Dec 23, 2019
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
Also remember to visit Fleetari repair shop during Christmas from 24 to 26th day to get -75% off from the service brochure! Very generous offer!!! ːsteamhappyː

-Added drag racing with AI drivers
-Lätänen (driver) is now boss of the bus
-Added dynamometer to Fleetari repair shop
-Added linelock to Ferndale (Activated with "Boost" button)
-Added side skirts to the fiberglass body kit
-Added interior light to tractor
-Added tool cart to repair shop
-Added rear working lights to Truck
-Added car Antenna set to Parts Magazine (are required to filter out the radio static noise)
-Added Exhaust Dual Tip to Parts Magazine
-Added Kickstand to Moped
-Adjusted fuel calculations for some vehicles
-Fixed issue with house pee stains appearing when not urinating at home

Very Happy Holidays to you all and we see again in 2020!
Nov 15, 2019
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
-Fixed bug with Slotmachine sometimes flying off the map boundaries
-Fixed bug with AI rally cars not stopping racing after rally is over
-Added helmet
-You might now get bumblebee into your eye when driving a moped without a helmet
-Rally participation now requires Helmet
-Satsuma is now decorated with official Suvi-Sprint number sticker when registering for rally
-Post orders and AD delivery payment can't be picked up any more outside store opening hours
-Added lottery
-Made fixes, adjustments and hopefully optimization to bunch of car parts
-Fixed few bugs with motor hoist and engine installation
-Added Digging Bar to bend back broken suspension mounts (Only Fleetari repair shop can do perfect job)
-Fixed object in hand velocity issues when letting off at speed (Thanks Fredrik!)
-Running over a cop with a car makes player now instantly wanted
-You can now change Flywheel without taking the Gearbox out
-Fixed issue with Parts Magazine orders sometimes delivering empty order
-Fixed Satsuma hazards
-Player gets now fined for not using a helmet when driving a moped
-Fixed some traffic fine calculation errors
-Urine now accumulates if player keeps urinating on the house floor
-Disabled Satsuma damage deformation when the car is stationary (Sledgehammer still doing damage)
-Fixed issue with Satsuma mesh damage getting saved even when quitting the game without saving
-Added notepad
-Computer mini games now close with command "Left ALT + Q", you can also use computer reset button
-Fixed inaccurate assembly of the clutch
-Added Propilkki (Peräjärvi edition) to computer, thanks for collaboration Procyon Products!

Aug 20, 2019
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
-Adjusted and fixed Bus schedules and added timetables at the bus stops
-Car doors will now lock to open position when opened to full angle
-Shopping bag contents are now being saved, no more exploding open during load!
-Racing Muffler can be now spray painted
-Worn down Satsuma Starter might now refuse to turn
-Fixed Headgasket smoke sometimes getting stuck after replacing the Headgasket
-Map and environment changes
-Changed driving head bob to three different settings
-Computer now reads DIR-command
-Added setting for HDR, default OFF
-Removed one useless bolt from the Brake Lining assembly
-Added visual leaks to help to diagnose car problems
-Broken Store windows are now being saved, and temporarily replaced with plywood
-Decreased Pistons and Crankshaft wear rate
-Added Water wells around the map
-Junk car locations are now randomized
-Added fourth hidden junker car
-Added rack to Moped that can hold one or more objects (max 30 kg)
-Added two more CD's for player imported songs (CD's won't spawn in the game if they are empty)
-Added visual wear to the Pistons
-Made house fire smoke higher so player can see it from greater distance
-Fixed bug with police officer not showing a stop sign and still fining for not stopping
-Added GT trim stuff
-Fixed various issues with Bus failing to stop properly
-Store product quantities are now being saved, and products are re-stocked every Thursday
-Changed Rally timing to be FPS-based instead of CPU time (slower computers will get improved Rally stage times)
-Grill and Garbage Barrel might now cause house fire if burned inside
-Fixed bug with Camshaft Gear not randomizing its rotation when installed for the first time
-Fixed issue with Auto Clutch -setting related to Clutch wear
-Added AI rally cars that race the stages during Saturdays and Sundays
-Added rally broadcast to TV (no sound currently)

Have fun! :D
May 9, 2019
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
READ THIS: You do not have full access to the Van and Truck at the beginning of the game. The vehicles now belong to your Uncle, and depending on your progress they become available to you. Eventually you will have a full access. Be creative how to deal with the limitation! You can always pick strawberries :D Old saves should work, but it is always recommended to start a new save because of some current big changes in the game.

