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With Insane Robots out for almost a month, we thought we'd round up some of the fantastic reviews we've had. There have been a load of 8/10, 910 and even 10/10 scores and reviewers have said some lovely things.

Here are the links for the reviews above, plus a few more we couldn't fit in!

"One of the best indie titles of this generation” - 10/10 - Windows Central

“One of the closest things to perfect I've seen in quite some time” - 8/10 - Shack News

“One of the most original card battle games in recent history” - 8/10 - FNGR GNS

“Get right down to throwing rectangles at each other like the robot god intended” - PC Gamer

“I’m massively impressed by the balance here” - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Vibrant and energetic." - 9/10 - Xbox Tavern

“A very fun pick-up-and-play title” - 8/10 - Gamereactor

“Absolutely smashes the gameplay” - 8/10 - Gert Lush Gaming

“Tremendous fun.” - 8/10 - The Xbox Hub

“An insanely good game” - 8/10 - Blast Away

“A card game unlike any other” - 8/10 - Absolute Xbox

“Highly recommended.” - 8/10 - XBLA Fans

“A rare joy” - 8/10 - SquareXO

“A great experience, one you’d be insane to pass by.” - 9/10 - Xbox Addict

“Completely delicious.” - 8/10 - Canard PC

"Hits a sweet spot." - 8/10 - True Achievements

Finally, we're aware of a couple of issues that reviewers (and you) have mentioned:

1) Loading time

Good news! We already addressed this in free update V1.0.6 and there is now a "fast loading" option in the settings menu that makes transitions between sections of the game go like lightning, giving you barely enough time to read the help tips.

2) Online 2P matchmaking wait time

I'm afraid there's not a lot we can do to address this until there are a lot more people playing online. With a 1v1 game, we would require players arriving in the lobby on average every 2 minutes to give only a 2 minute waiting time, however that would mean over 720 people a day trying to play. This is only a rough calculation, but you get the idea.

We have added a notification sound (an exhultation from the Spark) when an online 2P battle initiates, which will help if you are not looking at your screen.

The good news is, (1) you can play local 2-player, (2) you can play against Steam friends, and, finally, (3) we are hosting a series of multiplayer sessions every Thurs where you can play against the community and the developers! To find out more, look on Steam, Twitter (, and our Discord server (
Insane Robots - Playniac

The developers of Insane Robots will be online (and streaming to the Steam store page) from 7PM GMT / 2PM EST / 11AM PST on Thurs Aug 2.

Hop online in the game and come challenge us to a battle!

We'll be playing on several platforms, so even if you are on Xbox One or PS4, you should be able to battle us.

For live updates (and a chance to play our FREE Insane Robots Mini-Battles game), join the Discord server at
Insane Robots - Playniac

I know it's not strictly Steam news, but I couldn't resist sharing this with you.

Insane Robots has just earned a Metatcritic score of 90/100 on Xbox One and become the number one (equal) rated game in New Releases, alongside NieR: Automata.

It's also the 12th (equal) rated game of all time on Xbox One, in a list that contains mainly AAA titles. This feels like quite an achievement for our quirky game of hacked card battling.

Insane Robots - Playniac

We have just launched Insane Robots Mini-Battles for FREE on Discord! Simply join the server (invite below), go to one of the Mini-Battle channels and enter !N to start your game.

Each round will last a week and you can play as many times as you like. We will award a free copy of Insane Robots on the platform of their choice to one lucky winner.

Full competition info including terms is in the pinned notes on the game's channels.
Insane Robots - Playniac
We've been listening to some of your feedback in the Steam forums and on our Discord ( We've been hard at work today to bring some much requested features (and a couple of fixes) to Insane Robots for a first day update. So here goes!


* added volume controls! Just simple volume setting for music and sound effects in both options and pause menus.
* added a “fast load” mode, that fast skips loading screens if you don’t want to read the help info there; there's a new toggle button on the options and pause menus. The game will also automatically switch to fast load mode after a while (but this can be disabled in options).
* added arrows to tournament complete and quick battle complete panels to subtly signal how stars are earned.
* fixed the leaderboard paging and number of entries.
* stopped 0 scores being entered in the leaderboard
* corrected text errors in 2 stories.

Insane Robots V1.0.6 is out now. Enjoy the day one update!
Insane Robots - Playniac

Some of you have been asking the very good question "What is in the Insane Robots Deluxe Edition?" (which has a 20% launch discount this week). So here's a picture of exactly what you will get. If you buy the Insane Robots Deluxe Edition you will receive the base game plus all six robot pack DLCs when they are released.

Over the next few months we are releasing the following robot packs, each with four robots:

* Robot Pack 1 - Veneron, K3-DDP, Mugsoy and Zafarb
* Robot Pack 2 - Raakter, DUM-E, Myuuz and Trasztor
* Robot Pack 3 - Fazarb, Hydro, Tazac and Baron
* Robot Pack 4 - Cazstore, F0-X1, CAM-0 and Leon
* Robot Pack 5 - Scramble, Darf Darf, Ceph and Unit 09785
* Robot Pack 6 - Cutlaz, Kröm, Icebox and Cypod

Each robot pack unlocks four robot skins for use in local and online multiplayer game modes.
Insane Robots - Playniac

Hi everyone, I'm Rob the developer of Insane Robots. It's super exciting to announce that we are now LIVE on Steam. After 3.5 years making what we hope is a game you will love, it's a big moment!

This thread is here for you to let me know about any launch day bugs or issues you run into. It's evening in the UK, so we might be a bit slow to catch issues, but we're here, and we're listening :)

Please post any issues here or, even better, on our Steam support forum: You can also join our #support thread on Discord here:
Insane Robots - Valve
Insane Robots is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off (20% off the Deluxe Editions)!*

Fight to the DEATH in this unique card battler. Compete in intense one-on-one duels. Lead a riotous robot rebellion through randomly generated survival arenas. Overthrow a malevolent robot despot in the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign. Insane Robots is card battling... HACKED!

*Offer ends July 19 at 10AM Pacific Time
Insane Robots - Playniac

It's a big moment - Insane Robots will be out in only a few hours! We can't wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, why not drop into the game's Discord at and say hallo!
Insane Robots - Playniac

n3rdabl3 played Insane Robots at EGX Rezzed 2018 and spoke to Rob.

They previewed the game, and wrote: "What started out as a concept drawn up on some old business cards became this charming and incredibly intense card battling game where players face-off against each other to ultimately destroy their robot."

Full preview here:

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