May 20
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, since update 1.4 (UBERMOSH Vol.7) that inserted a bit of "soil hue variability" to keep your eyes fresh and, for fresh ears, it allowed the tracks to play the Classic version and the Darkmix version (low tunned and with levels to match an old, mahogany oiled, speaker cabinet), some players asked for the Darkmix tracks to be released.
Please check your Music tab on Steam, it should appear 12 dark mixed versions of the Classic UBERMOSH tunes, and if for some reason Steam can't find it, it is near the Easter Eggs folder inside UBERMOSH installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\UBERMOSH Vol.7). It should be inside the eggs, but it was moved to the side to make it easier to appear on the Music tab on Steam. I am pretty happy with the game balance, performance, gameplay, and cosmetic elements... My huge thanks for the community feedback that made it possible, detailed hub suggestions, impressions, and Steam Reviews (that are extremely important for the game visibility and Store relevance)!
More stuff soon
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
It is not just about development, I play UBERMOSH Vol.7, for fun, a lot. Shredded it during Closed Alpha, Early Access, 1.0, 1.1...1.2.....and finally I came with the Dark Mix Update. The game was made following players' feedback, and some elements still surprise me, like the thugs A.I. and how awesome is it to test new ways to use the powers.
One lesson I learned developing TTV and TTV2 and it was inserted on all previous UBERMOSH: Randomic changes on how the light is pre-rendered on the floor refresh players' perception. TTVs change level filters each maze and the UBERMOSH games change a bit "light projection/ground tonality" each match. Now, it works on Vol.7 too.
While experimenting variations on the OST I brought back the Dark Mix, a "tweak" that I liked to make on the tracks to "listen while driving". Low tunning plus some degrees of a special reverb setup that can morph surf music thru the darkest metal. Now, on Vol.7, the dark-mixed can randomly play with the classic tracks, and I hope you have as much fun as I am having.
Many many thanks for the support and hub interactions, it is guiding the development and performance updates. If you like what you are seeing, please, please, make a review on Steam, it helps a lot to spread the seed.

Play it loud!
Apr 30
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
Four thousand hours of GMS, eight hundred of Black Ink, two thousand hours of Fl Studio and, a few hundred hours of other software since the first volume.
I like to see Vol.7 as my best effort to translate years of players' feedback about what they want in a top-down shooter. This volume brings more characters to cover more gameplay styles, some characters will have more progression (to meet the desire of some players to feel the character learning and upgrading skills) and, some will start hardboiled since the first match. The game balance came with awesome community support during Steam Early Access, sharing impressions and ideas for the next steps... and I tried to find a common ground for different expectations.
The game is complete, and I keep resetting and playing it again, something is really really right with this title... and I thank you a lot, for it!
Version 1.0 is online, enjoy.
Apr 22
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
Early this year, the ASCENSION concept was inserted on the UBERMOSH series. The main quest was to create the experience of the character getting stronger, ascending thru enlightenment.
It started Steam Early Access with 3 characters, aiming to get the next 3 before May/2019 and check for the final balance before release.

How hard is, to make in a few months, the game this amazing community deserves?
Santicide. I can say that it would not be possible without your fantastic feedback, shared impressions and on-point suggestions. Not all ideas can enter on the release version, but lots of it were tested. Colorblind mode works, Square maps don't (inconsistent difficulty for randomly shaped arenas). Autofire Class works, Miniboss class don't (impossible to dodge). A Kensai class works, ...Gunner class too...