WARNING: Vehicle key-data and BBS telephone number has been reset!
WARNING: Your engine part wear values has been reset!
-Cigarettes now burn also when not inhaling
-Subsequent store purchases now spawn into separate shopping bags instead of one
-Removed button operated handbrake feature from Truck and Tractor
-Added new job where you can share store adverts for Teimo (activates every Friday)
-Fixed bug with rims spawning back to store if their package was not opened before saving
-Fixed graphical glitches with the lake
-Decreased Satsuma high-RPM performance
-Changed AFR calculations, when you now see your fuel mixture and revs fluctuating it will be normal
-Exhaust smoke turns now white if you have failing Head Gasket
-Default Fleetari discount is now 10%, but you can increase it to 40% if you do the vandalism job
-Added Fuel Pump wear
-Changed how the two amis-cars spawn, not every day and every time any more!
-Fixed/added low fuel -symptoms on every vehicle
-Reduced Satsuma overheating
-Added hand throttle to Truck
-Changed how Truck hydraulic pump operates (pumping efficiency is related to engine RPM)
-Driving fast without Windshield can lead to bumblebee hitting player's face
-Added player weight simulation, starting at 79kg
-Weight now also affects how much you can drink alcohol
-Added weight scale to second bedroom
-Cars now have driver and passenger weight simulation
-Added player head bob, OFF by default
-Moped has now three different fuel tap positions, and their state is saved
-Added clutch wear (Thanks Arto!), replacement Clutch Disc can be bought from Fleetari
-Added removable Inspection Cover to get access to clutch assembly without taking engine out
-Glove box cannot be opened any more if Rollcage is installed
-Drunk guy now gets inside Ruscko as well
-Non-lethal Player status bars won't turn red any more
-Added "kuski" that spawns at the Dancehall on Saturdays
-Van and Truck are now owned by player's Uncle, and there is no more full access at game beginning
-Added game Ending and related story content
-Masked out bolts from engine that should not be accessed through other parts
-Sleeping in a vehicle, breaking a windshield and opening a shopping bag now require holding down a button for 2 seconds
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
-Changed Truck engine sounds
-Added driving animations to bus driver and drunk driver
-Added speedometer to drunk driver's car
-Added rain hitting windshields and functional windscreen wipers to all driveable vehicles
-Closing car doors and windows now properly dampens outside ambient sounds
-Adjusted Truck and Tractor engine characteristics
-Fixed bug with Rally giving incorrect 60sec penalty after Saturday stage
-Fixed bug with Fleetari Windshield installation
-Fixed wood chopping exploit
-Added interior light to Van
-Added many missing sound effects, work still in progress
-Coffee cooks quicker now
-Fixed Van interior colliders
-Front spoilers can now detach upon impact
-Made card game betting easier
-Fixed issue with clocks going out of sync in some circumstances
-Septic well owners are now available only when their wells are full
-Drunk guy now pays money of his lift based on how quickly player gets him home
-Fixed bug with Drunk guy where he calls about lift but then is not present at the bus stop
-Fixed some bugs with the Police
-Police should not give you a fine anymore for AI cars running over officers, unless you are close proximity to the victim
-Fixed Van speedometer, car used to travel faster what the speedometer was showing :D
-Added towing hooks to small green car
-Small green drunk driver now also attempts to tow you home if you attach your car to rear towing hook
-You can now buy Booze from the driver of Svoboda (only on Saturdays at the dance hall)
-Added Teletext to TV, use remote control to operate (Use button and number keys)
-Teletext forecasts also local weather, on page 188

Happy Christmas and a New Year of 2019 everyone! We've been on Early Access now for little more than two years. It has been longer than what we expected, but that is because the game has seen tons additional content which weren't originally planned even ːsteamhappyː

Now it seems that during the next year we will come out of EA, and work for adding the missing content and features has started. Together with that it is time to start polish up the game and fix any glaring errors or other annoyances as much as possible. So, still no timelines but should be during the 2019.

We are glad you have enjoyed the game SO much, there is still work to do and with your help we can hopefully finalize the game as well as possible.

