 3 to 5
-disabled running option
-some paths have been redrawn

Last but not least, some new places have been added to the map. ːAztecPyramidː

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