Version 0.6 is very very close to how the final version will look like.
It is time to get your achievements!
Many many thanks, it is hard to describe how proud I am for this community support during the development journey.
Reviews, hub threads, videos, score screenshots... it helps a lot!
Apr 10
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, Early Access Updated, version 0.5, and 5 of 6 characters are playable right now.
How did they come? Due to the Beauty and Toughness of Steam Early Access, "Blademaster Q" came from the "give us a Kensai" feedback. The gameplay is a mix of defensive-double-sword-bullet-cutting, double-melter-spinning and the Pink Brainclap (Aia has the classic "KO triggered" Red Brainclap that goes denser thru Ascension, Wanderer has the Green Brainclap, that triggers a bit faster and like Red, goes denser thru Ascension. The Pink Brainclap is always very dense, but the KOs needed to trigger it is related to how ascended the character is).
"Gunner Kore" was deeply inspired by flying drones FPV (one of my non-game related activities and, I tried to transfer that feeling to this character). When flying acro, sometimes you have to split your attention, Kore has autofire and extra guns that can increase wideness of gun spread or fire 180 degrees of your aiming direction... plus the Pink Brainclap. Making a six characters UBERMOSH is very complex and a true development challenge because of the balancing of the ASCENSION steps.
Wook was nerfed a bit, the game got some performance and AI tweaks, and with this amazing community support, the development can go in the direction players deserve. Many many thanks!
If you like the game progress, please review it. I am all ears to hear your suggestions via Steam Hub and there are lots of threads for you to express your impressions, ideas and, suggestions.
More stuff soon!
Mar 2
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
What fuels a game developer? In my case, I can say that a mix of motivation, resources, and feedback... and it is working pretty nice on UBERMOSH Vol.7 Early Access.
Today I uploaded version 0.4, a structural update, more focused on performance and compatibility than gameplay and cosmetics. Update 0.3 was the first balance tweak, this one will solve memory issues on some machines and runs lighter on older computers without sacrificing audio and visual elements. Now I am working on 0.5... the next characters will come on 0.6.
Why is it flowing faster than I expected? The awesome community provides fast and accurate feedback, creating in a few hours enough feedback for me to plan and execute the next update, motivated by their kindness, enthusiasm, and reviews... that also brings new players for the community.
This journey would not be possible without you. Many many thanks. More content soon (music stuff too, I designed a new FUZZ guitar pedal for the next track).
Feb 27
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
24 hours ago, Vol.7 launched, and for my luck, the beauty of Early Access with the Awesome UBERMOSH Community support started. Veterans of the mosh start sending priceless feedback about combat, balance, expectations, and a ton of insights for the next updates.
Now, on version 0.3, Aia will have a bit more chances during the first steps of ASCENSION, Wook will find that some enemies upgraded their shields and Wanderer... oh, that fine fine tune and the perfect challenge curve got a tiny tweak with the SWARM starting a bit later (and it also affects Aia, that combo this tweak with the stronger Manastrike (that green ray)).
My job continues working on the next steps, listening to you, nice folks, translating gameplay feedback to numbers, sounds, and images (yep, that will come soon).
Many many thanks for the kindness and support. I am making my best to give you a worthy UUUUUUUUBEEEEEERRRMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHH.
Feb 12
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
"The Colony is expanding, the Saints of New Ultakaar in their path to Ascension (and to bring us Enlightenment) can call a... UUUBERMOSHH!!"
Since 2015 I have not put a game in Early Access. The previous volumes of the UBERMOSH series followed the steps of the Blade Saint, from "Green" to an "Ascended" entity. Now, Vol.7, the class mods, and the single character were traded by multiple progressive characters. The final version will have 6 characters, today 3 are ready to play. The first one "Saint Clone Aia" is an inexperienced clone of the glorious Blade Saint, she starts with 0.001% ascension (to not say zero) with just the blade like in the first game and will have all Blade Saint's powers and a bit more at 100% ascension, progressing from 5 to 5%. The second, "Artificer Wook", starts with 80% ascension and can progress by steps of 1%. He has a shoot that can destroy bullets and some shields and progressive extra firepower, presenting a very aggressive style of gameplay and a more linear difficulty thru the match. The third, "Wanderer T667" can double-strike + full auto with guns and has a symbiote that can melee attack, becoming more active with an increased ascension. The maps are now carefully handcrafted instead of seamless and the pit has some limits that change the pace of the combat. Various cosmetical contrast changes, blood shape tweaks and the way the framework deals with the graphical elements allowed more stuff on screen without affecting visibility and performance. Noise rock tracks will be inserted along the time to meet the New Ultakaar vibe. It is a very complex game to balance and solo making, it is taking way more time than the previous volumes and your support and feedback is very important (yep, I included that "music mute" button). I like to hear how are you dealing with the new game elements and what characters you would like to see as the next 3. Many many thanks for the company and kindness along this development journey since the first game. Pretty awesome community. More stuff soon.
Dec 19, 2018
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
Howdy folks, after a busy week working on the next project and double checking the players' feedback on the latest games launched (WARPZONE DRIFTER and UBERMOSH:SANTICIDE) I finally cooked the "PULP" bonus track, created following the "Hiper-Saturated Fuzz and Brazilian drums" of the ARCADE PULP bundle (TTV2+SANTICIDE+DRIFTER). If you check inside the "eggs" folder, it should be there for these 3 games (some of the titles I released contains an Easter Egg folder inside the game files with bonus stuff "c:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\stamapps\common\GAME_NAME", it started inside UBERMOSH:WRAITH when players asked for the covers). Now I will return to the community hub to answer the "unanswered yet" questions.
Many many thanks for the kindness and support on this development journey! More stuff soon.
Nov 5, 2018
UBERMOSH Vol.3 - Walter Machado
How personal can a game be?
During the latest months, I was working on better ways to program procedural content frameworks, "organic-like" AI behaviors and ways to insert physics elements to the gameplay. My production flow is pretty experimental and my games are created to test the hypothesis.
The procedural content generation framework started with the rocks formations and enemy placement on the first UBERMOSH. Trip to Vinelands came with the "seeds" concept, where variable levels were chosen and micro variations could happen in each level/map. It was improved on TTV2 and more variability could be generated without severe spikes on game difficulty. WARPZONE DRIFTER is the most recent version of the "seeds" framework with a very solid procedural execution, that evolution now allows the production of richer content for the next projects. The organic-like AI is a mix of a "fuzzy logic" and the "taking various and various elements" before object reaction, it started with the enemies flanking on my first games, got a swarm version on SWARMRIDERS (that evolved to UBERMOSH SWARM) and now it has a tentacle version of it, created for the latest project. These AI developing steps are very important to create a "fluid" enemy behavior that I keep improving. Physics elements inserted on gameplay kinda work as a simulator, and that player's piloting skills can be translated into the real world (for drone piloting, for example). Those 3 elements were the core of WARPZONE DRIFTER, a retro-arcade breakless drifter game, that I am proudly presenting you now. A very personal game made from all graphics to guitar recordings by the same person (that can be seen in a frame or two when you survive full time before extraction). Many thanks for the support, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed making it.
More stuff soon, you can follow the steps here:

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