Sincerely, Amistech Games

Drive safely!
Oct 24, 2018
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
Very happy two-year release anniversary! It has been great time and the game has expanded a lot more than it was ever planned to. Hopefully one day we see the actual finished game :D We are so glad that you have supported us and the game for all these years, truly heart warming :)

WARNING: Your Fan Belt might be gone, go buy a new one from Teimo
-Fixed bug with rear shock absorbers not going in after first removing them
-Added telephone bills
-You can now grill food on top of a hot Satsuma engine
-Added purchasable computer
-Spawn point after death is now at the gate of the graveyard
-Alternator Belts (prev. Fan Belt) can be now stocked
-Weather is now being saved
-Driving lights can be now toggled off by keeping Beam Mode button pressed down
-Changed how driving light modes are used in Satsuma
-Added Marker Lights to Parts Magazine
-Added seatbelts to Ferndale
-Fixed bug with Rally where it was not possible to register for a new event if player abandoned previous rally after Saturday stage
-Spark plugs have now also visual indication about their condition
-Added Wristwatch (you need to fight for it!)
-Added roll down windows to every vehicle, but not for passenger sides for performance economic reasons (:D)
-Added Wood Stove and Wood Chopping to Ventti-cabin, which activate after you win the cabin
-Staying at the Cottage island reduces stress now
-Gifu truck requires now rev matching when changing gears, applies only to players using H-Shifter controller
-Made highway little more bumpy

Stay safe!
Aug 18, 2018
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
WARNING 1: Valve adjustments have changed, be careful not to rev the car until you or Fleetari has fixed it!
WARNING 2: Satsuma 3d model has changed, so delete your meshsave.txt file to avoid graphical glitches
-Fixed issue (again) with in-game clock not working correctly when sleeping
-Fixed issue with front wheel alignment resetting into incorrect angle upon every game load
-Fixed issue with Teimo sometimes heading back to home right after opening the store
-Fixed several bugs with tires when they were replaced by Fleetari while installed to the car
-Car should now slide less when on top of a Floor Jack
-Fixed issue with battery terminals self-tightening the bolts in some cases
-Fixed FPS slowdown issue when having random objects under Satsuma wheels
-Fixed free fuelling exploit
-Increased useful battery life when running engine without working Alternator
-Highway traffic is now more randomized
-Decreased possibility of AI car veering off to oncoming lane towards Player
-Added Fuel Oil pump to Teimo store, note that it is in most cases illegal to use Fuel Oil as Diesel alternative
-Fuel prices are now subject to change
-Player does not die from fatigue anymore, instead getting sleepy or getting black outs (shake mouse to wake up from blackout)
-Added new grilling system, grilling with open fire makes food burn, so grill on embers instead
-Added Brick Grill (uses Firewood) to Cottage and moveable Ball Grill (uses Charcoals)
-Dead moose can be now chopped into meat chunks with Axe
-Moose meat can be eaten after it has been grilled, similarly to fish
-Moose travel paths are now much more randomized
-Added garbage barrel to burn trash
-Added alternative mounting point for the Tachometer on top of the Dashboard
-Added Satsuma charge warning light to indicate if Alternator is not charging properly
-Adjusted Satsuma valve settings, you might need to re-adjust valves or make Fleetari do it
-Made Satsuma valve adjust more precise with smaller tolerances and decreased loose play at both ends
-Adjusted Satsuma engine heat output, overheats easier now
-Satsuma Grille and Hood options now affects engine air flow cooling efficiency
-Getting suspension damage from crashing might now also cause tire puncture
-Improved both Truck and Tractor Parking Brake systems
-Added Beacon light to Truck
-Added Saturday night "dance" and related fist fight mechanics
-Grandma can now call about food deliveries
-Fixed bug with not being able to light a cigarette while sitting on a chair
-Added Coffee Pan for making coffee on open fire or grill
-Made kitchen stove hot plates functional
-Fixed issue with Cigarette causing a fire even after dumping the Cigarette but outhaling smoke
-Added visible smoke before Player's house bursts into flames
-Added smoke detector
-Map changes
-GUI changes
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
This game has now been updated to 64bit version. It means better memory usage and possibly increases performance on some systems. However if you have troubles running the 64bit version, also 32bit version is available. You can enable it from Steam settings, more info here:


WARNING 1: All your Spark Plugs have been removed, buy new ones from store
WARNING 2: Your car Batteries have reset their position and state

-Fixed Ferndale transmission issues, added better turbine simulation, increased power and brakes, changed style
-Fixed Satsuma brake balance bug
-Decreased rate of brake fluid leak
-Added electric wiring work for Satsuma
-Battery can now detach in crashes or hard hits
-Engine can be now ran without Battery if Alternator is fine and connected
-Added Amplifier for car sound system, if you have already bought set of Subwoofers the Amp will spawn at Teimo's store
-Installing roll cage now removes floor mats
-Added wearable and replaceable Spark Plugs which can be bought from store
-Fleetari can now do the tire job even if tires are installed to car, tires that are left inside his office are prioritized
-Death screen has now play statistics of various things (enabled only in Permadeath-mode!)
-Doors of the other vehicles collide with the environment now
-Moped can be now re-textured with template found inside /Images folder
-Fixed bug with tire alignment and suspension damage messing with each other
-Fixed issue with moped bouncing up and down when making sharp turns
-Steering Ackermann is now calculated more precisely for all player cars
-Subwoofer panel can be now painted with spray paints
-Block, Crankshaft Pulley, Rocker Cover and Air Filter can be now painted with spray paints
-Car Jack handle can be now folded
-Added wheel well colliders inside of Satsuma trunk
-Spray paints need to be purchased from Store now
-Added gear shifter shaking animations
-Added spark timing adjustment to Distributor
-Items saved inside glove box should now stay in there upon loading
-Fixed issues with day sometimes advancing or not advancing when sleeping or loading
-Added Ruler to Spanner set to check tire wear
-Fixed issue with being able to remove Gearbox while engine was installed to car
-Re-balanced opponent Rally times a little
-Made Kilju Guy moving job to trigger little earlier
-Worn piston now puts out bluish oil smoke and increases oil consumption
-Added "party" to Kilju guys new apartment
-Added order delay to Wood job
-Charged Battery now stays connected to the Charger after game load
-Brake Master Cylinder fluid levels now affect brake efficiency separately for front and rear wheels
-Fixed bug with tire raycasts hitting Fender Flare colliders and causing issues
Feb 23, 2018
My Summer Car - Toplessgun
WARNING 1: All your bought Batteries, Fire Extinguishers and Oil Filters have reset back to Teimo's store
WARNING 2: Because of bug fix your Clutch Cover Plate will spawn back to garage. You can however install it back just through the engine block without having to disassemble anything.
WARNING 3: Make sure your Camshaft position is aligned before starting the engine!
-Added kWh gauge to house
-Added strawberry field for picking strawberries
-Increased battery charger charging speed
-Adjusted wheel rotation inertias for Satsuma, Hayosiko, Ruscko and Ferndale
-Adjusted performance characteristics of above vehicles
-Seating angle is now reset when entering Driving Mode
-Teimo now uses bicycle to travel to work
-Store is now open from 10 to 20, and both are closed on Sundays
-Added functional interior light and properly illuminated gauges for Satsuma
-Changed Rally in to a two day event with two special stages
-Moved Rally results tents to school yard
-Added Rally spectators
-Adjusted oil dipstick indicator, full oil level is now shown close to MAX
-Added Racing Flywheel that decreases engine mass and inertia
-Decreased engine shaking when using standard Flywheel
-Added wasps, also note that player has a wasp sting allergy
-Fixed issue where it was able to buy Block or Crankshaft even when those old parts were not fully disassembled
-Added grandma, if you follow her conversations correctly you will get more money
-Added general conversation agreement gestures (when not too drunk), default button "K"
-Kilju guy does now catch you from trying to fool him
-Added story progression and a job to do for Kilju guy
-Added office worker to water facility
-Slowed down firewood job progression
-Fixed bug with milk and pub coffee drinking not locking the left hand
-Selling Kilju and picking strawberries does not count to your official income
-Increased tolerance of waste grate check to avoid incorrectly placed fines
-Fire Extinguishers, Batteries and Oil Filters are now disposable at the landfill
-Fixed random "ghost bumps" that affected AI and Player cars on the highway
-Adjusted analog clutch sensitivity so that it engages little earlier
-Fixed audio issues with footsteps when using analog player control inputs
-Made Boat controls compatible with analog controllers, similarly to other vehicles
-Added Camshaft alignment, use Camshaft Gear bolt to rotate
-Fixed bug where it was possible to remove disc and drumbrakes while wheels where installed
-Made Alternator charging efficiency dependant on wear
-Made brake fluid simulation better, amount of fluid affects the maximum braking efficiency
-Suspension can now bend (Fix at Fleetari's) instead of completely break off, except for very hard hit
-Added odometer to truck
My Summer Car - (Brendan Caldwell)

Hit it with the spanner

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time.>

My Summer Car has excellent patch notes. Here are some examples:

  • Player can now drown when too drunk>
  • Adjusted targeting of piss>
  • Sleeping with cigarette can start a fire>
  • You can now drink from jail cell WC bowl>
  • Added moped (do not try to drive moped inside another vehicle, YOU WILL DIE)>



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